Devil's Law by Femvamp

TITLE: Devil's Law
AUTHOR: Femvamp
DISTRIBUTION: You want it? It's yours. Just tell me where it goes.
DISCLAIMER: Joss Wheadon and many others own the characters of BtVS (lucky bastards).
NOTE: Story takes place a month before Dreamers
FURTHER NOTE: I dive into religion here. Don't mean to offend anyone, just playing out some thoughts in my head. Not sure I agree with the outcome myself, but was way too good to erase afterwords.

The Devil's Advocate

Detective Kate Lockley sat at her desk and flipped though her newest case. Yet again, for the umpteenth time, someone had stuck her with an unbelievable and therefore unsolvable case. She suspected that even if she did solve the case she would still have to classify it as unsolved. Something smelt "otherworldly."

This is a case for demon cop.

Kate smiled. Lately both Doyle and Cordelia had been calling her demon cop. At least it was more original then what her so-called friends at the police department called her. The nicest was "Spooky Mulder"

They couldn't even come up with anything original.

Kate continued to read through the case file. A man had been accused of killing a family. There had been a great deal of blood loss. And the kicker was two puncture wounds by the jugular. It was a classic vampire case.

Ok this is bad. Calling vampires classic.

The man's name was Jeffrey Trinker. He was a big time business tycoon. He was also a recluse. Even in the file there was no picture of him

I guess he didn't want anyone to notice he didn't age.

Kate continued to read from the file. When she got to the bottom she saw something that made her blood boil. Jeffrey Trinker's lawyer was from Wolfram and Hart.

Lee Mercer walked down the hallway with Lilah Morgan and Lindsey McDonald at his flanks. They were discussing their newest client. A vampire by the name of Jeffrey Trinker.

"I can't believe that a hundred year old vampire would be that sloppy." Lilah commented.

"It happens." Lee said simply, "He was hungry."

"So how do we handle this one. " Lilah asked, "Do we bribe or kill the witnesses?"

"Bribery if possible, the other if not."

Lindsey continued to walk in silence. He was basically a good guy. At least that's what he told himself. He had agreed to work for Wolfram and Hart because they had offered him a whole lot of money. He had found out about their interesting clientele a month after he started. He had been given a case that seemed to be a normal run of the mill murder. He knew the guy he was defending was guilty, he just didn't know that he was a demon.

Now he was on his way to becoming a junior partner and now he was having second thoughts. Suddenly a conciounce he thought he had killed years ago was coming back with a vengeance.

"You've been very quite Lindsey." Lee commented.

"Sorry, sir." Lindsey feigned a smile.

"That's Ok we all have our quite introspective moments." Lee smiled, "My last one was whether or not to kill the bastard of a son-in-law of mine. Eventually I cam to the only logical conclusion. What the hell." Lee paused for a moment, "Oh that reminds me. We've just hired a new partner for our little firm, and I want to the two of you to make him feel at home."

"Does he know about our.....clients?" Lialah asked.

"Don't think so, so don't scare him off on the first day." Lee paused, "We have plans for him. Big.....big plans."

That Night

Kate was sitting on Cordelia's couch having a.....discussion with Dennis. Well it was more like Kate talking and Dennis writing on a board, but it was interesting. When Kate had first found out about Cordelia's "roomate" she had been spooked. The two women had been in a relationship for over a month before Kate had become privy to the little secret.

"Here's your coffee Detective." Cordelia smiled.

Kate smiled. It had become a running joke with them. Cordelia very rarely called her Kate. She must preferred calling her Detective when they were alone and Demon cop when they were with the others. Angel and Doyle had found out about their relationship only recently and they were both a little hurt. Doyle more then Angel. Kate had known for awhile that Doyle was in love with Cordelia. She couldn't blame him though, Cordelia was a hard woman not to fall for.

"Thanks Cordy." Kate took a sip of the really bad coffee.

"So what were you and Dennis talking about?"

"The Tree of Knowledge." Kate smiled.


Kate laughed, "The Bible. Adam and Eve. The snake. The Garden of Eden."


*** I won. *** Dennis wrote on his board.

"I was playing devil's advocate, I agree with you."

"About what?"

"Nothing major, just that the Devil picked Eve not because she was a woman, but because she was an easier mark. She was an innocent. "

"And Adam wasn't?"

"Not to the same extent. He was in the world longer. Even if the Garden of Eden was a paradise, it was still the real world, which meant real stuff happened. Eve was there for less time, which made her less aware of the surrounding evil."

"So the snake conned her."

*** Yup. Hook, line and apple. ***

"This is what you were talking about?" Cordelia laughed, "You both have to get out more."

"You're the one to talk, Miss I nightlight for a vampire and live with a ghost." Kate smiled.

"Hey we all have our issues."

Cordelia smiled and then kissed Kate.

Cordelia and Kate heard Dennis hit his board and turned around to read it.

*** Hey if you're gonna do that go into your own room. Unless you want an audience. ***

Cordelia groaned and Kate laughed. They were about to do just as Dennis had suggested when the phone rang.

"There's only one person who'd call this late." Cordelia got up and headed for the phone.


"The one and only."

Cordelia spoke on he phone for a few minutes. Kate listened to what she could. Cordelia didn't sound too happy.

"Let me guess the bat signal?"

"Yeah we've been called to headquarters."

Kate got up, "Well its seems that Queen C and the Demon Cop are needed once again."

Both women heard Dennis once again bang on his board.

*** Denna nena nena nena ...... ***

Kate laughed and Cordelia sighed.

"You too really need to get a life."

The Devil's Henchman

Cordelia and Kate walked into the Angel Detective Agency a little while later. Angel and Doyle were already discussing something or other. When the two women walked in, both men stopped talking.

"So what new evil is going boogey woogy this time?" Cordelia asked as they entered.

Doyle smiled, "Ah two of the loveliest ladies I have ever seen. Miss Cordelia and Miss Kate."

"Hi Doyle." Kate smiled.

"Can we get back to business." Angel said pretending to be angry.

"Sir. Yes sir." Cordelia saluted.

