The Love Shack: an occasional series by Kimly

An Occasional Series:

Chapter One
Louder Than Words

CONTENT WARNING: There are blatant discussions, references and description of sexual relations between consenting adults. You must be over the age of 18 and it must not be a crime to read material of this nature at your present location. This chapter centers on F/F sex. If this bothers you, you should find other reading material.

The Love Shack - An Occasional Series

Chapter 1 Louder Than Words

It was good to be home. She had only been gone a month but it seemed like years. Boston was a quaint city, so rich in history and bars. But she was a California girl at heart and she had learned that evil was not confined to her little hometown.

She heard her name before she saw the owner of the voice. A quick look over the heads of the other disembarking passengers revealed a jubilant Slayer bouncing up and down, waving her arms and screaming her name.

Willow juggled the carry-on, secured it over her shoulder and threw a frantic wave in Buffy's direction. The crowd seemingly parted in front of her. In no time she was dropping her bags to the floor and was being enveloped in a ferocious hug by her blonde friend.

The two hung on to each other for several minutes before breaking the embrace. Willow looked fantastic, Buffy had to admit. She had cut her hair, short. Buffy ran her fingers through it and nodded approvingly.

And Buffy had the look of the young girl Willow had met their sophomore year in high school. It had taken three year, but she was back.

"I am so glad Oz couldn't make it," Buffy gushed, flashing a wide grin. It quickly faded as she realized what she had said. "Not glad that he's not here for you, but glad in that I got to see you right off. I like Oz... Did you understand that?"

Willow laughed and collected one bag while Buffy took the other. "Yeah, I understand. I'm the original babbler, remember?"

"How could I forget? So, how long do we have you before you head back to UCLA?" the blonde asked as they exited the terminal and made for the parking lot.

Willow sported a grin like the cat who ate the canary. "Well... how would you feel if I didn't go back? Would I be welcomed back in all our old haunts?"

Buffy stopped dead and grabbed Willow's arm to keep her from advancing. "You're kidding right?"

Willow just shook her head.

"I... I'd love it!" the Slayer exclaimed. Then more cautiously, "But what about your degree? And what does Oz have to say about this?"

Willow got the pair moving again towards the car. "I've already discussed it with Oz. He came to Boston last week. We had fun... And he'll support whatever I decide."

"Of course he would," Buffy agreed. "He'd support your wish to have him disemboweled if it would make you happy."

"Yeah," the redhead replied dreamily. "But, he also supports my reasoning. Believe me Buffy, he has no problem telling me when I'm acting like an ass."

"That makes two of us, but I'll hold off commenting for now. And your degree..."

Willow took a deep breath. The car had just come into sight. "I'm not planning on completing my degree," she blurted out and bolted for the car. Of course the sprinting didn't do her much good. Buffy had the car keys which she pleasantly dangled in front of her friends nose when she finally sauntered up to the door.

"Now, what's this about not finishing college?" she asked patronizingly as she popped the truck and they stowed the bags. "Do we need to have the 'what-are-you-going-to-do-with-the-rest-of-your-life' talk?"

Willow snatched the keys from Buffy's hand when she let her guard drop for a moment. The hacker twirled them on her finger. "Let me drive and I'll explain on the way?" she offered, giving her friend her contrite, pouty face.

"Fine," Buffy huffed, throwing up her hands in surrender.

"Goodie!"Willow pulled on to the access highway that led away from the airport. She floored the Escort and sputtered a few mental epitaphs at the car's lack of pick up. She mentally ran through the dozen odd cars she had test drove on the east coast. Saab. Five on the floor. Convertible. Buffy would definitely look good in one of those. If she didn't pick that model for herself. Maybe a Lexus.

"Uh, Wil... notice the shaking? This rust bucket ain't meant to go eighty," Buffy cautioned as she glanced nervously at her driver.

Willow grunted, burying the petal in the floor and moving one lane to the left to pass a Mustang.

They drove on in silence for several more minutes before Buffy yelped again. "Wil! You've missed our exit!"

"Not going home just yet," she stated and gave the blonde a devilish grin. "Trust me."

Buffy gulped. "Only if you bring us outa mach 2."

Willow eased the petal and swerved back to the right. "Fine. Spoilsport."

Although physically relieved the car was no longer rattling, Buffy was more than concerned about her friend's abnormal behavior. "Wil, how much caffeine have you had?"

Willow turned to the right and smiled genuinely at Buffy for the first time since the automobile left the parking lot. "I'm not on anything, and I'm not possessed. I'm just in a wonderful mood and plan on sharing it with my bestest friend."

"That's a load off my mind. I was planning on calling Giles as soon as we hit a phone. Day calls to London tend to be expensive," the Slayer joked. "So... care to let me in on where it is we're going?"

"Promise you won't be mad?" Willow asked, concerned.

"Ok, I promise. Wil, are you sure there's nothing wrong?" she asked placing a hand on the other girl's arm.

"I know there's a rule... but I've been keeping secrets," the redhead announced in hushed tones. She spotted her turn and left the expressway. A few quick turns and they were traveling along the coast.

Buffy was dumbfounded. She didn't think they had any secrets. Not after Willow had rescued her from herself all those years ago. She was concerned and a little hurt, truth be told. What could be so bad? "Just tell me. Whatever it is, we'll work through it."

Willow stared straight out the front windshield. She drove a little while more, seemingly ignoring Buffy's request. Her face brightened as she turned into a private drive that was well marked discouraging trespassers.

"Uh, Wil? I don't think we're supposed to be up here," Buffy started. "Didn't you see the signs?"

They came over a small rise and a house appeared before them. A breath caught in Buffy's throat. Willow just smiled. Perfect... Willow pulled up to the back door and shut off the engine before jumping out of the car. She grabbed her carry-on from the truck and made her way to the door. She stood on tip toes and ran her fingers above the door frame. Her nose crinkled until she found the small metal object for which she had been searching.

Unlocking the door, she turned and called to Buffy who was still sitting in the car, mouth agape. "Come on," she waved with her free arm. "I know the owner."

Buffy shook herself out of the stupor she had fallen into and slowly exited the car and walked to the back door. Upon reaching the entryway, she paused and peeked inside. Willow appeared from behind the door and scared the bejesus out of her. Demons didn't faze her, but spunky redheads made her jumpy.

