Wonderful Days...Glorious Nights by Shyfox

Wonderful Days...Glorious Nights

Disclaimer: The characters of B:TVS belong to Joss Whedon, I do not intend to make money off of this little venture, just have a little fun and give the girls a nice ride as well.:-)
This picks up where Kirayoshi's "Stranger in her eyes," left off...he gave me four Honeymoon days left to play with...so I'm gonna play with em.:-) Enjoy.
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Let me tell ya bout the way she loves me.
Oooh, I want the world to know.
I'm crazy about the way she love me.
Oooh, I'm proud to let it show.

I'll have this feeling to the day that I day.
when I hear my baby calling.
A simple motion, the look in her eyes.
And I'm helplessly falling.

I give over all of somebody else.
For any piece of her heart that's left.
She knows me better than I know myself.

Let me tell ya bout the way she loves me.
Oooh, I want the world to know.
I'm crazy about the way she love me.
Oooh, I'm proud to let it show.

I came close to letting this dream pass me by.
Just like a fool second guessing.
I could have spent my life wondering why.
I didn't cherish the blessing.

If I'd had known she'd come my way.
The lonely nights would have been okay.
I have a promise that she's going to stay.

Let me tell ya bout the way she loves me.
Oooh, I want the world to know.
I'm crazy about the way she love me.
Oooh, I'm proud to let it show.

Nobody else could do me so right.
A breath of heaven on my darkest night.
I'm going to hold her with all of my might.

-- Richard Marx -- The way she loves me


Buffy woke up slowly, recognizing the posh hotel room Giles had booked the newlyweds into, and which she and her new wife were now reclining luxuriously in the very large Queen sized bed, almost instantly. A slow sensuous smile worked its way onto her face as she remembered that they still had four Honeymoon days left in which to revel in the fact that they were now married, and Buffy planned to take full advantage of the situation.

The initial rocky start to their Honeymoon was something that she supposed she should still feel angry at Tara about, but couldn't bring herself to do so because she actually felt sorry for the shy, bashful Wiccan. Buffy fully admitted that she was lucky to be married to such a beautiful, warm, talented, loving woman and couldn't blame Tara for wanting to have what she herself enjoyed. She wasn't willing to share her wife, however, and hoped that Tara had learned her lesson about trying to take something that didn't belong to her. If she tried it again, Buffy wouldn't let the little witch off again so easily.

But, all things considered, life was actually shaping up to be pretty good for the Slayer. She was married to the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth, they had a miracle of a baby girl on the way, and life couldn't be much better. It actually scared her at how well things were going...after years of living on top of the Hellmouth, she was constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop, but so far it hadn't, and Buffy couldn't help wondering if this was her reward for all of her years of good service in the fight against evil. But then she shook her head; she was being way too fanciful, even for her.

She heard her stomach growling, and grew a Cheshire cat grin as images of the very strenuous workout she had gotten into the night danced through her head. She had indeed followed through on her vision of getting Willow in bed, wearing nothing but a very satisfied grin, which no doubt was the reason she was famished at the moment. Knowing Willow as well as she did, she knew her pregnant wife would be starving as well.

"What do you think, little one?" She asked in a whisper, caressing the spot where her child grew, gently. "Are you hungry?"

"Yeah, I could eat." She grinned as she imagined her child's reply, chuckling quietly to herself. It was something she'd taken to doing lately, taking great amusement in picturing what her daughter would say in any given situation, though she admitted to herself that she'd probably seen 'Look Who's Talking' one too many times.

"Okay...room service, it is." Buffy grinned, as she inched one arm out of the human cocoon she was wrapped in and reached for the phone that was resting on the bedside table. She was still grinning, when someone picked up on the other end. "Hi, this is Buffy Rosenberg-Summers in the Honeymoon Suite...I'd like to order room Service." She loved the little tingle that went down her spine every time she said that.

It didn't take long to order a stack of blueberry pancakes for her wife, and Eggs Benedict and hash browns for herself, along with a fresh pitcher of orange juice for them both. She knew the order would be billed to the room, and the fact that the Council was unwittingly fitting the bill. It was about time she got her well earned rewards. And since it wouldn't be delivered for another twenty minutes...she had plenty of time to sink back into the warm cocoon and snuggle.

