Unexpected Surprises by Shyfox

Disclaimer: Characters of Buffy: The Vampire series belongs to Joss...I just use them for my own sick twisted amusement.:-)
This story follows not long after Kirayoshi's 'Teach Your Children Well, which followed directly after my story 'Moving Day' in my Sappho's spell series. Reading the other stories is a must to understanding this one...so if you haven't...you might want to...I don't know...sounds like a good idea to me.:-) Okay, I think I've babbled on long enough...enjoy the story.
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Unexpected Surprises


He was walking by the other day and I said "Hey baby, how you been."
Yeah I got a little girl now and she's four years old and she's got her daddy's little grin.
You only want what you can't have and baby you can't have me now.
I gave my heart to another.
Yeah he's a father and I'm a mother and we're a family and we've got each other and I found out the hard way that.
Love's the only house big enough for all the pain in the world.
Love's the only house big enough for all the pain.

--Martina McBride

The dark green van drove slowly down the road that led to the Sunnydale University dorms. It ambled like a sick cow into a parking spot, then stopped...chuckling for a moment before the key in the ignition was turned, and the engine came to a stop with a stuttering halt. As the van door opened, a man of about average height hopped out of the van...his greyish-green eyes taking in the quiet atmosphere of the college dorm. He wasn't sure why he was surprised by the emptiness of the place...Christmas was two weeks away, most students would be home, celebrating the holidays with their families. The college campus was like an old western ghost town, the only sign of life was an old flyer being pushed along the driveway by the wind, like a tumble weed in an old western movie. The flyer came to a stop a few feet from where the man stood, being halted by a drying mud puddle in the middle of an indent in the pavement. Bending over to examine it, the man noticed that it was an advertisement for the band "Dingoes ate my baby". It proclaimed that they would be performing on the advertised date...September 12, 1999. Three months ago...on this date.

'Three months ago...today.' The man reflected silently, not bothering to pick up the now wet and dirty flyer from it's resting spot. He looked back at the deserted dorm building, hoping for any sign of life from the window into which he had last scene the red-headed girl he had been completely in love with. When he thought about it now, the fight they had seemed so stupid. He had felt like he needed to get away from it all...to find himself again...and control the wolf within him. He had wanted Willow to go with him, but she said her place was here...in SunnyDale...with her friends. She had begged him to stay here with her, but he wouldn't listen closing his ears to her pleas as thoughts of what he had done had filled him with guilt. I'm back, Willow...and this time I can control the animal within. I know I can.

With a determined glint in his eyes, he got back in his van, determined to find what he had left behind.


Oz knocked briskly on the front door of the Rosenberg residence. He had never felt comfortable whenever he and Willow had been asked to dinner there, so he wasn't surprised that he didn't feel comfortable now, knocking on the door of the home of the woman he had broken up with. He didn't have much time to think however, as the door was abruptly opened and Sheila Rosenberg stood in the doorway, silhouetted by the light in the background.

"What are you doing here?" The question was icy and shrill, and it took Oz by complete surprise at the pure venom in the woman's voice. He had thought Mrs. Rosenberg had been starting to warm up to him there near the end...but he supposed he could be wrong, he had certainly been wrong before.

"Uh...I'm sorry for interrupting whatever you were doing, Mrs. Rosenberg, but I'm looking for Willow and since she wasn't at the dorm...I thought she might be here." Oz stated, simply, looking past Willow's mother to see if he could spot Willow behind her. It was altogether possible Willow had told her mother what had happened between them, and was using her mother as a shield against him.

Sheila Rosenberg stared intently at the young man her daughter had been dating and thought about the news her daughter had told her not so long ago. Willow had also informed her that she hadn't told Oz. Well, maybe it was up to her to tell the young man about it, and get him to help Willow to do the right thing. "Come on in...Oz was it?" Sheila said, leading the bemused guitar player into the house.


"You hung those lights really pretty." Willow said from her reclined position, as she and the slayer lay snuggled together on the couch. She could see the Christmas lights winking at her from on top of the ceiling and wondered how her lover had managed to convince Xander and Giles to help her hang lights on the ceiling. "I can't believe you didn't let me help you." A kissable pout appeared on the Wiccan's lips, and Buffy had to restrain herself so she wouldn't fluster Xander-who was laying on the floor, head propped on his hand, watching "Its a Wonderful Life" on the television.

A blonde eyebrow arched and a smirk twisted the Slayer's lips. "You...on a ladder...yeah, that was going to happen." Buffy said, sarcastically, receiving a playful slap from her couch companion for her trouble. "Besides, you hung tinsel and silver balls like a...tinsel and silver balls demon."

"You think?" Willow asked, taking a breath in excitement, as she felt a gentle tickle float across her ribs.

"Nobody could have done it better." Buffy said, examining the tree that lit up one corner of the living room, while moving a teasing hand across her playmate's abdomen. "It's a beaut." She whispered, as she felt her lover's breath hitch at the teasing yet casual touches she was hoping Xander was too engrossed in the movie to see.

