TITLE: Greener Pastures CHAPTER: Five
AUTHOR: Dreiser
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CONTENT: F/F romance. The stars are Bianca/Greenlee. Don't like it, don't like them, please don't read it.
SUMMARY: Three years have passed since Bianca has moved back to Pine Valley. She's now ensconced in their soap opera existence but is still sick of all the interference in her now way too public romantic life. Greenlee comes up with a very outrageous plan to help her out.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing but my own warped sensibilities. Which should tell you something about me.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: For Greenlee's company, I ended up going with the name Envy. As in green with it. Hey, not only does it fit her personality but it's funny too. Thanks to all who gave me such great name suggestions.

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Greener Pastures
By: Dreiser


Out of all of her classes, Bianca's favorite was probably Sociology. Mainly because if there was one thing she'd like to understand, it would be the mentality of large amounts of people in groups.

For the most part Bianca liked people. She just didn't understand them one little bit. Take for instance her current situation with Greenlee and her complete lack of understanding about what the other woman was thinking.

They were going to talk about the situation this morning but then Greenlee's hardly ever used alarm failed to go off on time and left Bianca scrambling to get to class in time to take her test. Which meant that they had no time to discuss what happened between them last night.

Not that Bianca would even know what to say to Greenlee about it. All she knew was that she felt confused.

Confused... and strangely happy.

She wasn't sure what was happening with them. It was out of her hands, beyond her control, and for the first time in her life, that was fine with Bianca.

This time things would be different. She wouldn't try to analyze every little thing that was going on until it became nothing but dry logic. No, this time she would just let it happen and not worry about the consequences.

It was true that Bianca was still confused when it came to her relationship with Greenlee but now it was also true that she felt it was okay to be confused. That she no longer had the need to understand everything.

The fact that she was happy with Greenlee was enough for her. And really, shouldn't that be enough for anyone? It was certainly enough for Greenlee herself.

And this newfound happiness and mindset of Bianca's came into immediate use once she left the room of her Sociology class only to run into a herd of reporters, some carting video cameras on their shoulders.

As she stared blankly at the cameras, a picture of Greenlee formed in her mind, telling Bianca to give them the very best show that she could. Which was what she then proceeded to do, wearing a charming smile on her face and holding a hidden happiness in her heart.

Funny how situations can work out, even if you don't exactly understand what's going on with them.



"Girl, you're nuts. That's what you are. Nuts."

Quirking an eyebrow, Greenlee formed her best smirk and drawled, "Almonds or Cashews?"

"Hah," Grace Malone drawled, staring Greenlee hard in the eyes before forming a slow smile. On breaking the gaze, she heaved a sigh then said, "You're not going to listen to me about this one, are you?"

"Afraid not," admitted Greenlee, sounding almost apologetic for saying this to the other woman.

"Damn," Grace sighed again, leaning back further in her chair as she studied Greenlee. The two women sat at one of the several tables located inside the Blue Angel having a nice talk before Grace had to start getting ready for the nightly opening in about five hours. Pushing up a shock of her short cropped blonde hair with her hand, Grace gave Greenlee a wry smile. "All right," she finally said after a moment. "Spill it. I want details."

There was a moment of pause and Greenlee's brown eyes sparkled as she said, "She kissed me."

"No shit! You lie!" Grace exclaimed, giving her friend a light slap on the shoulder. "Bianca Montgomery, shy gay girl of the year, did not kiss you!"

"She did," said Greenlee, her eyes still sparkling as she leaned closer to Grace. Dropping her voice lower, she then purred, "And it was good."

"I bet," replied Grace, laughing as she gave her head a little shake. She was quiet for a moment then was focused on Greenlee for a few seconds. "But..." she began in quiet and thoughtful tones. "What was it for?"

"What do you mean?" asked Greenlee a bit suspiciously and her eyes narrowing.

"Smythe," sighed Grace. "Don't turn ultra bitch on me. Who has been your sounding board for your Bianca fixation for the past few months? Me. And who did you tell your little plan to for the first time? Me. Lastly, who told you that for once in your life you shouldn't do your usual sneaking around plans and just tell the truth?"

"You," Greenlee pronounced in droll tones.