That's what she'd honestly had in mind, her hands however, had grown minds of their own, and before she knew it, they were busy tracing the soft skin, following paths they had learned over time in painstakingly clear detail. She grinned impishly, as Willow started to murmur and moan in her sleep, responding to the increasingly seductive touch.

"mmm...Buffy..." Willow's sleepy voice sounded both protestful and encouraging, as if she was of two minds on whether she wanted the sweet touches to continue.

"Hmm?" Buffy breathed in question, licking a nearby ear.

"Didn't you get enough last night?" the wiccan asked, even as her breathing increased and her voice grew more raspy.

Buffy chuckled deeply in response, as she heard her wife gasp from a well placed touch.

"I guess not," Willow sighed, an appreciative smile growing on her perfectly shaped mouth, before she rolled into the Slayer's embrace, losing herself in the heady desire as she sank into a deep, long-lasting kiss.


"Room Service."

The knock on the door startled them both out of a pleasant haze. Buffy had temporarily forgotten that she had ordered the food. Willow shot her a questioning look, and if ever there was a V-8 moment, it was now. Buffy grinned ruefully at the look, before explaining. "I thought you would be hungry when you woke up, so I ordered room service. I didn't count on..." At the mischievous look in Willow's eyes, Buffy found herself turning crimson. "I'll get the door," she mumbled, rubbing her face, as she slipped out of bed.

A silk robe settled over her body, just before she answered the door, and the attendee got a brief flash of tan skin before Buffy pulled the sash tight, pulling the loose material of the robe together. She could see the man's brown eyes widening, as she pulled the table into the room and figured he hadn't been working for the hotel that long. Most hotel employees would probably be used to seeing people in various states of undress, and wouldn't have been shocked at her appearance. "Thanks," she said, flashing the guy a grin, before she closed the door, leaving him gawking at the wooden door.

She started giggling, shaking her head as she pushed the table into the bedroom. The sight that greeted her was enough to take her breath away...it happened every time. Willow still laid relaxed on the mattress, only covered by a silk sheet, her arms and shoulders bare to the conditioned air. She was idly playing with the ring that graced her left hand, and she had a curious, bemused look on her face, as if she still couldn't believe that it was real.

Willow looked up to see the soft grin on her wife's face. A matching grin crept over her own, and she almost forgot about the food Buffy had brought in with her. But then the aroma of the blueberry pancakes reached her nostrils, and she heard her stomach growling with hunger.

Buffy laughed at the sound, a warm sparkle lighting her eyes. "Boy that sounds ominous. We'd better feed the beast." She poured them each a glass of orange juice from the pitcher that was sitting on the table, then handed Willow her plate of pancakes, loaded with blueberries and whipped cream.

With a ravenous spirit, Willow dug heartily into the pancakes, thoroughly enjoying the way the fresh fruit burst in her mouth with flavor. And the fresh whipped cream was just the right amount of sweet.

Buffy loved to watch her wife eat. It was as if she was performing a marathon, or she thought that she'd never eat again. Buffy knew that it was because of the pregnancy, but she couldn't help grinning at the sight. She only did it when she was sure Willow wouldn't notice, though. She didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable, but she really thought it was cute the way she shoveled it in.

Willow noticed the blue stare and picked her head up to meet her wife's eyes. A red eyebrow rose as she noticed the sparkle dancing within them, and she paused in mid-action...her fork hanging in air. "What?" She questioned finally, wondering exactly what Buffy was grinning at.

The Slayer was nothing, if not a quick thinker, and the instant she got caught staring she already had a plan to divert her adorable red head's attention. Besides, this was going to be fun...and tasty.

"You've got whipped cream..." Buffy moved forward, moving to meet the red head's face. "right...here" she whispered the last part, before kissing the dab of whipped cream off of the side of her wife's lips.

Willow moaned low, almost losing track of her plate as Buffy continued to taste her lips. They relished in the warm contact for a moment, enjoying the sensation, before Buffy pulled back, the warm smile still present on her face.

"That tastes good." Buffy giggled, seeing the dazed look on Willow's face.

Willow blinked, before a seductive grin moved over her lips. "Do you want some more?"

