The Lucky Ones by Shyfox

Disclaimer: Joss owns all characters, except Dr. Wiseburg, Nurse Brackett and Mario, those characters I made up myself, so I lay claim to them.
This is the sequel to Telling Giles, in the Sappho's spell series. I hope you enjoy.
Also, there is love/making love between two women in this story. If this gets your shorts in a twist, please refrain from reading it.
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The Lucky Ones
by Shyfox

Buffy stared nervously at the closed door that led to the examination room in Dr. Wiseburg's office. Willow had entered through it twenty minutes before, and although Buffy wanted to be in there with her, she had been asked to stay outside. Willow had promised that she'd find some way to get Buffy in with her next time, but this time Willow had said there were some things that she wanted to ask Dr. Wiseburg and that she wouldn't be able to think if Buffy were in there with her. Buffy didn't know if she liked that very much, but she did admit that she did seem to have an affect on how well Willow was able to concentrate. In fact, it was a matter of pride to the Slayer just how easily she was able to distract her lover. So, she had ceded to her lover's request, and now here she paced in the waiting room, making a certain Nurse Brackett very nervous.

"You know, there's vending machines right down the hall that hold soda and snacks if you would like to get something to snack on while waiting." Nurse Brackett suggested. Buffy's pacing was starting to drive her crazy. The girl had been pacing for the last twenty minutes...ever since Willow Rosenberg had entered the doctor's office.

Buffy stopped her pacing briefly to look at the harried nurse. "Thanks. But I'm trying to give up caffeine." Buffy replied, smiling slightly before she started her turn past the nurse's desk again. " least for the next eight months." Buffy mumbled under her breath. She hadn't realized when she had made the suggestion to Willow how hard it was going to be to go without caffeine. Buffy felt like she could gladly kill for a Pepsi right now.

"Really? Because you really look like you could use some right now." Nurse Brackett said, her voice mostly jolly, although there was a touch of sarcasm to it. Buffy looked back at the slightly chubby nurse and wondered if she were teasing her, then realized that she had been attempting to wear a rut into the rug.

"Sorry. I guess I'm a bit nervous." Buffy apologized, shrugging a little as she tried to relax. The nurse gave her a sympathetic look, which made Buffy even more nervous.

"Don't like visiting the doctor's office, huh?" The nurse asked, smiling at her. Buffy shrugged her shoulders. It had never been on the top of her list of things to do that was for sure.

"Do you have any magazines that aren't a year old?" Buffy asked, walking over to the magazine rack and poking at the tattered remains of magazines that had been flipped through and pored over way too many times already.

"Well..." The nurse hesitated, looking warily around for any sign that someone was about to come into the room. "I just bought this Soap Opera Digest. I'm not really supposed to be reading on the job, but I get tons of down time in here, so I usually buy one of these on my lunch break and catch up on my soaps. All My Children is my favorite. That Susan Lucci is such a talented actress. I can't believe it took them so long to award her an Emmy. I mean...they gave the actress that played her daughter an Emmy way before they gave one to her. It was such a shame. Ah well, she's got her fair reward now though doesn't she? Anyway, would you like to read this?" Nurse Brackett asked, giving Buffy the magazine.

Buffy had started looking at the nurse strangely after that, although Buffy decided she really was harmless enough, even if she did have a hopeless infatuation to a soap opera.


"So, how is it going, Willow?" Dr. Wiseburg asked, gesturing for her to take a seat.

"Okay." Willow murmured, her eyes scanning around the office nervously, not wanting to meet Dr. Wiseburg's.

"Have you told your parents and your partner about your baby yet?" Dr. Wiseburg asked, professionally, wanting to set Willow up with her supports as soon as possible.

"Well, I've told my partner. I haven't told my parents yet, but I will be very soon." Willow said, hesitantly.

Dr. Wiseburg sat and stared at his patient for a long moment. "May I ask why you haven't told your parents about this yet?"

" parents are...complicated." Willow murmured, staring down at her blue jean covered leg.

"Willow, I can't stress enough the importance of getting your family's support in this. What you are undergoing is a very emotional experience. Having them to help you I think is key in maintaining you and your baby's health and well being."