Angel ignored her and turned to Kate "It seems that one of the witness in the case you brought me was found dead an hour ago."

"Let me guess, it wasn't natural causes."

"It was a Andorie Demon."

Kate closed her eyes and winced, "And the other witness?"

"Doyle has him in protective custody."

"And Mr. Trinker?"

"Disappeared." Doyle responded.

"Damn." Kate paused, "This has Wolfram and Hart written all over it."

"So what do we do now." Cordelia began, "We can't just walk right into the building and say 'hey where'd ya hiding a vamp named Trinker?"

"They'll be expecting us." Angel frowned.

"Well how about you go all secret identity guy and get someone to tell you where he is?"

"They'd notice him." Kate said simply.

"Then get someone they wouldn't notice." Cordelia turned to Angel, "Even you have got to have friends."

"None that can act well enough."

"Then find someone who can act."

Kate, Doyle, and Angel just looked at each other.

"What, what did I say?"

"You're a genius Queen C." Doyle beamed, "Did anyone ever tell ya that?"

"What?" When her three friends didn't say anything Cordelia shook her head, "Oh no you don't. I won't do it." They kept staring this time smiling, "No."

The next day Cordelia Chase became the newest employee at Wolfram and Hart.

The Devil's Charm

"Wolfram and Hart. Please Hold." Cordelia pressed button, "Wolfram and Hart. Please hold." Cordelia pressed yet another button, "Wolfram and Hart. Please hold."

Cordelia had been working at Wolfram and Hart for three days now and every day was the same.

"Wolfram and Hart. Please hold."

When Cordelia had gone looking for a job at the law firm she had expected to get a job that suited her. Maybe a lawyer's assistant or a clerk of some sort. Instead she was a secretary.

Why do I always have to be a secretary? I have skills.

"Wolfram and Hart. Please Hold. "

The night before Cordelia went looking for a job at the law firm, she had called Willow up for some hacking tips. She had also managed to get the lowdown on what was going on in Sunnydale. The thing that got her the most was that Willow was dating a girl.

We finally have something in common.

The two women had talked for hours about their latest significant others and how everyone reacted to them. While they were doing this, Willow hacked into a bunch of computers and had gotten Cordelia a new name, social security number and had even developed a shady passed for the prom queen.

Well I should have been prom queen.

Cordelia's name was now Delia Black. She was born in San Francisco to a boozing father and an uncaring mother. Her family moved around alot and she had no real ties to anything. Oh yeah and she made sure to tell the guy interviewing her that she knew about demons and the like. Cordelia knew that was what got her the job.

That and I flirted with the loser.

Now Cordelia (AKA Delia Black) was a secretary at Wolfram and Hart. Her job was to pour coffee, blood, or whatever the client wanted. Her immediate boss was a guy by the name of Lee Mercer. From what Cordelia heard he was a bigwig.

At least I'm working for someone important.

"Wolfram and Hart. Please Hold. "

"Hello Delia."

Cordelia looked up, "Oh Hi. Mr. Mercer. You have a ton of messages."

"Thank you Delia." Lee smiled, "Anything important?"

"Uhh, a message from a demon named Xavier. Wanted to know if the little problem he had has been taken care of."

"If he calls back tell him yes."

Cordelia wrote a message on a piece of paper, "A chaos demon stopped by a little while ago, I told him you were busy, He said if you didn't get back to him, he'd eat your flesh."

Lee smiled, "Tell him I'll eat his first."

Again Cordelia wrote on a piece of paper, "You're wife called."

Lee frowned, "Oh yes, the dinner party." Lee then smiled, "There wouldn't happen to be an emergency that I can deal with to get out of it?"

"No Sorry." Cordelia smiled.

"Oh well." Lee paused, "I need you to do me a favor."

"Sure." Cordelia paused, "What is it?"

"There's a detective agency I need you to get some info on."

"Uhhh sir. I'm just a secretary." Cordelia said worried.

Lee smiled, "You are no such thing. You're records say that but I think you are destined for great things here at our little law firm."

Cordelia beamed despite herself, "Thank you sir."

"So will you do the research?"


"This Detective has been a thorn in our side for too long now, and with the new partner who will be arriving soon we don't need the headache."

"What's the name of the Detective?" Cordelia asked already knowing the answer.

"He's a vampire, named Angel." Lee frowned, "I want all the info you can dig up, so to speak."

Cordelia felt her face go white, "I'll do my best."

"I'm sure a smart girl like you won't disappoint me." Lee turned to walk away, "Oh and by the way, file this for me." Lee handed a manila envelope to Cordelia.

Cordelia waited for Lee to walk away and then opened the envelope. Inside was everything she wanted and needed to know about a vampire by the name of Jeffrey Trinker.

It's time to get the hell out of dodge.

The Devil's Temptation

Cordelia laid in bed trying not to move because Kate's head was laying on her chest. Kate was sleeping soundly. Cordelia wasn't sleeping at all. Instead she was thinking about, of all things, Lee Mercer.

Cordelia was on her way out of the law firm, on what was to be her last day. Well she hadn't told them that. She had made copies of the file on Jeffrey Trinker and was about to leave when she ran into Lee.

"There you are Delia." Lee smiled, "I was looking all over for you."

Cordelia was near panic, "What can I do for you sir."

"Will you please come with me, Delia."

"Uhh...yeah sure."

Cordelia's mind worked overtime to figure out a way out of this mess. She knew he was in big trouble. She knew if she spoke she would find herself in Willow's babble mode. There was no way out. There was nothing Cordelia could do except follow Lee.

When they arrived in Lee's office, he motioned her to sit and she did. After offering her tea and coffee he sat down to. Neither of them spoke for what Cordelia calculated as an eternity.

"I have some good news for you, Delia." Lee finally said.

Cordelia felt her heart start racing. She hadn't even noticed it stopped. Now it was working overtime.

"As you know, we are expecting a new partner in the next few days. He will need a personal assistant. I think you are the perfect one for the job."

"Me?" Cordelia asked in awe.

