TITLE: Greener Pastures
AUTHOR: Dreiser
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CONTENT: F/F romance. The stars are Bianca/Greenlee. Don't like it, don't like them, please don't read it.
SUMMARY: Three years have passed since Bianca has moved back to Pine Valley. She's now ensconced in their soap opera existence but is still sick of all the interference in her now way too public romantic life. Greenlee comes up with a very outrageous plan to help her out.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing but my own overboard tendencies. Heh. But I'd never push Laura off a yacht.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Here goes chapter number two. I hope everyone enjoys it.

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Greener Pastures
By: Dreiser


Bianca woke up in Greenlee's bed.

It was a place that, strangely enough, she'd woken up in many times before. After all, she did crash at her friend's apartment quite a lot and Greenlee had a strangely uncomfortable couch for sleeping on. That and a really big and much more comfortable bed in her room.

So that's where Bianca always slept when she stayed over, in Greenlee's bed. But somehow, she felt far different when she woke up this morning in that bed.

Maybe it was because Greenlee was draped over her and her head was buried in the crook of Bianca's neck.

No, it wasn't that because that was also something Greenlee tended to do a lot when Bianca crashed there. It was an odd habit of the other woman, to snuggle up to her when she got tired. She said once it was because she was always cold and Bianca, for some reason, radiated a lot of body heat. Bianca often joked that was due to her having Erica's hot blood running through her veins.

Then what was different this time?

Oh, yes, this time when she woke up, Bianca was hardly in the same situation as usual. Her usual situation was a simple one. She was friends with Greenlee and had stayed the night and slept in her bed, end story.

This time her situation went like this: she was friends with Greenlee and had stayed the night and slept in her bed, but not before she agreed to being in a fake relationship with the other woman to throw off the public.

None of which made sense to her in the light of day. Why would she agree to such a thing? And why in the world would Greenlee suggest such a thing? Okay, the second was easy, Greenlee was Greenlee. Only she could find logic in a scheme this twisted.

But Bianca? She had no idea what was going on. Or why or how she'd gotten sucked into all of this. All she knew was that she was in Greenlee's bed and it was warm and it was safe and she liked being there.

Especially when Greenlee shifted, causing her tiny frame to drape more effectively over Bianca as she gave a contented sigh onto the other woman's skin.

"This is bad," Bianca murmured, using what Leo liked to call her voice of doom. "Very bad."

Hearing Bianca's voice, Greenlee gave a low mumble and blearily opening her eyes, she focused on the woman that she was currently draped on. Not appearing to notice or care about her location, Greenlee studied Bianca for a moment before wetting her lips. Bianca, in the meantime, froze inwardly at this.

"Morning breath," said Greenlee in husky tones, rolling off of Bianca easily and getting up out of bed.

Blinking at this, Bianca watched as Greenlee half walked, half stumbled, into the bathroom then went about brushing her teeth. A few moments later, Greenlee was all done with her task and wandered back into the room.

The black negligee Greenlee had on was slightly askew, riding up her legs in an all too interesting way that Bianca couldn't help but notice as she climbed back into the bed. Sliding under the covers, Greenlee gave a little sigh of happiness and burrowed herself in deeply.

"Cold," Greenlee said, her voice even holding a slight shiver to it as she pulled the covers closer. "The winter wouldn't be so bad if we could just get rid of the cold weather. Don't you think?"

Adjusting her position in the bed, Bianca leaned on her side, resting her head in the palm of her hand then gazed down at the other woman. "I like the cold," she said as she formed a smile. "You sweat less."

"Hmm, but sweat can be a good thing," murmured Greenlee wisely, returning Bianca's smile. "Agreed?"

"Mayyyybe," allowed Bianca teasingly.

"Hot weather means bikinis too," Greenlee continued on. "And scantily clad people. Everyone with some degree of sanity likes that."