"Come on, slowpoke," Willow admonished and dragged the blonde into the foyer. "So, whaddya think? Get a load of the view... God it was worth it."

Buffy turned in a small circle. The foyer had two wings off of it - one on either side. In the front, it opened into a sitting room. To the left was the kitchen and a dinning room beyond that. The sitting room ended in a wall of windows and sliding doors. The doors led to an enormous deck. And the view was amazing. Stairs off the deck connected to a boardwalk that snaked over the dunes to the beach. Gently waves crashed on the shore.

"Why are we here?" Buffy asked tentatively when she finally found her voice.

She disturbed Willow's hunt through the kitchen. The hacker was opening closets, drawers, cupboards and even checked the refrigerator. She was pleased. It was stocked just they way she had instructed. In a burst of energy she bolted down a hallway and screeched.

Buffy barged into the room at a dead run to find Willow delicately fingering a computer terminal. Willow spun around. "So... whaddya think?" she asked again.

"I think we're gonna get arrested for breaking and entering," the blonde deadpanned not even trying to make a joke.

"Nope, had a key. Won't stick," the redhead explained and dragged Buffy back to the sitting room, parking her on the end of an overstuffed couch.

"Wait right here." Willow skipped off to the kitchen and returned momentarily with a bottle of champagne and two flutes. She placed the glasses on the coffee table in front of the couch and took a seat beside Buffy. She tore through the foil and twisted off the metal cap before sending the top bouncing off the large screen TV across the room. She filled the two glasses and handed one to Buffy before grabbing her own and settling back into the cushions.

Buffy shrugged and raised her glass. "To a cell without Bertha the weight lifter," she toasted and went to take a mouthful. Might as well go with the flow.

"Un-ah," Willow admonished, wagging a single finger. "We're not gonna get arrested. They can't arrest the owner." She raised her glass, looked directly at her friend and then took a long swallow, letting the comment wash over her.

More out of habit than anything else, Buffy followed Willow's lead and also took a mouthful of the champagne. She choked on it as the words finally made sense in her mind. "Owner?" she sputtered.

"Owner," Willow confirmed and the devilish grin appeared on her face again. She polished off the rest of her glass in one long gulp and placed it back on the table. She leaned forward and grabbed Buffy's free hand and held it tight. "It's all part of the lie. Or more exactly, lies...I guess."

Willow was beside herself with happiness. Twenty years old and she had her first home, mortgage free.

"How? When? Why?" Buffy stuttered all the important questions.

"You forgot 'what', but I'll forgive you. That little trip to Boston I just came back from, remember that?" Willow asked, giggling. Buffy nodded, so she continued. "I went to see a software conglomerate. I've been negotiating with them since Christmas. We finalized the deal when I arrived and spent the last month fine tuning the arrangement. Buff, I'm filthy rich and it's gonna get worse."

Buffy arched an eyebrow and poured them another glass of champagne. "How filthy?"

It was time for Willow to gloat. "One program: $215.5 million cash, a 20% stake in the company and this house. Oh and the house... It's yours."

"That's filthy... and what do you mean this house is mine?" Buffy went from mildly (ok extremely) impressed to panicky.

"The title's in your name. It's the first of my gifts to you. I would, however, like squatter's rights for an occasional rendezvous with my boyfriend," Willow explained and drained her second glass.


Willow refilled her glass. "Well, you've gotta admit the setting is awfully romantic..." Buffy gave her a disbelieving look. "Ok, I want screw Oz in front of the fireplace. Better?"

"Wrong question," Buffy replied exasperatedly but laughed. It seemed like ages ago that the woman sitting beside her blushed feverishly at the mere mention of sex. She still gave off that air, but Buffy knew better.

"I know," Willow replied in a seductive voice. "I just like talking about making love to Oz. It gives me a happy."

Buffy just glared through a smile.

"Oh, fine. You were the inspiration for the program. Without you, I would have never written it. Slayage has been the best thing for my creativity. I have three more programs and two databases out for bid as we speak. So, do I get those squatter's rights?"

"Uh, yeah... of course," Buffy answered offhandedly. "Willow, how have I inspired you to write code?"

"Well, remember that nasty business with Acathla and how you kinda took off on us for a few months?"

"Yeah..." she responded, not quite sure she was going to like where this was heading.

"I wrote a program to peek at hospital ER and admittance records throughout California. I ran it nightly, searching for your name or a Jane Doe matching your description. As the weeks turned into months, I started adding other states. By the time I found you, I had coded 2/3 of the US. I spent our senior year completing the program. Of course I needed a way to make it legal. My original program was a tad suspect when it came to haphazardly disencrypting security codes. Last year was spent making it work for law abiding police stations."

Willow reached for the champagne bottle only to find it empty. "Well, this won't do." She padded off to the frige and snagged another bottle.

Buffy watched Willow uncork the bottle sending a stream of foam over the carpet. "So, this is mine, huh? Has anyone ever told you you have wonderful tastes in multi-million dollar homes? I still can't believe you did this." As she spoke, she moved to the sliders and stepped out onto the deck. She walked it's width and stood leaning against the rail.

Willow joined her, handing her another full glass of the bubbly. "I'm well on my way to drunk. I think you should join me."

Buffy took the glass and draped an arm over her friend's shoulders. "Works for me. What do we have when we run out of the good stuff?"

"Had 'em stock the bar full. All top shelf. Buying is so much fun when money is no object. Cordy's gonna have a kitten, ya think? Oh, and we shouldn't run out of this stuff. I had them send a case."After a leisurely walk on the beach where they killed the second bottle of a '96 Black Opal Merlo, the champagne being abandoned after the third dead solder, the pair returned to the house in search of food. They agreed a liquid dinner probably wouldn't sit well on top of a liquid lunch and liquid afternoon snack.

"It's only 4pm, a little early for dinner wouldn't you say," Buffy slurred and attempted to take a seat on a stool at the kitchen's island. She succeeded on the second try earning her a round of applause from her house mate.

"By the time we get our collective asses in gear and fix something edible, it will be time for dinner," Willow mumbled with her head in the refrigerator. "How 'bout chicken? I think I can handle chicken."

"Works for me. And if you can't handle 'em, I'll just slay 'em," Buffy responded and made a stabbing motion with her arm almost causing her to slip off the stool.