"Yes, you." Lee smiled, "I know you have only been working for us for a few days now, but you've been noticed. And from what I can see, you have alot of talent." Lee paused, "Not many people can handle the clientele we collect and you seem to be at ease with them."

"I've known a few demons in my time." Cordelia said simply.

"Yes well, the job I am offering you is a big step up and has major benefits. If you succeed in it, as I have no doubt you will, the firm will pay for you to go to school. If you so choose you can even get a law degree, with us paying for it."

Cordelia hadn't known what to say to that. So she just said that she'd think about it. Lee had understood. If was a tough decision to make. He had even given her the rest of the day off.

Cordelia had immediately gone back to Angel and told him what she had found out about Trinker. She had even mentioned about what Lee had offered her.

"You said no, right?" Kate asked.

"I said I'd think about it." Cordelia said defensively, "I couldn't just say no. He might have gotten suspicious."

"She's right." Angel came to her rescue.

The conversation went on for a little while longer and then Cordelia had gone to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. Angel followed her in.

"You were tempted to take it, weren't you?" Angel said simply.

"A little." Cordelia said with her back toward the vampire.

"It would have meant success for you."

"I know."

"I'm glad you didn't take it."

Angel then left Cordelia alone in the kitchen.

Cordelia looked at the sleeping Kate and sighed. She would never admit it to anyone, but Cordelia had been more then a little tempted. She had been very tempted. The part of her that was once the bitch of Sunnydale High had almost said yes.

The Works Of The Devil

Lee Mercer sat at his desk. Across from him were two of his prize lawyers, Lilah Morgan and Lindsey McDonald. None of them were happy campers.

"So she was a spy." Lilah said.

"Apparently." Lee frowned, "And a very good one at that."

"I still don't get it." Lindsey said, "Why go to all that trouble to find a vampire?"

"It doesn't make sense." Lee said simply.

"Maybe I have the answer to that." Lilah took out a folder from her briefcase.

Inside the folder were several pictures. At first the pictures seemed to be normal pictures of two women. Then the pictures showed the women were more then just friends. The pictures ranged from them talking to them making love. Whoever took the picture was good. Everything was in focus.

"So Miss Cordelia Chase and our favorite Detective are lovers?" Lee smiled.

"It appears that way." Lilah smiled too.

"We can use this to our benefit."

"I don't see how." Lindsey replied.

"Ahh that's always been your problem Lindsey, you think in the short run. I'm thinking in the long run. "


Lee just smiled, a plan forming in his head, "We can kill two birds with one stone."

Lindsey frowned, "To get at Angel?"

"Yes and Miss Lockley." He paused, "Cordelia is connected to them both. We can use that to our advantage." He then turned to Lindsey, "I want you to do a background check on Miss Chase. Find out everything there is to know about her. I want to know what her favorite color is, what she eats for breakfast, how she found out about demons. Everything."

"Yes sir."

Just then there was a buzz on Lee's intercom.

"Yes Mary."

*** Your four o'clock is here. ***

"Tell him I'll be with him in a minute." Lee turned to Lilah and Lindsey and smiled, "Our new partner has finally arrived. I'll talk to you later."

Lindsey and Lilah got up and left the office. After a few moments Lee told his secretary to let the man in. Lee smiled at the man walked into the office.

"Welcome to Wolfram and Hart, Mr. Summers." Lee held out his hand.

The man took it and smiled, "Call me Hank."

The Devil's Deception

Hank Summers sat at his desk and studied the file he had been given. He had been working at Wolfram and Hart for less then a week and he already had a make or break case. Lee had told him about a detective agency that was believed to be dirty. There were records that connected the agency to a police officer by the name of Detective Kate Lockley who had an unusual amount of unsolved cases all, or most, of which were connected to the detective agency. It was his job to find the connection between the two and to prove both were dirty.

The evidence that the law firm had collected was vast. The detective named Angel (his last name was unknown). He was more then once, found at or near a crime scene. Detective Lockley, on more then one occasion, had destroyed or misplaced evidence connecting the detective to the scene.

"Detective Lockley is dirty." Lee smiled to Hank as he gave him the file, "We just canít prove it."

"And thatís what you want me to do?"

"Yes, and to connected her to the Angel Detective Agency. We believe she is working for them."

Hank frowned, "Why havenít you done anything about them before?"

"We didnít have the evidence or the man power until now. Detective Lockley and Mr. Angel have allies in high places. "

Hank continued to look at the file. Working for the detective agency was a man by the name of Doyle. (He also didnít have a last name) and a woman by the name of Cordelia Chase. As Hank stared at the picture of Cordelia he couldnít help but believe he had seen her before. She seemed familiar. As he read her background he realized that she was a friend of his daughter. That made him worry.

A few hours later

"So how is our stone doing." Lilah asked Lee.

"Heís doing just fine. Soon he will find the evidence we fabricated and then the games will begin."

Lilah smiled, "And Angel will die."

Lee smiled. "Oh no, worse." Lee paused, "Angel will wish he was dead."

Lilah was about to respond when a buzz came on Leeís phone.

*** Mr. Mercer. I think I have found what you were looking for. ****

"Thank you Mr. Summers. Iíll be right there."

Lee looked into the smiling face of Lilah, "Let the games begin."

The Devil's Trap

Three days later

Lee Mercer, Hank Summers, Lilah Morgan and Lindsey McDonald were sitting in Hank's office planning their next move. Hank was sitting behind his desk with the others sitting in chairs in front of him.

"I still don't understand why someone like Cordelia Chase would work for a corrupt detective." Hank began, "From what I saw of her, she was a popular girl."

"Things change." Lee frowned, "LA is a scary place, maybe Miss Chase got involved with things she didn't understand. It happens to the best of us."

"Besides, from what I understand, Angel is a very convincing man." Lilah smiled.

"Yes, he is." Hank muttered, "He was my daugher's boyfriend for awhile."

"Really." Lee said genuinely surprised. "I didn't know that."

"Yes" Hank began, "My daughter is no saint, by any standard, she's gotten into her share of trouble, but when I heard about her newest fling, I nearly died."

Lilah patted Hank on the arm, "You did the best you could with your daughter."

