TITLE: Greener Pastures
AUTHOR: Dreiser
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CONTENT: F/F romance. Don't like it, don't read it.
SUMMARY: Three years have passed since Bianca has moved back to Pine Valley. She's now ensconced in their soap opera existence but is still sick of all the interference in her now way too public romantic life.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing but my own strange ideas.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This idea came out of nowhere. If it's good, tell me, if it's not, tell me. A special thanks to Xita for encouraging me to write this.

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Greener Pastures
By: Dreiser


It was just a passing thought really.

Something that came out of a night of too much discussion and just a little bit of wine. Something that, at the time, made her smile at the idea. Though certainly, it was something she never thought they'd pursue.

Funny how things develop sometimes.

One has to see the humor or oddity in things. Especially if one lives in a town like Pine Valley. If there was a sure fire skill that Bianca Montgomery now had it was seeing the good in bad situations. Or just noticing the funny stuff in the chaos of her life.

Three years had passed since Bianca first returned to the small town. Living as Erica Kane's daughter turned out to be no easy task. Especially when you're her gay daughter who's a former model for Enchantment. Note the former was due to her sexuality and some of the general public having a big problem with it.

Not wanting to cause any trouble, unlike her mother, Bianca stepped down from her position as part of the young couple of Enchantment. Only to then end up as the spokes model for a local gay rights campaign run by her formerly homeless ex-girlfriend.

All in all, Bianca settled nicely into Pine Valley. She was a part of the gossip machine, just like everyone else in the small town. Still, she found solace in her few close friends and her Uncle Jack. And yes, sometimes she even found solace in her man eater of a mother.

Though some would argue Bianca was following in her mother's footsteps and soon the two would use up all the straight men and gay women resources in town.

Erica and Bianca would say some talked too much.

How did this all begin though? Oh, yes, it was Friday night and Friday was drinks night for Bianca and Greenlee. The other woman now being one of her closest friends. Being a shy person at heart, Bianca had only really made five close friends in her lifetime.

The first was Sarah.

Sarah... she was the first in everything to Bianca. The first love. The first kiss. The first lover. She was just the first and a part of Bianca still loved her for that.

She wasn't close to Sarah anymore though. The last that she heard the other woman was still letting her mother control her life and was on her second parentally approved engagement. This time to some obnoxious cattle tycoon from Texas.

It was enough to make Bianca shudder.

The second was Leo.

Dear, playful, and utterly sweet Leo. If he wasn't a man, Bianca would swear that he was her soulmate. There was just such an easy charm and geniality about him. But when they talked, that charm, it faded away, and he let her see in his heart, let her see who he really was. Who he was had a pure beauty, far more than his facade held.

They were still two peas in a pod. So much so that rumors often had them in some threesome or another with a random Pine Valley female. Not that they would ever consider doing such a thing. Well, not that Bianca would ever consider doing such a thing.

They were like brother and sister. Like how parents want brothers and sisters to act. They loved each other, really and truly, and it showed in their actions.

The third was Rain.

Just thinking of her made Bianca smile. Then again, Rain could always do that, make her smile. It was her specialty and Bianca honestly never felt happier than when she was with the other woman.

Her worries floated away when she was with Rain and Bianca always found herself unconcerned with whole world around her. She didn't care what others thought, she only cared about Rain and being with her. For the longest time, Rain was the center of Bianca's world.

Maybe that's what caused their break up. She expected too much from her, she laid too much on her shoulders, she just... suffocated the relationship.

Rain moved on, left Pine Valley, and headed for Philadelphia where she said she would expand her gay rights organization, try to recruit more members and gain awareness. They still kept in touch and occasionally, she'd come back to town for a visit so they could talk in person.

Just like Sarah before her, a part of Bianca still loved Rain, and probably always would.

The fourth was Laura.

People thought it was strange. The daughters of arch nemesis' Erica Kane and Brooke English turning out to be friends with each other. Even their own mothers thought it was strange after all these years.

There was something about Laura though. Her dreams, the way she spoke about them, it rang so honest and true that Bianca couldn't help but share them, to find herself become just a tiny bit caught up in them.

Though she hated to admit it, Bianca had little drive in life. She went about her day to day business with a calm sort of ease that Laura simply didn't share. Laura went through life like a virtual human hurricane, sucking it up for all that it was worth, living each day like it was her last and trying to get others to feel the same.

What made them close was their silent understanding. How they just seemed to know what the other was thinking just by looking at them. From the first moment they met they knew what the other was about.

