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TITLE: It Starts With Faith
CHAPTER: Fifteen
AUTHOR: Dreiser
EMAIL: dreiser0@earthlink.net
ICQ #: 37674780
WEBSITE: http://www.lvdi.net/~reddeath/dreiser.htm
CONTENT: F/F romance. Don't like it, don't read it.
SUMMARY: An alternate reality series that places Faith as the one true slayer aka the chosen one for her generation.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing but my Best 'o' Boingo cd. Which, to answer any questions is an all hits compilation for the group Oingo Boingo. Yes! They rule mightily.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: The name of the club that all the vamps, demons, and naughty things hang out in was suggested to me by the very cool Lisa Countryman. Read her fics, they're oh so delicious and fun!

It Starts With Faith
By: Dreiser


The ice capades and peoples fascination with them was something that Faith never fully understood. What did people find so entertaining about them? It was just people on skates in weird costumes doing tricks. Frankly, it made more sense to just watch a monster truck rally instead. At least in those things exploded and produced fire.

Faith's total lack of understanding with the ice capades showed clearly on her face as Buffy excitedly, though she did her best to hide it, explained that's what she and her father would be doing to celebrate her birthday.

So far, the only thing Faith that retained was that it was Buffy's birthday, her dad was coming into town, and for some unknown reason they were going to the ice capades.

Out that information the thing that stuck the most was that it was Buffy's birthday and she hadn't known.

"Wait," Faith suddenly interrupted, waving her hands around as to stop Buffy's ice capades speech. "You mean that today's your b-day, Buff? Why didn't you tell me sooner? I coulda gotten you a present or hooked you up with one hell fun birthday party. Now it's too late." She paused to narrow her eyes and looking almost devious, Faith murmured to herself, "Or is it?"

"That's all right, Faith," said Buffy, beaming at the other Slayer. "You don't have to throw me a party. I'll be with my father for the whole day anyway. He's even going to get me out of school early today."

"Out of school early, huh?" Faith formed an envious expression. "Bad, Buff," she drawled, starting to move forward with her hands extended in a creepy manner as she walked towards Buffy. "Skipping outta school is a naughty thing to do. You need to be punished."

"No!" Buffy shrieked, leaping away from Faith just as the dark haired Slayer pounced at her. "You won't get me this time! I know your secret battle techniques!"

"None can escape my dread tickle attack!" Faith boomed, wearing a silly grin on her face while she chased after Buffy through the school quad.

When Cordelia came out into the quad with her lunch and Faith's in hand, Maria having made the second one especially for Faith who, in her opinion, ate far too much unhealthy junk food, the two Slayers were no longer involved in their odd pursuit but were instead fighting.

Well, they were fighting if you could call rolling around on the grass, pinning each other down, and then proceeding to tickle the other one to death a fight.

"Kids these days," Cordelia murmured dryly. Walking over to the Slayers, she hovered over them for a moment before they noticed the shadow covering them. As they looked up at her with rather sheepish expressions, Cordelia said, "Having fun?"

"Yeah," Faith and Buffy lamely admitted together.

Offering her hands to both of them, Cordelia helped pull the two girls up as she said, "You realize the school rumor mill is going to have a field day with this."

"Lucky me," pronounced Faith in her sexy drawl that sent shivers down both Buffy and Cordelia's spines. "I get to be associated with two such lovely ladies.

As Buffy and Cordelia stared at Faith with very similar looks of shock on their faces, Amy walked up to the group and asked, "Who died? Not Faith again?"

"Nah," Faith chuckled. "I'm alive and kicking. But why're you asking, Amy girl?"

"The zombie twins," said Amy, gesturing at Buffy and Cordelia who still looked slightly dazed. "They've got big time shock trance written all over their faces."

"That's my fault," said Faith with an almost proud smirk. "I suggested something a little too interesting for them."

"Oh? What's that?" Amy asked curiously.

Before Faith could reply, she was simultaneously attacked in the most feared double barrel tickle attack by Buffy and Cordelia who wore scowls on their faces.

Watching this occur, Amy murmured, "Okay... I don't think that I even want to know."

"Wooh, a Slayer lesbian tickle threesome," Xander commented, suddenly appearing at Amy's side. "It's at times like these that I'm glad I carry an instant camera with me to better annoy Miss Faith."

A loud snap filled the air as Xander took his picture and upon hearing it, the three girls paused in their activities to look at him with stupefied expressions that quickly turned to ones of pure annoyance.

Seconds later, Xander's name was heard to echo across the quad of Sunnydale High, and echo loudly.