The halls had been decked with boughs of holly and lights hung from every conceivable corner. It was going to cost her mother a fortune in electric bills this month, but Joyce had said they could decorate anyway they wanted, so Buffy had taken her at her word. It was Buffy and Willow's first Christmas together as a couple and they wanted to make it a memorable one.

Buffy, Xander, and Giles had dragged home a seven foot fir tree, which Willow had insisted on decorating, while the other three had been busy decorating the rest of the room. Buffy hadn't missed an inch of space. Decorations hung from doors and windows. A menorah had been placed on a table in front of one of the windows in preparation for the celebration of Chanukah, which would start in a few days, and Buffy had bought and hidden eight little presents to give to Willow for the occasion. The rest of the presents she had bought for Willow and her mother had been wrapped and now lay under the brightly twinkling tree.

Between all the presents they all had been adding under there, the tree was incredibly packed with gaily wrapped gifts.

From time to time, Xander would look at the tree in envy-it certainly outclassed the skimpy looking bush that graced the table in his basement apartment.

"How come your tree looks like the tree in Rockefeller center while mine looks like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree?" Xander asked, finally, his voice displaying displeasure at the difference, not paying attention to the lesson George had learned in 'It's a wonderful life'.

Buffy looked at him in annoyance for a second, before she decided not to let him ruin her festive mood, and buried her face again in Willow's soft, peach scented hair.

"Why do you need a big tree, Xander?" Willow asked, tracing the strong fingers of the hand she held gently in her hand, with a curious thumb. "You're going to be with us for Christmas anyway."

Willow tried to reason with him, but he wasn't in the mood to listen. "Yeah...but...look at all these presents." Xander said, getting up from his spot and going over to where the presents were. "For Buffy...For Willow...For Buffy...To Willow love Buffy...To Buffy love Willow...Willow, Willow, Willow, Buffy, Buffy...Oh here's one to Xander...from...Joyce. What's up with that?" While Xander had been looking through the presents, searching for a present that had his name on it, the other presents had been thrust aside carelessly, Xander seemingly unconcerned with how they ended up and they had started to spread out on the living room floor.

"Xander, put the presents back under the tree and leave them alone." Buffy said, getting irritated at Xander's behavior. She had to admit she had gone overboard on Christmas shopping this year, at least on Willow, but half the stuff she had bought were really cute baby items she hadn't been able to resist buying. She knew she was being premature, Willow was only six weeks along in her pregnancy and anything could happen, but Buffy preferred to be optimistic, and she really couldn't have resisted the stuffed animals, toys and clothes that had filled the baby aisle she had visited while Christmas shopping...and Buffy had a sneaking suspicion her mom and Willow had done the same thing, so she really didn't feel too foolish.

Xander looked at the couple curled up together on the couch for a moment, then started to put the presents back under the tree again, while muttering under his breath. "It must be nice having somebody who would buy all of these presents for you."

Xander unfortunately forgot the Slayer's keen sense of hearing. "You want to know what the difference is, Xander? It's quite simple, really. I have the best woman in the world, and you have...Anya." Bright blue eyes filled with ire met deep brown unflinchingly and Xander conceded the point he was being an ass. His own softened to a look of apology and Buffy's softened in acceptance, as she felt a gentle squeeze from Willow who had witnessed the confrontation.

"Easy there, tiger." Willow whispered into Buffy's ear, feeling the tension start to drain from her lover's stiff body.

Buffy had just started to relax again, when the doorbell rang and the couple groaned, neither wanting to leave the cocoon of warmth in which they were wrapped.

"I'll get it." Joyce called from the kitchen, where she and Giles had disappeared to earlier in the pretense of making egg nog. They heard her footsteps as she went to open the door, and then silence reigned for a few moments before they heard Joyce greeting the person at the door.

Buffy thought her mom's voice sounded a little strangled, and she strained to place the voice that she heard coming from the entryway. The answer should have been obvious to the Slayer, but her mind shied away from the knowledge, afraid of what it's revelation might bring.

Joyce entered the living room, looking a little tense and pale, like the proverbial bringer of bad news. "Willow...you have a visitor." She managed to say, sparing the couple on the couch a sympathetic look, before a familiar voice caught the Slayer and the Hacker in the chest with a vise-like grip.

"Hi." The simple word sent two hearts racing double time as two sets of eyes swiveled to meet the form of Willow's old boyfriend, Oz.

"Oz!" The word erupted from Willow's lips, the shock evicting her from the safe haven of Buffy's arms as she sat up to get a better look at him. He didn't look like he had changed much in the time since she had last seen him, although he hadn't shaved recently by the look of the stubble on his face, and he looked like he hadn't eaten in a month.

"Oh, dear." Buffy vaguely heard her Watcher's concerned words as she saw him approach from the kitchen, but most of her attention was taken up by the man now standing in her living room.