Buffy's eyes grew round at the obvious enticement in Willow's voice. She nodded her head emphatically, while placing her plate out of harms way. She had a feeling things were about to get very interesting. She watched as Willow swirled a finger in the sweet tasting cream, before offering it to the entranced Slayer. With a small moan of surrender, Buffy opened her mouth and sucked the finger in, swirling the flavors around with her tongue.

Willow felt every pull of the Slayer's tongue, as hot sparks of desire cascaded through her body. Buffy moved, straddling her legs, as she picked up a piece of the pancake and fed it to the waiting wiccan. She ate more slowly this time, less as a means of nourishing her body, and more of a way of stimulating the electricity that arced between them. She nibbled on the fingers that fed her, hearing Buffy's breathing increase at the rough yet tender motions.

With a glow in her eyes, Willow took another fingerful of the sweet cream and drew a line down the Slayer's throat. She watched the blonde tilt her head back, letting out a sensuous groan, as her finger got lost between the thin folds of the silk robe.

"It's a good thing we've got maid service to clean the sheets." Buffy managed to rasp out, before Willow latched onto her throat like a thirsty vampire, sucking on the sweet tasting skin. 'This could get messy' was the last coherent thought she had for quite some time.


Buffy felt completely at peace, as she laid basking in the sun. They had decided that they couldn't spend the whole day in their room...and since they were playing hooky for the rest of the week, at Buffy's insistence, they had plenty of time to frolic in the warmth.

She had finally managed to get them poolside, after convincing Willow that she did not at all look fat in her bathing suit. Her wife was feeling somewhat uncomfortable about her appearance, but the one piece bathing suit just accentuated what Buffy already found to be the most beautiful body God ever created. She proved her point by paying a lot of attention to the body she loved so much, caressing the rounded middle with a great deal of love and devotion. The passion in her expression was what convinced Willow the most, surrendering helplessly to the heat in the bright blue eyes. Buffy would just not allow her wife to think of herself as less then perfect in any way.

Now they laid side by side on matching lounge chairs, watching the hotel's residents as they went by. Willow's insecurities showed their ugly heads, as she watched the women walk by. Most of them were beautiful, svelte and endowed, they looked like Playboy models. She cast a glance over at her wife, to see if Buffy was watching them, but it was hard to tell because of the Slayer's dark sunglasses.

Buffy felt Willow's edginess, without even having to look at her, and it made her sigh. She turned her head to stare at her wife, who seemed to be shocked at the sudden attention. "Do you trust me?" she asked abruptly, catching the red head off guard.

"What?" An eyebrow lowered in perplexion.

"Do...you...trust...me?" the Slayer sounded out again, waiting for a response.

"Yes. Of course I do," Willow replied, as if that had never been in question.

"Then you have to know that you're the most beautiful person here...or anywhere for that matter." Buffy said, with total conviction.

"Buffy..." The red head hedged, not feeling especially beautiful at the moment.

"Willow...you're my wife," Buffy started, in a low voice, "and you're carrying my child. So, forgive me if I think that you're the most beautiful person in the world. None of these other people could ever stand a chance against you."

Willow wasn't sure whether she wanted to hug the life out of Buffy, or just cry. 'Stupid hormones' She thought, aggravated with herself, as she wiped the few tears that managed to leak out away. "Thanks...I was being a poophead," she eventually said, offering up an apologetic smile.

"No you weren't...well, maybe a little. But it's okay, I love you anyway," Buffy answered, shooting her an impish grin. "And you, my friend, need more sunscreen." She said, noticing the slightly pinkish skin. She grabbed the bottle, that was conveniently resting by her chair, and moved over to Willow's, moving her wife's feet over so she could sit next to her.

"I didn't notice...I think you just like putting it on me," Willow teased with a wicked grin, secretly enjoying the attention.

"You're right I do," Buffy agreed, as she massaged the protective lotion into her love's skin. "Plus, there's the added bonus of not hearing you say ouch tonight when I'm trying to make love to you."

Willow blushed scarlet, and was glad that there wasn't anyone close enough to them to overhear.

"You know, you're very cute when you're pink...except when you have a sunburn." Buffy was thoroughly enjoying teasing her.

"Buffy..." Willow groaned, rolling her eyes good naturedly.

"Okay...I'll stop teasing you...if you'll give me a kiss," the Slayer bargained with a smile, and was pleasantly surprised when the Wiccan met her with a long enjoyable kiss.