They knew what the other was feeling. Well, most of the time anyway. Laura had never really caught on that at one time Bianca had a horrendous crush on her. Thank god that was over though. She really had no desire to ever return to the life of pining over a person she'd never get.

Particularly a person that one of her other close friends, Leo, was now involved with. Even if, for whatever reason, Laura sometimes still flirted with her.

The fifth, and last, but not least, was Greenlee.

More people found the fact that Greenlee and Bianca were friends more shocking than that Laura and Bianca were. Mainly because of how their relationship was when Bianca first arrived in Pine Valley.

Back then, Greenlee had been Ryan fixated and then Leo fixated, and once she fixated on Leo she wanted him to fixate on her as well. Unfortunately for Greenlee, by the time she fixated on him, Leo was busy with helping his only true friend at the time, Bianca, through her tiring coming out process.

It was something Greenlee teased her about to this day. Saying that Bianca should have simply sent a card to everyone in Pine Valley that told them she was gay. That or make a commercial and air it on TV to save time.

Bianca didn't do any of these things, however, and Leo had to help her through that tiring process of leaping out of the closet even though he himself was straight. This left Greenlee all too frustrated and a bit jealous of the other woman, despite her and Leo's fraternal relationship.

The thing about Greenlee was that once she got over something, she got over it quickly, as in the speed of light quickly. And once she and Leo broke up and she had an actual conversation with Bianca, she found that she honestly had no reason to dislike her.

In fact, Greenlee actually found her charming and sweet. Just like Leo, except more earnest in her approach, with her dark, sad, eyes that bore into her with just a look of utter knowing. They both had the same lives, raised in the same way, by the same types of people. It was a bond that they shared with Leo.

Unlike Leo, they were both women. And as women, they experienced different things growing up in the spotlight caused by your rich and famous parents.

They both were stifled by that spotlight. By what came with it, by what was expected while in it, by what it meant to living their life how they wanted.

Bianca and Greenlee loved and hated the spotlight. That was what they had in common, that was why they became friends. They knew what it was like, to want that attention, but at the same time, to hate receiving it.

Those were her five close friends. Always have been and most likely, always would be. Now, as stated a long time before, on Friday nights, Bianca had a unspoken tradition, if not on a date or vice versa, to go out with her friend, Greenlee, for drinks and a bit of gossip.

Because, in Pine Valley, gossip is required.

One such a Friday night, Bianca and Greenlee were sitting at a table in the SOS when another one of Bianca's close friends should arrive. The one that Greenlee couldn't stand the sight of, despite the fact that she'd broke up with Leo years ago and held no interest in him now.

Seeing Laura's approach and Greenlee's eyes narrow, Bianca heaved a quiet sigh and looked up at the ceiling as if to pray for the Goddess' intervention. She then turned to Greenlee and used her ultimate weapon.

Sad Bianca doe eyes.

Greenlee soon found herself sucked into the dark abyss of her friend's eyes and scowled. That was the only thing that worked on her and Bianca knew it. In fact, that was Bianca's only real firm feminine wile, the one that she liked to use, that is. Because, for whatever reason, most everyone found it impossible to argue with the depths of those dark, wide, and sadly luminescent eyes.

Especially when she wore a cute pout with it.

"All right," Greenlee muttered. "I'll be good."

"Promise?" asked Bianca, giving her companion a quirky smile that was altogether charming.

"Promise," echoed Greenlee dismally. Her brown eyes flashed for a moment and they sparkled as she then added, "Only if she doesn't start anything with me."

Bianca opened her mouth, looking as if she was going to protest that statement, but she was soon cut off by Laura who was standing in front of their table.

"Hey Bianca," greeted Laura warmly. She briefly darted her eyes to Greenlee and said politely, a little too politely for some maybe, "Greenlee."

"Laura," said Greenlee, raising an eyebrow. "To what do we owe this glorious honor? And where's Leo?"

"The restroom," Laura replied smartly. "He'll be out soon. We're just here to eat and then we're going out to a few other clubs for some more dancing."

"Ah," Greenlee murmured wisely. "Showing off the goods around town. That's just so..." She paused to do a facetious search for her next words. "You."

"So," Bianca cut in quickly, using overly friendly tones as she shot Greenlee a warning glance. "What's up, Laura? Did you want to tell me something?"