Willow dropped a package of boneless, skinless breasts on the counter and dug in a drawer under the stove looking for a pan. "Be careful. I don't want to try to explain to Giles how I got his Slayer tanked and broke her," she quipped and set the pan on the counter as she moved to a cupboard and fished around before setting a couple cans of cream of mushroom soup and a box of instant rice with the rest of their unprepared meal.

Willow opened the soup and poured it into the pan. With one quick motion she sliced the package of chicken open and arranged the contents in a single layer in the liquid. She opened the oven door and carefully moved the sloppy mixture to the rack. It took all the concentration she was capable of not to dump it on the floor. Main dish set, she started the water for the rice.

She found Buffy digging through the liquor cabinet. She relieved her of the bottle in her hand. "I think we've had enough for awhile," Willow hiccuped and set the bottle on the counter before leading Buffy to the couch. "Stay. I'll be right back." Like Buffy had a choice. The plush couch enveloped her and it was way comfy. Staying was definitely high on her things to do list.

True to her word, Willow was right back. She set a large glass of water on the coffee table and shook a container of pills. She flipped the lid and dumped six white disks into her palm. She took Buffy's hand and dumped three ibuprofen tablets into it before handing her the glass. "Take these and drink up. All of it," she instructed. Seeing the blonde's expression she continued. "Wine hangovers are the worst. A few more treatments of these and we should be blissfully pain free in the morning."

"We're staying the night?" Buffy asked.

"We no longer have a choice. Who's gonna drive our sorry asses home?"Buffy was duly impressed with dinner. When had Willow learned how to cook? And sporting a buzz no less. The pair finished eating and the Slayer instructed the redhead into the living room. She would clean. Willow had cooked, it was only right. Fifteen minutes later, Buffy found Willow asleep in the corner of the couch.

Buffy covered her with a throw blanket she found draped over the chair and decided to explore her new house. My house!!! Too cool...

When Buffy returned to the main room a half hour later, Willow was just waking up from her nap. She stretched and tried to focus on the fuzzy moving blob she assumed was Buffy. "Sorry I conked out. Too much booze and a full stomach makes me sleepy," she yawned.

Buffy situated herself sitting indian style on the couch beside Willow. "I've checked out the place. It's gorgeous! Did you get to decorate it too?"

"I spent a couple afternoons at Bierly-Drake. Their office has the most wonderful view of the Public Gardens. One of their architects helped me with the make over. Buff, you would have loved him. Tall and oh so built. You probably wouldn't have gotten into the goatee but he was way nice to look at," she replied in a dreamy tone. "Hey, I hope you like what we did. You can always change it if you hate it."

"Willow, it's beautiful," Buffy confirmed, reaching for the redhead's hand. "But what were you doing lusting after...."

"Joe," Willow provided.

"Joe, when you have Oz? Hum?"

"There's nothing wrong with admiring a fine specimen of a male. Besides, I met his girlfriend. He was as unavailable as I am. I was looking more for you than for me, anyway," the hacker explained and gave Buffy a suggestive look.

"Thanks but no thanks, Wil. I can't seem to make a relationship work when we're in the same town. Cross country is visiting dream land."

"Aw, come on... what happen to the computer repairman you were dating before I left? He seemed nice enough."

"He was great," Buffy sighed and stared at her hands in her lap. "But we just weren't clicking. Honestly, I wasn't clicking. He was real interested... I, I couldn't seem to let him get past the kissing stage. Something just didn't feel right."

"Then he wasn't the right one," Willow offered confidently. "He'll come along Buffy, you can't force it."

"Wil, I'm beginning to doubt even you. I've dated eight guys since we graduated. And my lack of interest hasn't been their fault. I feel dead inside."

"Buff, you're twenty years old. You can't tell me you never get hot."

"Oh, I'm not denying I get horny, especially right before my period, but when a guy starts to touch me, I shut down." As she spoke, she looked past Willow, not focusing on anything in particular. "Remember Glenn? I really liked being with him. He loved dancing and those bizarre foreign films... I went farther with him than anyone. Well, anyone since Angel. He could make my body come, but it felt so hollow. No heart, no soul, just physical. I hated myself for not being able to get totally into it with him. I broke it off soon after."

Willow's heart was breaking for her friend. She had had Oz for so long she had forgotten what it was like to be alone. She watched as tears dripped from Buffy's eye. Willow leaned over and brushed away the wetness. "I'm sorry. Why didn't you ever say anything?" she asked gently.

"What's there to say?" Buffy replied sadly. "I'm a head case when it comes to sex. I deal. I have an intimate relationship with my hand," she stated and chuckled, turning a bright red.

"Hey, that's my color," the redhead teased and joined her friend in a giggle. "Besides, who doesn't?"

Buffy's eyes went wide. "You?"

Willow looked at her indignantly. "Yes, me! I see Oz maybe two weeks a month and three of those days I have to chain him in the basement. And as fun as that may sound, sex is never on the menu. God, don't tell me you still see me as that wallflower from high school."

"No, it's just I never pictured you as the type to go in for self stimulation," Buffy commented with a shrug.

Willow saw no reason to defend her practice, so she decided to turn the tables. "And exactly *how* have you pictured me?"

Buffy turned scarlet for the second time in ten minutes. Willow had managed to shock her into incoherent babble with the question. "I... um... that is, I... well...."

"Come on, spit it out."

"I, I always kinda figured you for traditional, gentle type of love making," the blonde started and then with a thoughtful look added, "But something tells me, you're up for just about anything."

"You're not wrong," she confirmed. "That's our norm, but we've tried just about everything. About the only thing I don't really care for is the hard core S&M;. Never figured out how being whipped or paddled could be pleasurable, but maybe we were doing it wrong. Mute point cuz Oz hated it."

"Oz whipped you?"

"Once. We wanted to see what the big stink was," Willow explained as normally as she would a new computer program. "All it did was give me a few nasty welts across my back and a sore ass. Couldn't sit for days." She had begged and that was the only reason Oz had agreed to her little game. But he had hated every minute of it and told her he would never do it again. Which suited Willow just fine. Although she did enjoy the two weeks of pampering she received in compensation. That had been fun.


