TITLE: Greener Pastures
AUTHOR: Dreiser
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CONTENT: F/F romance. The stars are Bianca/Greenlee. Don't like it, don't like them, please don't read it.
SUMMARY: Three years have passed since Bianca has moved back to Pine Valley. She's now ensconced in their soap opera existence but is still sick of all the interference in her now way too public romantic life. Greenlee comes up with a very outrageous plan to help her out.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing but my very new studio apartment which I will inhabit ALONE! Ye Gods, thank you! Finally, I shall have peace and quiet.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Cliffhangers are fun. Heh. Well, at least for me as the author they're fun. Because I happen to know what will happen next.

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Greener Pastures
By: Dreiser


There were some days where Bianca felt like she was quite possibly the luckiest person in the world.

Strangely enough, today was one of those days.

Maybe because when Greenlee came over to pick her up so they could go to Laura and Leo's house warming party, Erica had just left the mansion. Effectively stopping any chance encounter before the party to make them late.

If there was one thing Bianca knew for sure it was the fact that if Erica saw Greenlee right now or vice versa, neither woman would be done talking for quite some time.

Talking... well, no... be done fighting... sniping... tearing each other apart verbally over Bianca more like it.

Once again, Bianca had a strong urge to shudder.

What was it with women bickering over what was 'best' for her? What exactly did she do that inspired anyone of the feminine persuasion to feel like she needed to have their protection? Was it how she looked? Her personality? Or just how she acted period?

Whatever it was, Bianca wish she could get rid of it. Despite how others saw her, she knew full well she was entirely capable of taking care of herself.

It was just easier to let others do it for her.

Honestly, that's how she saw it. The time that she would waste with her mother, telling how she didn't want to do whatever she suggested was much better spent, in her opinion, doing other things. Arguing with Erica usually got her absolutely nowhere so Bianca had become used to giving into the other woman.

Until Greenlee came up with her latest scheme.

Something in her rose up and wanted to do this. Wanted, for the first time in her entire life, to cause some trouble and to make a scene. Hell, part of her even wanted this to turn into a full blown scandal. The thing was, she just wasn't quite sure why.

Maybe it was because all of her life she'd tried so very hard to be what everyone wanted. She had been the good girl for so long, thinking about everyone but herself and it was starting to get a little irritating.

What Greenlee offered her was just appealing in the fact that it was for her and her alone. She wouldn't be doing this for anyone else but herself and she delighted in that so much it made her giddy.

Greenlee made her giddy.

The other woman had a lot of frustrating qualities, it was true, but she had a lot of good ones too. And one of them happened to be a serious devotion to those that she loved. Bianca found herself in the select few that Greenlee had that devotion to and was often spoiled by her when she felt she'd done something wrong or was just in the mood to do something for someone she cared for.

She could still recall the time that Greenlee showed up on their doorstep with a carload of skiing gear and two plane tickets to Colorado. All because Leo just happened to tell her that Bianca was feeling a little down about how they weren't spending as much time together.

It was probably one of the best weekends of her life too. They had so much fun, skiing, talking, and simply being together the whole time. Well, Bianca had fun but she knew Greenlee didn't much like the whole being in the freezing cold and falling down trying to ski deal. Despite the fact that Bianca gave her some pretty decent lessons on the bunny slope. But it made her happy and that was enough for Greenlee. That was the thing that people didn't know most about her. Her generous nature, her kindness that she always kept so well hidden beneath a mask of arrogance and self superiority.

Bianca knew that Greenlee hated the cold just like she hated skiing. And yet, she also knew that Bianca loved both of these things and that's the reason why she took her on that skiing trip. To make Bianca happy.

That was just how Greenlee was. She was extravagant and over the top with everything she did. It just seemed like she couldn't do anything halfway. With her, it was all or nothing. She either absolutely loved you to pieces or she hated you with a neverending loathing.