"Exactly. Now please," said Grace, moving in and looking deep into Greenlee's eyes. "Tell me that you didn't go and use that warped scheme you came up with to try and win Bianca's love. Tell me you just told her the truth and that was why you got that good kiss of yours."

There was a long pause of silence before Greenlee tipped her head back and looked up at the ceiling with a solemn expression. Then dipping her head down, she met Grace's eyes and said plainly, "It's a good plan."

"You didn't," Grace groaned. Then looking at Greenlee closely, she shook her head and groaned again as she said, "You did. You really did. Why did you?"

"Because it's going to work," Greenlee said in confident tones. "It already is working. And besides, I did tell Bianca the truth. I told her yesterday."

"Really?" asked Grace all too skeptically. "You told her straight out that you have a thing for her?"

"Not exactly," said Greenlee reluctantly and on hearing this, Grace rolled her eyes and Greenlee scowled at her friend. "But I'm going to tell her soon!"

"How soon is soon?" Grace asked dryly, resting her chin in the palm of her hand. "Before you both die?"

"Shut up," Greenlee growled in response. "I can't just go blurting out that I've been secretly in love with her for months. Bianca will freak. Trust me, she's got enough of the Kane genetics in her to freak and freak big time."

"Uh huh," said Grace, her voice still resounding of clear disbelief. "I still don't understand that part myself. It isn't like you're a straight girl coming onto another straight girl. Bianca is part of the community. Why would she get all wound up about you liking her that way?"

"Because," said Greenlee, heaving a huge sigh as she looked at Grace like she was a simpleton. "I'm not a part of the community. Supposedly I'm still straight as the perpetual arrow. I'm breeder girl, remember? This is how she knows me. She doesn't know me as the girl who has been dreaming of her every night for the past few months and frankly, I don't want her to know me as that. In fact, I rather not know me as that." Greenlee looked disgusted at herself as she muttered, "When I turned so damn sappy and romantic I have no idea. It's all Leo's fault I bet."

"Yeah, go ahead, blame the Lion King," said Grace, smirking as she leaned back in her chair. "But you should just admit it, Smythe. You're scared. That's why you aren't telling Bianca the truth. You think there's no way she'd be with you if you just came out and laid it all on the line. That's why you're sneaking around like this, because you think it's the only way you could land her."

There was another long pause of complete and utter silence and you could cut the tension in the air with a knife as Greenlee and Grace locked eyes.

Finally, Greenlee narrowed her eyes and pronounced in deadly and sharp tones, "I hate you."

"No," drawled Grace, still smirking rather fondly at her friend. "You love me. You have to, because I'm the only one who can see through your bullshit these days."

"I still hate you," said Greenlee over dramatically, turning to look across the room, avoiding Grace's gaze. As she did this, a flash of panic crossed her face and she then turned back to Grace and asked, "You won't tell Bianca about the plan, will you? You can't tell her about it! If you did then I would end up losing her before I even get her!"

"Smythe... I..." Grace said slowly, her eyes reluctantly locking with Greenlee's pleading ones. "Oh, hell," she sighed deeply. "All right, I'll keep my mouth shut. But only because I know you really do love her. Even if you got a twisted way of showing it."

"I love you!" exclaimed Greenlee, moving forward and out of her seat to launch herself at Grace for a hug.

Propelling back in her seat and almost falling backwards from the force of Greenlee's embrace, Grace gave a soft chuckle and said dryly, "Sure you do. Just wait until I say something you dislike again and then you'll go back to hating me like usual. I know the pattern."

"So do I," said Greenlee coyly, giving Grace her very best charming smile. "But as of right now, I love you. And," she drew the word out slowly. "I promise that I'll find some way to repay you for this." Greenlee formed a thoughtful expression then suddenly, her face lit up as she said, "I know! Envy can have a promotional party here! It will bring the club that much more attention and cash."

"More attention and cash would be nice," Grace murmured, eyeing Greenlee steadily. "But you don't have to pay me off, Smythe. We're friends, right?"

"Right," agreed Greenlee, meeting Grace's steady gaze. "And I always pay my friends back for all the favors they do for me. So just let me do this okay?"

Studying Greenlee for another moment, Grace let loose a sigh and smiled. "Fine," she said warmly. "For this one fleeting time, I'll let you pay me off. Then it's nada on that particular front of our relationship, you got it?"

