Destiny Unravels by Femvamp

Name: Femvamp
Title: Destiny Unravels
Disclaimer: BTVS and Angel aren't mine. The charcters aren't mine. Sanity isn't mine
Rating: Probably R for implied violence
Summary: Buffy and Willow go to the dark side of the force.
Spoiler: I don't think there are any.

Chapter 1

Into The Dark

Cordelia Chase drove out of Sunnydale like a bat out of Hell. The farther she got, the faster she drove. When it came to the little Podunk town, there was no such thing as too fast or too far.

It was time for a change. That's all Cordelia knew. It was time for her to make something of her life. She was going to be an actress. She was going to be a star. Of that, Cordelia had no doubt.

There was nothing back in Sunnydale for her. Yeah there were her friends, but they had their own bothers and Cordelia was tired of it. She wanted a life where the biggest worry was whether or not you needed plastic surgery. Not whether or not you were going to survive the night.

Cordelia drove. She drove to forget the past. She drove to forget how much she missed Xander. She drove to forget how devastated she had been when he had cheated on her. Cordelia drove away from her past and toward her future.

Cordelia was going to be a star. It was her destiny.


One Year Later

Buffy Summers wandered through the streets of Sunnydale. She knew the streets better then anyone. She knew every little crack in every little wall. It was her job to know. She was the Slayer.

Suddenly Buffy stopped. She saw a shadow in the distance. Her Spidy senses when bonkers. It was a vampire.

This is a job for Slayer-girl.

Buffy went after the vampire. It didn't seem to notice or care. Buffy continued to follow it waiting for the right moment to pounce. She had to be sure that no one saw.

Finally the vampire entered an alley. Buffy followed him. He still didn't seem to notice she was there. Buffy hastened the pace. It was time.

"Hey, vamp boy. Wanna go for a bite to eat."

The vampire turned around with fire in his eyes.

In L.A.

Angel walked into the office. He immediately saw Cordelia sitting at her desk. She was reading some fashion magazine. Angel smiled. It had been a tough year for Cordelia. Her acting career hadn't gone as she had planned it so she took what was supposed to be a temporary job working for him. That was a year ago. Now she was a staple in The Angel Detective Agency and Angel couldn't imagine his life without her.

"Cordelia, do you know where Doyle is?"

"Oh what?" Cordelia asked looking up from her magazine.


"I'm right here. Sorry I'm late."

Cordelia went back to her reading while Angel and Doyle talked about the night's activities. Cordelia barely noticed when Detective Kate Lockley walked into the office.

Kate Lockley had been a regular at the detective agency in the last few months. Every time there was a case that looked a little iffy she brought it to Angel. It was an un-easy relationship to say the least, but it the crazy mixed-up universe they all lived in, it worked.

The phone rang and being the good secretary that she was, Cordelia ignored it. After a few rings and an angry stare by Angel, Cordelia shrugged and picked up the phone.

"Angel Detective Agency, We help the....."

Just then Cordelia jumped as she saw Doyle fall to the floor. She immediatly dropped the phone and held him as the visions came to him.


"Hey guys." Buffy entered Giles' flat.

"Hey Buff." Xander smiled, "How was the Slayage?"

"Boring actually. Not much to kill."

Xander smirked, "Only you would judge a night on a kill ratio."

Just then Giles entered the room followed by Willow and Anya. They had been working on the latest prophecy of doom and destruction. In other words, doing the same as usual.

"So G-man, When is the world gonna end this time?" Xander walked toward Anya and kissed her own the cheek. "I wanna be able to plan my schedule.

"What schedule? Since when did you have a schedule?" Willow asked.

"I've always had a schedule. I just never told you about it."

"Yeah. Let me see." Buffy rubbed her chin in mock-thinking, "Sex with Anya, shower, eat, sex with Anya, work, eat, work again, eat, research with Giles, eat, sex with Anya, eat, sleep." Buffy paused, "Does that sound right?"

"Sounds good to me." Xander smiled.

"Well if we can get back to the matter-at-hand," Giles said uncomfortably.

"Sorry Giles." Buffy walked toward her mentor, "So who do I have to kill and when?"

"Well according to this you already have."

"OK now I'm confused." Buffy frowned.

"A new woman for the Slay books, a prophecy about a demon you already killed."

"Well, that's just it. It wasn't something she killed, but someone she fought already."

"Giles and I went over a couple times and it always says the same thing."