Yes, it was just another normal school day. Especially since in Sunnydale the word normal was all relative to your own personal definition.

And normal was definitely defined much more strangely in Sunnydale than anywhere else in the world.

That much was for sure.


As soon as she walked inside and saw her mother's face, Buffy knew that something was wrong. She'd had far too much experience seeing that face not to know that something was wrong. Because the face that her Joyce Summers was wearing was her disappointed face. Her sad face, the one that said 'I wish things could be different but they can't, can they?'

"Mom?" asked Buffy quietly, studying Joyce with careful hazel eyes as she approached. "What's up?"

"Buffy," said Joyce slowly, quietly, looking like she was trying to find the perfect words. "Your father... won't be coming for your birthday today. He can't make it."

On hearing this, Buffy averted her eyes and swallowed the lump in her throat. Giving herself a few moments to get a hold of her emotions, she lifted her head and offered her mother her best and brightest smile.

"That's okay, Mom," Buffy said, still wearing the forced smile on her features. "He must be busy, huh?"

"Yes," Joyce said softly, her face tightening in obvious anger. "Apparently so." Shifting her mood, she smiled at Buffy and moved forward to hold her daughter's hands lightly. "How about we go to the ice capades then? Your father did send the tickets for you along with your present and these flowers."

Looking over to where her mother gestured and the dozen red roses that sat next to a good sized present, Buffy shook her head slightly. "No thanks," she said in soft tones. "I'm getting too old for the ice capades anyway. It was all Daddy's silly idea anyway, right?" Turning away from her mother, Buffy headed up the stairs and to her room as she choked out, "It doesn't matter."

Watching as her daughter walked away, Joyce didn't follow after her, knowing that Buffy wanted some space of her own right now, but knew in her heart that what Buffy just said was anything but the truth.


She didn't care... she really didn't... it wasn't as if she wanted to go anyway. That sort of stuff was for little kids and she was anything but these days. Yes, it was fine that he wasn't coming. She didn't care... it was no big deal.

Or at least that what's Buffy kept telling herself

Too bad for her, she knew the truth. And the truth was that it did matter and it was a big deal. She hadn't seen her father for almost a month now... and he'd promised, he promised, that he would visit her on her birthday.

But here was her birthday and here was no father.

She didn't know why it mattered to her so much, it just did for some reason. Maybe it was because she used to be so close with her father before... well, before everything happened. Before she became a Slayer, before she burned down that gym, before she lost her friends, before her parents divorced.

The divorce.

Even now, after constant attempts to block the memories from her mind, she could remember the shouts of her parents. The fights, the insults, the accusations thrown over which one of them was the one to blame over her behavior. Who caused her to become a delinquent.

Then, just like now, Buffy hid inside of her room. Trying her very best to block out the sounds, the reality of the situation around her, trying to go to a happier place.

A place of her not so distant memories. When her parents were happy and she was... she was good. She was a normal girl, one who made her parents proud, instead of causing them to fight. Causing them to divorce.

Her father wasn't busy... she knew his schedule well enough to know he could get away if he truly wanted to. He simply didn't want to see her. To have to deal with the pain that she consistently caused him.

She wanted so many times to tell him the truth. To tell both of them but Merrick had said not to. That telling them would only put them at further risk and they would never understand or accept her duty as a Slayer.

Maybe that was right but she'd never know now. Because Buffy had the distinct feeling that she wouldn't be seeing much or anything of her father from now on.

That thought was enough to break her heart.

Hugging her knees to her chest, Buffy closed her eyes in a painful movement as she tilted her head back to rest against the wall as she gazed up at the ceiling.

Why did things always have to turn out this way? Why would she always get her hopes up only to have them crushed in the end? Why was life always so hard?

"It's not fair," Buffy whispered to herself.

Still contemplating this, Buffy almost didn't hear when her mother knocked on her door and said her name.

Hoping her mother wasn't on a quest to cheer her up, Buffy said, "Come in."

"It's for you," Joyce said moments after she came into the bedroom. Holding the cordless phone out to Buffy who blinked in surprise. She hadn't even heard the phone ring, that was how deep in thought she'd been. "Someone called Faith. A friend of yours from school?"

"Faith?" Buffy's eyes immediately lit up. She didn't feel like dealing with people right now, that was true, but Faith wasn't just any person. She was another Slayer and... well, she was the person Buffy most enjoyed spending time with these days. "Yeah, she's a new friend of mine."

Joyce didn't get to reply before Buffy leaned forward to eagerly snatch the phone out of her grip. Now wearing a soft smile on her features, Joyce walked out of her daughter's room, quietly closing the door behind her.