"No, not yet," said Greenlee, forming a mischievous smile. "Then again, my plan has just started in the works. How far should I have gotten with Bianca?"

"You," Grace's eyes narrowed as she smirked. "Are one seriously warped individual, Greenlee Smythe."

"I know," Greenlee said, smiling widely now. "And you know that you love me for it, Grace Malone."

"Must mean I'm warped too," drawled Grace, shaking her head. "Woe upon all the lovely ladies of Pine Valley when the two most gorgeous women have minds as screwed up as ours, huh?"

"Hmm," purred Greenlee, looking quite like a vixen as she moved close to Grace. "I think it's more like joy upon all the lovely ladies for just having us around."

For a response, Grace could only chuckle and shake her head again before they resumed their usual girl talk for the day. A tradition that they'd been holding up for the past three months.

It was a tradition that would go on for quite some time. At least, if they had anything to say about it.

Because, after all, who could better understand a gorgeous and warped woman then another gorgeous and warped woman?

No one, that's who.



Bianca was blind.

Okay, maybe that was a lie. She wasn't blind. But she was damn near blind after having to face a crowd of flashing cameras. In fact, she was seeing stars.

In spite of her being almost blind, Bianca was feeling quite good about herself. Today she had faced a hoard of cameras and the annoying reporters that went along with them and she survived. No, she flourished. For the first time in her life, she laughed and joked with them and actually formed a genuine smile for their pictures.

The experience left her feeling good. Not only about herself but just how her life was going. And it was all because Greenlee and the influence she was having on her. An influence that Bianca was beginning to like.

Still, she wish she wasn't feeling so blinded.

Rubbing her eyes, Bianca sighed as she wandered up the steps to her house and opened the door. Part of her wondered why the door was unlocked but didn't question it. Well, she didn't question it until she shut the door and saw what stood in front of her.

And what stood in front of her was a stunningly good looking woman with honey colored blonde hair that went down her back in waves. The woman wore had on an elegant but simple outfit consisting of black pants and an off white silk blouse. She studied Bianca with endless dark blue eyes while a slow and sweet smile spread across her lightly rose dusted lips.

"Hello Bianca," the woman murmured in dulcet tones that hinted of the barest southern accent.

"Hi," Bianca squeaked in return. Eyeing the woman rather nervously, she asked, "Who are you? How do you know my name? And why are you in my house?"

"Well now," the woman murmured again, this time her southern accent a bit stronger as she spoke and that sweet smile suddenly turned very charming. "You just get right to the point, don't you? I like that."

"I'm glad," said Bianca nervously. "So... you're going to answer me right? Because I don't plan on moving one step until you do."

"We can't have that," the woman chuckled. Tilting her head to one side, her eyes sparkled as she said, "Starla Reece, everyone who's anyone and hasn't been raised up in a cave knows who you are darlin', and I'm here because your Mama invited me. In fact, I'm just waiting for her to emerge out of the study now with our contracts."

"Contracts?" asked Bianca, warily studying the woman that her mother wanted to set her up with.

It was true that Starla, despite her name, was good looking, very good looking at that, and she did seem to have a degree of charm but Bianca knew there was a fault lying beneath the surface. When it came to her mother setting her up with women, there was always some sort of horrible personality trait that threw Bianca off.

She just had to find out what Starla's was then she'd have the perfect excuse to stop her mother from her attempts to set them up. Since she knew for sure Erica wasn't about to accept her dating Greenlee as a reason that Bianca shouldn't see Starla. As far as Erica was concerned that relationship didn't exist in her eyes.

Apparently blindness was genetic.

"She hasn't told you?" asked Starla, sounding surprised as she studied Bianca's features.

"Told me what?" Bianca pursued very warily.

Before Starla could say anything more, Erica walked into the room, looking at a pile of papers she held in her hands as she said, "I've got them all in their proper place, Starla. Now we need to discuss what we're going to say in our press conference about our companies working together on this particular project."

"Mom?" asked Bianca, her voice turning harsh, which was odd for her. "What's going on? What working together for what project? Why is she here?"

"Oh, Bianca!" exclaimed Erica happily as she walked over to her daughter and gave her a hug. "I'm so glad to see you. Did you meet Starla? Isn't she nice?"