"Willow, books rarely don't say the same thing."

"That's not what I meant," Willow said. "Just listen."

Willow took the book from Giles and read the passage:

The madness of a slayer will be the downfall of all. When one turns on their own another will follow. The Catalyst will bring the downfall of all as destiny unravels.

"Faith." Buffy said sadly.

"That's what we think," Giles commented, "But she's in jail."

"But what about this destiny unravels thing?" Xander asked.

"That's the part we don't understand," Giles commented.

"Well then, I guess its a late night research session." Buffy smiled, "Xander you know what we like."

Xander grinned, "Yeah yeah yeah. Donuts and lots of 'em."

"Don't forget the jelly." Giles grabbed a book from a shelf.

"Anya coming with?"

"Why not."

Xander and Anya left Giles flat as the others pulled out whatever dusty book they could find. No one noticed a pair of eyes staring through the window.


Cordelia helped Doyle up. Everyone gathered around him and waited for him to stand.

"What did you see?" Angel asked conserned.

"The end of the world."


Buffy and Spike walked through the graveyard. After the prophecy everyone separated into groups to patrol or research or go on food runs. No one was to be left alone.

Buffy wasn't happy to be paired with Spike but he was better then nothing. She just wished that that damned chip in his head had done something to change his personality a bit.

Spike was doing his usual to piss her off. It was working. Buffy was getting angrier and angrier at the vampire. It was taking all her self-control, not to stake him.

"So, Slayer, have ya heard from the Poof lately?" Spike asked, knowing that she hadn't.

That was it. Buffy lunged at Spike. Spike tried to fight back but every time he tried to through a punch he got a shock to the head.

"Slayer, this isn't a fair fight."

"Don't care."

Buffy continued to punch the vampire. She hit him, she kicked him, she even did a really cool headbut. Then she saw that he was unconscious. Buffy considered staking him, but then realized he was a lot more fun alive.....and helpless. Buffy grinned an evil grin.

Buffy continued to wander through the graveyard. She was more relaxed now. There was nothing wrong with the world.


"Again?" Cordelia asked.

"Again?" Kate asked no one in particular.

Everyone ignored a very flustered Kate and continued to help Doyle. Doyle looked up at them with what looked like a tear in his eye.

"Its all wrong. Something has gone wrong."

"What do you mean?" Angel asked.

"It's not supposed to happen like this."

"Like what?" Cordelia asked.

"The Slayer." Doyle gasped.

Cordelia felt the tension in the room grow to the point where you could cut it with a Plato knife. Angel had suddenly turned from his usually broody self to something much much worse. He was now a broody lovesick vampire. That was bad. Real bad.

"What about Buffy?"

"They've got it wrong." Was all Doyle said before he passed out.

Buffy walked into Giles' flat whistling a tune. She immediately saw the group reading from dusty old Giles books. Buffy just smiled.

"Hey Buff." Xander grinned at her, "Kill anything interesting?"

Buffy saw Willow cringe a bit and then smile. Buffy loved it when she did that. The little witch was the light in Buffy's life. The one thing that kept her centered.

"Nahh. Didn't see a thing. Boring night."

"Where's Spike?" Willow asked.

Buffy felt the jealousy. She knew that Willow had a thing for Spike. She always had. That's one of the reasons why Buffy hated the vampire so much. Willow was hers. Not his.

"Don't know." Buffy shrugged, "Just wandered off."

"Oh." Willow said sadly.

"Need any help with the researching."Giles looked up startled, "You want to help?"

"Sure why not. Nothing to kill, so I might as well learn to read."

Buffy walked over to the table taking a seat next to Willow and began to read from an old book that was sitting in front of her.

Two Days later in LA.

It had been two days since Doyle's last vision and the group was trying to decide what to do. They had absolutely no clues except for Doyle's cryptic message about the end of the world. Everyone was very tense to say the least.

The only thing that was even of the good, was that Cordelia and Kate had been spending time together. Kate had come to trust the odd group of Detective and even stranger had come to like them. Especially Cordelia, who was a strange mix of attitude and compassion.

"I still say we should go to Sunnydale and check things out." Angel said.

"You just want to see Buffy." Cordelia stated.

"Doyle said that Buffy was in trouble."

Cordelia frowned, "Look I want to know what's up too. I just want to make sure we're not walking into a trap."

"I agree with Cordelia." Kate said, "We should at least wait for Doyle to wake up."

"That's another thing. He has never been unconscious for two days straight before."