Hank nodded, "After she got in trouble my marriage to her mother fell apart. When they moved to Sunnydale I thought she would settle down a bit. Things just got worse. Then I met some of her friends and well..."

"You hoped they would change her." Lindsey said.

"But from what I see, she changed them."

"Maybe it was Angel's doing." Lee said simply.

Hank smiled, "I would like to think so. Anyway he is dirty, and now we have the proof. What are we going to do about it?"

The others just smiled.

The next night

Angel, Doyle, Cordelia and Kate were relaxing. It had been a slow few days for all of them. The cases they had, had been simple dust the vampire cases. Nothing special or particularly difficult.

"So what do you want to do tonight, ladies?" Doyle asked.

Kate smiled, "I was figuring on flirting with you and then ravishing Cordelia."

Both Cordelia and Doyle turned odd shades of red. Angel just smiled.

"I think we're having a bad effect on you, Kate." Doyle laughed.

"I think so too." Kate joined the laughter and turned to Cordelia, "You wanted me to get a life, remember?"

"Yeah I just didn't expect you to turn into Doyle." Cordelia smiled.

"Hey I'm one of a kind." Doyle said in mock anger.

"Thank God for that."

Angel smiled, "Well there isn't much going on tonight. " He turned to Kate, "If you want to get going with the ravishing, feel free."

"Hey can I watch?" Doyle smiled wickedly.

"Only in your dreams." Cordelia smiled, "No wait. Not even in your dreams."

"Darn. And here I thought I was going to have the best...."

Suddenly Doyle fell to the floor in pain. Everyone jumped. They all ran to Doyle and tried to comfort him the best they could.

"Get out." Doyle said gasping for breath.

"What?" Angel asked startled.

"What did you see?" Cordelia asked.

Doyle turned to Angel, "Run. Now!"

Suddenly the door flew open and a group of police officers entered the office. Angel barely had enough time to move to the shadows. One of the police officers walked to Kate.

"Detective Lockley." The man nodded.

"Detective Kendrick." Kate said without emotion, "Is there something I can do for you."

Kendrick smiled, "Detective Kate Lockley, you are under arrest for accepting bribes." He then turned to Doyle and Cordelia, "And you two are also under arrest."

Angel watched from the shadows as his three friends were handcuffed. None of them said anything. The last thing Angel saw before they were taken away was Cordelia's face staring back at him.

Angel turned around and left. There was nothing he could do. He knew he needed help. There was only one place to go.


The Devil's Pawn

Buffy dragged a nearly unconscious Angel into the living room. Joyce ran to the kitchen to get a first aid kit and Giles mysteriously pulled out a packet of blood. Buffy wondered if she should worry that Giles kept human blood on him. Angel drank the blood and immediately started to look better.

"What happened, Angel?" Buffy asked worried that Angel had come out in the middle of daylight.

"I...don't know." Angel responded, "Doyle had a vision. Then they were all arrested."

"Who?" Giles asked.

Joyce entered the living room with a first aid kit but saw that Angel was already healing. She just shrugged and pulled out a packet of blood that was kept inside and handed it to Angel. Again Buffy began to worry.

"OK remind me to ask the both of you why you keep blood in the house."

Giles and Joyce both found something interesting otherwhere.

Buffy turned to Angel, "Who was arrested?"

"Cordelia, Kate, and Doyle."

"For what?" Giles asked.

"They said bribery but I think that was just the tip of the iceberg."

"Isn't..uh, Kate a police detective?" Joyce asked.

"Yes. And very good one. "

"And she's not....dirty?" Giles asked.

Buffy's watched Angel's eyes turn to fire for a moment then settle down, "No. She's the most honest cop I know."

That was enough for the three of them. At one point it wouldn't have been. Angelus was still way to new in their minds. Anything Angel said was suspect, but not this. They all knew Cordelia and she might have been bitchy but she was honest. Buffy had met Kate and, although she didn't particularly care for the woman, she sensed that she was honest. Doyle was a mystery to all of them, but if he was a friend of Angel's then he was worth saving.

"Giles, call out the troops. We're going to LA."

Lee caught up to Lilah as she walked out of her office. As always Lee was smiling. They walked in silence for a few moments.

"I've gotten the info you wanted." Lilah handed a file to her boss.

Lee quickly looked through the file, "A slayer?"

"Ironic huh?" Lilah smiled, "It seems that the thorn in our side was once hot and heavy with a certain slayer."

"That is ironic. Actually I think the better term is creepy. They are natural enemies."

"Would you like to know what happened?"

"Yes, actually I would."

Lilah and Lee entered Lee's office before Lilah spoke, "It seems there is an escape clause in Angel's soul. If he has one moment of true happiness, true peace he loses his soul and become a vampire named Angelus."

"Yes I have heard of this Angelus. It's hard to believe that him and Angel are the same vampire."

Lilah paused for a moment, "I have an idea."

"Oh." Lee asked intrigued.

Lilah smiled, "What do you think will happen if we kill a slayer?"

Lee paused, "Our stock would go way up in the demon community."

"That's what I though, especially if we kill this particular slayer."

"What's so special about this one?"

"From what I've heard she's the best of the best. " Lilah paused, "Demons of all variety have tried unsuccessfully to kill her."

"What makes you think we can, then?"

Lilah smiled, "We have her father."

"And who better to kill the slayer then her own father." Lee smiled.

"The only problem is getting her here."

"That won't be a problem." Lindsey walked into the office, "She's already on her way."

Confronting The Devil

Life changing things have a tendency to either happen very slowly or so fast that you can't even see it happening until its too late. Hank Summers had seen both happen in his lifetime. His wedding to Joyce and the birth of their only child had seemed to happen in slow motion. Every gesture, every moment, every word took an eternity to happen. The failure of his marriage and the withdrawal of his daughter seemed to happen at light speed.

Hank still didn't know what went wrong. How his perfect family could fall apart the way it did. For awhile he blamed Buffy and even Joyce, but eventually he realized it was as much his fault as it was theirs. If he had been around more. If he had been stricter with his daughter, maybe she wouldn't have become a criminal.

