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Note the new date:<

March 1, 2019 is the ONLY real home of The Pink Rabbit Consortium and @PinkRabbitPro is the only genuine twitter account for this site.

Well, it's been a crazy year, dealing with some nasty health problems, but I'm getting better and still here. No, not really updating the site, but I can be found in a couple of places online where one can see fresh artwork, some new fiction, and  hey, I'm friendly.

Twitter: @PinkRabbitPro
YouTube:  : 

AO3 :


And just to whet your appetite, if you're interested. This is a recent piece of mine.
(just scroll down for the old links to the rest of the site)

OUAT SwanQueen 2015

ALTFIC.COM LiveJournal -- No longer updated very often, but has updates on some fiction..

WHAT was NEW -- Links to past updates, whic list.

ART GALLERY -- Older Artwork by Pink Rabbit Productions - 

MULTI-MEDIA FANFIC ARCHIVE -- Check out Phox's Otalia stories

  • Guiding Light -- THERE IS NO US --  by Phox -- Natalia fails to tell Frank the real reason she left him at the altar, leaving Olivia to believe there's no way they can ever be together. 

  • Guiding Light -- CRITICAL MASS -- by Phox -- A story of love, longing, conflict, and a major crisis that turns everything upside down and leads to a new emotional journey for Olivia and Natalia.

BUFFY FANFIC ARCHIVE -- Check out some classic Buffy fic.

  • WAKING TO A SHARED DREAM -- by Liz Estrada -- can Slayers share a dream--Buffy/Faith.
  • A TWO OF A KIND LOVE -- by Pat Kelly -- Follows the third season, but adds its own twists and turns as it explores a romantic relationship between Buffy and Willow - Buffy/Willow

STARGATE FANFIC ARCHIVE -- Check out some classic SG-1 fic.

  • LOST AND FOUND -- by Buttercup -- A rescue mission becomes anything but routine when Sam, Janet and Makepeace are trapped inside a pyramid filled with mysterious and deadly secrets.
  • ANOTHER SIP OF WINE -- by JSwrdsmth -- contains spoilers for Upgrades -- Sam gains the courage to grab for something she's always wanted...Janet -- Sam/Janet

XENA FANFIC ARCHIVE -- Read the stories that began the Pink Rabbit Consortium

  • TAKE THE WIND-- by Michelle L. Frazier -- Uber-Xena--follow the adventures of a brave pirate and her cabin girl on the high seas
  • LYSISTRATA REVISITED-- Gabrielle tries to use an old method to get her way

ANTIQUE ART GALLERY -- What I opted to keep of my early Xena and Alien: Resurrection artwork resides here

@PinkRabbitPro on Twitter
All artwork copyright 1998 -- 2015 by Pink Rabbit Productions, unless otherwise noted. All Rights Reserved
Not intended to infringe on copyrights held by Warner Bros, Fox, Renaissance Pictures, Showtime, Gekko, or any other legal copyright holders of material contained herein.

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