"There. Does that satisfy the deal?" the wiccan inquired with a grin, one fine eyebrow raised.

"Wow," Buffy said, unable to believe her shy wiccan had actually just done that.

Willow giggled, then rested her head back against the lounge chair. Looking around, she noticed some of the people were carrying and sipping refreshing looking drinks. "Hey, Buff. They have fruity drinks. I want a fruity drink."

Buffy looked at Willow, amusement shining in her eyes. "One fruity drink coming right up," Buffy said, before making her way over to where they were selling them.

Willow was watching her wife walk across the pavement toward the vendor, when a loud cry erupted from the diving board of the pool. She turned to look, right before a huge splash soaked her from head to foot. Brushing the wet hair out of her eyes, she watched the water, until a guy's head popped up above the water. Seeing what he had done, he swam over to the side of the pool, not far from where she sat, and climbed out.

"I'm really sorry about that," the guy said, brushing dark, wet hair out of his eyes. "But one of my buddies pushed me, and I wasn't able to control my descent. Are you okay?" He seemed to be about her age, tall, muscley, and with the darkest brown eyes she had ever seen. He had Xander beat, hands down.

"I'm fine...It's just water. My name is Willow," She told him, smiling.

"Tony," He greeted. He looked her up and down, noticing how wet she was, and also that she was pregnant. 'Oh man, she looked so cute from the other side. I bet she has a really big husband', he thought, wincing internally at the thought of some great big, wrestler type guy coming after him for getting his wife all wet. "Can I get you a towel, or anything? Here I am, dripping all over you. Tell you what, I'll go get my towel...I'll let you use it first, then I'll dry myself off."

"Oh you don't have to..." The earnestness on his face was endearing.

"Please, it's the least I can do. I'll be right back," he said, as he ran towards the other side.


Buffy had just reached the small booth, and ordered virgin daiquiris, when she felt a finger tapping on her shoulder. Turning around, she noticed a guy with a remarkable resemblance to Leonardo Dicaprio, who apparently was waiting in line.

"Excuse me, I know this may sound like a stupid line. But I was just wondering what a pretty girl like you was doing alone in a place like this?" He gestured at the surrounding area, smiling charmingly, at least so he thought.

'Great, did he steal that line from a movie?' Buffy thought, rolling her eyes. "I'm on my honeymoon," she said, a grin lighting her face as she showed him her wedding ring.

Romeo raised an eyebrow cockily when he saw the simple golden band, unadorned by any diamond ring to match. 'Not much of a husband if he can't even afford an engagement ring.' "Nice ring," he said, although his tone indicated nothing of the kind. "Where did he get it? A Cracker Jack box?"

Buffy's brow darkened, and she turned attention back to the bartender, who rolled her eyes in a comical way, while continuing to mix the drinks. She perceived a strange shift in emotion, and for some strange reason knew that it wasn't coming from her. Turning her head, in the direction of where she had left her wife waiting, she noticed the intense green stare coming from her lovely red head and wondered why she was staring at her like that. 'Oh right, jerkoff behind me. But wait, how did she know he was coming on to me?'

She decided to leave that alone for now, as her stomach was tensing up from pent up anxiety. 'Really freaky.'

"Hey, I'm sorry. That was out of line," Romeo continued, hoping to dig himself out of the hole he had fallen into with her. "I just think that a beautiful woman like yourself should be with someone who can take care of you. Can he do that? Is he good enough for you, cause baby, I promise I would be."

'God, doesn't he ever give up?' Buffy thought crossly, then smiled as she thought of one way she could get rid of him. "I don't know. You tell me," she said, chippily, as she turned him around. "She's right over there," she pointed in Willow's direction, then smiled and waved at her perplexed wife, who waved back. And she noticed distractedly that the anxious feeling had disappeared like magic.

She laughed as Romeo couldn't seem to disappear fast enough. She turned back to the bartender who had finished making her drinks. "Could you bill these to the Honeymoon suite?" she requested, wanting to hurry up and get back to Willow.

"Nope...this one's on me," the bartender said, a wry smile lighting her face. "It's about time somebody taught Cassanova a lesson. Congratulations on your Honeymoon."

"Thanks." Buffy smiled, then turned and left the stand, leaving behind the merry sound of the bartender's laughter.