Cordelia stifled a laughed, "Unless he comes here plastered."

Angel just gave her a dirty look. Cordelia was about to say something when there was a knock on the door. Angel went to see who it was.

No one was prepared for what happened next. As soon as Angel opened the door, Spike stumbled in. Before he passed out he spoke.

"The Slayer."

A shadow in the distance laughed. Everything was going according to plan. The Slayer would be his.

Chapter 2

When Evil Whispers Your Name

Sunnydale-The next morning

Buffy and Willow headed back to their dorm room in silence. Researching had not gone well. They had found nothing in the prophecy. Both girls were on edge. They were both tired. Then again, no sleep would do that to a person. Even a member of the Scooby gang, who's motto seemed to be 'Sleep, what's that?'

"So when's your first class, Will?" Buffy asked when they were back in the dormroom.

"Not until 11. " Willow got into bed still with her clothes from the night before on, "I think I'm gonna get some shut eye until then."

"I'm not that lucky. My first class is in an hour." Buffy smiled, "And here I thought early classes were the way to go. Silly me."

Willow smiled and then closed her eyes and within minutes was in dreamland. Buffy watched her roommate, her friend, and her love sleep. Buffy had known she was in love with Willow for awhile. Now however the feelings were different. Buffy didn't know how but Buffy liked it. After a few minutes of watching Willow Buffy went to her class.


Angel walked down to his bedroom and saw both Doyle and Spike sleeping in his bed. It was almost enough to make him laugh. His childe and his best friend 'sleeping together'. Yeah they were both unconscious but still......

Angel walked over to bed and stared down at the vampire who was his favorite childe. Even with a soul, Angel couldn't help but love Spike. Angel didn't always like the things Spike did, but Angel was still his father. When Angel had heard about the chip that was put in Spike's head, his demon had cried out for revenge. It had taken all of his self control not to succumb to his Angelus.

"Angel." Spike cried out.

"I'm here." Angel whispered.


"What happened?" Angel walked closer to the bed.

"It was Buffy." Spike choked in pain.

Angel grabbed a packed of human blood he kept for emergency and gave it to Spike to drink. After Spike had finished he looked better. However there was still a haunted look in his eyes.

"It was Buffy." Spike said and then fell asleep.

When darkness falls upon the land
Evil takes a pure heart's hand
Injustice, Madness, jealousy strikes
Love turns to obsession
Weakness turns to might
Nothing will be the same
When evil calls your name

Willow woke up sweating and full of fear. She kept hearing those words in her sleep. She had no idea what they meant but something about them....she didn't know what. The voice sounded...... Willow shook the thoughts away and looked at the clock next to her bed.

"I'm late."

Willow got out of bed and quickly changed and then left for her class. She left in such a hurry that she didn't see the dark figure in the shadows.

"It's almost time. Soon the Slayer will me mine."

In LA.

"Are they awake yet?" Kate asked as she entered the office.

"No." Cordelia said sadly.

Cordelia didn't want to admit it but she was worried. Something just wasn't right. She knew it like she knew her own name. Some was wrong. Very wrong.

"So Spike is Angel's childe?" Kate asked.

"Yeah. His favorite. Angelus sired him a long time ago."

Kate just nodded. Both women stared at each other awkwardly for a moment and then Kate got up and walked around the office staring at the empty walls.

"Is there something you wanted to ask me, Detective?" Cordelia asked.

It took Kate a moment to speak, "I'm hungry, you want to grab something to eat?"

Cordelia smiled, "Sure."

Kate smiled and the after yelling down to Angel both women left to grab some lunch.

Sunnydale - Midnight

Willow left the college library and headed back to her dorm room. She had fallen asleep at her table and the dream had come back to her. Someone was calling to her. Someone or something....evil. Willow didn't know what to do. So she kept walking.

"Hey Will." Willow jumped with fright and then saw it was Xander.

"What's a nice girl like yourself doing out so late?" Xander smiled.

"Fell asleep in the library."

"Happens to me all the time."

Willow smiled and then Willow and Xander continued to walk through the campus. After a few moments Willow heard a voice behind her. Xander didn't seem to hear it but Willow did. Willow stopped walking.

"What is it Will?" Xander asked worried.

Suddenly Xander saw something that would give him nightmares for the rest of his life. Willow smiled an evil smile and then launched a firebolt at him. The firebolt barely missed him and then Xander did something he thought he would never do.