"Speaking of sanity," Bianca said, her gaze and voice turning serious. "I want to talk about last night..."

"Have a change of heart?" asked Greenlee, quirking an eyebrow. "I thought you might. That's why I'm fully prepared remind you of all the magnificent benefits that will come from going along with this."

"Greenlee," began Bianca, smiling despite herself. "No matter what you say, I don't see how this could ever work. I mean, you said it would help get the Intruder off of my back relationship wise, but how would it do that? I see us going out just causing more attention and they end up stalking me even more because of it."

"Naturally," Greenlee drawled.

"Then why...?" asked Bianca with confusion.

"Dear, sweet, innocent, Bianca," said Greenlee with a charming smile, reaching up to lightly caress the other woman's cheek. "You really need to try and grow shark like instincts like your mother has. I'll tell you what happens after the huge tidal wave of publicity hits. They get bored with us. Big B bored. Everyone talks for a little while then they stop and then they forget. And we're left all alone in the meantime."

"Okay, that could be true," said Bianca. "But once I date someone else and our little farce ends I'll have to deal with the attention all over again. What's the point?"

"Simply this," Greenlee said, shifting over to roll on her side so she looked directly into Bianca's eyes. "By the time we end our farce and you do meet someone else I hope to have made you immune to caring about the press. Think about, Bianca," she said quickly, a smile spreading across her face as she leaned up closer. "We won't really be dating so it's not like they're really invading any of our privacy romantically. And since it is ME you'll be dating," she said this with certain arrogant emphasis and smiled on hearing Bianca let loose a quiet groan. "You know the scrutiny we'll get by the press will be massive. But again, since you're not really dating me, you won't be as annoyed by them and I'll be able to teach you to find the fun in being stalked by the paparazzi. Hell, I might be able to teach you how to mess with their minds like I do."

"So by the time I'm with someone else I won't whine and moan about the press all of the time," Bianca finished, a look of understanding forming. She then had a guilty expression as she said, "Unlike with Rain."

Studying Bianca for a moment, Greenlee sighed and flopped back into her bed, burying herself under the covers as she said, "You did have some problems with the press while with Stormy girl. Who knows? If we succeed in getting you to find the humor in their constant scrutiny maybe you can get back together." Tipping her head to one side, she glanced at Bianca. "Isn't she coming back into town soon for some big charity event?"

"Yeah," murmured Bianca, a far off look in her eyes. "She's going to have a fundraiser to expand her new headquarters in Philadelphia. Put in some more rooms and things for the homeless kids that stay with them. It's going on in a month, I think."

"Well, there you go," Greenlee smiled. "That's more than enough time for us to get our plan into action. You'll be messing with the press' mind in no time and then before you know it, Stormy will be yours again!" She then smiled slyly and added, "Not to mention Erica will be driven insane by the news of you first 'dating' me then you getting back with the Drizzly one."

"This actually makes sense now," Bianca said in certain wonderment but she soon was eyeing Greenlee a bit suspiciously. "I want to know what you get out of it."

"Lots of beautiful press for my company," said Greenlee smoothly. "The infamy of being with you will help me sell tons of blush and eyeliner, I'm sure."

"Right," Bianca rolled her eyes.

"Are you going to back out of our agreement?" asked Greenlee, studying Bianca closely. "Or have you finally come to your senses and seen its sheer brilliance?"

Rolling her eyes again, Bianca flopped back on the bed, lying next to Greenlee on top of the massive pile of fluffy pillows she had there, and said, "I've succumbed to your plan's brilliance, oh humbly splendid one."

"Hmm, as you should," murmured Greenlee with satisfaction, a pleased light shining in her eyes. She tilted her head slightly to lock her gaze with Bianca's. "Back to bed?" she suggested. "It's only..." Greenlee glanced at her alarm clock on the nearby night stand. "Noon. God, why is it noon? I never wake up this early."