"Yes, mother," said Bianca in extremely dry tones. "She's very nice but that doesn't answer my questions."

"Starla's a business associate of mine," Erica replied, smiling widely. "We came here to talk about a new project for Enchantment we're working on."

"I run one of the largest webpage development companies in the world. In fact, it's the third largest right here in the United States," Starla revealed with an easy smile. "We specialize in creating and maintaining sites for companies like your mother's. Ones that are already well established in the actual purchasing market place but have yet to explore their options on the web."

"Then she's making a webpage for you?" asked Bianca, feeling a bit shocked at such a simple and plainly believable explanation. "That's what's going on?"

"What else should be going on, if I can ask?" asked Starla, a hint of humor showing in her eyes. "Did you think I had something goin' on with your Mama?"

"No, no, I mean, no!" Bianca exclaimed hurriedly, waving her hands quickly back and forth. "I was just... I only meant... oh... just forget I said anything!" She then backed away and headed upstairs, pausing in her walk to turn back and give Starla a definitely sheepish smile. "I'm sorry for giving you the third degree and acting so weird. I swear, I'm not usually like this. Good luck working with my Mom on the webpage. She's pretty technologically deficient so it might be something of a challenge."

"Bianca!" Erica huffed, sounding offended as she turned to face her daughter. "You know I've been trying very hard to get better these past months. Why, just the other day I answered an e-mail to your Uncle Jack."

"Yeah, and crashed the computer immediately after," Bianca chuckled before heading upstairs totally.

As soon as Bianca left the room Erica then walked over to Starla whose intense gaze was still focused on the stairs which Bianca had just walked upon.

"Well? What do you think?" asked Erica in altogether conspiratorial tones. "Isn't she wonderful? I think you two would just be perfect together. All you need to do is just be subtle in your approach. Bianca... is rather delicate in the area of romance right now."

"You know, Miss Kane," said Starla in slow and easy tones as she turned to face Erica and wore the same sweet smile from before. "I believe you're right. She is the delicate sort. My Daddy always told me that anything that's delicate is usually something priceless." Lowering her voice, she added quietly to herself, "And there isn't a thing I love more than owning priceless things."

From that moment on Bianca Montgomery was officially on the market in the eyes of Starla Reece.

And what dangerously sharp eyes they were.



Closing the door to her room with a sigh, Bianca walked over to her bed and flopped onto it. Staring up at the ceiling, she muttered, "That was embarrassing."

She continued to stare at the ceiling for several moments when a sharp ring pierced the air and sent her flying upwards on her bed. Shaking her head a bit, Bianca reached for her nearby cordless phone and answered it.

"Hello?" asked Bianca slowly.

"Your interview is on."

"Greenlee?" Bianca laughed. "Hello to you too."

"We have no times for formalities, woman. Turn on the television already. Your interview is on. When did you do an interview anyway? They say it's exclusive."

"I didn't do an interview," said Bianca, leaning over to grab the TV remote. "A crazed mob of reporters showed up at my school and I talked to some of them. I wouldn't consider that an exclusive anything."

"Eye on Pine Valley does," replied Greenlee, sounding cutely exasperated. "I swear, did you even pay attention when they talked to you? If you looked dazed then they're going to assume I had to drug you in order to score and I went through enough with that."

"Yeah, we all know how you love drugs," Bianca teased as she turned on the television.

"You know, what is it with people in this town?" began Greenlee theoretically. "You drug a person to make them marry you and suddenly, you drug everyone to get what you want. I had logic behind my actions."

"I'm sure you did," Bianca laughed again, watching as a particularly lame detergent commercial aired. "It wasn't a sane logic though."

"Misunderstood, that's what I am," Greenlee huffed. "No one realizes the true depths of my genius."

"Or the true depths of your insanity," added Bianca rather mischievously. Cutting off whatever the reply Greenlee was about to give, she said, "Hey. My Mom's new commercial is on TV."

"Look, it has beautiful women, big surprise," said Greenlee in altogether droll tones. "And men without the aid of shirts. I didn't see this coming. Wait, wait, we have to begin the countdown to the usual saying..."

"Okay, fine," Bianca rolled her eyes good naturedly as she watched the commercial come to an end. "I'll start it up. One..."