Immediately, Laura's face brightened and she formed a wide smile as she said, "Yeah. I wanted to invite you to our house warming party, Bianca. We'll be finished moving in by tomorrow and the party's on Sunday. Do you think you can make it?" Laura was quiet for a moment, then leaned in so her face was mere inches from Bianca's. Forming a secretive smile, she then murmured, "I'd really like to have you there."

"I am still sitting here, you know."

Pulling away from Bianca in a slow movement, Laura glanced over at Greenlee and smiled. "How could I ever forget?" she said sardonically. Tilting her head to one side, she then added, "You can come too, Greenlee. If you really want to go that is."

"Wouldn't miss it for the world," drawled Greenlee, eyeing Laura with lidded eyes. "I simply must see Leo's new chamber of horrors." She formed a smirk before she said, "I'll even take Bianca for protection."

"Bianca didn't even say if she could make it yet," reminded Laura shrewdly.

"Oh? Lets just ask her then," Greenlee then turned to Bianca who by now looked somewhat wary. "Can you make it to their little see our hovel celebration?"

"Greenlee," said Bianca with a heavy sigh. Looking towards Laura, she smiled and said, "Yeah, I can make it. When should I--" Feeling a sudden pinch on her leg, Bianca grimaced then said, "We be there?"

"Nine o'clock," Laura replied, smiling fondly at Bianca, and giving Greenlee one last frosty gaze. "I'll see you later, Bianca. Hopefully in better company."

"Bye!" Bianca called lamely before she looked to Greenlee who was scowling deeply.

"China panda always has to have the last word," muttered Greenlee darkly. "Never changes."

"You," began Bianca with huge emphasis on the word and just a bit of reprimanding in her tone. "Were supposed to behave yourself. Not trade insults."

"I did behave myself!" Greenlee said huffily, pressing her delicate hand to her chest. "She was the one who started it, Bianca. Getting all uppity with me. I think she's forgetting her 'I used to live in a cardboard box on the street' roots. She's getting snobby, you know."

"Uh huh," said Bianca, a slow smile spreading across her lips. "And suddenly you're not?"

"Not what?" asked Greenlee innocently.

"Snobby? You are the one who gasps in horror and points out anytime someone dares to wear last year's fashions around you," Bianca remarked with a smirk.

"That's not being snobby, that's being fashionably with the times," Greenlee replied easily.

"Right," said Bianca skeptically.

"Speaking of fashionable," Greenlee began in a slow drawl as she smiled. "Here comes your very most favorite person in the world, sweetie pie."

"What?" asked Bianca in confusion, turning her head just in time to lock eyes on her mother making a bee line for where they were sitting. "Greenlee!" she said with annoyance. "You knew I wanted to avoid her."

"I saw her too late and I don't have superhuman cloaking powers," said Greenlee, actually sounding a bit apologetic about the situation. She then formed a curious expression and asked, "Why did you want to avoid your mother anyway? What's she up to now?"

"The usual," said Bianca with a sigh. "You'll see soon enough. She'll be here in one..."

"Two," Greenlee took up the count.

"Three," Bianca and Greenlee said together.

"Bianca!" exclaimed Erica in her usual dramatic tones of pure joy and or excitement. "Just the person I was looking for. I have something wonderful to tell you."

"Oh?" Bianca asked, devoid of enthusiasm.

"I met the most wonderful woman today," Erica began and on hearing this Bianca let loose a quiet groan that caused Greenlee to smirk. "You simply must meet her. I think you'd get along famously."

"Mom," said Bianca in very slow and drawn out tones. "I don't want to be set up on another date by you. Don't you remember what happened last time?"

"Francesca was a perfectly nice woman, Bianca," said Erica rather reasonably. "I don't see what you didn't like in her. You know," Erica said confidentially, leaning closer to her daughter. "I'm starting to think that you're picky. That or you only like blondes."

"MOM," Bianca groaned loudly now, pressing her hands softly against her forehead and massaging, hoping it would help make her forming headache go away. "She might have been nice but you don't even want to know the sort of kinky stuff she was into. I wish you'd just back off and let me find someone on my own. It's only been a few months since Rain and I broke up, after all."

"A few months?" repeated Erica incredulously. "It's been exactly eight months, Bianca. Far than enough time for you get back on that horse."

"Maybe the horse keeps bucking her off, you do know that she doesn't like to deal with studs," Greenlee cut in humorously, quirking an eyebrow at Erica who looked at her and frowned. "Or maybe your daughter doesn't share your taste in women, Erica. If you like this person you've found so much, why don't you date her?"

Frowning more deeply now, Erica shot a quick look at Bianca then said a bit dramatically, "I'll see you back at the house later, Bianca. We'll talk then."