"Buff?" Faith's husky drawl greeted her.

"Hey," said Buffy softly.

"I just wanted to tell you G-man's b-day present to you is no patrol. Kinda cheap, but he's a Watcher y'know. They don't get paid the big bucks," deadpanned Faith and Buffy couldn't help but smile as she heard Giles protest her statements in the background. "What?" said Faith drolly. "I don't think you're even gonna say you got more than five hundred dollars in the bank right now." There was a slight moment of pause then she said smugly, "I thought so. Hey, Buff, want me to let you go? Your Dad waiting for you?"

"No..." Buffy's voice drifted off as she moved on her bed to stare out at the darkening night sky. "He wasn't able to make it here. Got tied up with things at work."

There was another, longer, moment of pause before Faith said gently, "I'm real sorry, Buff. I know that you were looking forward to this and all."

"It's okay," Buffy murmured, trying her best to keep tears from appearing in her eyes. "I mean, I'm way too old for the ice capades anyway, right?"

"No," was Faith's instant and firm reply.

"What?" asked Buffy in certain surprise.

"That's bullshit, Buff," said Faith, her voice still firm but now also comforting as she continued. "You're never too old for good memories. Especially with your folks." She was quiet and to Buffy it seemed as if Faith was contemplating something. "I feel the same way," the dark haired Slayer whispered in a soft confession. "My Dad and me, we were real close before he left. The best memories I have usually have to do with him. I'm sorry that he did this to you, Buff. That he ruined a good memory for you. Because sometimes memories are all that we got, y'know?"

"Yeah, I know," Buffy replied quietly. "Thank you, Faith. I didn't think that anyone would understand."

"I understand too well, Buff. It hurts when people don't know how much they mean to you. Usually because if they don't know then they tend to keep on hurting you," Faith murmured, her voice trailing off in sad tones.


"Yeah, Buff?"

"You... you mean a lot to me."

Buffy could practically feel the other Slayer smile over the phone. "Thanks, Buff," said Faith softly, her voice tender. "That means a lot to me, hearing you say that. I'm not good at making friends... real ones, that is. And you're definitely among the people that I count as a real friend."

"So," said Buffy after a moment. "Want any help with patrol since I'm ditching the ice capades?"

"I'd love some help," Faith responded easily. "Howzabout I meet you at your place, seeing that I have the address and all now? I can scare your mom."

"Funny," Buffy drew the word out. "But why not? She could use a thrill on my birthday. Me aging myself and her by one year today simply isn't enough."

"That's me, girl thrilling," said Faith with a chuckle. "I'll see you in a few, Buff, then once I get there we'll go and make some new happy memories for you, okay?"

"Okay," murmured Buffy, finding herself fighting back the tears from the emotion that Faith's kindness caused for her.

"Later, Buff."

With those final words, the phone went dead and Buffy was left staring at it with the happiest feeling inside of her heart.

And it was all because of Faith.


"Are you mad, sweets?"

Listening to the worried tones in Faith's voice, Cordelia couldn't help but smile fondly. "No, of course not," she replied easily. "But you're being such a good little girl scout lately. Do you know that?"

Cordelia could practically feel Faith scowl over the phone before the dark Slayer replied, "I was never a girl scout." She paused for a moment then asked, "Were you?"

"Mmm, that's a secret," Cordelia purred into the phone, now feeling like teasing her girlfriend for breaking their date. After all, she had to have some fun since she wasn't going to be spending the night with Faith. "But if I was... I heard they teach you some interesting things in it. It's like going to camp for a Catholic church... all girls, all alone, all curious about various things."

"Sweets," Faith groaned, sounding in pain. "Don't go telling me first time stories about you right now."

"Why?" asked Cordelia in tones that sounded convincingly innocent. "Oh... I know, is it because I might end up turning you on and you're not coming over tonight?"

"Y'know, as much as I love you, you're a royal class stinker, Cordelia Chase," growled Faith lowly.

"I know," Cordelia said in sing song tones.

There was a pause before Faith said quietly, "Do you wanna hang with me and Buff after patrol? Maybe the two of us would have better luck cheering her up."

Considering this for a moment, Cordelia let images of Buffy and Faith and how they tended to act together hit her mind along with the fact that Buffy was upset so Faith would be trying extra hard to make the blonde Slayer have some fun tonight. And as soon as she did this, the answer to Faith's question immediately sprang into her mind.

"No thanks," said Cordelia gently, trying to hide the slight panic she felt from appearing in her voice. She just couldn't deal with another in depth cartoon discussion tonight. "I think that Buffy would probably be better off with just you."