He had been too late to save his marriage, but he was determined to save his daughter...whatever the cost.

Hank had taken the job at Wolfram and Hart because it was close by to Sunnydale. A few hours drive. After he got settled in, he would call his daughter and they would make plans. It would be the first step to getting her back.

Hank wasn't a stupid man. He knew Wolfram and Hart had a shady reputation. Then again, that's all it was, a reputation. From what Hank had seen, Wolfram and Hart was legitimate. It was a good firm. Hank was going places and he liked the view.

Then another life changing event happened in his life. He was discussing a case with Lee Mercer when Buffy came barging into the office. The first thing he noticed was his back literally being against a wall.

"Hello, dad."


"Well hello, Miss Summers."

Lee walked toward Buffy only to be stopped by a man who looked to Hank to be his own age. That's when he noticed the other people in the room. Most of them he didn't recognize. One he did, his ex-wife, Joyce.

"Do I know you?" Buffy asked Lee.

"No, but I've heard alot about you." Lee put out his hand but Buffy didn't take it, "My name is Lee Mercer."

"Ahh, then you are the one who had my friends arrested." Buffy said angrily letting go of her father.

"They were criminals." Hank said angrily.

Hank watched as Buffy's face turned red with anger. Hank wasn't one to be scared. He had seen alot in his life and very few things scared him. This however, scared him to death.

"Cordelia is no criminal. "

"None of them are." Joyce spoke for the first time.

"Ahh and you must be Mrs. Summers." Lee walked over to Joyce. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"I bet." Joyce folded her arms across her chest.

"What are you doing here, Joyce?" Hank asked.

"What do you think?"

"I think if you'd been a better mother, our daughter wouldn't be associating with known criminals." Hank said angrily.

"If I were you, sir." Giles said with gritted teeth, "I would take that back."

"And who do you think you are?"

"No, who do you think you are?" Buffy said angrily.

"I'm your father."

Buffy smiled evilly, "You were never my father. " Buffy pointed to Giles, "He's been a better father to me then you ever have. " Buffy paused, "And now it's gonna be for real. He's marrying mom. Now I'm going to have a real father. Not one who is only there when it suits him. Not one who is only proud when I do what I am told. You know what 'dad'?" Buffy paused, "He loves me. Even when I go against what he says. He loves me. You never have." Buffy paused and began to walk out the door but before she left she turned around, "I'm going to get my friends out of jail, even if I have to go through you to do it."

With that Buffy and the others left. The only ones who stayed behind where Joyce and Giles who simply stared at the man for a moment. Then Giles walked toward Hank and looked him over.

"How does it feel, Mr. Summers?" Giles paused, "To make and enemy of your own daughter?"

With that Giles and Joyce left Hank's office.

Hank sat at his desk in his dark office. He continued to play the confrontation over in his mind. All his plans had crumbled in a single moment. He had lost his daughter. There was no going back. Things had gone too far. The girl who had so much potential was gone. His daughter was gone.

For the first time in years, Hank Summers cried.

The Face of The Devil

Willow felt like one of those clowns in a circus. You know the ones that get into a tiny little car with twenty or so others. That's how she felt as they drove through Los Angeles. Giles and Joyce were in the front seats. In the back was everyone else. Xander, Anya, Buffy, Willow, and Tara were trying hard to breath in the back.

"So Joyce and the G'man are getting hitched?" Xander smiled amused.

"Yes...well." Giles stuttered, "I was meaning to ask you about that Buffy."

"How did I know?" Buffy smiled.


"You mean you didn't tell your own soon to be step-daughter?" Xander asked pretending to be horrified.

Buffy ignored Xander, "I saw the ring. So I figured it was either you, or mom's got another guy on the side."

"Umm, I just proposed this morning."

Willow watched as both Giles and Joyce's faces turned red.

"Congrats, Giles, Mrs. S." Xander beamed.

"Yes, congratulations Mr. Giles. Mrs. Summers." Tara stuttered.

Both Giles and Joyce smiled and everyone congratulated them.

"So Giles, when can we talk about an allowance?" Buffy smiled.

Cordelia sat down on an empty bunk and waited for Kate to return. Some cop had asked to see her a few hours before. It had been nearly twelve hours since they had been arrested. Cordelia was beginning to worry that she might spend the rest of her life in jail.

Cordelia had been questioned twice since she had been arrested. The first time, immediately after she had been fingerprinted and a mug shot had been taken. Cordelia only hoped that the stupid cop who had taken the picture had gotten her good side.

One of the cops was pretty cute the other was a real loser. The kind of guy the old Cordelia who have had fun tormenting. He was stupid too. He asked all the wrong questions. Cordelia smiled to herself, it was like being in a really bad police movie.

They tried to play "Good Cop, Bad Cop" on her. It took all Cordelia's willpower not to burst out laughing. Cordelia had accepted she wasn't much of an actress but even she could do a better job.

Hey, maybe that's the job for me... Playing a cop on TV. 

Cordelia got off the bunk she was sitting on and paced around the cell. There was no one in there with her. That had surprised her. She had half expected to be put in a cell with some amazon named Bertha.

The cops had asked about Angel. She had told them nothing. Hell, she had told them less then nothing. Well she did tell them, what they already knew. Basically, that she worked for him as a secretary. She didn't tell them that he was a vampire and that she could gut a demon like nobody's business.

If I told them that, I'd be on a one way trip to the rubber room.

Cordelia wondered where Angel was. Then she realized where he was. If she knew him, (and she did) he was either in Sunnydale or on his way back from Sunnydale. He was going for the cavalry. Cordelia didn't want to admit it, but she missed the gang.

It'll be nice to see them again.

Cordelia sat back on her bunk. She was beginning to get worried about Kate. These were supposed to be her friends. They had treated her like a common criminal, worse even. They had treated her like a traitor. Cordelia tried to control her anger at the thought. Cordelia never had much respect for the police, mostly due to the fact that the cops in Sunnydale were beyond stupid.

Hell, just about everyone is Sunnydale is either stupid, or blind, or both.