"Oz." She greeted, somberly, choosing to remain where she was while she sized him up. "What are you doing here?" The question sprang out of the Slayer's mouth unbidden, but she was powerless to stop it's outcoming. What remained unasked was...What are you doing in my home? And why have you come back?

Oz spared Buffy a glance acknowledging her question silently, before he focused on the pale face of his ex-girlfriend. "I've been looking all over the place for you. I stopped at the dorm, but everybody had gone home for Christmas, so I went to your parents' house." Oz noticed the way Willow's face had blanched even paler at that. He couldn't really blame her. This wasn't exactly easy for him either. His conscience screamed at him for leaving Willow behind like that. It was even worse now that he knew she was pregnant. "They weren't very happy to see me."

"I'll bet." Buffy growled, trying and failing to control herself.

Willow wanted to look at her lover, to reassure her that everything was going to be all right. But she wasn't sure herself of that at the moment, and her attention was pretty much taken up by the unexpected sight in front of her. She really didn't know what to say, so she remained silent.

Oz shifted uncomfortably, looking around at the sea of faces around him. He noted the concern that darkened Giles' brow, and the worried frown on Mrs. Summers face. Xander looked like somebody who anticipated a really gruesome train wreck. The restrained hostility on Buffy's face surprised him, but he supposed he deserved it for deserting Willow the way he had. Willow's face was hardest to read, showing mostly shock at his sudden appearance, but he thought he recognized a flash of fear in the stormy green eyes, before it was covered with stony wariness.

"I think we need to talk." Oz said, staring only into Willow's eyes and trying to ignore the audience around them...especially Buffy. "Alone."

Willow nodded her head, seeing Buffy starting to open her mouth to protest, before she heard it close with an audible snap. Willow felt she owed Oz at least this much. She rose slowly off of the couch, careful not to glance back at her irate lover as she led Oz into the kitchen, feeling Buffy's hostile eyes boring holes into them until they disappeared from sight.


It took a moment for what happened to sink into Buffy's clouded brain, then she was up off the couch and heading for the entrance of the kitchen. She wasn't sure what she intended to do once she got there, visions of beating Oz to a bloody pulp danced wildly through the red daze in her head, but her mother's voice calling her name stopped her before she crossed the threshold. She could hear low murmuring coming from the kitchen, and it was all she could do not to enter, feeling like it was her place to be by Willow's side.

"Buffy...they really do need a few moments alone." Joyce reprimanded her daughter gently.

Buffy glared at the closed kitchen door for a moment, every instinct in her body telling her to disregard everybody and do what she really wanted to do. She felt her hands closing into fists as she swung around and looked at the concerned faces of her family and friends. "All right." She growled, starting to pace the length of the living room, like a lion locked in a cage.

"I can't believe this...I can't believe that he'd pick now of all times to show up." Buffy muttered, the tension in her body coiling the muscles tight. The more Buffy paced, the madder she got, and every time she looked at the closed kitchen door she wanted to run right through it and act on her more basic instinct to defend her property.

Conflicting thoughts were running rampant through Buffy's mind, pissing her off even more as a little midget of fear whispered in her mind's ear of the possibility that Oz was here to get Willow back. It whispered that Oz could take better care of Willow and their baby than she could, and shouldn't she just give up and let Oz do so. The voice pissed her off so much that she started screaming at the closed kitchen door. "What does he think he's doing here?! He doesn't belong here!"

"Buffy!" Giles called to the ravening beast that was once the Slayer, sharing a concerned look with Buffy's mother.

"What?!" Buffy snarled, turning on the Watcher, beyond caring what anybody thought as her churned up emotions ran riot inside of her.

Giles was surprised by the amount of venomosity in her voice. He had never seen his Slayer quite like this before, though he suspected that the protective quality of a potential parent was kicking in to the Slayer's emotions. "This really is not helping. Oz and Willow can probably hear every word you're saying." He said, trying to reason with her.

"I don't care." She screeched outraged. "I hope they do hear me!" She yelled in the direction of the kitchen, making everybody in the room wince.

Joyce and Giles' exchanged helpless glances, before a look of utter determination clamped down on the Watcher's face. "Come on, Buffy. Get your coat. We're going out for a while."

Buffy looked at him as if he was the one who had lost his mind and not the other way around. "What...but...I can't just..." Buffy started to protest, cringing as she saw the look on Giles face.

"You can, and you will." The Watcher said, in his no nonsense tone as he signaled to Xander to fetch the coats.

Xander did as he was told and handed Giles his coat before he brought Buffy's coat over to her.

"But...Will..." Buffy protested shooting a parting look over to the kitchen.

"Will be fine." Xander soothed, as he helped the Slayer put on her coat. "Don't worry...Uncle Xander will watch over everything until you get back. You just go and have a nice, relaxing time with Grandpa Giles." The last remark earned him a reproachful glare from Giles, but Xander just shrugged as if to say, 'It got her moving didn't it?' He breathed a sigh of relief as he watched the two of them leave then sank down into a nearby chair, brushing sweat off of his forehead.