"So...if you don't mind me asking...how long have you been married?" Tony asked, having returned with the towel. He watched Willow towel herself dry, noticing that she really was very attractive, even if she was pregnant.

"Oh...about four days." Willow grinned, lighting up at the mention. "We're on our Honeymoon." Finished with the towel, she handed it back to him.

"Oh...congratulations," Tony said, nervously shifting from foot to foot. "Will he kill me if he sees me standing here talking to you?"

The question caught Willow unaware, and she had to clamp down on her natural inclination to laugh at the wrong use of gender. "I don't think so. Not unless you're trying to hit on me."

"Who's trying to hit on you?" A distinctively feminine voice said from behind them, and Willow turned to watch the beautiful blonde saunter up to them.

"Nobody. Unlike somebody else we both know," Willow answered, fire still burning in her eyes from the earlier incident. "This is Tony...he got me wet."

Buffy raised an eyebrow at the comment, but Willow didn't seem to notice the look in the suddenly steely blue eyes. 'Oh he did...did he?' Buffy thought snarkily, glaring over at the somewhat attractive man. Buffy handed Willow her drink, then circled her waist possessively, claiming ownership over the redhead.

Tony stared in shock at the obvious ownership the blonde was presenting, then gulped as the hard stare hit him like a cold iron rod.

The staring contest lasted for a good long minute, before Buffy smiled insincerely, and cleared her throat. "Well, you'll have to excuse us, Tony. But we were just going to take a walk on the beach."

"We were?" Willow inquired, this being the first she had heard of it.

"Yeah...you know...all that sand and surf? You just love all that sand and surf," Buffy rambled, handing Willow her sandals. "Got to get there before the tide comes in."

"Pleasure meeting you, Tony," Buffy called over her shoulder as she dragged an apologetic Willow away from the stunned man.


"That was just a little bit rude, don't you think?" Willow asked, when Buffy had finally fallen to a more sedate pace.

"What?" Buffy asked, trying to look innocent. Though why she bothered she wasn't quite sure, since Willow could always read her like a book. "I thought it would be romantic to take a walk on the beach."

Willow's look told her that she wasnt buying it, but she couldn't admit to the hot flash of jealousy that she had felt when she had seen them standing there, laughing together like a couple of old friends.

"Buffy, you didn't even talk to him. And you practically pulled my arm out of the socket trying to get me away from him."

"I'm sorry, Will. I just...I don't want to share you with anyone right now. It's our honeymoon. It's bad enough I had to put up with Tara being in my body..." Buffy's eyes widened, as she nearly choked on the words. She hadn't meant for that to come out, although the whole incident had been bothering her.

Willow looked nearly as stunned as she felt, and as she watched the pale face turn paler, Buffy could've kicked herself to the moon and back. "I...I'm so sorry. I didn't mean...I don't know why I said that." They stopped and looked at each other, hearing the seagulls crying over the sound of the waves crashing on the beach, and it was like the whole world stood still.

Buffy searched aimlessly for any words that could take back what she had just said, but she kept coming up short. "It's okay." Willow said calmly, reading the look in her eyes. "I guess we need to talk about that, huh?"

"Well, we haven't really talked about it, yet. I didn't want to be a dark cloud, especially on our Honeymoon." Buffy met the understanding green eyes for a moment, then looked away, staring somberly at the white turbulent surf, that she herself felt like she was drowning in at the moment.

"We've always been able to talk about anything with each other." Willow reminded her wife, gently. Taking her hand in hers, Willow sat down on a dune, pulling her love down with her while watching the still face before her, intently. "Let's not stop now."

Buffy shifted her attention back to the beautiful red head, wondering what she had ever done to deserve such a caring mate. "You want the truth?" she asked, a self-degratory twist taking over her mouth.

"For as long as we both shall live." Willow prompted gently, squeezing the hand she had captured with her own.

Buffy took a deep breath, letting it out slowly as she prepared herself mentally for the confession. "I don't think I'd ever been so scared in my whole life." She admitted ruefully, watching for any flicker of emotion. "When I saw Tara's dorm room...excuse me...the shrine to Willow..." If a derisive note had entered her voice at that moment, Willow didn't seem to notice. "And I knew what she had done...all I could think about was getting to you and making sure you were all right." Willow traced her face lightly, and she knew some of her fright in that moment had been understood by her lover. "Course, then the stupid ape that was guarding the entrance wouldn't let me in." Buffy grumbled, sidling up to her wife and laying her head on the red head's shoulder. For some reason, she had always felt more safe and secure when she was closer to Willow's side.