Willow accepted the doctor's words of advice with good grace, accepting them in the spirit in which they were intended. "Thank you. I'll keep that in mind." Willow murmured, her eyes finally resting on the patient, understanding eyes of the doctor.

Dr. Wiseburg nodded, dropping the subject for now. How Willow handled the announcement of her pregnancy was really up to her. All he could do was suggest that she tell her parents as soon as possible. What she did with the suggestion was really up to her. "So, Willow, how are you feeling? Is the morning sickness abating any?" He asked, hoping that by moving away from the subject of her parents Willow would relax some.

Willow nodded, relieved to have the pressure off for a little while. "Yeah, I mean I still have it, but not as often."

"Good...good." Dr. Wiseburg said, jotting something down on the paper in front of him. "Any other symptoms you would like to talk about?"

Willow thought it over, wondering if she had noticed anything else. "Well, I've been more tired recently."

Dr. Wiseburg nodded at that. "Perfectly normal. It's your body's way of adjusting to the new life inside of you. Plus, the fetus will be feeding off of you, so you may notice your energy reserves dwindle if you do not eat properly. If I may ask, what are your dietary habits?"

"Pretty good." Willow said, then hesitated. "Well...for any normal college student, I guess. Though they have been a lot better recently. Buffy has been taking really good care of me, and making me eat all kinds of vegetables, and making me drink milk. She even made me give up caffeine, which is hard for me because I really like coffee." Dr. Wiseburg looked impressed, so Willow smiled satisfied.

"Buffy...that is your friend who is waiting out in my waiting room for you, right?" Dr. Wiseburg, asked, trying to match the name with a face. Willow nodded. "Well, it seems to me she's got the right idea. Just continue to eat healthy, balanced meals, plenty of milk and do stay away from the caffeine even though it's hard. You should be fine." Willow nodded. "Is there anything else you would like to talk to me about?"

"Umm..." Willow started, starting to blush before she could even formulate the thought. Dr. Wiseburg noticed the very interesting color over taking Willow's face, but refrained from making any comment on it. "I was partner and I haven't umm..." Willow stuttered, trying to figure out how in the world she was going to ask this question without keeling over and dying from embarrassment. 'If you're doing it. I think you should be able to say it.' Xander's prophetic words jump started her mouth again. "We haven't made love since I found out I was pregnant. I think my partner is worried that we might do something to hurt the baby, and I didn't know if it was safe or not. So, I guess what I'm asking is...Is it safe for us to make love while I'm pregnant?"

Not wanting to embarrass Willow anymore than she already was, Dr. Wiseburg handled the question as gently and professionally as he was able. "As long as you are comfortable making love with your partner, it is safe for you to continue."

Dr. Wiseburg didn't think it was medically possible for someone to turn as bright red as Willow turned then, but through the blush Willow produced a Chesire like grin, and the doctor wondered just what canary Willow had swallowed. "Thank you. Thank you very much." Willow said, nodding and getting to her feet. She was nodding and smiling as she backed her way to the door. As she went to open it, Dr. Wiseburg cleared his throat. "Ahem. Are you forgetting the rest of your examination?"


It was about fifteen minutes later when Willow opened the examination room door and walked out into the waiting room joining a very anxious Buffy.

"Well? How did it go?" Buffy asked, her blue eyes concerned as she took in the expression on her lover's face.

"Fine. Dr. Wiseburg says that everything is fine. He basically said to keep doing what I'm doing. Oh, and he applauded your eating suggestions for me...including the no caffeine which is a big bummer for me...but oh well." Willow said, smiling.

"Anything else?" Buffy asked, as she noticed a curious blush creeping over Willow's face.

"Nothing I'd like to discuss here." Willow answered, glancing around the waiting room and meeting the inquisitive eyes of Nurse Brackett.

"Well...let's get outta here then." Buffy answered, hooking her arm through Willow's and started leading her out of the waiting room. "Oh! I almost forgot." Buffy said, then turned and ran back to Nurse Brackett's desk. "Thanks." Buffy said, handing the Soap Opera Digest discretely to Nurse Brackett.

"Anytime." the nurse answered cheerfully, waving Buffy and Willow out of the waiting room.


Willow was quiet on the way home, her busy mind thinking up a way to surprise Buffy with her new information. Buffy just thought that Willow wasn't ready to share what she had learned in the doctor's office. Although Willow didn't look too disturbed by it, Buffy couldn't help but be apprehensive about whatever it was.