"Really?" Faith asked, sounding uncertain. "Because... we're closer now, yeah, but we had all those problems at first. I dunno sometimes if we're really okay."

"Faith," Cordelia murmured, the chiding evident in her voice along with the love. "Buffy's forgotten all about that and so should you. She thinks of you as a friend."

"Yeah," said Faith quietly. "I guess she does."

"Of course she does," Cordelia assured.

"Thanks, sweets," Faith murmured, a smile evident in her voice. "You always know the right thing to say."

"I know, it's just one of the many reasons why you love me," said Cordelia with a smirk.

"Naturally," drawled Faith humorously. She paused then in reluctant tones said, "I better get going now, I told Buff I'd meet her at her place and G-man's starting to get antsy. He hates having to wait for more than ten minutes."

"Men," Cordelia heaved a huge sigh.

There was another moment of pause then Faith's voice, soft and gentle, echoed in her ear, "Sweets?"


"I love you."

Letting the words and the emotion they caused wash over her, Cordelia smiled tenderly before she replied, "I love you too, Faith. Always."


Staring at the phone, Cordelia sighed as she turned it off before looking at Monet, who was now lying in her lap eyeing her with a vague curiosity. "Faith isn't coming over, baby," murmured Cordelia, reaching out to softly rub behind his ears. Monet's ears twitched and he released a distressed sort of worried meow that almost sounded like a question to Cordelia. "Because she's going to try and cheer up, Buffy, her new friend," Cordelia informed.

Monet tilted his head to one side and meowed.

"What to do?" Cordelia said to herself, still rubbing behind Monet's ears. "I don't want to stay home tonight."

Monet paused to stare at Cordelia, seeming to contemplate something, before he abruptly got up, then climbed up on her chest so he could look into her eyes.

Laughing at her cat as she gazed into his green eyes, Cordelia asked, "Are you hungry, baby?"

Monet meowed impatiently and rubbed her cheek with his head before pulling away and staring at Cordelia again with his expressive green eyes as he continued to meow in rather odd tones, sort of like he was singing.

Blinking at this, Cordelia whispered, "Willow."

Monet almost... almost... looked like he smiled.

"I'll call Willow," said Cordelia excitedly, reaching for the cordless phone as Monet climbed down off of his Mistress' chest since his duty had been done. "We haven't hung out in a really long time. It'll be fun."

Watching Cordelia from where he was once again curled up in a nice little ball in her lap, Monet smiled his best kitty smile as he felt infinitely proud of himself.

And why shouldn't he feel proud?

He was a very good cat.


Leather pants.

Buffy's brand new friend from school wore leather pants. Very tight leather pants that looked very sexy on her. And the rest of her clothes... well...

She honestly didn't know what to think. Which is why Joyce fixed her gaze on Giles, the man that she was told was this girl's Uncle and guardian, and frowned.

Giles shrugged silently and gave a little roll of his eyes as if to say, 'I've tried, believe me, nothing works.'

As soon as Joyce saw this gesture on Giles part she decided right then and there that she liked the both of them. Turning to her daughter, she said, "Have fun tonight, Buffy."

"I will, Mom, thanks," said Buffy with a smile, looking extremely eager to get out the door.

"It was nice meeting you, Mrs. S," Faith said as Buffy made her way past her and grabbed Faith's hand, looking like she intended to drag the other girl away. "Don't you worry about a thing. I'll take real good care of her."

"I'm sure you will," Joyce replied hesitantly, watching curiously as Faith was dragged away by Buffy. Turning to Giles, she smiled and said, "Your niece is..."

"A trial, but an enjoyable one," Giles interrupted smoothly, a fond smile on his face. "Enjoy your evening. I'll make sure they don't get into too much trouble."

"Thank you, I'd appreciate that," said Joyce, still watching the group as Giles made his way back to his new crappy car which was just as bad as his old crappy car.

And as she watched them, Joyce couldn't help but feel like she was intruding onto something very special.

She just didn't know why she felt that way.


The two Slayers were unusually quite on patrol as they walked along. Then finally, Buffy managed to work up her courage and asked, "Your dad left?"

Faith turned to look at Buffy who wore a rather nervous expression on her face. Forming a small smile, Faith looked ahead then said, "Yeah, he did. It was awhile ago, when I was twelve. But sometimes it still seems like it was yesterday, y'know?"

"Yeah," said Buffy quietly. "I think I do."