"I don't suggest it. Just about anything else is gentle by comparison, so I guess, you were right about that," she answered and rose from the couch, stretching. "I have to pee. Yes, I often announce my bodily functions to my friends. So do you."When Willow returned from the little girl's room, the sitting room was empty. She spotted Buffy out of the deck leaning over the banister, watching the waves. Moonlight danced on the water making the surface look as if it was coated with a million little jewels.

Willow watched her friend unobserved for several minutes before padding softly over to her. She slipped her arms around the blonde's waist and leaned her body snugly against hers, resting her chin on Buffy's shoulder. "Beautiful out here tonight, huh?"

Buffy relaxed into the embrace, leaning back into Willow. "Yeah..."

"What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing... Everything... Really not important," Buffy sighed.

The pair stood together in silence for several more minutes, enjoying the intimacy. When Willow decided to do what she did next, she never figured out. She turned into Buffy's neck and placed her lips behind her friend's ear and kissed her. She kept her lips still, allowing Buffy to pull away if she wanted. When Buffy made no move to leave, Willow gently started sucking and licking the soft flesh, massaging her friend's neck with her lips.

Buffy's eyes drifted closed and she tilted her head to the side giving Willow clear access to her entire neck. God, did it feel good. Buffy couldn't believe the sensations her girlfriend was causing in her body. Her temperature was elevating and her breathing became shallow.

Buffy turned her head to face Willow and ask what exactly was going on. But the question wasn't voiced. Willow stopped her ministrations when Buffy moved, but as her lips came into view she covered them with her own. Willow made no demands. She felt Buffy tense but the Slayer didn't pull away. In seconds, Buffy leaned into the kiss and brought her hand up to cup Willow's cheek.

Neither dared to bring the kiss to the next level for many moments. Willow took that tentative next step and ran her tongue along the surface of Buffy's top lip. The blonde gasped and settled once again. When Willow went to apply the same treatment to the bottom, Buffy met the tip with her own. Playfully, the two dueled, exploring the recesses of each other's mouths.

Slowly, Buffy broke the union. She disengaged their lips and opened her eyes. Willow stared back at her and gently passed her thumb over her friend's swollen lips. "I'm glad you didn't bolt," Willow whispered and leaned her forehead against Buffy's.

"Ummm, nope," Buffy replied taking in a deep breath. She licked her lips, in awe of the pair that just left hers. "But, why?"

"I love you," Willow started and placed a quick kiss on Buffy. "I don't want my friend hurting." Another peck. "I want you to be happy." Willow kissed her in earnest.

"Oh," Buffy sighed when they broke apart. "Wil, where is this going?"

Willow searched her friend's face before answering. "As far as you'll let me."

"And that would be?"

"Let me make love to you."Buffy nearly fainted. Willow supported her and lead her back into the sitting room and sat with her cuddled on the couch. The kissing had been... wonderful. Buffy had at least kissed most of the guys she had dated, but this was so different. Kissing Willow, she felt as if she was kissing love itself. The redhead held nothing back and concentrated on nothing else. All her being was channeled into those wonderful, wet kisses.

"Wil, I've never..." Buffy started when she finally found her voice.

"Neither have I," came the answer. It travel from Willow's lips directly into Buffy's ear. It was an easy commute since Buffy's back was cradled against Willow's front.

Buffy twisted to look at her friend. She ran her fingers lightly over her face. "I love you, too. I just don't understand why... when you have Oz."

Willow captured the hand and placed soft kisses on the fingers. "I've never really considered it until I kissed you out on the deck. I've told you I love you - and I do. It just doesn't seem like enough. I want to show you. I don't want you to feel alone."

Buffy took Willow's face in her hands and kissed her, chastely on the lips. "You've show me how much you love me every time you come out hunting with me, when you listened to me sobbing over Angel for months with never a complaint, by being my friend even when I act like an ass. You don't have to do this to show me you love me."

"I don't want to do this because I feel I have to or out of some twisted sense of duty," Willow explained playing with the hair at the nape of Buffy's neck. "I... I'm not sure 'why' exactly. It feels right. I want to be with you. And I want you to be with someone you know loves you unconditionally. With me, you'd never have to doubt that."

Buffy leaned down and rested her head on Willow's chest, snaking her arms around her body. Willow enveloped her and waited.

"The thought of being with you... It makes my heart leap," Buffy said quietly. "But my selfishness has cost me dearly. I don't want do anything to jeopardize our friendship."

"Buffy, you're not forcing me into anything. I came onto you, remember? I can't lose my soul by loving you and I'll be your friend whether we do anything tonight or not," she said speaking into Buffy's hair.

"If I say yes, what happens next?" Buffy asked sounding rather intrigued and scared all at the same time.

"I'm not sure, exactly," chuckled Willow. "But it can't be as awkward as when Oz and I first started exploring. Neither of us are particularly innocent. I'm sure we can figure it out."

"You're sure?"

"Buffy!" Willow yelled in exasperation and with one quick motion flipped Buffy onto her back on the couch straddling her thighs. "Yes, I want you. I'm sure. Do you want me to beg or do you just get off acting like Oz?"

"I wouldn't dream of acting like Oz. Don't think I could pull it off. Don't have the equipment," Buffy quipped and grabbed her crotch before snagging Willow by the collar pulling her into a kiss. Willow collapsed on top of Buffy and lost herself in her friend's mouth. Buffy used a totally different style than Oz. Not necessarily better, just different and new. It had been years since Willow kissed someone new.

When the kisses ended, Willow righted herself to a sitting position again and looked down at a lust glazed Buffy. She looked beautiful and sexy and perfect. It was difficult to fully grasp all the feelings coursing through her being, so she ignored the thought and concentrated on the sensations. In the back of her mind the most random thought coalesced. Somewhere, a group of stogy, old, right wing, republican men would condemn their union as unholy, a crime against nature and just plain evil.

They had seen evil. This wasn't it. And if the powers that be would condemn them for a act of love, maybe Hell was where they wanted to be.

"Whatcha thinkin'," Buffy asked as her hands rubbed the length of Willow's thighs.

"How beautiful you are," she answered honestly, a bit dazed herself. "So... are we gonna grope on the couch like a couple of high school kids or shall we retire to a bedroom and do this right?"

It took Buffy all of a second to respond. "Bedroom. Definitely." And she pushed Willow backward sending the redhead sprawling against the opposite arm of the couch as she cleared the back of the sofa and took off... She stopped dead in the foyer when she realized she hadn't a clue where to find a bedroom.