"Do you want to go somewhere for dinner?" Buffy asked, trying to find some avenue of conversation.

Willow nodded. "Sure." She said, brightly. "Where do you want to go?"

Buffy shrugged. "Do you feel up to Italian?" She asked, wondering if Willow's stomach would be up to the richness of Italian food.

Willow's eyes lit up at the suggestion. "Yum. I'd love some spaghetti and meat balls right now." Her stomach growled in agreement, and Buffy laughed at the surprised look on Willow's face. "Nice to have full agreement in this." Willow giggled, patting her stomach.

"Yeah, I'd kill for some lasagna. Ooh, and garlic bread." Buffy grinned, already anticipating their dinner.

Buffy and Willow looked at each other and grinned. "Mario's." They said at the same time and laughed.


Mario's was a small, busy Italian restaurant that was usually packed to the gills with people. The bright lighting and cheerful waiters made for a cheerful atmosphere. And the smells that filled the place always made Buffy and Willow's mouths water in anticipation of the great food that they served.

The second they entered the restaurant they were greeted by a short, pudgy, cheerful man in his late forties. He was starting to bald, but he seemed to make up for it with the large mustache that he grew. "Buffy...Willow...come in...come in!" He greeted them enthusiastically, his voice carrying a thick Italian accent. "It has been too long since you have graced my humble establishment with your loveliness." He beamed at the two women.

"Mario!" Willow greeted him, hugging him enthusiastically. Buffy just beamed at them. Mario was the type of owner who liked to know all of his steady customers by their first names, but he held a special place in his heart for Buffy and Willow. Buffy had saved his life from two vampires one night who had seemed to have Italian on their diet. After that, Mario had invited Buffy to come and have dinner for free anytime she wanted to. Buffy had taken him up on the offer as much as possible, and had brought Willow here for their first real date. Mario had even made a special romantic dinner for the pair, with candle light and everything. After that, Mario's had been a favorite with them, their very own special place.

After hugging Buffy enthusiastically, Mario grabbed two menu's and gestured the two women to follow him. "When you called, I reserved my best table for you." Mario said, leading the two lovely ladies to a table in a quiet section of the restaurant. It had the best lighting the place had to offer and a single white candle was in the middle of the table, it's flickering flame casting a soft glow on the red cotton tablecloth. He watched merrily as Buffy seated Willow, moving her chair in closer to the table, before she took her own seat. He handed both of them a menu and asked if they'd like anything to drink.

"I'll have a glass of milk." Willow said, her eyes glowing at Buffy's.

"I'll have the same." Buffy said, a smile lighting up her face.

"Theodore." Mario shouted out to a passing waiter. He appeared by Mario's side in an instant. "Two glasses of milk for my guests." Mario ordered congenially. The waiter nodded his head and scurried off to do the owner's bidding.

"Now, what would you like to eat, tonight? May I suggest the shrimp capellini? It is excellent." Mario said, boisterously.

Willow shook her head slightly. "Spaghetti and meat balls for me, Mario." Willow said, grinning.

Mario nodded, putting the order into memory, then smiled down at Buffy. "And for you?"

"I'll have the vegetable lasagna...and could we have a big basket of garlic bread?" Buffy asked, handing back her menu to the jolly owner.

"But of course." Mario said, taking the other menu from Willow. "Anything for the two most beautiful women in my restaurant." Mario smiled at the two women, then turned to leave to get their orders cooking.

"Oh, Mario! I almost forgot. Could we get two Caesar salads, please?" Buffy asked, earning a reproachful look from Willow, which Mario completely missed.

"Certainly." Mario nodded, before hurrying off to get things started.

"I should have known you wouldn't forget the salad." Willow grumbled. She swore if she ate any more green foods she would turn into a rabbit.

"I'm sorry. I'm only trying to look out for you." Buffy said softly, looking down at the tablecloth, which she idly ran a finger over.

"I know, and I appreciate it. I just hope I don't turn into a rabbit before I have this baby." Willow murmured, her green eyes meeting Buffy's.

"I don't know...I think you'd make a really cute rabbit." Buffy said, reaching over to tap Willow's nose. Willow wriggled it in a rabbit-like gesture causing Buffy to grin.