"My Dad... I dunno why he left," Faith confessed softly, her eyes still focused ahead. "My Mom always said he left because he was cheating on her and he was a lousy bastard but that just doesn't seem right to me." Her brown eyes darkened and Faith said, "I can't see him ever doing anything like that. But," she gave a self derisive chuckle. "I was only a kid when he left and I sorta idolized my Dad."

"Me too," Buffy added. "I guess that's why I was so sure that he'd show up today." She formed an almost painful smile then said, "Shows how wrong I was."

"Hey," murmured Faith, turning to look at Buffy as she said this. "He was an idiot, Buff. Missing your birthday like this. It has nothing to do with you, all right? It's all about him and his stupidity."

Her smile growing happy, Buffy's eyes softened and she reached out to hold Faith's hands in her own as she said, "The same about your dad too. Him leaving doesn't have anything to do with you, Faith."

"How--" Faith's eyes widened on realizing that Buffy had known, somehow, what she always thought deep in the back of her mind about her father's departure.

"I'm a psychic Slayer too," Buffy smiled fondly, giving Faith's hand a light caress. "Faith," she said in more solemn tones. "You're a good person and it's his own fault that he's missing out on knowing just what a good person you are. You got that?"

"Yeah," said Faith hoarsely. "I got that."

"Good," said Buffy softly. She studied Faith closely for a moment, then averted her eyes quickly and tried to hide the blush forming on her cheeks as she began to walk swiftly ahead. "Some cheering up people we are," she said with a weak laugh. "We're just bumming each other out so far."

Frowning at the truth of this statement, Faith said, "Damn, you're right, Buff. This just sucks."

"Slay something?" Buffy suggested.

"Yup, we should slay something," Faith nodded.

"Slaying things is fun, especially when they go poof or squish when we do," remarked Buffy impishly.

"You like the squish reaction, Buff?" asked Faith curiously, tilting her head to one side in an inspection of the other Slayer. "I like them going poof more."

"Poof is good but sometimes you're just in the mood for a good ole squish sound," Buffy elaborated.

"Well, squish sounds do have their own sorta unique charm, I gotta admit," replied Faith. "But with the poof you got instant gratification. You stake 'em then... poof! They're gone. Ahhh... happiness. That's how you know it's good slayage."

"Figures you'd be an instant gratification type of girl," said Buffy teasingly as she chuckled.

"You don't even know just how instant I can make gratification, Buff," said Faith, waggling her eyebrows and smiling lasciviously at her friend.

Trying to calm the fast beat of her heart and the surge of desire caused from Faith's smile and very presence, Buffy averted her eyes forward and spotted a group of vampires dressed in leather all hanging on or around a bunch of motorcycles.

"Vamp biker gang at, I still don't know army time, so it's at something o'clock," Buffy pointed out.

"Vamp biker gang?" Faith echoed curiously.

Turning to follow Buffy's gaze, sure enough Faith saw the vamps that the other Slayer was talking about and yes, from the looks of it they were indeed a vamp biker gang. A vamp biker gang with some very nice motorcycles. So nice that Faith was incensed that they would even have them. Creatures of evil who suck the blood of innocent humans shouldn't have bikes that cool. There was just something so wrong about it.

Right then and there, Faith decided that she would most definitely have to correct the wrongness of this situation and correct it the only way she could.

And how would she do this?

Simple. She would claim the coolest of the motorcycles for her own. After all, she did need to get some wheels of her own and as a Slayer she had the right to steal from her enemies, right?

The processes of Faith's brain were something of wonder and if others knew exactly how her plans worked out in her mind they would have to be in awe.

Buffy certainly was as she as she watched the rather creepy smile pass over Faith's features. She was in awe and in desire. But she didn't exactly know why. She just knew, somehow, that whatever Faith was currently thinking would get them into certain trouble.

Which also, somehow, appealed to her.


"It's creepy, being here when it's closed."

Laughing at this in melodic tones, that caused all of Cordelia's discomfort to go away, Willow smiled then said, "It's not like we broke in. Frank let us in and I had to show up here early anyway so we could practice some tonight."

"When will the rest of the band get here?" asked Cordelia curiously, still looking around the empty Bronze from where she sat in their usual booth.

"In about an hour or so," Willow replied, her eyes softened before continuing. "Except Vince... he sometimes shows up early so we can talk about stuff."

"Oh yeah?" Cordelia instantly locked in on the fondness in Willow's voice and moved in for the gossip kill. "You guys talk a lot then, huh?"

On hearing the familiar, 'I'm listening, really listening so please tell me all your secrets' voice, from Cordelia, Willow turned to her friend and her eyes went wide as she realized just what the other girl was thinking.

"Cordelia!" exclaimed Willow, turning red. "Vince and I are just friends. Stop trying to... ohh... just stop!"