He ran away from his best friend.


Chapter 3

When Dreams Die

Somewhere between Sunydale and LA -One week later.

Xander Harris sat in the back seat of Giles' car and stared out the window. It had been just a few hours since he and what was left of the Scooby Gang had left Sunnydale forever. He tried not to think about what was happening. It was all just too unreal.

Next to him with her head on his shoulder sat Anya. She was crying. She had made the mistake of going to find Willow. It was a mistake that cost her the use of her legs. The former patron demon of scorned women was now crippled.....and afraid.

Next to her sat Oz. Oz had come back to town to reclaim Willow when all Hell broke lose, quite literally in Xander's mind. Buffy and Willow were gone. His two best friends in the whole world had turned against them. Xander's world had ended. His dreams had died.

Driving the car, was of course Giles. Giles drove in state of shock. The last words he had said were 'How can this be happening." After that he had said nothing. It had been nearly two days since he spoken. Two days since Buffy had attacked her watcher when he had gone to the Summers' home trying to talk sense into Buffy. Joyce however had answered the door. Buffy had completely snowed her. Instead she had attacked Giles calling him words he never wanted to hear again. On the way back to the flat, Buffy had attacked him. He barely made it out alive.

They kept driving on. There was nothing left for them in Sunnydale.



Angel jumped out of his chair when he heard Doyle scream. It was the first time he had said anything since his cryptic message over a weak before. Now he was screaming in his sleep.

"What is it Doyle?" Angel went over to his friend.

"The Catalyst." Doyle said trying to awake from his dream world. "The Catalyst."

"What about the Catalyst." Angel asked.

"Not their fault. Not their doing." Doyle continued to toss and turn, "No please, don't. Please....... It wasn't their fault."

Angel grabbed on to Doyle's hand. Doyle continued to toss and turn. After what seemed like eternity he opened his eyes and looked at Angel.

"It wasn't supposed to be like this."

Doyle closed his eyes and died.

In the shadows of the shadows a man sat and chanted.

Evil comes and goodness goes
Purity's light the color of snow
Turns to ashes with this spell
A heart in darkness
It's own private hell.
A vengenous curse
I here do speak
What belongs to me
Is what I seek
If I can't have her
No one can
Bring me the slayer
The protector of man

The man laughed a laugh that could turn even the most evil man into jelly. He laughed without heart or soul. Just a maddening laugh.

"The spell is complete. She will be mine."

LA- The next day

Angel, Spike, Cordelia and Kate sat around the Angel Detective Agency in tears. Even Spike who had not cried in over a hundred years was crying. He didn't even know Doyle but still he felt the pain of his Sire's loss.

"Blood Damn Slayer." Spike stood up angrily, "I say we kill her."

"Spike." Angel said without a bit of emotion.

"She tried to kill me. She will try to kill you."

"You don't know that."

"I do."

Everyone in the room jumped at the intrusion of a new voice. Standing at the door was Giles and Oz. Both men had a haunted look on their faces.

"Giles, Oz." Angel got up and walked toward his friends, "What are you doing here."

"Hey Deadboy." Angel turned to see Xander carrying a woman in his arms.

"What is going on here?" Cordelia spoke.

"I agree with Spike." Xander said simply. "I say we kill the slayer and...." Xander paused, "and Willow too."

Everyone went silent. No one spoke. No one needed to. At that moment everyone knew that things had gone too far. Nothing would ever be the same again, because at that moment, their dreams had died.

Chapter 4

Darkness Everywhere


Cordelia woke up and smiled as she saw Kate Lockley lying down next to her. The Detective was sleeping soundly. Cordelia and Kate had been having a relationship on the sly for a few weeks before the whole world blew up in their faces. Now there was no need for secrecy. Especially since Xander and Anya were asleep in the den.

Cordelia got out of bed and walked into the den to check on Xander and his new girlfriend. Cordelia felt no anger toward Xander. She had found out from Willow a while back that he was seeing someone. She was happy for him, at least she was.

When she got to the den she noticed that Dennis was in the process of covering Anya with a blanket. Cordelia smiled.

"Thank you Dennis." Was all Cordelia said before she went back into her room and fell asleep.

The Next Day

Everyone gathered the next day the Angel Detective Agency. The night before Giles had bought Anya a wheelchair so she could get around without being carried. Anya had smiled weakly and thanked him. The only one not there was Detective Lockley who had to testify in a case she was working on.