"Do you think our baby would make a really cute rabbit?" Willow asked, teasing.

"No...I think our baby will be really cute, period." Buffy grinned, softly, wondering how their baby would look. She hoped her baby would have Willow's red hair, while Willow hoped her baby would have Buffy's blue eyes. They grinned at each other for a long time, communicating more with their eyes and their facial expressions than they did with words.

Their silent communion was interrupted by Mario's return with their salads and garlic bread. "May I say, you look truly radiant, Miss Willow. Having a baby agrees with you." Mario noted, as he set the salad bowls and garlic bread on the table.

" did you?" Willow gasped, speechless.

Mario smiled at Willow's shocked expression. "We old Italian men have our ways." Mario demurred. "Also, your face says it all." Mario said, gently circling Willow's chin with a gentle hand. Willow smiled at him bewildered. Buffy grew nervous at the exchange and cleared her throat.

Mario looked at her, amused tolerance on the older man's face. "Ah, and the proud papa, eh?"

Buffy's jaw dropped at the revelation. Buffy could feel her cheeks flushing with the heat of embarrassment. " did you?" Buffy found herself mirroring the words Willow had said a few seconds earlier.

"Ah, not only am I an old Italian. I'm an old Gypsy, eh?" Mario explained, vivaciously. Buffy found herself laughing at Mario's explanation, nodding her head in understanding. She had found that Gypsy's knew more about the magic and wonder of nature than most other people did.

"Ah, it does this old heart good, to see you both look so happy. I will bring you a special desert to celebrate after your dinner, eh?" Mario said, chuckling deeply. Buffy and Willow beamed at each other happily, then both nodded at Mario.

"Thank you, Mario." They chorused together, and started laughing again.

The rest of their dinner was absolutely fabulous, and Buffy found herself pleasantly full by the time she had finished her piece of the cherry cheesecake Mario had given them for desert.

Willow looked slightly green around the edges as she tried to finish the last of her cheesecake. "Jeez, Will. You don't have to eat all of it. I'm sure Mario won't be offended. You're going to explode if you keep eating like that." Buffy admonished, gently.

Willow looked at Buffy, then put her fork down with a sigh of contentment. "You're right. It was just so good I couldn't stop. I wonder what the baby thinks of all this food." Willow mused, her hand resting on the slight bulge of her stomach.

Buffy smiled at her then stood up. "Come on. Let's go walk all this food off." She suggested, reaching for Willow's hand and pulling her up.

"Thanks." Willow said, grinning at her lover. They both waved goodbye to Mario on their way out.

"Come back soon, eh?" Mario called after them.

"We will. Thanks, Mario." Buffy called back to him, as they walked hand in hand out into the warm Californian night.


By the time they returned to the dorm, they each were feeling a lot less full than they had at the restaurant. Three vamps had attacked them on the way home, and it had burned up a lot of energy to fend them off. Buffy had managed to kill all of them, but not before one of them had shoved Willow onto the pavement, bending over to stick his teeth into her white neck. Willow remembered feeling the sudden jarring pain of hitting the pavement, and the fright she had felt, not just for herself but for her unborn child, as the fiend attempted to feed off of her. Then she remembered Buffy above them saying, "Hey, that's my job.", before she had felt dust float all around her as Buffy staked the vamp and he turned into dust. "I think I'm going to go clean up. Do you want to come with me?" Willow asked, as she followed Buffy into the dorm room.

"I'll be there in a sec. I wanna call Giles first." Buffy said, stepping over to the telephone.

"Okay." Willow sighed, grabbing her soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, and a nightgown and bathrobe.

"Hey." Buffy called out to Willow just before she left. "I'll try to be quick, okay?" Buffy's blue eyes pleaded with Willow's for understanding.

Willow nodded, smiling briefly at her lover, before she turned and headed to the bathroom.

Buffy quickly picked up the phone and dialed her watcher, waiting impatiently as she listened to the phone ring over the wires.

"Hello." Giles finally answered, and Buffy began to relate the events of the evening in a shaking voice to an anxious Watcher.

"But she's all right, right?" Giles asked, his concern for Willow warmed Buffy's heart.