Willow came up behind her and grabbed her hand. "It's this way," she said pulling Buffy behind her. When they entered the hall she dropped the hand and sprinted forward ducking into the third door. Buffy gave chase and entered the room to find Willow already lying in the center of a king size bed, grinning mischievously.

Buffy walked slowly over to the bed and sat on the edge. Willow came up behind her and brushed aside her hair to nibble her neck again. The Slayer relaxed under the skillful lips of the hacker. "Nice bed."

"Ummm hum," Willow voiced against the nape of Buffy's neck. Buffy let out a slow, low moan. "Mmmmmm, so good.... Ya know, looking at this place, one would think you had this planned from the start." Willow coaxed Buffy into the center of the bed on her back, curled into her side and continued her assault near her clavicle. Between kisses she responded. "And if I did?" She sucked gently on Buffy's throat.

"Ohhhhh... yessss... great... plan...." Buffy gurgled as the redhead slowly explored her face and neck. Buffy ran her fingers through Willow's hair and up and down her back.

Willow's lips traveled lower down the blonde's neck only to be stopped by the material of a shirt. Undaunted, Willow wiggled her hands further under the shirt and slid the garment over Buffy's head. The Slayer laid back down sporting a simple tan lace bra. Willow fingered the front clasp and flicked it open freeing her friend's breasts. Of course they were perfect; they belonged to Buffy.

Her breath caught. The girls had changed in front of each other from early in their friendship and Buffy had never been shy about walking across a room to find a specific article of clothing for an occasion. But Willow had followed the code to the letter; never openly staring and turning away under some other pretext. There was no code any more. With their decision, they had agreed to share every part of themselves.

Buffy arched back and slipped the straps from her shoulders tossing it over the side of the bed. Willow reached out and ran the back of her hand over the side of one, gently tracing its circumference. Her stroke followed concentric circles, slowly traveling closer to its erect peak. When Willow brushed her knuckles over the swollen nub, it was Buffy's turn to suck in a ragged breath.

The Slayer reached up and unbuttoned Willow's cream colored Oxford. The opened shirt revealed a white push up bra. She looked at the confining garment and back at its owner's face. "Oz?"

"Yeah, it's his second favorite style to nothing at all," Willow offered with a sly grin as she shrugged out of the shirt and reached behind herself to unclasp the bra. She dumped both with Buffy's contribution. She retook her position alongside her friend, placing her head on her shoulder. The blonde gave Willow's nearest breast the same thorough exam she had received; feeling its softness and its weight, seeing how it reacted to different strokes. The globe wasn't as large as her own but no less perfect.

After several blissful minutes of being petted, Willow leaned over and stole another kiss. She lingered, exploring all the crevices of her lover's mouth. Buffy's hands still played over her back. Now bare, the touch became electric.

The redhead moved from her lips, down her neck and across her chest leaving a wet trail of saliva. As she moved south, her nipples traced a red hot path down the blonde's side. Willow licked the valley between Buffy's breasts with the flat of her tongue before running the wet member along the undersides. Willow finally saw fit to capture an erect nipple between her teeth and nipped. Buffy moaned loudly but instead of jerking away arched into the mouth now clamped and suckling at her breast.

As Willow lavished oral attention on one, her hand wandered over its mate; caressing and kneading every square inch. Her tongue swirled around one peak as her finger rolled the other until Buffy couldn't distinguish which was more pleasurable. Thankfully no one ever asked her to choose.

Willow rolled over the form beneath her to reverse the sensations she was creating within Buffy's breasts. After equal time was given for the endeavor, Willow left her chest and kissed across her ribcage. Before she could get any lower, Buffy reached for her and pulled her up for another kiss. "Where did you learn that?" she asked breathless.

Willow line of thought scattered as Buffy twirled one of her nipples. The redhead took the blonde's hand in her own and slowly, begrudgingly, removed it from her breast.

"You didn't like that?" Buffy asked obviously concerned.

Willow gave a sad chuckle at the question. "Oh, no... hate was definitely *not* what I was feeling." She took the hand she was holding and placed an open mouthed kiss on its palm. "But you asked me a question, which requires me to think, which I can't seem to do while you're doing that."

Buffy physically relaxed, overjoyed that her touch was appreciated. She planted a row of kisses along her jaw before nipping at her neck. It didn't seem to distract Willow enough to keep her from speaking. "It's a variation on something Oz does. Mmmmm... Only he uses hands. For some strange reason he can do six things at once with his hands but ask him to use his mouth and that takes all his concentration."

"He plays you like a guitar," The blonde explained between advances across her throat. "His hands are used to... what do you call it in computers?" Willow tilted her head back to give Buffy complete access to her voice box. She sucked hard over the area presented. "Ohhhh... multi... tasking?" Willow let her mind float as Buffy's tongue and lips caressed her shoulders. Although not wanting the sensations to end, she remembered she wanted this night to be for Buffy. She worked her arms between their bodies for leverage and flipped Buffy onto her back for the second time that night.

Buffy looked up startled then softened as Willow sat across her abdomen with her hands on her hips, looking at her sternly. "Ok, you win," the blonde exclaimed, throwing up her hands. "You can play butch. Do you always need to be this much in control?"

"No more often than not. We're pretty evenly matched." She moved forward and placed her hands on either side of Buffy's head, then leaned down and kissed those wonderful, pouting lips. "And I don't *need* to be in control. This is so not about control. I just want this night to be about you."

Buffy thought about that for a moment, although her stream of consciousness was sidelined when she noticed Willow's breasts swaying in small circles each time the other girl took a breath. She shook her head clear. "Only if I get a crack at you at some point."

"Sounds fair," Willow quipped and kissed her again. The fact this was not going to be a one night stand pleased her immensely.

As the redhead sat back on her heels, Buffy stretched her arms over her head before clamping her hands behind her neck. "Do your worst," she challenged. She was about to find out it was not always wise to challenge the quiet ones.The gauntlet thrown down, Willow surveyed her conquest before acting. She positioned herself by the blonde's knees and took her time examining every inch of her half naked friend. < Quick or slow, fingers or teeth? > The decision on how to remove Buffy's shorts was complex on may levels. Willow rubbed her hand across her chin as she thought.