Her eyes going wide and looking a bit panicked, Bianca shot a look at Greenlee who rolled her eyes as if to say silently to her friend, 'go ahead, I'll back you up,' then turned back to her mother. "Uhm, actually," Bianca said in very hesitant tones. "I was going to crash with Greenlee tonight. That is, if you don't mind."

"I need help arranging some things," Greenlee said sweetly, giving Erica a smile. "Bianca remembers where I put things more than I do, so I asked her to help."

Instead of replying to this, Erica simply narrowed her eyes and looked to her daughter. "Bianca," she said in a dramatic sigh. "I'll see you tomorrow then."

"Sure Mom," replied Bianca weakly, watching as Erica flounced towards her Uncle Jack.

Eyeing her friend, Greenlee idly mixed her drink with her straw as she said, "Why do you let her do that?"

"Do what?" asked Bianca in confusion.

"Let her boss you around like that," Greenlee continued, taking a sip of her drink. "If you keep letting her do that she'll run your life forever. Or at least try to run your life forever. You don't want that, do you?"

"God no," Bianca shuddered at the thought and Greenlee chuckled quietly. "It's just..." She trailed off, at a loss for how to explain it. "I never quite learned how to say no to her, you know? And besides," Bianca said this wryly. "My mother's not easy to say no to."

"True," said Greenlee thoughtfully. "But if I were you I'd put your foot down soon. Or else you'll end up in an endless line of horrible blind dates. By the way," she formed a look of definite interest now. "What exactly was up with that Francesca woman? You never told me that she was into kinky stuff, Bianca."

"Uhm... well... you see..." Bianca stammered nervously, averting her eyes, and looking for possible ways to escape having this conversation.

"I see what?" pursued Greenlee coyly.

"Gotta go!" cried Bianca suddenly, jumping to her feet and dashing out the front door to the SOS.

"Hey!" Greenlee exclaimed indignantly only to form a triumphant smile moments later. "You haven't forgotten that you're staying at my place tonight, have you?" she called out to Bianca's departing form, chuckling when she heard the other woman make a sound of error.

Perhaps she called that out a little TOO loudly though because it attracted the attention of everyone in the club. Including a reporter from the Intruder.

Bianca's least favorite paper.


There were a few moments of stumbling and by the time Greenlee made it to her light switch, Bianca had already went falling over a pile of something on the floor. When the lights came on, she found she'd tripped over several magazines and shoes just lying about.

"Greenlee," said Bianca wearily as she moved into a sitting position on the floor, smoothing out her sharp cut black pants that now had wrinkles in them. "You really need to get a maid or something. It's a mess in here."

"I don't trust them," Greenlee confided, tossing her purse across the room and Bianca watched it go sailing into a far off recliner on the other side of the apartment.

"Trust who? Maids?" Bianca asked skeptically.

"Exactly," Greenlee nodded. "I grew up with enough of them to know that if you're not nice to them all of the time, they get bitter and rifle through your things."

"And there's no way you could be nice to someone all the time," finished Bianca wryly, smiling. "I get it."

"Don't insult me, I saved you from your mother arranging you a date with another fetish freak," reminded Greenlee as she headed into her kitchen and pulled out a bottle of wine. "Want some?"

"Sure," said Bianca with a nod, rising to her feet and sitting on the nearby couch. "I never liked the idea of maids much either," confessed Bianca. "I wonder if it's for the same reason? I mean, the thought that someone else is going through your stuff is pretty creepy."

"Exactly why I don't want one," said Greenlee, approaching slowly and handing a glass of wine to Bianca who accepted it easily. Sitting down in the art deco chair closest to the couch, she was silent for a moment before she took a sip of the wine and said, "So when do you think your date with the mystery woman will be?"

"Tuesday," replied Bianca automatically. "That's the day I have off from classes at college."

"What's your major again?" asked Greenlee with a sly smile. "The one that Erica loves so much."

"General education aka 'I have absolutely no idea whatsoever what I want to do with my life but my Mom's making me go to school'," said Bianca humorously.

"You should come work with me," said Greenlee. "I could use the help trying to run Ryan out of business with my own little internet company."

"I don't see how you can run him out of business when you sell different things online," Bianca said with a playful drawl. "And besides, Mom would freak if I went to work for an opposing cosmetics company."