Bianca could still remember those days when she had been the subject of Greenlee's loathing. They weren't fun and she often felt a pit in her stomach when thinking of them. To this day, she wasn't sure what it was that made her want to turn their relationship around.

All she knew was, one day she saw Greenlee sitting in the Pine Valley Inn, observing Laura and Leo from a distance, with a look of utter sad loneliness on her features. It was a look that struck Bianca deep in her heart because she knew she had once looked the same way.

So, without knowing why, Bianca walked over to her. When Greenlee looked up at her, the expression she wore shifted, trying to mask her loneliness for something else, assuming her usual superior air of arrogance.

Ignoring this transformation and the possible snide remarks that would follow, Bianca looked Greenlee firmly in the eyes and murmured, "I know you loved him."

"Yes? And?" Greenlee asked, her eyes narrowing and getting a cold look to them. "Your point being what? If there is a point to this. I think it's you gloating myself. You never liked me with Leo after all. Part of me thinks that you're hoping he'll turn to his feminine side and get a rather intimate nip and tuck to accustom to your tastes."

Still steadily meeting Greenlee's eyes, Bianca didn't flinch and said, "I'm sorry that you were hurt. It's not easy to lose the first person you ever loved. Even I know that."

Having said this, Bianca turned on her heel and began to walk away when Greenlee called out her name. Slowly turning back towards the other woman, Bianca met Greenlee's gaze and saw that the coldness was no longer there. Instead a look of fragile pain had replaced it.

"Bianca," said Greenlee quietly, a bit shakily. "I didn't mean to... I'm sorry." Ducking her head now, she stared at her table and said, "I just..."

"You miss him," Bianca supplied.

"Yes," Greenlee said, lifting her head. "I do." They continued to hold their gaze for a long moment before she shook her head and smiled wryly. "You know," she said slowly. "I haven't exactly been nice to you. Why did you come over and say that to me anyway? Doing community service via request of your activist girlfriend?"

"No," Bianca shook her head and smiled. "You looked like you needed a few kind words, that's all. And I know how hard what you're going through is."

Mulling over this, Greenlee tossed her hair over one shoulder in a typically dramatic movement and offered her biggest and brightest smile to Bianca. "Well," drawled Greenlee, giving a little bow as she said this. "I thank you kindly for your kind words." She then peeked her eyes up just a bit to look at Bianca who was chuckling at her odd comedic display. "Join me for dinner, ma'am?"

"I'd be delighted," replied Bianca warmly, taking a seat with Greenlee at the table.

With that began their friendship. Perhaps one of the strangest friendships in the long history of Pine Valley. Which had more than its share of strange relationships.

But nothing, Bianca decided as she opened the door and set her eyes upon her now 'girlfriend', could be stranger than what Greenlee was currently wearing.

"Hey lil' lady," Greenlee drawled, giving a saucy wink as she tipped her hat at Bianca. "How're you doing?"

"Greenlee!" Bianca exclaimed, barely holding back her laughter. "What in the world are you wearing?"

In response, Greenlee looked at her royal blue pinstripe suit that was neatly tailored to fit her petite figure perfectly before looking up at Bianca and making a rather fetching pose as she said, "What does it look like?"

"It looks like you've been shot back into the 1920s and came back as a female gangster," Bianca laughed.

"Well," said Greenlee slowly, walking towards Bianca and leaning in so she could whisper in her ear. "I can be a dangerous person to be around, you know."

"Uh huh," said Bianca dryly, pulling back to look Greenlee directly in the eyes. Without helping it, her gaze drifted to the other woman's hair and she noticed that it was a lot shorter than it had been yesterday. "Greenlee!"

"Are you going to say my name that way the entire time we're dating?" asked Greenlee humorously. "Because if so, people will think I'm either really wonderful in bed or just a plain shocking person to spend time with."

"Your hair," Bianca whispered, hesitantly reaching out to lightly touch the end strands of her hair. Her once long auburn hair that went running down her back was now much shorter, cut at even length an inch above her shoulders. "You got it cut."