"Stop what?" asked Cordelia innocently. "I'm your friend, Will, and I like to know what's going on in your life sometimes. Friends tend to want that sort of information."

"Uh-huh," Willow said slowly, studying Cordelia with careful green eyes. "You don't fool me at all, Cordelia Chase. I'm not Faith, you know, I don't look at you with a pair of lovey dovey rose colored glasses on. You're trying to snatch some juicy gossip out of me, aren't you?"

Chuckling quietly, Cordelia rested her chin in the palm of her hand and smiled. "You got me, Will. So how about you provide me with the gossip I need? Is anything going on with you and the oh so huggy Mr. Vince?"

"No, there's not," said Willow, returning Cordelia's smile. "We're just friends even though... well, he is awfully huggy, isn't he? And he's just the nicest guy..."

"Mmm, definitely," Cordelia agreed. "Sounds like you're pretty fond of the guy. Why no interest then?" She paused to form a sly expression then giving Willow a slight poke on the arm, she said, "Could it have something to do with a certain blonde Slayer named Buffy?"

"You... how did you..." Willow pronounced, the shock evident in her voice and expression.

"It was easy enough to figure out," said Cordelia softly, her eyes warm as she gave her friend a reassuring smile. "Mostly because when I looked at you looking at Buffy I saw myself and how I look at Faith."

"I don't know what it is," confessed Willow as she focused her green eyes on their table. "I'm just so drawn to Buffy and I don't even know why. We just met and already I find myself thinking about her so much. It's strange."

"I can relate," Cordelia said wryly. "When I first met Faith she had me tied up in knots." Shooting the redhead a dry look, she said, "As you probably know. I didn't know what was going on, why I felt the way I did, or even what was causing it. All I knew was that when I was with Faith I was happier than I'd ever been before." Inspecting Willow's features closely, Cordelia asked, "Is that how it is for you with Buffy?"

"So far," Willow admitted, blushing lightly. "But I still don't know... I mean, a lot of people make me happy. I'm happy when I'm with Vince and the guys, when I'm with our little gang, and when I'm with Buffy."

Mulling over this, Cordelia studied Willow's pensive expression for a moment before she reached out to touch her hand softly. When Willow looked her way and their eyes met, she said, "But it's different with Buffy. Isn't it?"

"Yeah," said Willow softly, so softly that Cordelia had to strain to hear her. "It's different when I'm with her."

"What are you going to do about it?" asked Cordelia, genuinely curious about her friend's plan of action.

"I don't know," whispered Willow, her voice sounding lost and confused. "I just don't know."

Studying the other girl for a moment, Cordelia formed a wide grin then slapping Willow's leg lightly, she exclaimed, "It's a Slayer thing!"

"A what?" asked Willow, now thoroughly confused as to what her friend was talking about.

"Faith and Buffy, and their unwitting ability to get people to fall for them trait," Cordelia supplied, her hazel eyes gleaming. "It must be a Slayer thing. Why else would they both have it? It's too weird otherwise. There has to be some sort of way out freaky magical explanation for it."

"Maybe Slayers in olden times used to seduce the vamps before staking them? Girls being less athletic back then and all," suggested Willow helpfully.

"Olden time Slayers," Cordelia snickered at the very thought. "I wonder how they ran around in those tacky long dresses they had to wear?"

"Probably hitched up their skirts when they were running," Willow theorized. "I'm more interested in what sort of shoes they would wear. Must be hard to run in the old heavy leather shoes they used to have. Or clothe ones, but that would just really hurt the soles of your feet."

"The olden times suck," commented Cordelia.

"Yup," said Willow with a nod.

They were quiet for another moment before Cordelia said, "This is the first time Faith's ditched me."

Looking at Cordelia with sensitive green eyes, Willow asked, "Is that how you see it? Her ditching you for Buffy tonight, I mean?"

"Well... yes and no," replied Cordelia. "In a technical sense, yeah she did ditch me and a part of me is irritated, no matter how much sense it makes. Mostly just because I wanted to spend time with her tonight. Then there's the part of me that loves her for being such a nice person and just a good friend to spend her time cheering Buffy up about her father bailing on her today."

"Her father did what?" Willow asked, her eyes going wide on hearing Cordelia's words.

"Oh yeah..." Cordelia said, giving a weak smile. "You didn't know anything about that did you? Want me to tell you the whole story?"

The look that Willow gave Cordelia was one that emphatically said 'tell me the story and tell me right away.'

Which is exactly what Cordelia proceeded to do.


Faith was in love.