"She freaks over everything," Greenlee commented dryly. "You should have some control over your life. It's gone too far when she's infiltrating your romantic affairs, you know. This is what? The fourth girl she's set you up with? You said the first two were insipid bimbos and the third one turned out to be a dominatrix and who knows what she'll pull out of her hat for date number four. Maybe this one will be a member of some cult or god help us, a Republican."

"Greenlee," said Bianca with a chuckle. "It's not that bad... I mean, at least she accepts me now."

"Eh," Greenlee waved her free hand with emphasis. "Accept schmept, she wants to control you, Bianca. Once she got over you being gay she decided it would only be okay if she hand picked all your women. I think that's why Stormy drove her up the wall. Erica never got to give her official seal of approval."

"She and Rain did fight all the time," Bianca murmured, her eyes growing liquid as she thought about her ex-girlfriend. "It's funny because Mom never knew how much Rain really did admire her. She used to say she wished her mother was like mine."

"Which is why Stormy is insane," said Greenlee only to promptly hold up her hands in a hapless gesture, wine glass and all, when Bianca glared at her. "Okay, still protective about the ex, I get it."

"I miss her," said Bianca with a deep sigh. Dropping her head back on the couch, Bianca looked up at the ceiling and moaned, "Where are the good women? They must be somewhere but they're not here."

"California?" Greenlee suggested. "I would say New York but we know who's currently residing there."

"She's moving to Texas soon," Bianca commented.

"Yee haw," smirked Greenlee, taking another sip of her wine while Bianca laughed quietly. "She's going to really marry that cowpoke then? How tacky."

"Denial is an ugly thing," remarked Bianca in dry tones, still staring up at the ceiling. "I feel sorry for her."

"Me too," said Greenlee, sipping from her wine. "Texas is such a horrible state for the arts. What will she occupy her closeted self with? The scenery?"

Bianca simply groaned again before lifting her head to look Greenlee in the eyes. Staring hard at the other woman, she finally said, "Why do you think that Laura flirts with me all the time? She's straight."

Blinking at this, Greenlee squinted slightly then replied, "You're her backup plan, sweetheart."

"I don't get it," said Bianca, looking nonplused.

"I know, I know, you haven't dated in awhile but that's beside the point. What I'm saying is that to Laura, if her relationship with Leo ever falls through, which we all know it inevitably will, you're next in line," said Greenlee with an easy shrug.

"So you think she wants to date me?" Bianca asked, looking utterly dumbfounded at the idea.

"When Leo's kaput, yes," Greenlee nodded. She studied Bianca closely then said, "Don't tell me you never thought that's why Miss Shanghai flirts with you?"

"I wasn't sure..." Bianca trailed off thoughtfully. "That doesn't seem right though. I bet it's something else. Maybe Laura isn't even flirting with me. She can be pretty friendly with everyone at times."

Still studying Bianca closely, Greenlee said, "Well, I wouldn't think about it or her if I were you. I mean, why would you want a straight girl who flirts with you just for kicks and is probably 'experimenting'? Who knows if it's even for real or not? I mean, if I flirted with you, it would be for real but Laura?" She gave a shake of her head and said, "She's in China town. Who knows what is actually going through her head. You could be right, I could be all wrong and she's just a weird panda."

"You and pandas," murmured Bianca with a smile. She blinked for a second then said, "What did you just--"

"I mean, that's a bad scene," Greenlee continued on, not appearing to notice Bianca's comments. "I know enough about that from talking with Grace and the others at the club. They always go on about that."

Bianca slowly turned her attention to Greenlee then smiled as she said, "What is it with you and her anyway? I don't even have to drag you to the Blue Angel these days, you like to go there just to gossip with Grace. I hear you even go in there on your own sometimes."

"Friendly atmosphere, free drinks, and tons of good dish, what's not to like?" said Greenlee with a quirky little smile. "Besides, the women there treat me nicely. It's an improvement over lame male attempts at flirting inside most of the clubs that I go to."

"I suppose," murmured Bianca, drinking some of her wine as she looked back up at the ceiling. "I just wish that people would stop being so interested in my romantic life. It's bad enough Mom does it and she I can understand but the public... and that stupid paper the Intruder... I just talk to a woman and suddenly I'm in a torrid love affair." She growled slightly and exclaimed, "I haven't even had any torrid love affairs! My life is boring! Boring! Why can't they accept that and leave me alone?"

"You're too private, that's your problem," said Greenlee, finishing off her glass of wine and rising to her feet to walk towards the kitchen. "If you were more open about some things then the public wouldn't be so curious about your life." Pouring herself a refill of wine, Greenlee went on, "It's because they know so little about what you do in private that they stalk you so much about it."

