Seeing Her by Femvamp

TITLE: Seeing Her
I do not own Angel and its characters. I have no claim what so ever to them. I'm just borrowing Cordy and Fred for a romp in my twisted imagination. I will return them unharmed. I will also erase their memories so Joss can make them straight again.
This Old Gang Of Mine



I never really saw her. She was just another lost soul to save. One of Angel's projects. That's all she really was to me. Someone to save, and in doing so, maybe save myself.

Then I saw her. Truly saw her. Maybe for the first time. She was no longer this little thing scared out of her mind. She was..... she was amazing. I was the one who was supposed to protect her and here I was watching her. Seeing her. Falling in love with her.

It all happened so fast. One moment she was telling Angel she didn't want to die then she was holding a crossbow to one of Gunn's loser friend's neck.

I really thought she was going to kill Angel. She surprised me.

I didn't think anything could surprise me anymore.

But she did. That's the day I started to fall in love with her. It didn't happen all at once but after that I began to see. I began to see all the things she did. All the courage she had. All the things that made her who she was. I began to see how strong she was. A weaker person would have crawled into a hole and died.

But she survived. She survived Hell itself. And for the first time I saw it.

I saw her.

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