Willow had winced as she heard her angry lover spouting off in the living room. She could hear Giles quiet murmuring to her, and not much later the outraged spouting stopped with the shutting of the door.

"Guess she wasn't very happy to see me." Oz noted, calmly.

That's an understatement. Willow thought wryly, cringing at just how pissed off she'd been. "Well...She..." Willow said haltingly, trying to find a way to explain her lover's behavior.

"It's okay. I can't really blame her...not after the way I left. I didn't know, Willow. Why didn't you tell me? I never would have left if I'd known. It's my responsibility to take care of you." Oz said, feeling the burden settle on his not so big shoulders.

Willow shook her head, trying to sift through all of the impressions those few words had left her with. Responsibility? Never would have left...if...he'd known? Was that the only reason you came back? "It's not..." Willow started to say that it wasn't his responsibility because it wasn't his child but she was cut off at the pass.

"It is." Oz insisted vehemently. "You should have told me Willow."

"I didn't tell you, because I didn't know then. I wasn't pregnant then." Willow finished in a small voice.

Oz looked at her strangely, waiting for more information.

"It's not yours. She's not yours." The words hit Oz like a brick. Willow could see the impact in his open green eyes before they shuttered with pain, bringing tears to Willow's own green eyes.

"Wh-What? What do you mean?" Oz asked, breathlessly, feeling like the wind had been knocked out of him.

"It happened after you left." Willow rested a trembling hand against her belly, and raised her eyes to meet Oz's. "She's Buffy's." Willow thought Oz was going to pass out when the words registered on his confused brain.



"What are we supposed to be getting here?" Buffy asked, sullenly, kicking the wheel of the shopping cart Giles was pushing.

"Buffy, stop that." Giles said, looking annoyed as he stopped and grabbed a box of stuffing off of the shelf. "You're mother asked me to pick up a few things, and I figured now was as good a time as any to get them."

"Not to mention it gets me away from Oz." Buffy grumbled, refusing to meet Giles' eyes.

"You weren't helping matter's any, Buffy. The last thing Willow needs right now, is for you to get into a shoving match with Oz. Hand me that can of jellied cranberries, would you?"

"I only wanted to protect her, Giles. That's MY job now." Buffy said, handing him the can of cranberry sauce.

"No. That isn't it." Giles said, stopping the cart in the middle of the aisle. He looked at Buffy over the rim of his glasses. "You saw Oz enter your and Willow's home and you felt he was interloping on your territory. Trying to take Willow from you. Correct?"

Buffy wanted to argue Giles' logic, but she wasn't able to as the intense feeling of jealousy and territorialism rose anew in the Slayer. "You're right...as usual, Giles." Buffy said, bitterly, walking up the aisle. "I saw Oz...and then I saw red. I mean, how dare he come back now?"

"Oh. I agree. Very nervy of him to pick this inconvenient time to show up." The rich sarcasm in his voice caused Buffy to stop and glare at him. "Buffy, it's not as if Oz planned for things to happen this way. When Oz left, for reasons of his own, I'm sure he didn't count on coming back here only to discover that Willow is with child. Naturally, he's going to assume the baby is his. He's wrong, but he couldn't possibly know that."

"He just better not try anything." Buffy growled, inwardly agreeing that Giles was right but not wanting to let go of her anger against the intruder into her life.

Giles sighed, and continued walking, determined to talk some sense into Buffy's head before they left the store.


Willow stared at the pale faced guitar player and felt a certain amount of shame and guilt that she had to tell him the story this way, almost two weeks before Christmas at that.

"And that's how you ended up..." Oz left the end of the statement open, staring in slack jawed wonder as Willow nodded her head. "Wow. No wonder Buffy was about ready to kill me. I knew her reaction to me was strong, but...I guess now I know why."

"Yeah...I can't imagine she's very happy right now." Willow sighed, staring across the kitchen table at her old high school boyfriend. "She's probably taking Giles head off as we speak...he's pretty used to it though." Willow reflected, thinking about her hot headed lover.

Oz nodded, still feeling the tension that had circled around them though it had started to dissipate in the last few minutes as understanding passed between them. "Will, I'm so sorry I showed up the way I did. I should have called or something...at least given you some warning."

"It's okay." Willow sighed, feeling tension rolling off her tightly wound shoulders. She really could go for a massage and hoped that Buffy might be in a better frame of mind later to give her one. "I'm kinda glad you did...I felt bad for the way things ended last time."

"Me too." Oz said, thinking of all that had gone between them.

"Are you going to be here for Christmas?" Willow asked, hoping he would stay...at least for the holidays.

"I...uh...don't really have anywhere to stay. I suppose I could sleep in my van...but I don't really think Buffy would want me here...she was pretty upset with me, earlier." The Master of Understatement said, ruefully.