"You noticed," said Greenlee, sounding pleased. "Then again," she murmured teasingly, tipping her head to one side. "How could you not notice? It is an extreme change of pace, even for me. But when Roberto suggested it to me this morning, I couldn't turn him down. The idea just seemed appealing somehow. Plus," Greenlee pondered thoughtfully. "I feel... I don't know..."

"You look beautiful," Bianca whispered again.

Blinking now, Greenlee looked at Bianca with some surprise before forming a happy expression. "Do you really think so?" she asked quietly.

"Yes," Bianca nodded, not bothering to hide her opinion or, surprisingly, get embarrassed about having it.

"I'm glad," murmured Greenlee. She held Bianca's gaze for another moment before breaking it. "So," she said as she looked around the living room. "Mommy dearest is gone, I'm assuming? I'm saying this because if she was on the grounds, she would've attacked me by now. I base this on what she said to me on the phone last night."

"Oh no," Bianca groaned, rubbing her forehead as she anticipated yet another headache. "What did she do?"

"Nothing much," said Greenlee airily, shooting Bianca a warm and playful smile. "Just tell me I was a bad and evil person trying to corrupt her precious angel. She also reminded me, much like you, that I'm straight." As she said this, Greenlee formed a fake thoughtful expression as she mused, "What is it about me? Do I just look hetero? I rather think I fit the example of a lipstick lesbian. Or at least one of those horrifically curious bi-bi girls."

"Not in that suit, you don't," said Bianca dryly.

"Touche," drawled Greenlee, smirking at Bianca. "I'm assuming that Erica drilled you on where you were so you told her our brilliant plan and that's why she decided to interrupt my all important beauty sleep. Is that it?"

"Yeah, that's it," Bianca sighed, sitting down on the couch as Greenlee trailed after her to sit next to her as they talked. "She was waiting for me here in the dark. It scared me half to death but not as much as her rant about me standing up Starla Reece." On hearing the name again Greenlee snickered and Bianca gave her a sardonic look. "I just got tired of the interrogation and her interference, it was getting to be too much so I--"

"Told her of our forbidden love," said Greenlee, smiling mischievously. "She went volcanic, didn't she? A historic eruption, am I right?"

"Actually," said Bianca in thoughtful tones. "I have no idea how she reacted. After that, I walked upstairs and went to bed. I guess that's when she called you."

"You went to bed?" asked Greenlee, her eyes wide. "You just left her standing there and went right to sleep? Didn't even try to comfort her or anything?"

"No," Bianca said, looking confused. "Should I--"

"Bianca!" interrupted Greenlee with a gleeful cry, pulling her in close for a hug. "I'm so proud of you!"

"Thanks, I guess," said Bianca in muffled tones as she rested her face on Greenlee's shoulder. She breathed in the light scent of a heady and spicy perfume before pulling away from the other woman. "I did the right thing then?"

"Oh, so right," said Greenlee, smiling wide. "You displayed your independence to her. Erica knows that you're doing what you want. Of course," Greenlee said. "This is Erica, she won't let you go that easily. Once she's used to doing things her way it's hard to get her to adapt."

"To say the least," Bianca heaved a huge sigh.

Studying Bianca for a moment, Greenlee suddenly rose to her feet and offered her hand. "Come on," she said in soft yet strong tones. "We have a hovel warming party to get to." Wearing a mischievous expression, she added, "It also just happens to be our coming out party."

"Hey, I'm out already," said Bianca, smiling as she rose to her feet and walked to the front door, still holding onto Greenlee's hand. "This whole display is all for you, the gangster of my heart."

"Ohhh, that's a good one," Greenlee exclaimed, hopping and clapping her hands. "Call me that at the party. We need cutesy names, you know. All couples do."

"God, help me," Bianca said in deadpan tones that echoed of definite humor as she shut the front door.

As the door closed, Greenlee smirked and said knowingly, "You don't need his help anymore, sweetie pie. Now you have me on your side."