She remembered how easy it was for her and Xander to sneak into a military base and steal a bazooka. A few lies and Xander acting all military like, and they were in. It had been way too easy. Then again, the whole thing had turned her on.

That's when I knew I would never get out.

L.A had been her attempt to get out of the demon hunting business. It had failed miserably. She knew why, now. She had been through too much; she had witnessed too much. Cordelia Chase had seen the face of the devil. It had changed her.

Cordelia was about to start pacing again when her cell opened and Kate walked in. (Well she was actually pushed in.) Cordelia and Kate stood there not saying anything at first.

Finally Cordelia smiled, "So this is jail."

Kate smiled, "Yeah and you said I never take you anywhere."

Cordelia and Kate laughed. They both wondered how they could laugh like they were when they were facing a long jail sentence. Then they both realized that they had faced much worse in their lives. They had faced the devil and they had lived to tell the tale.

They would live to tell this one too.

The Devil's Enemies

Hank Summers sat at his desk and tried to work. It had been only a few hours since Buffy and her friends had stopped by for a visit. The confrontation had not been fun.

Hank had long ago accepted that his relationship with Joyce was over. He was the one who walked out on the marriage. He just never expected her to remarry. A part of him knew he was a fool for believing that but another part wanted to be the only love in her life.

Hank himself had had girlfriends, quite a few of them actually, but none of them had worked out. They were either too clingy or too independent. Hank had long ago decided the single life was for him.

Now Joyce was getting married to that English guy. Hank didn't like him. It wasn't jealousy, it was pure hate.

How dare she say he is a better father then me. What does he know about raising a child?

The other people in the room had remained more or less quite. They all looked to be about Buffy's age. There were three girls and a boy.

The boy is probably her new boyfriend.

The four teens were a mystery to Hank. They looked normal, as in not criminals. But they also looked dangerous. The entire group, including Joyce, had an air of danger to them. When the English guy had approached him, Hank had felt fear. He had looked into the man's eyes and seen danger.

I'll make them all pay.

Hank read through the file on his desk. It was the who's who of Buffy's friends. Starting with Buffy herself.

So she burnt down another school.

Hank wasn't surprised. He was however, surprised that she was arrested for murder, not once but twice. Well the second time she wasn't exactly arrested. She simply disappeared until the charges were dropped.

Then Hank read about the English guy, his name was Rupert Giles.

He even has an alias. Just great. Ripper, what kind of alias is Ripper?

Ripper was a native of England, and of all things a librarian. He however had a string of arrests in England and was also suspected of burning down a school. Then Hank read about the death of his so-called girlfriend.

He killed his girlfriend. My god.

Ripper was never arrested for the murder, although he was a suspect for a long time. Then the case was closed due to lack of evidence. No charges were ever brought against Rupert "Ripper" Giles.

Hank turned the page and saw the picture of the boy he thought was Buffy's latest love. His name was Alexander "Xander" Harris.

My God.

Hank read that the seemingly normal boy suspected of stealing a bazooka right out of an army installation. No charges were ever brought against him.

Hell, the base did everything they could do bury what happened.

Hank wondered how Wolfram and Hart got the info. He continued to read Xander's file. He was also suspected of the school burning as well as the occasional misdemeanor or two. No charges were ever brought against him.

Then he turned the page and saw a picture of a redheaded girl. The file said her name was Willow Rosenburg. The file also said she was a hacker, and a very good one at that.

And yet another suspect of the school arson. What did they have a wienie roast?

Willow was a suspect in quite a few computer crimes. None of which were ever proven or for that matter, ever investigated.

Hank turned the page, thinking that he would read about the last two girls. However there was no mention of them at all. It was like they didn't exist. This scared Hank. Everyone had a file; you just needed to know where to look.

Hank was about to call it a day when Lee walked into his office. Like always he was all smiles.

"Hank, I've got some good news. "

"What do you mean, bail was denied?" Angel asked Giles.

" Doyle, Kate, and Cordelia are being tried for corruption," Giles said simply

" So what you're saying is that the system is making an example of them," Buffy said angrily, "Figures. The good guys go to jail and the bad guys laugh maliciously."

Angel and Giles looked sadly at Buffy. Angel had been told that Buffy's father was working for Wolfram and Hart. He felt bad for Buffy, and angry for Cordelia, Kate, and Doyle. Angle paced around his office. It was still daylight so he couldn't do what he wanted to do, beat the living crap out of something. Instead he just paced.

"Angel, we'll get them out." Willow said helpfully.


None of them said anything for a moment. Then everyone noticed that Xander had a weird expression on his face.

"I've got an idea guys, and I know you're not gonna like it."

"Great." Giles said under his breath.

"What's your idea Xander?" Willow asked.

Xander smiled, "How do you all feel about a jailbreak?"

The Devil's Gambit

"So everything is going according to plan?" Lindsey asked.

Lilah smiled, "Better then planned."

"So what's our next move?"

Lindsey fidgeted a little as sat in Lee's office. He had grown accustomed to these meetings. Him and Lilah had become pet projects for the dynamic Lee. They were his favorites and they both knew it. They each had their own qualities that made them great prospects for the next open partnership. Lindsey was a world class arguer, he had a gift for the law. He also knew how to deal with the demon population. Lilah on the other hand was a born manipulator. As the old joke went, she could sell sand in the desert. She was also dangerous. She didn't look it, but Lindsey had witnessed her scaring the hell out of mobsters, demons, and other assorted bad guys. They were both prime candidates for partnership, and they both knew it.

"Simple my dear boy." Lee smiled, "We take them out one at a time until there are none left but a souled vampire and then we take his soul."

"Wait a minute, I thought we were just going to kill him."

"Plans change."

"Besides," Lilah smiled, "Angelus is bound to be grateful to us for clearing up his little soul problem. He will make a good ally and an even better weapon."

"Weapon for what?"

"Killing the slayer."

Lindsey thought about that for a moment. Who better to kill the slayer then the vampire who loved her?

"When do we start?"

Lee and Lilah smiled and then Lee spoke, "We already have."