Buffy was growing anxious at Wil's time consuming inspection. Her nipples ached to be touched; she didn't care by what. And her core; God, she knew she was wet. She could feel her lips slide over themselves every time she moved. If Willow took much longer, a paddling sounded like an interesting motivational idea.

Decision finally made, Willow slid off the bed and stood at its side. She locked eyes with her lover and slowly unfastened her belt and slid it through its loops. She doubled it over in her hands and snapped it against itself once just to see Buffy's reaction.

The blonde's eyes widened just a smidge and a faint smile played across her lips. Willow tossed the belt into the pile of previously discarded cloths. The trust Buffy had just shown in her melted her heart. The button and fly were the next to be undone. As she stepped out of the pants, she also discarded the socks.

That left her standing there in pair of black lace panties straight out of a Frederick's of Hollywood catalog. Willow turned in a small circle and Buffy realized she was wrong. Panties required material. These were a thong. Buffy did the only thing that came to mind. She put her fingers in her mouth and let loose a construction site wolf whistle.

Willow took a deep bow and did her best Elvis impersonation. "Thank you... thank you very much." She divested herself of her final garment as she straightened up. And it was hard to pull off the dignified look in a fit of giggles but they matched the ones coming from the bed. So dignified got waylaid but it gave her a warm fuzzy feeling inside for Buffy to like the way she looked.

Willow moved to the foot of the bed, grabbed Buffy by the ankles and dragged her down. She screeched at the sudden movement, but couldn't wait to see what Willow would do next. Willow pulled her to a standing position, stepped into her personal space cupping her face and kissed her deeply.

Buffy contented herself by running her hands over the redhead's back and slowly creeping lower until she took possession of both of Willow's cheeks. That elicited a moan from the hacker that got swallowed by Buffy since the kiss still hadn't ended.

Willow brought her hands to Buffy's waistband, stopping only for a moment to caress a breast. Once Willow undid the fly, the shorts fell easily over Buffy's hips to the floor. The hacker removed the hands from her ass by the wrists and held them to the side with one hand as she knelt in front of her Slayer and showered her stomach with kisses.

It was a good thing Willow's other arm was holding Buffy securely against her mouth because when she dipped her tongue into her friend's navel, the blonde almost collapsed. Willow released Buffy's wrists and steadied her friend by grabbing her hips. The hacker looked up and was greeted by the biggest smile. All was right with the world.

Willow kissed the stomach in front of her once more before hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her friend's underwear and lowering them to the carpet. The hacker could smell the musty scent of Buffy's desire coming from beneath the thatch of light brown curls at eye level. Buffy stepped out of the garment and Willow made a show out of balling them up and shooting them into the pile of bras like a basketball. Both girls laughed.

Willow rocked from her toes to her heels and rose in one fluid motion, coming to stand beside Buffy once more. They stared at each other again, finding it difficult to believe they were with each other. A lone tear escaped Buffy's eye.

Willow caught it with her finger and brushed it away. "What's the matter? Do you want to stop?" she asked, voice full of concern.

Buffy was quick to respond. "No!" she stated forcefully and smiled. "I just can't believe how lucky I am to be standing here with you like this."

Willow guided them back up onto the bed, propped Buffy against a mountain of pillow and knelt straddling a leg with her hands on her thighs. "We've been naked together before," she jabbed seductively.

"Oh, yeah," Buffy agreed as a look of disbelief crossed her face. "But, the tongue in the bellybutton was a new twist."

Willow just smiled as she sunk into the bed on Buffy's side and went directly to take a swollen nipple in her mouth. She sucked eagerly but her free hand didn't assault its companion. It descended to the juncture of Buffy's thighs and played in the hair there for a moment before one exploratory finger found its way into the soft wet folds of her sex.

Buffy arched into Willow's mouth and gasped as her finger rubbed and explored her outer lips. Buffy swiveled her hips trying to force Willow into more intimate contact. Willow left her breast and reached up and kissed Buffy's mouth. "Be patient, I want to learn every inch of you."

The blonde whimpered but was consoled with a lingering kiss. All the while, Willow's finger never left the dripping cleft. She pushed the digit all the way down and dragged it forward up the inner passage. At the top she encountered the engorged nub of Buffy's clitoris. One light stroke and Buffy raised her hips off the mattress. "Ohhhhh!"

Willow recaptured a breast in her mouth and purposely ignored the blonde's clit until she felt her relax. The redhead used her friend's obvious distraction and plunged her finger into Buffy's tight channel. She moaned as Willow rubbed the pad of her forefinger in long strokes over each portion of her vaginal canal.

Buffy thought she was going to go insane. Willow's touch was enough to be felt but so soft as to not bring any semblance of relief. After the redhead circled the entire tight passage, she withdrew the digit only to replace it with two. She concentrated on the wrinkly patch of flesh about two inches inside on the top wall. Moments later, Buffy exploded and clamped down on Willow hand. Before she came off the high of the first orgasm, Willow used her thumb to manipulate her clitoris in quick, hard strokes. Within seconds, Buffy climaxed again with an incoherent scream.

The Slayer lay covered in a thin layer of perspiration and her skin flushed to a light pink. Her breathing was ragged but she was relaxed. Willow removed her hand from the warmth of Buffy's body and wiped her fluid on the comforter. She pulled Buffy's limp body across herself and cradled it in her arms. The blonde went without a complaint.

Buffy regained her senses to the feeling of Willow's lips on her forehead. She looked up into the redhead's eyes and smiled. "Thank you." she mouthed.

"You're very welcome. May I assume you're feeling better," Willow asked and kissed her nose. "Do you still feel empty?"

Buffy sat up and stretched. "A little. But that's only because I can see your hands."

"You ain't seen nothin' yet," Willow promised. "And next time... I won't use my hands."

"Next time?" the blonde asked in mix of trepidation and anticipation. "This next time is when?"Willow rolled off the bed, stood and then leaned over it. "You're mine, all night. Unless you wanna reneg on our agreement?" She turned and trotted off to the bathroom when Buffy shook her head.

When Willow returned from the bathroom, she found the bed and the entire room, quite empty. Tossed over the foot was a calf length, blue striped bathrobe. She swung it onto her arms and tied the belt as she made her way to the main part of the house.