"Bed time," Bianca agreed, snuggling under the covers and sighing with pleasure at their warm softness. "Happy dreams until we wake, Greenlee."

"Here's to hoping," Greenlee said, following Bianca's example and snuggling herself under the covers.

Soon the two women were fast asleep and Greenlee, one way or another, ended up in the very same place that she'd been last time. Draped over Bianca with her head buried in the crook of the other woman's neck. In the meantime, Bianca's hand had fallen lower, slipping lightly around Greenlee's tiny waist, to keep her close as they continued to sleep soundly.

Even in slumber, that was just where they felt they belonged. Where they felt the most comfortable.

And maybe, where they felt the most loved.


By the time they woke up it was almost five.

Which, all in all, was a much more acceptable time to wake up than noon to Greenlee. However, Bianca was just plain horrified she let herself sleep that long.

"I feel like such a bum," Bianca moaned, sitting on Greenlee's couch, pulling her legs up to her chest. "I could have been doing a million things instead of sleeping--"

"A million tiring things," interrupted Greenlee. She was currently in her kitchen, searching the contents of her refrigerator for some tasty edibles. "It's better that you let yourself be a lazy bum with me for once instead of going out and running around when you're half asleep." Looking up from her search, she smirked at Bianca and said, "Bags under your eyes aren't a fashion statement."

Giving a slight scowl, Bianca muttered, "Funny."

"Don't pout," Greenlee pronounced in a light command, shutting the refrigerator with her bottom as she held a plate of something or other. "I have chicken. Yummy cold chicken. I know you love that."

"Greenlee," said Bianca slowly, a smile spreading on her face despite herself. "I hate cold chicken."

"I know," Greenlee drawled, smiling widely now. "Which is why I'm really holding a plate of cold, but very easy to heat up, vegetarian lasagna."

"Really?" Bianca's eyes lit up at the prospect of eating one of her favorite meals. "Did you get it from--"

"Rigatoni's? Yes," cut in Greenlee smoothly, putting the lasagna in the microwave and setting its timer. She turned around and leaned back against the counter. "It is the only good Italian restaurant in town after all."

Bianca held Greenlee's gaze for a long moment before she said abruptly, "I should call my Mom."

"Hm," Greenlee quirked an eyebrow at this. "Are you sure you're up for her interrogation? You're half asleep still and might not be able to properly answer her spastic bombardment of questions about where you are and why you aren't home yet."

"Exactly why I should call her now," said Bianca dryly, walking over to the small table near the large bay windows and towards the phone. "If I'm half asleep when she asks me all of these questions I just might be less annoyed by the whole experience."

Chuckling at this and watching as Bianca began to dial the number, Greenlee said, "Good luck."

"Thanks," said Bianca in even dryer tones, if that was really possible, as she met Greenlee's eyes.

For a few moments, Greenlee observed Bianca's rather one sided conversation with Erica, occasionally she made a face here and there in a vague attempt to make the other woman crack up on the phone. Eventually, it looked like she was succeeding and forming a painful expression from holding back her laughter, Bianca turned her back to Greenlee as she continued talking with Erica.

Wearing a smirk, Greenlee looked back at the kitchen and noticed the lasagna was almost done. With a smooth fluidity, she got out the plates and silverware then went about pouring herself and Bianca glasses of soda.

By the time Bianca got off the phone, the lasagna was finished reheating and Greenlee was busy putting her and Bianca's portions on their plates. Looking up as she put her slice on her plate, Greenlee smiled at Bianca who looked altogether weary from her phone experience.

"Feeling annoyed?" asked Greenlee, handing Bianca's plate to her. Giving her friend a coy look as she placed the fork on top of the plate, she added, "Don't use your utensil as an armed release for your frustration."

"My Mom is just so... she... I can't... grrrrr," Bianca growled out her unfinished and adjective missing rant as she turned to walk towards the kitchen table that sat on the far side of the apartment by the bay windows.