"Yeah. She's fine. She's getting cleaned up now. But it scared the hell out of me Giles. What if I hadn't been fast enough? Both Willow and my unborn child could be dead right now." Buffy's voice nearly cracked at the emotion she felt welling up inside of her.

"Don't drive yourself crazy with what-ifs, Buffy. The point is, you were fast enough, and you saved them. The chances are you'll continue to save them, just as you did tonight. They are a lot safer with you, than they could ever be on their own. Just remember that." The Watcher's calming voice helped Buffy feel better, but she knew from now on that she would be hyper aware of her surroundings whenever she and Willow went out from now on.

"Thanks, Giles."

"Anytime, Buffy. Good night." Giles answered and hung up the phone.

Buffy stared at the phone in her hand for a long moment, then set it down on its cradle and sighed. She stared at the phone for long moments, feeling her heartbeat slowing from the scare she had received that night. Buffy turned when she heard somebody entering her dorm room.

Willow stood in the doorway, wet hair wrapped in a towel, and a bathrobe covering her. "I thought you were going to join me?" Willow teased, gently, seeing the still frazzled look in her lover's blue eyes.

"Sorry. I got talking to Giles, and I guess I lost track of the time." Buffy answered, looking slightly sheepish.

"It's okay. Just go take a shower and relax." Willow suggested, watching Buffy until Buffy grabbed her stuff and headed for the showers. "You are way too tense. Bet I know something that will relax you." Willow mused, staring at the closed door her lover had shut a few seconds before. Willow took off the bathrobe and hung it on the hook that was on the closet door. Willow smiled in anticipation as she lay down on Buffy's bed and waited for her lover to return.

By the time that Buffy finished with her shower, she was feeling a lot more relaxed. She decided to put tonight's events behind her, and not let them consume her life. She dressed in a comfortable pair of pajamas, brushed her teeth, then headed back to her dorm room. She opened the door casually, then stopped stock still, as her breath was stolen from her in a gasp. The sight before her was exquisite, as she saw her best friend and lover laying on her bed in nothing but a flimsy nightgown.

"Well, there's a sight for sore eyes!" Buffy breathed, as she entered her dorm room, and shut and locked the door behind her.


"You like?" Willow asked, seductively, running a hand over her naked thigh.

Buffy looked her lover up and down, a lustful grin taking over her face. "I like. Very much." Buffy said, moving closer to the bed.

Buffy sat gingerly on the bed beside her lover and ran her fingers lightly over the red head's cheeks and nose before lightly tracing the tender skin of her lips. "Are you sure we should? I mean, I don't want to hurt the baby." Buffy whispered softly, her eyes entranced on Willow's mouth as Willow took a finger into her mouth and sucked on it, before nipping it gently sending a wave of heat to the Slayer's stomach.

"I'm sure. Dr. Wiseburg said it would be fine." Willow blushed slightly as she remembered the stammered conversation she had held with her family physician. Only repressed need and desire had given her the courage to ask the necessary questions. After all, she wasn't about to wait eight months to make love with her Slayer again. And she needed his confirmation to relieve the slayer of her hesitancy.

" that case..." Buffy murmured, before leaning down and capturing the lips her fingers had been teasing before. Buffy teased the lips beneath hers with gentle whisperings, meeting briefly before pulling back and then meeting again in a gentle exchange of love.

Willow enjoyed the fleeting kisses at first, but soon felt the need for a stronger connection. She thread her fingers in the Slayer's hair, and pulled her head down to meet hers, her lips meeting the Slayer's in a passion filled exchange. She heard Buffy groan low in her throat as she felt the Slayer's body unleash its desire that she had been holding back for too long. To Willow's dismay, she felt the slayer pulling back and she eyed Buffy questioningly.

Buffy smiled, and put her finger on Willow's lips to keep the question in place while she stood and shucked the pajama top and bottom she had put on that night in preparation for bed. She wouldn't be needing them this night, she decided as she threw the cotton garments across the room. She then gently got into the bed beside Willow and pulled her lover on top of her, meeting the red head's lips for a long delicious kiss. Her hands settled on the red head's waist, feeling the smooth skin below the silk nightie she wore. The exquisite feel of her lover beneath her hands made Buffy groan into the kiss, a groan that was echoed by Willow as she felt her lover's nakedness beneath her as she straddled Buffy's hips.