Buffy, in an identical robe, was in the kitchen arranging a plate of fresh fruit. Another bottle of champagne was already uncorked and sitting on the coffee table. Willow hopped up on a stool and stole the strawberry Buffy was about to add to the plate from her hand. The blonde shot her an annoyed look that quickly softened watching her lover munch contentedly.

Buffy balanced the plate in one hand and grabbed Willow with the other and led them both to the couch. She deposited the plate on the table and shoved it against the sofa, lest they actually have to move to get food or drink.

Buffy climbed onto the couch and pulled the redhead backward between her legs to relax against her, snaking her arms around Willow's soft frame. The blonde leaned over and snagged a piece of melon off the plate and took a bite out of the piece before dropping the other half into her friend's waiting mouth. "I've figured out what this place is missing."

"You have," Willow inquired through a mouthful of melon.

"A hot tub," the blonde replied and shared another fruit slice.

"Great idea, I'll call Joe in the morning."

Buffy repeated the ritual three more times before Willow preoccupied her by turning and placing an unhurried kiss on her lips.

Willow licked the last remaining juice from the corners of Buffy's mouth before sending her tongue into the warm wet crevice to caress its owners. Willow moved from her lips to her neck and lower. She slid further down the couch and peeled back the sides of the robe covering the breasts she desperately wanted to nibble on again.

She captured one nipple and sucked for a moment before rolling it between her teeth to a hard nub. Buffy moaned and arched until Willow released her hold and licked at the bud with the flat of her tongue. Able to think once more, the blonde leaned over an snagged a strawberry from the table and bit it in two. She took the half still in her hand and rubbed it lightly over the nipple Willow was ignoring. The pale skin surrounding the raised center turned a light pink due to the juice.

Willow hadn't noticed Buffy's action so enthralled with her present work. It was a pleasant surprise to find the blonde tasted like something other than herself. The redhead diligently cleaned the breast, savoring every drop of the sweet coating.

She shifted again and leaned up to gain access to the knot holding the robe securely in place. Willow worked the belt free and uncovered the rest of her partner. She placed a row of kisses down Buffy's breast bone, straight for her navel and plunged her tongue in.

Content with her attention to Buffy's bellybutton, Willow scooted upward and indulged in a long, mutual, oral exploration. As the redhead started her descent once again, Buffy took another half eaten berry and starting on her stomach began a line destined to end in her sex. As the soft flesh of the fruit grazed the patch of light brown hair at the juncture of her thighs, Willow grabbed the hand by the wrist and brought it to her mouth devouring its contents. She then sucked each digit into her mouth and cleaned all the remnants of the berry.

"I thought you would like that," Buffy voiced huskily while stroking the side of Willow's face.

Willow rested her body square between her friend's parted legs and propped her head on a hand looking up into Buffy's eyes. She drew looping lines on the stomach beneath her. "I probably would," she answered and licked the line of juice. "But this time, I only want to taste you."

With that said, she placed her hands on Buffy's upper thighs and pushed herself lower while spreading the blonde further apart. Willow placed her hands so that her first fingers and her thumbs created a diamond shaped frame around Buffy's sex. Using her thumbs, Willow eased apart the outer lips to reveal her friend's wet, pink inner folds. Her swollen clit peaked from beneath its hood begging to be touched.

Buffy arched, imploring Willow to fulfill her need. Willow looked up at her friend and gently pushed her flat against the couch and then went back to her slow visual exploration. With a lingering thoroughness, the redhead extended her tongue into the dripping cleft in front of her. She slowly dragged forward until she brushed lightly over Buffy's clitoris eliciting a low moan.Willow proceeded to ignore the sensitive nub in favor of sucking on the inner lips in their entirety. She was driving her friend quite mad. Her ministrations were a bizarre form of torture. They were sending the most pleasant little sparks, zinging throughout Buffy's being, but depriving her of any type of release.

Willow stroked and petted every inch, sending Buffy to the edge but never over into that blissful oblivion of orgasm. It was taking all of the Slayer's control not to force her hips up violently. She could hurt Willow unintentionally.

Finally she resorted to begging. "Wil, please..." she implored and came off the couch by mere millimeters as her head rocked aimlessly from side to side and her breathing grew ragged.

Willow waited several more moments before she clamped her lips over Buffy's clit and applied a strong, steady pressure. The suction would only be interrupted when she flicked the tip of her tongue across its top. It took less than a minute until Buffy was spasming under her friend's talented mouth. As the climax began to take her, Willow continued her onslaught, dragging out the pleasure in an almost painful continuance.

When Buffy finally came down off her high, she found herself curled into Willow's side with the redhead softly stroking her damp hair. "You're amazing," she whispered.

"So I've been told," Willow quipped and tightened her hold. Buffy was almost asleep in her arms. "Hey, go to bed. I'll put this stuff away and be in in a sec." Willow propped them in sitting position and moved the table away with a foot.

"No, I'll help..." Buffy claimed through a yawn.

"Falling asleep in the fruit salad will not be a help. Go to bed," Willow stated, pointing Buffy around the couch and slapping her once on the ass to get her moving.

The slap woke Buffy up slightly. "Hey!" she exclaimed indignantly. "Fine, *I'll* go to bed. Don't have to tell me twice." And she made off down the hall.

Willow collected the fruit and covered it before placing it on a self in the fridge. It would be breakfast come morning. She took a long swig from the full champagne bottle before dumping the rest down the sink. She flipped off the lights and sat herself on one end of the couch indian style.

She ached; every last nerve in her body ached. Her nipples ached. Her vagina ached. And before she even brought her finger anywhere near her clit, she could just tell it was a totally erect mass of nerves. She leaned back against the cushions and closed her eyes as she dipped a finger into her heat and found her center.

Her mind drifted to thoughts of Oz and the hours of fun they would have in this house, on that very couch. Her brain chastised her for not thinking of Buffy after what they had just shared. So instead of Oz's lips around her clit, it was Buffy's. But she wasn't able to get Oz out of the picture. As her girlfriend beat out a steady rhythm between her legs, Oz was teasing her nipples and kissing her lips.

The thought of both of them loving her combined with the constant pressure she was applying against her clitoris, brought Willow to a powerful orgasm. She stretched out and waited to regain some form of equilibrium. < I wonder if they'd go for it? >

Willow shook the thought from her head. < I am a sick fuck... > With a reserved sigh, she made her way to the bedroom. The light on the bed stand was on and Buffy was asleep in the center of the bed. Willow crossed to the bathroom before discarding the robe and joining her friend between the sheets.