"Do tell," Greenlee said sardonically. "What did La Kane say this time to get you in such knots?"

"She wanted to ambush me," grumbled Bianca, cutting her lasagna rather viciously. "And took it out on me when her disturbed little plot failed."

"Ambush you with what? More Enchantment ad campaigns? Or a career in the movies?" teased Greenlee.

"Worse," Bianca grumbled again, stabbing at her food and eating it carefully before going on. "She had the nerve to actually invite this new woman that she wants to set me up with over to our house. Then! Oh, this is the best part of all!" Bianca was in rant mode and Greenlee couldn't help but smile, it was so cute. "Then she started yelling at me for not showing up today! For standing up the ambush blind date meeting she made for me!"

"So," began Greenlee, still smiling as she took a bite of her food. "Does this ambush have a name?"

"Starla Reece," said Bianca in deadpan tones, staring Greenlee right in the eye as she said the words.

"Starla... Reece...?" Greenlee repeated slowly, returning Bianca's stare as if she were some madwoman.

"It sounds like a stripper's name, yeah, I know," Bianca commented, scrunching up her nose as she looked up at the ceiling in thought. "What I want to know is just where in the world my Mom meets these women. I mean, do they approach her about me or does she make chit chat with them inside of Victoria's Secret or something?"

"Starla Reece," echoed Greenlee again.

"Yeah, I know, it's a weird name," Bianca continued on, giving Greenlee an odd look before she went on. "After talking to her on the phone I think that this plan of yours will be the just the thing I need to get Mom off my back permanently. Or at least teach her some sort of lesson about trying to control my life."

"Starla Reece," Greenlee burst out into laughter.

Staring at Greenlee for a long moment, Bianca eventually rolled her eyes and said with a sigh, "Why do I even bother? Were you listening to me at all?"

"I was listening," Greenlee gasped through her giggles, smiling rather impishly at Bianca. "But I couldn't get past the name. Who on Earth picks the name Starla Reece for themselves? Because you KNOW that can't be a name her parents gave her. She was probably born with the name Bertha Hasenblatt or something tackier."

"Greenlee," said Bianca slowly, the fondness obvious in her tones. "It's not her fault my Mom is trying to set us up. She might be a nice person, you know."

"A nice person with a porn star name? Please," drawled Greenlee, quirking an eyebrow. "Sometimes you are far too nice for your own good, Bianca."

"And sometimes you're far too cynical," Bianca replied, giving Greenlee a knowing look.

"Touche," Greenlee smirked. She gave Bianca a close study then continued, "I notice you said that my plan might be just the thing to get Erica off your back. You are starting to really see its brilliance, aren't you?"

"You made a convert out of me," remarked Bianca humorously, taking a bite of her lasagna.

"Oh no," Greenlee said in coy tones, smiling at the other woman while she batted her eyelashes with a bit of exaggeration. "Please don't say that, we need you to stay a nice gay girl for this to work, Bianca darling."

Instead of replying, Bianca choked on her food before she burst out into laughter while Greenlee watched her with a satisfied smirk on her features.

The brilliant plan was now under way and soon they would both have what they wanted. No matter what anyone else had to say about the situation.

Including Erica Kane herself.


By the time that Bianca got back to the mansion the lights were all out and she assumed that everyone was asleep and in bed.

She couldn't have been more wrong because when she walked inside and closed the front door, the first thing she was greeted with was a voice in the dark.


Releasing a shriek of terror and going stumbling back towards the door, Bianca found herself in a painful pile as the lights went on to reveal the figure of Erica now hovering over her. Gazing up at her mother with her eyes wide, she pushed herself up off the ground.

"Mom," Bianca ground out the words slowly, her face forming a definite grimace. "Why did you do that?"

"Do what?" asked Erica with an air of innocence. "I simply wanted to speak with you and since you seem to be hell bent on avoiding me today I thought that this was the best way to do it. Surely you can't blame me."