Doyle sat in his cell and stared at the bars in front of him. He hated being in jail. What was worse, he was all alone. Doyle liked people and he hated to be alone.

Doyle paced around the cell worrying about Kate and Cordelia. Doyle knew that they were having a bad time. Kate was a cop, and Doyle had seen all the shows about cops in prison. They never had much fun. Cordelia was a princess, his princess, and was accustomed to the finer things in life. Prison drab would not suit her.

"Well at least she has Kate."

Doyle truly liked Kate. Yeah, he was jealous. He always would be. Doyle had high hopes that Cordelia would love him as much as he loved her. He knew it would never happen, but dreams die-hard. Doyle was however happy that Cordelia found someone who deserved her love, even if it wasn't him.

Doyle looked out the small window and saw that it was night. It was time for all little convicts to go to bed. Doyle laughed under his breath and then wished Cordelia and Kate goodnight.

"Hey, Doyle, you've got a roommate."

Doyle turned around and saw one of the cops that arrested him. Next to him was an ugly looking man. He was twice Doyle's size and looked mean.

"Let me guess, they call you Bubba."

The man grinned and the cop walked away. The two men stood there for a moment.

"You're dead." The man said finally.

"I figured as much." Doyle took a step back, "Is this a paid hit, or are you just in the mood for killin'? "

The man smiled ferrally and took a step toward Doyle. Doyle tried to back up but his back was against the wall. Doyle waited until the man was close enough to take a swing and then Doyle let his demon half show. It didn't take too long for the man to get the hint. When the fear came into his eyes Doyle punched him with all his might.

"Glass jaw. Who would have thunk it."

Doyle looked up and saw a young man standing outside the cell.

"Who the Hell are you?" Doyle asked angrily.

The young man smiled, "The name's Xander, and you must be Doyle."

"Yup, that's me." Doyle walked toward the bars.

Xander opened the cell door, "Well then let's get going. A jailbreak waits for no man."

Cordelia and Kate laid next to each other in a bunk. They were both deep in thought. Cordelia was thinking about how ugly prison orange really was. Kate was thinking about the people she thought were her friends and how easy they had turned on her. Her only real friends were the weird assortment of demons, witches, and misfits she had met ever since being introduced to a vampire with a soul.

"Well isn't this cute." Kate looked up and saw Detective Kendrick standing outside the cell. "I didn't know you were a dyke, Lockley."

Kate ignored Kendrick and instead watched as Cordelia sat up and stared menacingly at Kendrick. Kate smiled. Cordelia had the stare down. If Kate didn't know better she would have sworn Kendrick flinched.

"Well, you've got a two new roommates."

Kendrick opened the cell door and pushed two women who looked a little too much like Amazon to Cordelia. The two women walked to the other side of the cell and watched as Kendrick smiled and walked away. After a few moments one of the women smiled and they both walked toward Kate and Cordelia.

"Let me guess. You're here to kill us." Cordelia walked toward the women putting on what she hoped was a Buffy 'I'm gone slay you' look.

Neither of the women spoke. One just nodded and took out what looked to be a knife from her pocket. Kate shook her head. Whoever did the strip search should have done a better job. Then she got an even worse thought, what if the cop had known about the knife. Kate had always suspected that there were police working for Wolfram and Hart, now she was sure of it.

The fight that ensued was a quick one. The two women had greatly underestimated Kate and Cordelia. Kate was surprised at how well Cordelia fought. She had taken one of the two women down almost easily. Then again, she had broken a nail while doing it. And she didn't look too happy about that.

Kate was about to console Cordelia, when she saw the most unusual smile on Cordelia's face.

"What?" Kate asked.

"I think I finally understand why Faith says slaying makes her hungry and horny."

Kate didn't say anything she just walked toward Cordelia. The kiss was passionate. Both women forgot that they had two very big unconscious women lying on the floor. They had more important things to think about; things like finding the bed.

"Uhh, as much as I am enjoying this...."

Cordelia and Kate broke their lip-lock mere steps away from the bunk and saw Buffy and Willow standing by the cell door.

"What are you doing here?" Cordelia asked a little perturbed.

Buffy lifted up a pair of keys and shook them, "Instigating a jailbreak. Wanna come?"

Both Cordelia and Kate smiled.

Dancing With The Devil

The entire group slept in various places at an undisclosed location. Ever since the jailbreak they were all on the run. Spike had shown up the night before claiming he had just wanted to see his poof of a sire again. No one believed him, but they were happy to see him, none the less. (Although none of them would have admitted it, even to themselves.)

The only one not asleep was Buffy. Every time she got close to dreamland she heard Willow snore, or move, or breathe. It was enough to pull her out of whatever almost dream she was about to have. So instead Buffy watched Willow sleep.

Buffy had no doubts that she was in love with Willow. She also had no doubts that Willow was head over heels in love with Tara. Even in her sleep, Willow sought out Tara's touch.

After a long time of watching Willow sleep, Buffy got out of the sleeping bag she was supposed to be sleeping in and went to what was supposed to be a kitchen.

The morning before had been a hectic one. Twice they had almost been busted. Their new hideout was actually the home of a vampire Angel had turned to dust a few weeks before. It was a temporary solution, but for now it worked.

"Buffy, what are you doing awake?"

Buffy turned around and saw Giles standing by the entrance of the kitchen.

"Oh, hi, Giles." Buffy smiled, "How's mom handling being on the run?"

Giles smiled. "She's doing fine. She's a lot stronger then any of us gave her credit for."

"I know. Sometimes I regret lying to her all those years."

"So do I, but we thought it was for the best. Maybe we were mistaken."

Buffy frowned for a moment, "Giles, about you and mom."

Giles looked at Buffy worried, "Yes?"

"I'm cool with the two of you, but if you hurt her..." Buffy paused, "You know that no killing humans rule?"


"It goes out the window."

Giles smiled. "I understand."

The following morning everyone gathered at another undisclosed location and discussed how to deal with their little problem.

"Why don't we just go in there and do some old fashioned violence?" Spike asked hopefully.

"For once I agree with bleached boy." Xander commented.

"New precedent, don't think I like that." Spike returned.

