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This page contains mature themes, and depictions of romantic relationships between women. Do not enter if you find this offensive, are underaged, or live in an area where it is illegal.


News Bytes from the Burrow

ALTFIC.COM BLOG -- Notes on what's been going on, new art, new stories in their less polished form, and whatever I might have to say on any given day. The newest stuff is here and will be added to the site as it's finished and I have time.

WHAT'S NEW -- An easy to read list of everything new on the site by date with links.

ART GALLERY -- Artwork by Pink Rabbit Productions - New 9-3-09

IN PROCESS -- Catch up with Pink Rabbit Productions works in progress.


  • Guiding Light -- THERE IS NO US --  by Phox -- Natalia fails to tell Frank the real reason she left him at the altar, leaving Olivia to believe there's no way they can ever be together. 

  • Guiding Light -- CRITICAL MASS -- by Phox -- A story of love, longing, conflict, and a major crisis that turns everything upside down and leads to a new emotional journey for Olivia and Natalia.

BUFFY FANFIC ARCHIVE -- Check out some classic Buffy fic.

  • WAKING TO A SHARED DREAM -- by Liz Estrada -- can Slayers share a dream--Buffy/Faith.
  • A TWO OF A KIND LOVE -- by Pat Kelly -- Follows the third season, but adds its own twists and turns as it explores a romantic relationship between Buffy and Willow - Buffy/Willow

STARGATE FANFIC ARCHIVE -- Check out some classic SG-1 fic.

  • LOST AND FOUND -- by Buttercup -- A rescue mission becomes anything but routine when Sam, Janet and Makepeace are trapped inside a pyramid filled with mysterious and deadly secrets.
  • ANOTHER SIP OF WINE -- by JSwrdsmth -- contains spoilers for Upgrades -- Sam gains the courage to grab for something she's always wanted...Janet -- Sam/Janet

XENA FANFIC ARCHIVE -- Read the stories that began the Pink Rabbit Consortium

  • TAKE THE WIND-- by Michelle L. Frazier -- Uber-Xena--follow the adventures of a brave pirate and her cabin girl on the high seas
  • LYSISTRATA REVISITED-- Gabrielle tries to use an old method to get her way

ANTIQUE ART GALLERY -- What I opted to keep of my early Xena and Alien: Resurrection artwork resides here

LINKS, LINKS, & MORE LINKS -- When Pink Rabbit just isn't enough, have a look here. Lots of links to other sites with great fiction, artwork, or other fun. 

  • Links to f/f fanfiction on the net - Updated 2-5-09
All artwork copyright 1998 -- 2009 by Pink Rabbit Productions, unless otherwise noted. All Rights Reserved
Not intended to infringe on copyrights held by Warner Bros, Fox, Renaissance Pictures, Showtime, Gekko, or any other legal copyright holders of material contained herein.

2 September, 2010

Open since 10 October, 1997

Tweet, Tweet

2 September, 2010 -- You can now find announcements about the latest art and fic updates on my Twitter account @PinkRabbitPro if you're on Twitter or just check it out on the web at . Drop by, say hi, or just catch up on the latest artwork, stories, vids, etc.  

It's the End of the World as We Know It!

2 September, 2010 -- In a fit of insanity, I've started a new Otalia story...and it's got zombies (and by that, I don't just mean Reva having a bad hair day). Feeling that crazy, end of the world, zombie crazed urge? Check out Afterworld.

Newish Artwork

2 September, 2010 -- Have been posting new artwork on Twitpics, and haven't had a chance to get it up on the site yet. However, you can check it out at

Eureka Mark III!!

2 September, 2010 --  New parts of Bits and Pieces posted Click here to read.  

Look Ma, I'm Trendy

13 September, 2009 -- Having firmly surrendered to the Otalia sooo many ways, there is indeed now fanfic and art to be found. The art is in the Art Gallery (though some is admittedly still unfinished), and my fic (Life and Breath) can be found through my blog. I've also added Phox's fics, There is No Us and Critical Mass to the Multi-Media Archive


55 February, 2009 -- Well, it looks like the spam filters are helping and my junk email is almost down to manageable. Feel free to drop me a line at  

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