"Well...yeah...but...that was before you knew. Now that you do know, she probably won't feel as strange around you." Willow was hedging on the statement, not knowing how Buffy would react to the addition in their holiday festivities. She hoped that her lover would get over her intense reaction to Oz, but that remained to be seen.


The first thing Buffy noticed when she walked into the house carrying two bags of groceries was Oz's presence occupying the couch. Her blue eyes focused in on him as she wondered what the heck he was still doing here.

"Buffy...you're home...great...I'll just take these into the kitchen." Joyce said, as she approached her daughter to get the bags.

"Where's Will?" Buffy asked, her voice tight, as she retained her hold on the bags.

"She's in the kitchen. Buffy, be nice to her." Joyce said, feeling slightly deflated as Buffy made her way to the kitchen. She eyed Giles who was coming through the door, carrying a bag himself.

"How is she?" Joyce asked, in a subdued whisper.

"I imagine she was doing a lot better until she saw him. Is he staying?" The curiosity mixed with reproach in his voice caused Joyce to give him a strange look.

"It's Christmas. He doesn't have anywhere else to go. I told him he could sleep on the couch." Joyce explained, sparing the young man who was sitting on her sofa a look. Xander was passed out in the recliner and had missed the whole entrance, but Oz was casting concerned glances at the swinging kitchen door.

Upon entering the kitchen, Buffy saw Willow leaning against the counter staring off into space. She put the bags down next to her and cleared her throat, waiting for misty green eyes to turn to her. She stood under Willow's scrutiny, feeling like an amoebae under a microscope, as the red head examined her. Buffy grew self conscious as her lover stared at her and turned her attention back to the brown paper bags sitting on top of the counter.

"Went shopping. Giles had to buy some yams...and other...stuff." Buffy drew to a halt as she saw a red eyebrow quirk at her from her peripheral vision. Buffy drew in a breath to steady her nerves, then peeked over at her lover searching her eyes for the love that she longed to see in them. They gleamed back at her reassuringly and she was able to breathe a little easier. Until she remembered the unwanted presence in the living room, that is. "So...Oz is staying?" Buffy asked, trying not to sound jealous.

"It's Christmas." Willow said, trying to reason with her.

"Not for two more weeks...surely he can find a place to stay by then." Buffy objected, wondering how her life had suddenly got so topsy-turvy

"Buffy..." Willow sighed, wishing her new love and her old love could just get along.

"Fine." Buffy pouted, obstinately. "I'm not buying him a present."

"You don't have to." Willow said, a slight smile creeping over her lips as she felt Buffy giving in.

"Does he know?" Buffy asked, addressing the pink elephant that was standing in the room with them.

Willow nodded her head. "I told him." She said, quietly, the words reflecting the sadness this situation brought her.

"Oh." Buffy took a second to evaluate what that meant. "Everything?" She couldn't help from asking, even though she knew she shouldn't.

"Buffy...yes...he knows...everything. What do you think? That I'd let him think he's the father." Willow said, exasperated. Seeing the guilty affirmation on Buffy's face made Willow cringe. "How could you think that?"

"I don't know, Will!" Buffy exclaimed, walking away to avoid the close scrutiny she was putting her under.

Willow followed her and grabbed a hold on her elbow, turning her so that she was forced to look at her. "Talk to me." Willow demanded, sitting Buffy down in a chair and straddling her. "Because I'm not moving until you do."

Buffy wanted to argue at first, but the resolved look on Willow's face stopped her cold. "What do you want me to say? I'm sorry. I'm sorry I freaked when Oz showed up here. I just...I wasn't expecting him to just show up like that. And then, when you two walked into the kitchen, I just couldn't believe you left me sitting there. I felt like...like I should be with you when you told him. It's my job to protect you...and I couldn't. So, I started pacing, and every time I looked at the door I wanted to go through it. Be with you...and I guess I got scared." Buffy admitted, her voice a soft husk, as she stared down at Willow's jean covered thigh.

"Why?" Willow whispered, cupping Buffy's face gently and caressing the soft skin of Buffy's cheek. "You know I love you." She said the words while staring into her lover's beautiful blue eyes, searching their depths to make sure that she did indeed know it.

"I know. I know you do...it's just that when I was pacing out there I started thinking that...that maybe...maybe Oz would make a better father than I would...I mean he's a guy, and all. He can give you and our baby at least a picture of normalcy. I can't what with being a slayer and all...never mind the fact that I'm a girl." Buffy said, rolling her eyes at herself.

"Buffy...he's a werewolf." Willow said, emphasizing each syllable.

"Yeah, but he's a still guy. So he's got one point in his favor. I mean what am I gonna tell my daughter when she's five, and she comes home crying because the kids teased her about the family portrait that she drew in art class?"

"Could be worse...Dad could be covered with hair." Willow teased gently. When she received only a baleful look from her lover she sighed. "Can we please take one problem at a time? I'm barely getting over morning sickness and you're shooting ahead to when she's five? You are going to be a great parent. Do you want to know how I know?" She asked, her gentle voice soothing the Slayer's fears.

