Everything About You by Jessica Eckardt

"Everything About You"
By: Jessica Eckardt

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Disclaimer: I donít own them...blah, blah, blah This story contains a scene of love between two women. If you don't like that I suggest you leave. If you are not of age to read this story then I suggest you leave also. Anyone still around to read this story? Enjoy! I donít own the song in this fic. I donít even remember what song it is or who it is by anymore. 
Rating: PGÖmaybe PG-13
Summary: Willow performing for her girl.
Author Note: This is a song fic. I donít think there are any spoilers if there are just e-mail me and Iíll change the disclaimer to include them.


I look at myself in the mirror once again checking to make sure that my hair is done right. I straighten my collar before buttoning the tips down and tightening my tie. I grin into the mirror and chuckle softly to myself before leaving my dorm room and making my way to the Bronze. I nod to the bouncer and he smiles at me in greeting. I make my way through the crowd and up to the stage. I look out into the crowd and smile when I see Buffy sitting there with the rest of the Scooby gang. I motion to the band and the lights on the stage go out. I walk to the mic and clear my throat. The lights go back on and every eye in the place is on me. I feel the stage fright start to creep up on me but I stomp it down. "Ladies and Gentlemen of the Bronze. My name is Will and tonight is the anniversary of the day I met the girl of my dreams. Six years ago today I saw her and fell in love. Two years ago on this day I let her know exactly
how I felt. Tonight I will tell her again." I say in the low voice I have been practicing. I snap my fingers and the band starts playing the song I picked out. I grab the mic and pull it free of the stand before putting the stand aside. 

~I love everything about you
I love the way you comb your hair
I love the way you sashay in the room
Your perfume lingers in the air

I love everything about you
Whoa, about you ~

I look at Buffy as I sing and see her smiling her eyes shining with unshed tears. I smiles softly at her.

~I love the way you lick your lips, dear
You got the fireworks in your hair
And I love the way you bring me water
When I'm thirsty in your bed

I love everything about you
Whoa, about you ~

Buffy giggles a the fireworks part knowing like I do that I have the hair color for that line. I grin and run a hand through my hair mussing it slightly.

~You were surely kissed by angels
Look at the freckles on your face
You got the devil in your eyes
You disappear without a trace

I love sneaking up behind you
When you're looking in the mirror
The way your eyes lock into mine, dear
Without guilt, without fear ~

I jump off the stage and make my way through the crowd as they part like the red sea before me. I make my way to stand in front of Buffy and look deep into her eyes ignoring anything else.

~I love everything about you
Whoa, about you

I love everything about you
Whoa, about you ~

I finish the song and toss the mic to another bouncer nearby as Buffy stands. I wrap my arms around her waist as she wraps hers around my neck. Slowly we kiss and it feels like the first time we ever have done so. Softly I break the kiss and pull her out onto the dance floor giving another signal  to the band. They start playing a slow song and Buffy and I start dancing like we are the only ones on the floor. "I love you Buffy." I say softly. She smiles and pulls me closer.

"I love you too Will." She says before leaning her head on my shoulder.

The End.

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