Totally and utterly in love. And it showed completely in her enraptured brown eyes as she reached out to gently caress the object of her affection.

"Oh yeah, you're a stone cold fox," Faith murmured in husky tones, a wide smile spreading across her features. "But you already know that, dontcha, baby?"

Staring at the motorcycle that had just been 'given' to Faith by one of the vamp bikers, like it was some sort of demon, Buffy said, "Why did you want this thing again?"

Buffy's only answer was Faith staring at her with a look that clearly said she was a demon for even suggesting that Faith wouldn't want this gorgeous piece of mechanical art that was her newly owned motorcycle. It being newly owned since Faith had convinced the terrified vamp to sign over the ownership papers to Faith. Making the entire strange transaction somewhat legal in the eyes of the law.

"It's not a thing, Buff," said Faith as she rose to her feet, looking offended as she spoke. "This is a Harley Davidson Softail FLSTS Heritage Springer. And the latest model to boot. This is a thing of beauty."

"Right," said Buffy skeptically.

"Sinister blue pearl with black decal," Faith went on, looking entranced as she kept running her fingers over the motorcycle. "She's got attitude, dontcha, baby?"

"She?" Buffy echoed humorously.

"Yeah, she," Faith said, looking the other Slayer. "No way is this a guy, a thing this beautiful has gotta be of the female persuasion, without a doubt. In fact..." Trailing off now, Faith got an odd gleam in her eyes. "I can only think of one thing more beautiful than this bike."

"What's that?" asked Buffy, appearing curious.

"My sweets, Cordelia," supplied Faith, her eyes growing soft and her voice husky. "In fact, I think that I'm gonna name my baby after her." Lowering herself onto the plush leather seat and groaning at the feeling, Faith leaned forward to speak to the bike's handlebars. "Whatcha think about that baby? You like the idea?"

Her eyes darkening a bit, Buffy had a forced smile on her features as she asked, "What's her name going to be? Cordelia junior or something like that?"

"Cordelia junior?" said Faith with a smirk. Giving a low chuckle, she shook her head, then her smirk widened as she said, "Nah. I'm gonna name her after the true nature of my sweets. She's the Butchess."

"Butchess?" Buffy echoed in choked tones, trying to hold back the laughter and definitely failing.

"Lil' Butchy is a good girl," Faith cooed, now caressing the handlebars before placing her new keys into the ignition and bringing her baby to life. Firmly placing one of the two helmets on the bike on her head, Faith turned to Buffy and held out the other helmet. "C'mon, Buff, howzabout we give Lil' Butchy a test run?"

"Sure," said Buffy, smiling as she accepted the helmet. "But I thought that the objective of tonight was to cheer me up, not to scam you a plush motorcycle."

"Hey, it's no biggie," said Faith smoothly, looking back at Buffy who was sitting behind her and putting on her helmet. "We'll just find a vamp with a Corvette and 'convince' them to give it to you. Howzabout that?"

Laughing at this, Buffy lightly gripped Faith's waist as the motorcycle pulled out of its parking place. "Sounds good to me," murmured Buffy, reveling in being so close to the other Slayer and trying to resist the urge to rest her head against Faith's strong back. "Fun too."

"I'm the expert at fun, Buff," drawled Faith.

Seconds later, Faith, Buffy, and Lil' Butchy went roaring down the road leaving skid marks behind them.

And anyone who bore witness to their departure had no doubt whatsoever that whoever was driving the blue motorcycle had a rather dangerous idea of fun.

That much was obvious.


The patrons didn't know what hit them.

One minute they were having fun at the most popular club amongst all of the local demons, that was very appropriately named Route 666, because it was where demons went to get their kicks, and the next they found the door to the club being smashed open and meeting the eyes of two very determined Slayers.

Two very determined and scary Slayers who wanted to get their jollies for the night by killing them. They all KNEW it was the Slayers jobs to kill them. The patrons were vampires and demons, after all. But they had never seen the Slayers this happy to do their job.

It was more than a bit frightening to watch.

While alone, a Slayer is a horrifying power to be reckoned with but when together... and when angry... or just in the mood to kill things... well, they're nothing less than a typhoon of destruction.

A very, very, very, and very again scary typhoon.

A typhoon that no one in the club could possibly hope to stop as the Slayers ripped through them in no time at all. Soon, the club was empty from the attendants either having been killed or them just fleeing for their lives.

Either way, the club was empty.

Except for the Slayers and one other person. And who was this other person who dared to remain?

It was Route 666's owner, Mikey the Slimebag.