"Because you're a witch?" Buffy guessed, receiving a playful slap for her trouble. "Ow."

"No...because you're already thinking ahead to when she's five. You want to be here to see that time to come. You want to be here to kiss her booboo's away, and watch her grow and learn, knowing that you helped her do all those things."

"Will..." Buffy protested, shaking her head slightly.

"Buff...I know you have doubts and insecurities and fears...we both do. But I'm going to be right here to help you through them."

"You promise?"

"I cross my heart." Willow said, pantomiming the motion.

"Good...cause I don't think I could do this without you." The Slayer's voice cracked on the last syllable and she had to fight hard to keep her emotions in check.

"I wont let you...as long as you do the same for me." Willow had no compunction about letting her feelings show as silvery tears slipped down her cheeks.

"I promise." Buffy said, resting her forehead on Willow's and wiping her tears away with tender fingers.

"I love you Buffy Summers." Willow said, with shining eyes.

"Who me?" Buffy said with a watery grin.

"Yes you, you Gooberhead." Willow grinned back at her.

"Did you just call me a Gooberhead?" Buffy said, finding the nitch in Willow's side where she knew her lover was the most ticklish and tickling her unmercifully.

"Ack! No...stop...can't breathe..." Willow managed to get out between spurts of laughter.

Buffy relented as Willow buried her head against her neck, content to just wrap her arms around her lover and hold her. "I could stay like this forever." Buffy breathed, as she relaxed into the pleasantly warm feeling holding her lover gave her.

Willow hummed in contentment, feeling her world righting itself again. "Somebody could walk in here, you know." Willow prodded her gently, after a few minutes of cuddling.

"Yeah...they can walk right back out again too." Buffy grunted, not wanting to move. It was funny, Buffy reflected, that Giles chose that exact moment to walk into the kitchen carrying the last of the grocery bags. She watched as he peered curiously around the kitchen until his gentle eyes came to rest upon the snuggling couple and she saw his face start to turn red.

"Um, I'm sorry to interrupt...but the ice cream was starting to melt." He explained, lifting his eyebrow as a way of asking if everything was all right.

"It's all right, Giles." Buffy said, as they both stood. "It's probably a good idea to get those put away before they spoil...or melt...or something." They went over to help Giles unload the bags, casting loving looks at each other as they put the groceries away.

Giles noticed the chemistry floating around the kitchen, and as soon as he was finished he made a quick excuse and exited the kitchen, leaving the two women alone as they gravitated to each other again.

The two entranced women never noticed Giles leaving, never noticed the door swinging as it shut behind him, never noticed anything but the strong pull each felt when they were around each other.

Willow didn't even remember being placed on the kitchen counter, as the feeling of Buffy's lips on hers sent her into another world of pure sensation. She felt Buffy nibble across her jawline and up, until she found that spot on her earlobe that sent Goosebumps all over her body. Willow felt herself sinking into the sensations almost forgetting where she was as Buffy moaned low in her ear, and pressed up against her, slipping easily between her spread legs. It wasn't until she heard Giles bidding Joyce goodnight that she remembered where they were and realized they shouldn't be doing what they were doing. "Mmm...Buffy we can't...not here..." Willow murmured, her heart beat pounding loud in her chest.

"Do you trust me, Will?" Buffy whispered, passionately, in her ear.

"Wha...of course." Willow replied, a little distracted by Buffy's lips which continued to suck on her ear lobe.

"Wrap your legs around me." Buffy urged, moving her hands down to circle Willow's waist. She waited until Willow had complied, albeit hesitantly, before she moved down to her butt and lifted her off the counter.

Willow could feel the strength in the Slayer's arms and legs as she held her, the muscles rippling under the skin. She held tightly to the Slayer's shoulders, feeling completely safe and secure, as Buffy carried her out of the kitchen, past the gawking occupants of the living room, and up the stairs.

"Buffy...what?" Joyce stared in shock at the sight that had passed her leaving her speechless.

"Night, Mom." She heard Buffy call back to her as she saw Willow waving at them distractedly.

Oz and Joyce shared a quiet look before Oz said. "I don't want to know."

"Neither do I." Joyce replied, shaking her head at the outrageous acts of her daughter.


At first, Willow felt a twinge of embarrassment at being carried up the living room stairs, but when Buffy had shut the door, shutting the rest of the world out with it, and laid her gently on the bed, all she could see was love filled blue eyes, and everything else disappeared. She reached up and grasped the hand that was gently tracing her face, and brought it to her mouth kissing it softly. "I love you...Buffy." she whispered, watching the eyes she loved so much fill with gentle tears.

"Love you, too, Wills." Buffy whispered back, her heart beating a mile a minute. It always affected her so profoundly when they were alone like this. Like her very heart lay before her, and all she had to do was reach out and grab it. Her breathing caught in her throat as she reached out a trembling finger and traced Willow's lips, feeling their softness beneath her fingertip, licking her own lips in an unconscious mimic of what her finger was doing.