Willow wrapped one arm around Buffy's shoulder and kissed the top of her head. It was good that they were airing this finally. Buffy's propensity to hold things bottled up inside of her was legendary, but sooner or later Willow knew the bottle would break, it always did, and she hoped that it would always be her that the Slayer turned to when it did.

"He didn't know, Buffy."

"No...he didn't." Buffy agreed grudgingly. "But if I ever see him again, I'm so going to give him a piece of my mind." Willow smiled at the obvious aggravation in her wife's tone. She could easily imagine a confrontation between Buffy and this ape of a bouncer, the surprise and confusion on his face would be a sight to see. "Anyway, you can imagine the great relief I felt when I found Giles on patrol and told him what was going on."

Buffy decided to skip over the Spike part. It would do her wife no good to know that she had almost become a Vampire's milkshake while in Tara's body, although she still shuddered to think about it. "Actually, the relief came after I convinced him and the rest of the gang who I really was. I think they've lived on the Hell mouth too long. They're turning into sceptics."

Willow thought it was really cute the way Buffy had picked up her habit of babbling. She wondered if she should mention it to the obviously disturbed Slayer, then thought better of it.

"When I saw Tara in my body, with her hand on you...hurting you...I..." The memory of the rage that had surged within her was strong...taking her breath away at the unrelenting power of it. "It's a good thing Giles held me back. I've never wanted to hurt someone so badly in my life. Course, she was in my body at the time, so I probably would have been the one to get pummeled." Buffy allowed ruefully.

Turning her head to examine the beautiful woman that sat beside her, who was staring back at her just as intently. It occured to her that she had never doubted that Willow would believe her, that she would somehow see her soul shining back from very differen't colored eyes. "I don't know why I had been so afraid that you wouldn't be able to tell it wasn't me. You've always been able to see the real me."

A velvet hand threaded through her hair, and Buffy sighed, closing her eyes as she leaned into the touch. "And I always will. You're my Buffy...and I love you."

A silent tear slid through the blond lashes, before the blue eyes opened and Willow lost herself in the love and devotion that enveloped her. "I love you too, Wills. Forever."

They felt the need to hug then, to feel the strength and support flowing around them, and they did for a long while...feeling the comfort of each other's embrace and the warmth of the sun on their backs.


"So...no more jealousy? For either one of us?" Willow questioned, as they walked across the white sandy beach, making a pact with her spouse.

"Okay..." Buffy nodded slowly. "Although I think I have to warn you that I'm always going to be extremely possessive of you."

"Warning taken...as long as you don't mind that the same goes for me." Green eyes danced, as resolve face fell into place.

"Deal." They sealed the agreement with a kiss.


They were just sitting down for dinner in the hotel restaurant when Willow noticed Tony enter the dining area. Oooh, time to test out that new pact of ours. "Hey, that's Tony." She commented and waved at him. Buffy raised an eyebrow at her wife, then tried not to glower at the man, who at first seemed a bit confused then smiled at the obvious greeting.

'I will not be jealous...I will not be jealous...I will not be jealous.' Buffy said, in way of mantra to herself, while watching the semi-attractive man approach them.

"Hi...uh...how was your walk on the beach?" Tony asked, standing next to an empty chair, waiting to see if they really wanted him to join them or not.

"Great." Buffy managed to say, between gritted teeth.

"Wonderful." Willow said, while at the same time she nudged Buffy's leg with her knee. "We were waiting to order, would you like to join us?" Willow asked, noticing two sets of eyebrows rise at the same time.

"Really? That would be great. I'm leaving tomorrow and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to make it up to you for splashing you earlier. Tell you what...why don't you two let me buy, my treat." Tony said, sitting down at the table, next to Willow, and picking up a menu.

'That's great...wonderful...terrific.' Buffy grumped internally. Willow saw the barely hidden glower and hid her amusement, by looking at her menu.

"So...is your husband going to be joining us?" Tony asked, trying to break the ice. Buffy put down the glass of water she had been guzzling to give herself something to do and looked at him, her eyes turning icy blue.