She had expected her life to take a vastly different direction when she arrived back in Sunnydale yesterday morning. But the thought of sharing her body with Buffy had never entered her mind, not even her fantasies.

Buffy interrupted her thoughts. "Wil? That you?" she asked sleepily and reached out to make contact.

"Yeah, Buff it's me. Who were you expecting? Giles?" Willow jibed and adjusted her arms as the blonde crawled between them.

"Not ready for Giles. Maybe next month..." Buffy replied from whatever dream state she was in. Willow looked down at the form in her arms and smiled. Maybe her fantasies did have a future after all.Buffy awoke to find herself very much alone in the king sized bed. She was almost positive she had not spent the night that way. As a matter of fact, she distinctly remembered being curled into the side of a nice warm body. Or so she thought.

She grabbed the bathrobe off the end of the bed and wandered into the kitchen to find a freshly showered and dressed Willow. Coffee was made and juice was poured. The fruit from the previous night sat on the platter on the counter.

For her part Willow was leaning over the counter, resting her elbows on the surface as she supported the phone against her shoulder to allow her free hand to scribble notes on the pad in front of her. Buffy arrived in time to catch the tail end of her conversation. She sat herself at a stool and waited to be noticed.

"...the construction take, beginning to end?"

"A few weeks... good, no that would be acceptable. When can you start?"

"What if we pick out the tub today? Joe, hold on a sec." Willow said and then held the mouth piece of the phone against her shoulder. "Good morning," she said to Buffy and placed a quick peck on her lips. "Just making arrangements for your hot tub."

She turned back to her notes and resumed her conversation. "Do you have a supplier on the west coast? You do? In Los Angeles? No problem, we're gonna be shopping this afternoon anyway."

"Perfect. Thanks again, Joe. And use my beeper number. We haven't decided where we're staying tonight. Yeah, I will. Take it easy."

As Willow completed her phone call, Buffy sat and stared at her. The memories of last night were surreal to say the least. She had spent the night in the arms of her best friend. Her best FEMALE friend, and had loved every second of it.

This morning should have been awkward. Willow's greeting signaled she accepted their new relationship and everything it entailed. Buffy was on an emotional roller coaster. Alone with Willow everything seemed easy enough to accept. But what about out in the real world? The world with their friends and families. The confusion was evident of Buffy's face.

Willow immediately noticed her friend's hesitation. She moved to stand in front of Buffy and gently stroked her cheek. "You don't regret last night, do you? I'll never forgive myself if I forced you into anything."

Buffy kissed Willow palm before sliding off the stool and crossing to the sliding glass doors to the deck. She watched the waves crash on the shore for a moment before answering. "No regrets. What you gave me last night... I can't begin to explain what it meant to me."

She stopped and turned, feeling Willow's presents beside her. "But what happens now? I know you have Oz and I will *never* do anything to jeopardize that relationship for you. How do I act with you when we're around our friends? What is acceptable behavior?"

Willow stood with her hands jammed in the pockets of her jeans. "Full of questions, ain't ya?" She took a deep breath while collecting her thoughts. Buffy knew the look and gave Willow the time she needed to respond.

"As for the 'what happens now' question; *I* would like to continue the relationship we started last night, but you will still be my best friend if that's not what you want. I guess first off we need to decide if we're going to keep sleeping together," Willow explained. "It's your call."

Willow's insides were in knots that loosened only enough to let the butterflies spin in circles. Up until last night she had never seriously considered making love with another woman. Then why was she afraid her heart would stop if Buffy said she wanted it to end here.

Buffy turned Willow away from the ocean and drew her fingers across the redhead's lips as she placed the other hand around her waist. "I want you," she sighed onto Willow's lips as she brushed them with her own. "I want you in my life and in my bed for as long as you'll have me."

Buffy's words were music to Willow's ears. She grabbed the Slayer in a bear hug and lifted her off the floor. The blonde snaked her arms around Willow's neck and lowered her lips until the met with their mate's. That kiss was sensual; unhurried and pure. Willow replaced Buffy onto the floor while continuing the kiss. They stayed wrapped in each other for several minutes before they breathlessly moved apart.

"I am *so* glad that's settled," Willow quipped and kissed Buffy once more before going in search of her coffee mug.

Buffy retook her seat at the counter. "That was a no brainer. What about our friends? Wil, when I'm around you, all I want is to touch you, kiss you..."

Willow returned to the counter with a steaming cup of java between her hands. "Buff, we're girls. And we've been like best friends forever. Our friends are used to seeing us touch. We should probably refrain from french kissing in public, but other than that, we'll be fine."

"Ok, final issue," Buffy started and snagged a couple of slices of melon. "Oz."

"Oh, fine. Be difficult." Willow tried to sound perturbed but was in too good of a mood. "I'd like to tell him... eventually. But, I won't if it'll make you uncomfortable."

"This is your call. I'll deal. At this point having all our friends, Giles and my mom knowing about us is a little wiggy," Buffy started. "Not that I'm embarrassed by you or anything," she quickly added. "I'd shout it from the rooftops if it would make you happy."

"Buff, I understand. The thought of explaining us to Xander makes my head spin. And it's not the pleasant spinning too much champagne induces," Willow confirmed with a chuckle.

"Wil, the world knows I lost my virginity to a 240 year old creature of the night. Loving you is the least evil thing I've ever done." Buffy seemed to lose herself in sadness.

"None of that. He was a great guy. He had to be for you to be with him. Life just likes throwing us curve balls. Unfortunately, with us it's more often than not." As Willow spoke she moved to Buffy's side of the counter and pulled the blonde to her feet. "Go shower. There's clothes in my bag. We're going shopping in LA."

The mention of shopping immediately lightened Buffy's mood. "Shopping? For what?"

"A hot tub, CDs, maybe a car or two," Willow stated flatly and shooed Buffy towards the bedroom. "Now git!"

She didn't have to be told twice. A day of spending money with her new lover and best friend. What more could a girl want? She pondered over the last items on Willow's list. Were cars really on the agenda? The woman just purchased a pricy beach front oasis. Anything was possible.

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