Those words were enough to warm Bianca's heart. Even if she knew that they would end up creating a royal scandal and or scene later today.

But hey, you can't have everything.



The house warming party was a small affair. Laura and Leo hadn't felt like inviting the whole town. Just a few of their friends from school and work and their parents.

Brooke had said she would stop in later on but they had yet to hear from Vanessa and the couple wasn't sure if they were happy or sad about the possibility of her not showing up at their party.

Standing outside the front door on the porch, Bianca adjusted the collar of Greenlee's black coat. With a quirk of her eyebrow, Greenlee watched Bianca as she did this then when the other woman was finished, she drawled, "Thanks so much, sweetie. Was that bothering you?"

"Yes, it was," Bianca sniffed, but looked playful none the less as she pushed a strand of hair out of her face. "Your collar was all crooked. Didn't look very nice."

"Well, then thank you kindly for fixing it," said Greenlee, giving the traditional bow that she'd been giving Bianca since they first became friends. "I appreciate it."

"All right," said Bianca in firm tones, turning to face the front door and squaring her shoulders. "Are you ready to face the masses with the grueling task of being Bianca Montgomery's girlfriend?"

"I thought you were MY girlfriend," said Greenlee, sounding a bit offended as Bianca rolled her eyes and gave a knock on the front door to sound their presence. "Must I remind you just who's the butch one here?"

"There's a butch one?" Bianca asked teasingly, forming an over exaggerated expression of confusion.

"There's always a butch one," Greenlee replied.

Just then, the door opened to reveal the smiling face of Leo who caught the last two words of Greenlee's sentence. "Butch won what?" he asked, smirking at her before turning to Bianca. "Binks!" Leo exclaimed happily, pulling her in for a hug. "You made it!"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world," said Bianca warmly, returning Leo's hug as Greenlee walked past them both and into the rather modest two story house.

"Don't bother hugging me, Leo," said Greenlee smoothly, taking off her coat as she said this. "I wouldn't want to give you a reoccurring case of the ex-girlfriend cooties." Inspecting the interior of the house with her eyes she murmured, "This cost what? Barely six digits? Leo, I'm so disappointed. What happened to your taste?"

Taking Greenlee's coat, Leo smirked at her and said, "They changed and got a little more down to Earth. I don't live on your planet anymore." Looking at her outfit carefully, he continued, "Speaking of planets, which one were you on when you got dressed this morning? And your hair..." He frowned now. "Why did you cut it?"

"Change of pace," Greenlee flipped her hair over her shoulder and smiled winningly. She reached out to pull Bianca close to her and hooked their arms together. "And a change of direction in life. You know how that goes, I'm sure. One minute you know who you are and everything it is you want out of life and the next... bam! Something, or," Greenlee looked at Bianca knowingly. "Someone comes along and changes your entire outlook on things. You do know how that feels, don't you, Leo?"

"Uh huh," said Leo slowly, eyeing the two women closely and appearing to mull over something. "I think that I do. So," he gave Bianca a significant look. "Do you both have something to tell me then?"

Forming a weak smile, Bianca began, "Well..."


All three of them turned to face Laura as she neared the group with a large smile on her face. But a few seconds later, her face scrunched up as she stared at the figure of Greenlee and then gave a slight giggle.

"Greenlee," said Laura slowly. "What are you wearing? And what happened to your hair?"

"Suit and I cut it," said Greenlee in droll tones, sounding more than a little peeved. She wondered if people would keep asking her the same questions all day. If so, then she was going to go insane, she was sure of it. With a tilt of her head, she studied Bianca who wore a far off expression on her features. Reaching down to hold the other woman's hand in her own, she gave it a warm and reassuring squeeze. When Bianca met her eyes, she gave a small smile and asked quietly, "You okay?"

"Yeah," Bianca murmured, returning Greenlee's smile and her dark eyes lit up just a bit. "I'm okay. Thanks for asking, Greenlee."