"Two..." Greenlee continued.

"Three..." Bianca finished.

"Men and women both fall for Enchantment," Bianca and Greenlee said together in comically teasing tones along with Erica who was onscreen looking sultry.

"That always cracks me up," Greenlee confessed, giving a low chuckle. "Doesn't your mother know how cheesy that line sounds coming out of her?"

"She thinks it sounds sexy," Bianca admitted in wry tones. "And as much as I hate to admit it, so do a lot of other people. But just don't ask me who."

"Ohhh, that sounds juicy," said Greenlee, her voice turning eager. "Tell your luscious girlfriend all."

"Luscious? Since when are you luscious?" laughed Bianca as she arranged the pillows on her bed, to then lay down on her stomach as she watched TV.

"I've always been luscious," Greenlee drawled. "It's just that some people haven't ever fully noticed."

"Is that so?" Bianca teased. "Well, then please forgive me for not recognizing your lusciousness."

"You're forgiven," Greenlee replied drolly. She was quiet for a moment then said, "You're also on now."

Bianca paused to look at the TV and turned up the volume to watch the reporter give a brief background on herself and then her romances. It was like getting a slight glance of what it's like to be featured on A&E Biography.

Then came her interview with the reporter that they'd sent out to her college. Somehow, she managed to weed away most of the reporters after awhile and one of the few left was the one from Eye on Pine Valley. Since she knew it was a halfway decent show, Bianca decided to give them a bit more than the others.

And a bit more from Bianca Montgomery, the perpetual media hermit daughter of Erica Kane, was considered to be a gold mine for any reporter.

She supposed that's why they called the short interview she did with the woman 'exclusive' of all things.

"Bianca," the reporter began, whose name was apparently named Victoria Jefferies, something Bianca had totally forgotten. "What can you tell us about this new love in your life? Is it really true you're dating Greenlee Smythe, whose company, Envy, is considered to be a top business rival for your own mother?"

"The companies have nothing to do with why I'm dating Greenlee," Bianca replied onscreen, her eyes now gaining a warning glint. "She's been a good friend to me for several years now and I love her. Besides, I think that there's plenty of room out there for competition when it comes to the cosmetics industry, don't you?"

"Ohhh, Binky, you do love me," cooed Greenlee over the phone. "You defended my honor. And look how cute you look when you turn all grrr mean for me."

"Shut up," Bianca replied in teasing tones. "At least I was a good girl and talked to this woman. Even though her questions were totally stupid."

"Did she ask your sign?" Greenlee chuckled.

"No, but I was waiting for it," said Bianca dryly.

They watched the interview for a few more minutes before it came to an end and turning off the TV, Bianca flopped back on her bed and groaned.

"God," Bianca said, staring up at the ceiling. "They made it sound like I'm this legendary creature of lore that no one is really sure exists."

"The Loch Ness Lesbian," said Greenlee mischievously. "A mysterious being that before now was only captured in the vaguest and most unsure of photos, is now willingly placing herself before their eyes. Marvel at her creamy white skin and wonder at her mesmerizing dark eyes which suck you into abyss!"

"Funny," said Bianca in extremely dry tones.

"I thought so," Greenlee murmured, sounding pleased. "Seriously though, Binky of mine, don't get all worked up over this. You can't blame them for getting a bit excited about you talking to them. For the past four years you've avoided reporters like the plague."

"I suppose," Bianca said with a sigh. She was quiet for a moment then asked, "Are you tired?"

"No," responded Greenlee immediately. "Why?" her voice turned rather coy. "Are you?"

"No," said Bianca slowly. "Do you... maybe want to go out? For some dancing and food?"

"I that I could be convinced to do that," Greenlee replied, a smile reflected in her voice.

"Convinced how?" Bianca asked, rising to the bait.

"Ohhhh, I'll tell you later," purred Greenlee in sensuous tones. "You just be ready to leave in a half an hour because I feel like working off some tension."

With that, a dial tone filled Bianca's ear and she was left staring dimly at the phone she held in her hand.

But very soon, a smile spread across her face as she thought about what sort of convincing Greenlee might just have in mind for her tonight. To Bianca, the very idea of it sounded all too appealing.

And who can really blame her for that? 

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