Willow's lips felt like they were on fire, Buffy's finger leaving a scorching path of heat as she traced them. Hypnotic blue eyes seared her as they followed the finger's path down over her chin, along the long slope of her neck, to rest at the pulse point in her throat that was pulsing wildly. Willow gulped at the heady sensation, watching her lover's face light up as her affected state was made apparent to her.

"Is that a rabbit in your throat or are you just happy to see me?" Buffy grinned at the dazed look in Willow's eyes as she leaned over and traced with her tongue the same path her finger had taken, stopping to suck gently at the throbbing pulse point. She felt as well as heard her lover moan, the sound vibrating through their bodies. She groaned back in sympathy, feeling Willow's hands thread through her hair as she lay down on the bed, lying half on top of her as she continued to suck on the sweet skin of her neck, feeling the blood pulse beneath her lips.

Buffy's finger continued its curious journey, being joined by its counterparts as they spread over the soft slope of Willow's breast. It idly traced the sensitive nipple that was hidden by the soft cotton of her lover's blouse. Buffy groaned as she felt it pebble familiarly at the attention it received. The attention she loved to give it. Hearing Willow's breathing hitch and feeling her start to wiggle under the gentle teasing, Buffy's fingers moved from their target, hearing a low groan as the light pinching was automatically missed, and moved to unbutton the blouse that was impeding her access to the soft pink flesh. She opened it with no hurry to end the delicious torture, and every button that was released revealed more skin which Buffy was compelled to taste, her lips tickling the skin as she placed open-mouthed kisses over every inch.

"Buffy...please..." Willow panted, all too ready to release the shirt that was hindering the wanted attentions. She watched with smoldering green eyes as Buffy pulled the tails out of the waist of her jeans. She felt gentle fingers spreading over her belly, tracing the softened curves. She shook the shirt off, pulling it out of the way as a warm tongue moved over her belly, blonde hair caressed her skin, as she watched her love's utter fascination with that part of her body.

"Buff..." Her voice was smoky as she tried to get her attention, craving the shear intensity that existed between them. Blue fire created a spark that quickly spread into a raging inferno inside as their eyes met, and then their lips joined in intense passion. Their tongues battled for several seconds before Buffy sucked on Willow's tongue, increasing the burning in her abdomen. She groaned as Buffy's fingers made quick work of removing her bra, sending it flying across the room to hit with a splat against the door, before it dropped to the floor. They made their way back to her nipples, which were already tightening from the shear pleasure running through her blood stream. Her moans filled the room and Buffy's mouth as fingers tightened on her sensitized nipples, then started to roll them sending delicious sparks of joy through her body to the pressure that was building further below.

Buffy's mouth watered as she longed to taste the nipples her fingers were teasing. Leaving Willow's mouth with one last kiss, she dropped her head, making her way over the soft sweet skin until she reached her destination, her fingers vacating the area with one last tweak, and wrapped around Willow's back so she could pull her up. Her mouth found its target easily and she groaned as the sweet taste consumed her.

Willow gasped sharply as the wet lips wrapped around her nipple, pulling on the sensitive skin with her tongue before gently sucking on it . Her fingers tightened in the Slayer's hair, holding her head steady in the spot she wanted her the most at the moment. She felt the fingers of Buffy's other hand tease her other nipple and it doubled the amount of lust the ministrations of the Slayer sent to her center of desire.

Warmth built as her wetness grew, and she wrapped her legs around the Slayer's legs pressing her aching need against her.

Buffy could lose herself in the softness of her breast, relishing the taste of Willow's skin. She loved to tease it, biting it gently, before laving the pain away with her tongue. She imagined what it would be like as they got bigger with Willow's pregnancy, how they would taste like when the baby came and they filled with milk. She wondered secretly to herself if she was demented for wanting to taste her lover's milk, but didn't give the idea a whole lot of consideration as she felt the urgency building in Willow.

Reluctantly leaving her spot, she slid down to Willow's legs, kissing her lover's belly and saying "Hi." to her child that grew within. She unbuttoned Willow's jeans with deft fingers, and slid them down her legs, stopping to take off her lovers shoes, she threw them out of the way before she slid the jeans completely off. She slid her panties off in the same fashion, then spent several moments just looking at her lover, marveling in the exquisite beauty that lay before her. "You're so beautiful Will." Buffy murmured, her blue eyes shining with passion.

No matter how much Willow started to feel self conscious or unattractive when she looked in the mirror, it all disappeared when Buffy looked at her like that. She watched in anticipation as her passionate lover removed her own clothes, revealing the lithe form beneath. Her breath caught in her throat every time she saw the beautiful body, unable to believe that somebody so gorgeous was actually hers, and what astounded her even more was that this goddess felt the same way about her.