Observing this, Laura frowned and was about to open her mouth to ask them something when Leo leaned down to whisper in her ear what he had watched occur between the two women earlier. This caused the frown she wore to deepen and when Laura faced them again, they were now absorbed in a private discussion.

"Bianca?" asked Laura cautiously.

Turning away from Greenlee with a smile, Bianca focused on Laura and said, "Laura! I didn't see you there. It looks like a great party... and a great house. I'm so glad that you guys have everything you could want now."

"Bianca," repeated Laura, eyeing her carefully, a look of concern in her eyes. "Is there something that you want to tell Leo and me? Because if there is we can call off the party. I didn't know that you were going through something. If I had, I never would've..."

"Oh, don't be such a drama queen," Greenlee interrupted, sounding irritated. "What is it with everyone in this town assuming everything in Bianca's life has to be tragic? Is it because she's Pine Valley's number one gay heroine and all gay heroines simply must be tragic?" With a loud snort, Greenlee said derisively, "Please. What a bunch of crap. I say we make our own destiny."

"Greenlee!" whispered Bianca, sounding both amused and horrified at her friend's sudden outburst.

"I'm sorry, but it's annoying," said Greenlee, looking Bianca right in the eyes. "I swear, people better not make me into some sort of tragic figure now that I'm dating you or I'll show them just how untragic I can be."

"Lord help them," Bianca said humorously.

"I told you," Greenlee smirked, poking Bianca lightly in the stomach. "You don't need God's help now that you have me in your corner, sweetie pie."

"I said the Lord should help THEM," said Bianca with definite teasing now, returning Greenlee's poke then giving the other woman a tickle in the stomach as well.

"No tickling, no tickling!" Greenlee cried in a panic, helpless to stop the laughter from arriving as she batted Bianca's hands away from her midsection. "You know that I hate to be tickled! That's no fair!"

Laura and Leo observed this for a long moment before Leo leaned over to whisper in his girlfriend's ear, "I think we're watching their rare mating dance."

"Or something," said Laura very sardonically.

Just then, Bianca and Greenlee ceased in their playful activities to notice the couple and gave them both a pair of rather sheepish smiles.

"Sorry," said Bianca, still smiling sheepishly.

"I'm not," said Greenlee, adjusting her suit and giving a light groan when Bianca poked her in the side for saying this. "Okay, okay," she rolled her eyes. "I'm sorry."

"For what? Seducing our Binksie?" asked Leo humorously. "Greenlee, I'm shocked. Was it so hard for you to find a man good enough to replace me that you had to move onto my best friend?" He looked aside to give a perfect profile of his face, making him sort of look like a demented Roman statue. "I really am so perfect."

"You!" Greenlee said with a slight growl, reaching out to playfully hit Leo on the arm. "This all just happens to have nothing to do with you and everything to do with Bianca and I. Surprising, since it is us dating."

"So you are dating then?" asked Laura, looking a bit shocked at the idea. Turning to Bianca, she blinked and asked, "When did you start dating?"

"Uhm... well, yesterday," Bianca said, looking haplessly at Greenlee. "Or the day before yesterday?"

"The day before yesterday," Greenlee nodded. She looked thoughtful and murmured, "But it was pretty late at night so it could've technically been yesterday..."

"Was it past midnight?" asked Bianca.

"I don't know," said Greenlee as she pondered.

"I think it was past midnight," said Bianca, reaching out to hold the edge of the sleeve to Greenlee's suit jacket. "Because infomercials were on TV."

"That psychic lady was on," Greenlee said, her eyes lighting up as she remembered. "The Jamaican one."

"She's not really Jamaican," Bianca laughed, remembering the argument they had that night.

"She is!" Greenlee cried out, putting her hands on her hips. "You're just in severe denial about her heritage."

"Her accent is so fake, Greenlee," Bianca continued to laugh as she reached out to poke Greenlee on the hands lightly and ended up having hers being held.