"So what the bloody Hell are we going to do about the Slayer and Red?' Spike said angrily.

No one spoke. Angel just brooded and though of his time with Buffy. It was the happiest time in his unlife. Then Angelus came and destroyed it all. Now Buffy had found the Angelus within her own soul. Angel didn't know what to do. He wasn't sure he could kill the only person he had ever loved.

Cordelia was thinking about Doyle. Dear sweet Doyle. He had been so kind to her. She knew that he was in love with her. The way he acted. The way she smiled at her. It was so clear. But Cordelia had been hurt and she didn't want to feel that way again. Then she met Detective Lockley. Something changed within her. She had fallen in love. She only wished that Doyle had found love before he died.

Giles was also thinking about Buffy. His dear sweet, slayer. He loved her like a father. Now he would have to kill her. There was no other way. He loved her enough to stop her.

Xander however was thinking about nothing but revenge. Revenge for what *his friends* had done to Anya. Revenge, was all he thought. He would make them pay, if it took his last breath, he would make them pay.

Spike was about to shout in anger for someone to speak when the phone rang. Cordelia jumped up thankful for the respite.

"Angel Detective Agency. We help the hopeless."

**** That's what you are Cordy, hopeless you always were."


**** So you remember me. How nice. ****

Everyone gathered around the phone as Cordelia spoke.

"What do you want?"

**** Oh I don't know, world peace... but then what I wanted never mattered. But what I have does, Queen C. ****

"What do you have then?" Cordelia asked worried.

**** Why don't we let you hear for yourself. *****

Cordelia heard footsteps through the receiver and then she heard a voice that sent shivers through ever fiber in her being.

**** Cordelia, don't. *****

"Kate." Cordelia whispered into the phone

*** Cordelia. *****

After that Cordelia heard a scream. And then the phone went dead.

Chapter 5

Never Meant To Be

Cordelia fainted. Cordelia never fainted everyone knew this was bad. It took her a moment to wake up. When she did, her face was white and she spoke in chopped up words....also very unlike Cordelia.


"My God." Giles said simply.

"God has nothing to do with this Watcher." Spike said angrily, "Can't you see that yet?"

Giles just nodded. Then the phone rang again. This time Angel picked it up.

"Angel." He said simply.

*** Ahh Lover. ****


**** Good to know you still remember me. ****

"What do you want?"

*** What I've always wanted, lover. I want you. ****

"Well you got me." Angel said angrily. "Where's Kate?"

*** Oh you mean the good Detective. C's bitch. ****

"You better not have hurt her."

*** Or what, Soul Boy? ****

"I swear to God I'll kill you."

*** Don't swear Angel, it's not nice. ****

"Stop playing. What do you want."

*** I told you I want you. ***

Angel then heard whispering in the background.

*** Oh and Willow wants Oz. We know he's with you. ***

Angel looked up at Oz and motioned him to come closer to the phone.

*** We want you both at the old abandoned building on Ninth Street, dusk, or lady cop dies. ****

The phone went dead.

Ninth Street - Dusk

Angel and Oz walked toward the abandoned building in question. After a few moments of just staring at the building they walked in. They were immediately surround by vampires and other assortment of demons. Both Angel and Oz were expecting a fight. Instead one of the vampires motioned them to follow.

Angel and Oz were brought into what looked like a warehouse area. Already in the room were Willow and Buffy. When the two women noticed Angel and Oz they both smiled and walked toward them.

"Well if its isn't Deadboy and Wolfy." Buffy smiled evilly.

"We're here Buffy. " Oz growled, "Where's Kate?"

Willow smiled and walked over to Oz and put her had on his cheek. He shook it off.

Willow laughed, "I remember when that would have hurt. " Willow looked at Buffy, "Now I really don't give a damn."

Buffy walked toward Willow and kissed her. It was a feral kiss. There was no emotion only want. Both Angel and Oz looked on. At one point what they were witnessing would have shocked them or made them sad. Now, they felt nothing.

"Now I have someone who understands me." Willow said after the kiss.

"Understands your evil." Angel said.

"Takes one to know one, Angelus." Buffy responded.

"Enough!" Angel shouted, "Where is Kate?"

Buffy just smiled, "Right behind you."

That was the last thing Angel and Oz would ever hear. Within minutes they were both dead.

"Good job, Kate."

Vampire Kate smiled at her masters, "Kate did good?"

Willow walked over to Kate and caressed her face, "Kate did real good. Now Kate will go get Cordelia."