"Waiting in the dark for me like some sort of whacked out stalker is your solution?" asked Bianca in altogether dry tones as she walked past Erica and up the stairs. "That's it," she shook her head slowly, "I'm going to bed. I'll talk to you in the morning, Mom. Maybe."

"Bianca!" cried Erica indignantly. "I demand that you tell me where you were all day! You didn't come back until now, nearly midnight, and you stood up Starla!"

"How could I stand up someone I didn't even know that I was meeting?" Bianca asked sardonically, meeting her mother in the eyes steadily.

Walking up the stairs, Erica returned the gaze, her dark eyes boring into her daughter's. For just a moment, Bianca felt her determination waver but as she did, a flash of Greenlee came into her mind, telling her that this was her life and their plan, it was, well, brilliant.

"Fine," said Bianca slowly. "I'll tell you where I was all day. Will that make you happy?" By way of reply, Erica simply looked triumphant. Smirking at this, Bianca drawled, "I was with someone." She paused for a long and endless moment then added, "Romantically."

"Bianca," Erica gasped. She looked shocked for few seconds but soon formed an excited expression and reached up to clasp her daughter's hands, seeming to almost bounce around. "Why didn't you tell me that you'd found someone? What's her name? Do I know her?"

"Oh you know her," Bianca smiled softly, meeting her mother's gaze once again. "It's Greenlee."

With that, Bianca turned on her heel and walked upstairs and towards her room, leaving Erica behind her in complete and utter shock about what she just heard.

Exactly how Bianca and Greenlee wanted her.


Greenlee woke up to a sharp ring of her telephone.

Staring at her clock, she noted that it was a little past midnight and she'd probably only gotten ten minutes of sleep before this rude interruption came. Some might wonder just how she could sleep so much but to Greenlee, sleeping was one of the best parts of life. While you were doing it, you were totally at peace and you didn't have to deal with all the crap that life was dealing you.

Plus you got those wonderful and lovely dreams.

Wearily rising to her feet, Greenlee padded into the living room of her apartment, heading over to the phone before answering it with a yawn.

"Hello?" Greenlee asked sleepily, stretching in front of the bay windows and ignoring the fact that one of her pervert neighbors could be watching her.

"Greenlee Smythe! How dare you take advantage of my daughter in such a manner! I simply won't stand for this and I know you're only using her for your own ends!"

"Erica?" Greenlee inquired more sleepily, scratching the back of her neck lightly while in a haze. "Is there something important that you need? Because I was trying to get some beauty sleep for Bianca."

"Ohhh! You don't fool me! I know something's going on, I know you tricked her into this! There's no way my Bianca would voluntarily be involved with someone like you! And you're not even gay!" Erica screeched.

"People change," Greenlee yawned. "Bianca has different equipment than I'm used to but I have to say she has a far more pleasing touch than most men."

"You won't get away with this," Erica continued, her voice now reflecting deadly calm. "I promise that."

"Yeah, sure, whatever you say," Greenlee murmured, yawning again. "See you later, Erica. Say goodnight to my lady love for me, huh?"

Having said that, Greenlee pushed the talk button on her cordless phone, effectively hanging up on Erica in the middle of a sentence. Placing the phone back in its receiver, Greenlee gave yet another yawn before turning and heading back to her warm bed and her dreams.

This time, however, her dreams weren't nearly as pleasant as a screaming Erica was in the background. But she did get certain satisfaction that her dream self got in a few good insults before dumping a glass of water over the older woman's head for bothering her and Bianca.

But the best part of the dream was something entirely different. And that was a replay of the soft kiss she had Bianca had shared yesterday. A kiss, that in the dream, developed into something more passionate.

So passionate that it woke Greenlee up in a sweat. Her eyes wide and her breathing heavy, she clutched to her bedspread and murmured huskily, "I'm in trouble."

That was an understatement to say the least. 

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