"How do you know that it's fake?" Greenlee quirked an eyebrow, trying to ignore the warm feeling that she would get each time she held Bianca's hand. "Have you been to Jamaica lately, hmm?"

"No, I haven't, but--"

"That's it," Laura cut in dryly, looking up at Leo who seemed to be stupefied at Bianca and Greenlee's debate over the Jamaican psychic. "They're a couple. No way could they fake something like that."

"Yep," Leo said with a nod. "Definite couple talk. Although," he gave Laura a charming smile. "We have yet to share a meaningful discussion on the true heritage of the Jamaican psychic on late night infomercials."

"Yes, we must change that," Laura said husky tones, returning his smile. Looking at Bianca, she wore an expression of genuine happiness and reached out, cupping Bianca's hands in her own. "Bianca," she said, looking deeply into her friend's eyes. "As long as you're happy, I'm happy for you. For your sake, I hope it lasts."

Releasing their hands, Laura then looked to Greenlee and reached out to grab her by the elbow, pulling her away from Leo and Bianca. Once they were alone, she released her hold and looked Greenlee sternly in the eyes.

"What's the deal, China girl?" demanded Greenlee. "Were you just pretending to be happy for us and now you want to scare me away from Bianca? Well, that's not going to happen. If Erica Kane can't scare me away, then you've got no chance of succeeding. Bianca means--"

"Be quiet," interrupted Laura harshly, so harshly that Greenlee looked surprised at the interruption. "I will only say this once, Greenlee. Don't you dare hurt her. If you break Bianca's heart, I swear that I will come after you. This better not be some sort of warped scheme of yours because it looks like she honestly cares for you. I've got no idea why, but she does." She paused and looked at Greenlee for a long moment then added with a sigh, "This is your chance... your second chance at happiness. At least, that's what I think. So don't screw it up, okay? Don't make the same mistakes again and hurt Bianca with them."

"I won't," said Greenlee quietly, giving up on arguing with the other woman. "I... I do care for her."

"I know you do," Laura murmured, her eyes searching Greenlee's for a moment. "I just don't know why she cares so much for you. Why either of them do. You hurt people, Greenlee. You hurt them left and right, not even seeing when you're hurting them... that's selfish. And Bianca, she's like Leo, she's anything but selfish. She thinks about everyone but herself. You just remember that before you go and do something selfish and stupid to hurt her like you always did to hurt him in the past."

"Why do you care so much?" asked Greenlee, a hard glint in her eyes. "I know why you cared about Leo that way when I was dating him. Because you wanted him all for yourself. Now that you have him, what? Are you bored already? Do you want Bianca now that I have her? Now that she can't be your safety plan? Well, back off, Squinto," growled Greenlee deeply. "Bianca's mine."

"What?" said Laura, in shock. "What are you saying? Do you think that I want Bianca for myself? Why would you think that? I have Leo... I love Leo."

"Then stay the hell out of my lovelife with Bianca," Greenlee demanded, her voice cold. "You are right, this is my second chance for happiness. Because you ruined my first chance all by yourself. I'm not about to let you do that again, so you better keep your distance, got it?" Leaning in to speak in Laura's ear, she hissed, "Bianca is officially off the market. That means no looking and no touching."

Laura watched as Greenlee left, walking over towards Bianca who was happily chatting and laughing with Leo, and felt her heart seize in her chest.

Why did Greenlee say those things to her? Did she really make it seem like she wanted Bianca? Like she was secretly in love with Bianca? And if that was all true, then what about Bianca? What did she think?

Did she... did Bianca ever want her?

And if she did... how did that make her feel? Happy or sad? Or just nothing? Strange and empty inside, lost without an answer and struggling in shock?

Right now, it was the latter. Because right now, Laura was dealing with the sudden realization that one of her closest friends, probably her best friend, might have been in love with her at one time and she had no idea.

No idea at all. No idea then and no idea now. No idea what this all meant to her and to Bianca. No idea if it was a good or bad thing. No idea if...

Laura had no idea if she returned those feelings. 

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