Kate smiled.

Two hours later

Cordelia was pacing around the office. Everyone else was staying out of her way. Giles was on the phone calling whomever he could think of that owed him a favor. He had once, for a minute, even considered calling Ethan. Spike was gathering supplies in Angel's bedroom. Everything and anything that could kill a slayer or a witch. Xander was watching over a sleeping Anya. They were all preparing for what they knew was coming. War.

Out of nowhere Kate came flying through the door. Everyone jumped when they saw her. Before they knew it they saw Kate's face change to a demon form and Vampire Kate lunge at Cordelia.

"Cordelia, mine." Kate said as she grabbed Cordelia.

Cordelia cried at the pain, both physical and emotion. Kate was a vampire. When she saw Xander come toward them with a stake in his hand Cordelia shouted.

"Xander no!"

Xander paused.

"Kate...Do you know who I am?"

"You are Cordelia. Kate's Cordelia." Kate said simply.

"Yes." Cordelia tried to smile, "Let me. Let Kate's Cordelia go. I won't hurt you."


"But what?"

"The masters said I should kill you."

"Buffy and Willow." Cordelia said simply.

Kate nodded.

"Do you want to kill Cordelia?"


"Then let Cordelia go."

It took a moment for Kate to decide. Finally she did. Even Vampire Kate, who to everyone's judgment was no where near the same woman she had once been, knew that Cordelia was hers. Kate let go.

"What happened to you?" Cordelia asked Kate.

"Masters hurt Kate." Kate said simply.

Cordelia was about to respond when she heard a loud noise. Suddenly Willow and Buffy were in the room. That's when all Hell broke lose. That's when the battle began.

"NO!!!!!!" A man standing in the shadows yelled as he watched the battle.

He watched as the group who had once called each other friends, killed each other. Soon there was no one left. He watched them all die.

"YOU PROMISED HER TO ME!!!!!" The man yelled.

"I lied."

The man turned around and saw a figure that could only be described as the devil in front of him. Within moments the man died.

Cordelia felt herself floating. It took her a moment to realize she wasn't where she was supposed to be. She was somewhere else.

"Cordelia." A voice that seemed to be all around her spoke.

"Who's there?" Cordelia asked.

Suddenly there was a woman standing in front of her. The woman was beautiful more beautiful then anything Cordelia had seen before. She was a Goddess.

"My name is unimportant."

"What do you want."

"To give you a message." The goddess frowned. "It wasn't meant to happen like this. This wasn't how it was meant to be. Angelus was supposed to find his redemption, he was supposed to become human. The slayer was supposed to destroy the darkness, not become part of it. Willow, little Willow, was supposed to find love and peace, her and Buffy were supposed to change the world. Oz was supposed to rule the werewolves, And Ripper, Xander, Spike and Doyle were supposed to find happiness, not death. This wasn"t supposed to happen."

"And me?" Cordelia said angrily, "Was this supposed to happen to me?"

"No." The goddess said sadly, "You were supposed to find your destiny in the arms of a lonely police officer."


"Yes. She was supposed to be your reward, not your curse. She was never supposed to become a vampire."

"So what do I do. WHAT THE HELL DO I DO!" Cordelia shouted out the last sentences.

"I don't know, child. I wish I knew."

With that the goddess vanished. leaving Cordelia alone in her dreams, and her nightmares.

Chapter 6

The Gods Are Crying

Cordelia gasped as her sense came back to her and her heart started beating again. The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was Kate's face stuck in vampire form. The second was death.

Cordelia got up and looked around the Angel Detective Agency. Everyone was dead. Cordelia didn't know why she was still alive. She really didn't care. She was alive that meant there was still hope.

"We help the hopeless." Cordelia said under her breath. "Who's gonna help us?"

Cordelia jumped as she heard the police sirens in the distance. The cops were coming.

"Kate we have to get out of here."

Kate walked to Cordelia her human face back, "Kate is a cop."

"Not anymore." Cordelia said sadly.

Cordelia grabbed Kate's hand and they left the office that Cordelia had once considered a safe haven. As they left Cordelia said a prayer to whatever Gods were listening. They hid in the darkness and watched as the police entered the building.

"The God's are crying." Kate said sadly as it began to rain.

"Yes they are." Cordelia looked up at the sky, "It's time to go."

Kate and Cordelia walked into the shadows, the only home they had left.

"But we will be back."

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