"Look, we can't just walk right in there." Cordelia decided it was time to stop Xander and Spike's banter.

"Why not?" Spike asked.

"Because they have vampire detectors and they are probably waiting for us."

"Cordelia's right." Buffy said.

"So what do we do?" Anya commented from the corner of the room. "We can't run forever."

No one spoke for what seemed like an eternity, finally Kate looked up, "I know I am new at this, but why can't we bring the mountain to Mohammed?"

"What?" Just about everyone in the room said at once.

Kate smiled, "If Mohammed won't go to the mountain, bring the mountain to Mohammed."

"Yes nice, expression but how do we do that?" Giles asked.

Now it was Joyce's turn to speak, "Hank."

When no one spoke Joyce continued, "I'm not happy about it either but he chose his side. If we want in at that law firm, then we get in through Hank."

"How do we do that. They probably have him under lock and key." Willow asked.

"Uhh. Maybe I can help with that..." Tara stuttered.

The entire group looked at the blonde haired witch for a moment.

"Go ahead tell them your idea." Willow said helpfully.

"Well....we...could do a spell...or something. " Tara blushed, "Make him come to us. The others will follow.....or maybe not. It was a stupid idea."

"No, actually it wasn't." Giles removed his glasses and then put them back on, "It'll be dangerous."

"Since when is anything we do not dangerous?" Cordelia asked.

Everyone laughed for a minute and then Buffy took a step forward, "Let's dance."

Everyone nodded and listened to the new plan.

Hank was working at his desk when he got the sudden urge to go for a walk. He picked up his briefcase and left the law firm. He walked, not knowing exactly where he was going. Finally he came to an old abandoned warehouse. He stared at it for a moment and then walked inside.

In the distance three people looked on.

"It's time." One of them smiled.

Tara stood in the shadows like she was instructed to do. She watched and waited like everyone else. None of them were sure if the spell had worked or not. Only time would tell. Then she heard footsteps in the distance. Tara prayed to the goddess that the plan would work.

Tara watched and listened the conversation Buffy was having with her father. It was not a happy one.

"You've been had. Wolfy and Heartless aren't snowing you."

"Why should I believe you?" Hank said angrily.

"Because I'm your daughter. Your flesh and blood. My word should mean something."

Tara closed her eyes when she heard Buffy's father speak. Buffy's word meant nothing to Hank Summers. When she opened her eyes she saw the hurt on Buffy's face. Buffy had hoped that she could convince her father that Wolfram and Hart had set them all up. Hank however was too far gone to save. Tara could see that Buffy had realized that.

That's when things went to Hell. The next thing Tara saw was three people walk into the warehouse. She recognized one of them as Lee Mercer. The others she did not know.

"Ahh we've been looking for you, Miss Summers." Lee smiled.

Buffy frowned. "This is a private conversation."

"Not anymore." Lindsey smiled, "I've just notified the cops of your location."

Buffy smiled. "I was hoping you'd say that."

Tara watched as Buffy gave them all the signal. Tara jumped and then ran out of the shadows. The battle had begun. When Tara looked around to see how the others were doing she noticed that Hank was unconscious and a group of demons had showed up and were attacking various members of the Scooby gang.

That's when Tara noticed a young man standing next to Lee. He was holding a gun. Tara checked to see where he was aiming it.

"My God."

Tara jumped. It took every once of her strength. Tara had no idea what happened next. The next thing she knew she was lying on the ground.


Tara looked up and saw Willow's beautiful face looking down at her. Willow was crying.

"Why are you crying, Willow?" Tara smiled, "Did we win?"

Willow smiled. "Yes we won."

"Good." Tara tried to breathe but found it increasingly difficult.

"Why?" Willow asked still crying. "Why did you do it, Tara? Why did you jump in front of Buffy."

Tara began to feel light headed but also at peace and smiled at her beloved, "She's the slayer. I couldn't let her die."

Tara smiled and brushed her hand against Willow's face. Willow brought her head down to Tara's chest and continued to cry. With Tara's last breath she whispered the truth. A truth that only Willow could hear.

"And because you love her."

The Devil's Wake

Buffy walked into the dimly lit room and sat down behind a plexy glass window. She stared at the man behind it and then picked up a phone receiver.

"Hello, Dad."

"Buffy." Hank smiled. "I didn't think you'd come."

"I wasn't going to."

Hank paused. "I'm sorry about your friend."

Buffy didn't say anything at first. "I tried to warn you."

"I didn't do it. You know that."

"I know."

"But you won't help. You won't tell them I didn't kill her."

Buffy paused, "You danced with the Devil and you got burnt."

"But I didn't do it." Hank almost whined.

"I know."

Buffy got up and walked away. Hank watched her go, still believing that his daughter was a criminal and that he was the wronged party. Some people never change.

Kate Lockey walked into the police station. She was more then aware that everyone was staring at her. It was her first day back after being arrested three weeks before. Kate had almost refused the job when it was offered back to her. Instead she insisted on a pay raise and a few days off to spend with Cordelia.

Kendrick had told everyone about her relationship with Cordelia Chase. Kate however didn't care. Let them gossip, was all Cordelia had said. Kate smiled at that. Cordelia was the queen of gossip at her highschool. If anyone knew how to deal with it, it was Cordelia.

Kate walked to her desk and sat down. It was good to be back. She had no misconceptions about the reason she was back. They needed her. It was as simple as that. She was a good cop, and once and for all she proved it.

Kate opened the file fold she had been carrying. Inside was a newspaper clipping. She read the heading.

Lawyer arrested. Cop cleared.

As she read the article for the hundredth time she thought about Buffy's father. She knew he was basically used, she however felt very little sympathy for the man. He had believed the word of a stranger of his own daughter. It was his mistake and he would have to live with it.

Kate smiled. Wolfram and Hart had lost big time. It would take them awhile to recover. In the mean time Kate and the Angel Detective Agency would continue to collect evidence against them.

Kate carefully put the article in a folder reserved for the law firm. One more piece of evidence and one more nail in the coffin that was Wolfram and Hart.

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