Buffy slowly crawled back up her body, sliding over the wicca with as much contact she could manage, never wanting to loose the feeling the hackers skin left in her. Her eyelids closed involuntarily at the sensation, and when she opened them again she was gazing down into passion glazed green eyes. Buffy moaned as their lips met again, losing herself in the connection between their two hearts.

Willow wrapped her legs around the Slayer's hips, relishing the feeling of her lover's touch as the two started to move together in that ageless rhythm. Her hands roamed the Slayer's body, searching out every spot of desire that she had discovered previously.

Buffy smiled as she knew this was going to be an all nighter. "Whoo hoo!" She thought happily to herself, before the raging desire took any and all thoughts from the Slayer's head.


One very contented lover woke up early the next morning, her drowsy eyes greeted by the sight of the red head sleeping on her chest. Her arms tightened around her still sleeping lover, as she smiled down into the peaceful face. Every time with Willow felt like the first time, and she wondered for the umpteenth time how she ever got so lucky. Feeling the need to do something wonderful for her partner, she decided to make her breakfast in bed. Easing out from under her, hearing only a low whimper as protest from Willow as she rolled over, burying her head in the covers. Buffy found her bathrobe and threw it over her naked form. Casting one last look at the beautiful pose, she tightened the sash around her waist and tiptoed out of the room and down the stairs.

Buffy noticed Xander still sleeping in the recliner. Her mom must have not wanted to disturb him last night, but Oz was conspicuously absent from the couch, and she looked around the nearly empty living room wondering where he was.

She found him sitting on a kitchen stool at the breakfast nook having a bowl of cereal. "You're up early." Buffy commented, walking over to the counter and looking dubiously at the stove. She didn't know why she was suddenly apprehensive. She'd made Thanksgiving dinner by herself, breakfast should be a piece of cake.

"You too." Oz noted, in return. His calm hazel eyes peering back at her undisturbed.

Buffy shrugged unconsciously. "I thought I'd make Will some breakfast."

"Oh." Oz nodded. "Breakfast in bed. Always a Will pleaser."

Buffy didn't even want to think about how Oz knew that, images of a dancing imp would start appearing in her head. So she decided to let sleeping dogs lie, at least where Will in bed was concerned. "Look Oz...I'm...I'm sorry I reacted so badly to your showing up yesterday. I wasn't expecting it and well...I'm just sorry, okay?" Buffy stared hard at Oz wondering what his reaction would be.

Oz nodded thoughtfully. "Thanks. You know...you handled that a lot better than I would have."

Buffy shrugged nonchalantly, not necessarily feeling that was true, but she wasn't about to argue the point with him while she went about preparing scrambled eggs and Kosher bacon for Will's breakfast.

She was just pouring the eggs into the sizzling hot frying pan when Willow walked into the kitchen, wiping muzzily at her sleep crusted eyes. She made an adorable sight, dressed in a blue terry cloth bathrobe and bunny slippers, hair sticking up in all directions, her green eyes looking blearily around the kitchen. Buffy saw the bemused expression on her face as she stopped and took in the sight of Buffy and Oz in the kitchen together...not killing each other.

Buffy smiled at her not quite awake lover. "I thought you were sleeping." She said, cheerfully, as she kissed her lightly on the forehead, careful to keep the spatula she was holding in her right hand pointed away from her.

"Mm...missed you...what's going on?" Willow asked, leaning against her sleepily.

"Well...I was making you breakfast in bed...but now that you're up...it's kinda moot." Buffy said, squeezing the soft form gently, as she wrapped the long arms around her and returned her attention to the sizzling scrambled eggs and bacon. She relaxed back against her, hearing Oz shifting on his stool behind them.

"I think I'll go get an early start on the Christmas shopping." Oz said, as he stood and put his bowl in the sink, before slipping out the kitchen door. Buffy watched him go, feeling a slight twinge of guilt at making him uncomfortable, but the feel of Willow's arms around her chased it away.

"I didn't mean to scare him away." Willow commented, resting her head on Buffy's shoulder.

Buffy stared at the kitchen door for a second, before she sighed. "I don't think it was you really...just seeing us together. I know it gave me a wiggins watching you with Oz when you were together. It can't be any more fun for him."

Willow nodded, slightly, before she decided to put it out of her head. "Thanks for making me breakfast. I'm starving. I think somebody worked up my appetite last night." Willow murmured, coyly, nibbling on the back of the Slayer's neck.

"My pleasure." Buffy hummed, stroking the arm that circled her waist. She relaxed in the embrace of her lover as she cooked her breakfast...knowing that later they would have things to deal with. Celebrating the holidays had taken on a new dimension, what with the addition of Oz to their little party. Buffy wasn't sure how she was going to deal with that yet. Hopefully she and Oz could settle into some kind of understanding, but until then they would probably keep a wary distance between each other. But right now, all Buffy wanted to do was share a peaceful breakfast with her love, and that's what she intended to do.

The end(until next time)

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