Buffy inched Willow's nightie up her hips, taking her time as she revealed more of Willow's smooth skin to her fingers touch. The slight swell of Willow's belly captured the Slayer's attention, and her hands spent countless minutes in sweet adoration of the area, conveying in soft and tender strokes the love that she felt with every touch.

Willow was spell bound by the look of adoration and love in the Slayer's eyes. She ran her fingers through her lover's hair, surprised when the blue eyes lifted from her study of her lover to meet her own and the connection that passed between them was enough to bring tears to their eyes.

"God, Will. I love you so much." The slayer croaked, as the intensity of their feelings almost made it impossible for her to speak.

"I love you more than anything, Buffy." Willow whispered, bringing her lips to the slayer's once more, as they shared another deep, searing kiss full of emotion. They relished the contact for long moments, meeting the other's lips again and again as their passion flared for one another. Buffy pulled back just long enough to pull Willow's nightie the rest of the way up and over Willow's head, casually tossing it onto the floor as her blue eyes took in every inch of her lover's body. The pale perfect white skin, dotted with tiny freckles, captured the slayer's attention, and she decided that she wanted to kiss every last inch of it. Starting from the sweet skin of Willow's neck, Buffy proceeded to do just that, her warm lips making Willow shudder as they caressed the delectable skin, Buffy's tongue darting out to taste it now and then as if she couldn't get her fill.

Buffy's hands didn't go idle while her mouth was busy with other tasks, her hands caressed and fondled the skin of Willow's back covering the large expanse of it with tender strokes that led downward to her butt and thighs, then up Willow's stomach until they came to rest around the round full breasts. Willow gasped in pleasure as she felt Buffy's hands fondling her breasts and teasing the extremely sensitive nipples with curious fingers.

"Buffy!" Willow groaned, as the sharp sensations that started in her nipples swept down her body to rest warmly in her center.

Buffy could feel Willow's excitement as her warm essence coated the slayer's stomach. "Hmmm? You like that?" Buffy teased between kisses and nips on Willow's shoulder. She continued to tease Willow's nipples, her thumbs moving in slow circles around the tips as her index and middle fingers of each hand pinched them gently.

Willow groaned and squirmed under her lover's ministrations, and the more Willow squirmed the more Buffy liked it. Without warning, Buffy took a hypersensitive nipple into her mouth and sucked on it, encouraged by the tightening of the hand tangled in her hair and the fresh wash of moisture coating her stomach, not to mention the gasp of pleasure ringing in her ears, Buffy sucked and nibbled on the tightened nub in her mouth holding on tightly as her lover writhed above her.

Her fingers remained active on the other nipple until Buffy heard her lover begging and pleading her for release. Then they inched down Willow's body until they were surrounded by the warm wave of moisture Willow was swimming in. Two fingers entered Willow easily and Willow bucked against them, crying out in ecstasy as they moved in and out, moving with the rhythm that her own hips set as she rocked against them. Buffy's thumb played with the nubbin of Willow's sex, sending the already rocking woman higher and higher until the pleasure culminated in a series of moans and a gush of moisture. Willow went as limp as a wet noodle and fell on top of her lover, struggling to get her breath back as a series of aftershocks went through her still sensitized and shaking body.

Buffy brought her arms up to encircle her shaking lover, holding her tightly to her as she let Willow slowly come back from the heights she had sent her to. One hand brushed back sweaty hair, as Buffy brushed soft kisses on Willow's forehead. "I love you." Buffy whispered sweetly, content to just be holding her lover like this.

"mmmm." Willow murmured, a content smile creeping over her face. "Love you." Willow replied back, her eyes still closed as she breathed in her lover's scent. "I should..." Willow started to say, trying to summon the energy her thought would require.

"Shhh," Buffy hushed her, knowing where Willow was going with the thought, but knew her lover was too tired to carry it out. "There will be plenty of time in the morning. Go to sleep." She suggested quietly. Willow looked like she was going to disregard the idea, then felt her exhaustion mixed with satiation lulling her into slumber and gave in, murmuring quietly into her Buffy pillow.

Buffy watched her lover for a few quiet moments before she turned off the lamp beside her bed and fell into a contented doze herself.

The end(till next time)

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