"Is that what you do?" asked Bianca, watching Greenlee approach with her refilled glass and the wine bottle in hand. "They don't bother you anymore."

"Unless I'm with you," smirked Greenlee. "And yes, that's what I do. You give the tabloids a hot kiss in public and they take a picture, put it in their rag, people talk about it for a week, then you're old news by the next one rolls around. Meanwhile, I'm off in happy land with my latest bo hunk, completely unbothered."

"Sounds nice," said Bianca wistfully with a sigh. She paused to scrunch up her nose then added, "Except for the happy land bo hunk part, of course."

"Of course," drawled Greenlee, taking a sip of her wine. She lifted her eyes and locked them on Bianca who, she noticed, was staring at her. "What?"

"If you flirted with me, it would be for real?" Bianca said, echoing Greenlee's words from earlier. She formed a small, teasing, smile then said, "What did you mean by saying that, hm?"

"Just that," said Greenlee simply, not looking at all embarrassed. "If I flirted with you, you should know that I would be doing it for real. Not to give myself some sort of ego boost. After all," she drawled humorously. "My ego is at a massive size already."

"Greenlee," Bianca rolled her eyes. "I swear, sometimes I don't know when you're being serious or not. Even when you really are being serious."

"Fine," Greenlee heaved a huge sigh. She carefully placed her wine glass down on the coffee table before she looked Bianca deep in the eyes and said slowly, "If I was ever to swing that way you'd be the first person I'd want."

There was a long moment of silence and then Bianca finally managed to wet her dry throat.

"Really?" croaked Bianca in slight disbelief.

"Really," said Greenlee, giving a nod. "Of course, there aren't a lot of the sapphic sisters in town to choose from and I don't swing that way but say I ever did then..." Greenlee trailed off as her eyes suddenly went wide with a strange realization.

"Then?" Bianca prompted.

"I have an idea..." Greenlee began excitedly. "Bianca, I have SUCH an idea! Oh, this is too good, even for me! It'll help you with the papers, deliciously piss off your Mom, get me some major press, ohhh," Greenlee gave a sudden sharp laugh. "It's too damn good!"

"Uhm, what's too good?" asked Bianca, perplexed. "Greenlee, what in the world are you talking about now?"

"You and me," Greenlee started in dramatic tones, facing Bianca and reaching out to hold her hands. "Should go out. We should be the next big item."

"Excuse me???" Bianca squeaked incredulously, looking at her friend as if she were insane. "Have you got a case of the sexuality amnesia? You're straight!"

"They don't know that!" proclaimed Greenlee. "I could've been confused all these years or maybe my true love for you awakened my inner lesbo or something. Hell, maybe being with Leo made me convert! Who cares?"

"Why are we talking about this?" Bianca groaned, feeling another headache come on.

"You want the tabloids off your back and you want Erica to stop interfering in your love life," Greenlee pointed out. "I'm giving you a solution."

"That what? We pretend to date?" scoffed Bianca. "Greenlee, no one would ever buy it. Not in a million years and if we did do it we'd have to trick our friends."

"That's easy, Laura and Leo are so caught up in themselves they wouldn't notice a nuclear strike, and your mother, well," Greenlee smirked widely. "You know that she wouldn't even think about how strange the idea of us being together is. She'd just hear it and freak out."

"I still don't see the point of doing this," Bianca said warily, but sounding just a bit intrigued.

"Publicity for me and my lovely company," said Greenlee rather coyly as she leaned closer to Bianca then tapped her on the nose. "And some peace of mind for you. I can help you stop being annoyed with the press with this plan, I promise. Plus," she formed a sneaky smile. "You'll experience the unconditional fun of watching chaos form around you by doing something completely unexpected and entirely of your own free will."

"You just want to cause trouble," Bianca smiled.

"That too," Greenlee admitted. Tilting her head to one side, she held out her right hand to the other woman. "What do you say? Yes or no?"

Eyeing Greenlee carefully and finding herself becoming lost to the sparkle in her brown eyes, Bianca slowly reached out to accept her hand. Holding it in her own, she pulled Greenlee towards her so their faces were now mere inches apart. Forming a slow smile, she leaned in to give her friend the lightest and sweetest of kisses.

"I say yes," murmured Bianca lowly.

Feeling her lips tingle from Bianca's touch and wondering at the sheer softness of her lips, Greenlee, for once in her life, didn't know what to say.

Or what she'd just gotten herself into. 

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