Well, his real name was actually Mikaculus D'ragular the CCCXCVth. The Mikey part came from it just being easier to say and the Slimebag part? Well, that was something that several of the demon's ex-girlfriends came up with on their own. In fact, the nickname helped his reputation so the was a joke on them.

"Slayers!" Mikey shouted, his eyes glowing red as he shifted out of his human form and into his much more threatening natural demon form, which was large, green, muscular, and... well, stinky. "You'll pay for this! Do you know how much I invested in this place?!"

"Sorry, Mikey the Stinkbag," Faith remarked with a casual shrug. "We're just doin' our job, y'know?"

"Yeah, well, you didn't have to..." Mikey trailed off, narrowing his ruby red eyes as he thought about just what Faith had said to him. "What did you just call me?!"

"She said Stinkbag, stinky," Buffy informed, pinching her nose for emphasis. "Don't you bathe in your demon form, Mikey? You're reeking up the place. If it smells this bad when the insurance people come by you're going to have a hell of a time getting your money."

"That's it!" Mikey roared. "You're dead meat!!"

"We're meat?" echoed Faith.

"And dead too?" repeated Buffy.

Both Slayers met their eyes before shrugging and focusing back on Mikey as they said, "Don't think so."

Seconds later, Mikey the Slimebag joined the rest of his customers as he was thoroughly beaten down by the two energetic Slayers. Of course, being a smart demon, he fled the premises. Because, he did want to collect that insurance money they had spoken of earlier.

All in all, it was a bad night for vampires and demons in Sunnydale and it was because the Slayers were on some sort of weird rampage tonight.

But on the bright side, Buffy was in a better mood.

And it was all because of Faith.

Her and a few random slayings here and there.

Slayer therapy is a truly beautiful thing.


"Lil'... Butchy...?"

"Yup," Faith said proudly, patting the motorcycle's tank softly. "Isn't she a thing of beauty, sweets?"

"Lil'... Butchy..." Cordelia repeated again. Turning to stare at Faith, she said slowly, "When, where, why, and how?"

Blinking at this, Faith said, "You don't like her?"

"Well... it's not that..." Cordelia said slowly, on seeing the almost hurt expression on her girlfriend's face. "Okay, yes, it is that. Motorcycles are dangerous, Faith."

"And slaying isn't?" quipped Buffy, smirking.

Cordelia turned to glare at Buffy who merely met her gaze and attempted to look innocent. On turning back to Faith, the taller girl found the Slayer frowning. She was staring thoughtfully at the motorcycle. Finally, she looked up and said, "If you don't like it, I'll get rid of her, sweets. But I'd rather not do it just because you're scared of her. I can teach you about bikes, no problem. Show you they're safe to ride on if you know what you're doing."

"Faith," said Cordelia softly. Walking forward, she gently held the dark Slayer's hands in her own and said, "I don't want you to get rid of," Cordelia paused to form a sheepish expression, "Lil' Butchy. Keep her. I'm sure that I'll get used to her. After all, I've gotten used to everything else you've brought into my life, right?"

"Right," Faith replied, her eyes growing warm.

Smiling at the Slayer, Cordelia gave her a light kiss on the lips before pulling away. Caressing Faith's cheek in a light touch, Cordelia said, "Come inside? Willow should be starting her set anytime now. We can dance."

"That," drawled Faith sensuously. "Sounds great." Turning to look back at Buffy, who had averted her eyes away from the couple and was fiddling with the straps to the motorcycle helmet she held, she said, "C'mon, Buff, lets go inside and get our groove on. It'll be fun."

"Yeah, okay," Buffy replied quietly.

But instead of following after them, Buffy remained where she was, staring at the happy couple as they walked away. Watching them with sad eyes as their fingers entwined and Cordelia leaned against Faith with certain adoration in her touch. A feeling that was clearly returned by Faith as she tenderly cupped the tip of the taller girl's chin with her thumb and index finger before moving in for yet another kiss.

And as she watched them, a sadness emerged in Buffy's hazel eyes. A sadness that was most definitely not caused by her father's birthday abandonment.

All night long, she had been happy, and it was because of Faith. Because of the fun they had together. Because of how the other Slayer made her feel.

How Faith made her feel. Faith... made her feel special, wanted, and needed. Made her feel important.

But now, Faith was making her feel sad, and it wasn't even on purpose. It was something that the other Slayer couldn't even control. A very simple thing... a very complex thing... a very unpredictable thing...

It was love and Faith's love for Cordelia and Cordelia's love for Faith and... and...

And Buffy's love for Faith.

They were what was making the blonde Slayer sad.

Which is something entirely understandable. 

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