"Husband?" The frost in her tone was unmistakable, and Willow looked up from her menu, wondering if she was going to have a fight on her hands.

"Uh...Buff...he knows that I'm married...he thinks..."

"I'm getting a pretty good idea." Buffy replied, and this time Willow was surprised to hear humor in her tone, as the blue eyes lightened considerably. She held out her hand and showed Tony the ring nestled in it's place on her finger. "I'm the hubby." The cat eating grin on her face almost caused Willow to burst out laughing.

Tony was considerably stunned. Although he had seen the signs of possession before, when Buffy had put her arm around Willow's shoulders by the pool, the truth of the situation didn't sink in on Tony's brain until he connected the dots...or rather the golden wedding bands each girl was wearing. "Oh. Now, I feel like an idiot."

The total look of chagrin on the man's face, wasn't lost on Buffy. "It's okay, it's not like we have flashing neon signs over our heads proclaiming Newlyweds."

Tony looked at her blankly for a moment, then started laughing. "What's so funny?" Buffy asked, looking at him strangely.

"I thought you were going to be a three hundred pound wrestler." At their looks of confusion, Tony explained. "After getting Willow wet earlier, and seeing that she was married...I was having images of The Undertaker coming along and pile driving me into the pavement."

Buffy snorted, having no trouble picturing that mentally, although she couldn't remember ever pile driving somebody she supposed it wouldn't be too much of a challenge. Willow just stared at him, glad he didn't know how close to the truth he had come.


The atmosphere became much more relaxed after that. They found out Tony was here with the rest of his team for a diving meet. They were even more impressed when they learned he was part of the team that was heading for the Summer Olympics in Australia.

"So...you've never been to Sunnydale before?" Buffy asked, consuming her steak with great relish.

"First time." Tony answered, shaking his head. "I haven't seen much of the city outside of this hotel, though. Coach has been pretty strict about us staying in after practice and meets. I don't really get it, it's like he doesn't want us to go out at night or something. It's really weird."

"Yeah, it's weird all right." Buffy agreed, wryly, exchanging looks with Willow. Buffy wondered if the Coach had any idea what roamed the streets of Sunnydale after dark, and if that was the reason he kept such strict rules.

Tony watched the exchange, wondering silently what they knew about this town that he didn't.

"I don't really think it would hurt if we took him Bronzing though. Do you?" Willow asked, questioning Buffy with a look.

Buffy thought about it for a moment. She was pretty sure she could keep him safe, but if anything were to happen to him, she didn't think she wanted to be held responsible for losing the next Olympic Superstar.

"Bronzing?" Tony asked, wondering what the heck that was, and if it would hurt much.

"The Bronze. It's the only nightclub in town...worth going to anyway." Buffy added the last part as an afterthought, wondering if she really was going to do what she was contemplating doing. But the curious look on Tony's face, and the pleading look on Willow's (which Buffy suspected stemmed mostly from Willow's wanting to get jiggy with it with her wife on the dance floor), made the Slayer cave. "And you really should experience it at least once while you're here."


The Bronze was pulsing, full of life, when they walked in. Tony was awestruck as he took in the atmosphere. It wasn't like he'd never been in a club before, he'd been in many all over the country while traveling, but this one seemed more...alive. As if, the people had a greater need to express themselves, a greater need to prove that they were still on the Earth, still a vital part of what made the world go around. The energy was thick with heat and fire and not a little bit of darkness thrown in for good measure.

Buffy watched his initial reaction to the strange world that was the Bronze. No two reactions were ever the same, each person sensed the darkness that they drifted in, in different ways. "What do you think?" She asked, a wild look entering her eyes as the Slayer reacted to the electricity around her.

Tony forced the strange unnervy feeling to the back of his mind, and grinned at her. "It's great. Want to dance?"

Buffy almost laughed as green fire lit her wife's eyes. "You'd better ask my wife, she get's awfully jealous." Buffy teased the red head, her eyes sparkling in the low light of the Bronze.

Willow stuck her tongue out briefly at the teasing blonde, seeing the way the look turned from amusement to pure unadulterated desire and felt the familiar clenching in her gut. "It's fine with me...I'll go grab us a table. Just remember to bring her back. I want to dance with her myself."

By the look in Willow's eyes, Buffy knew exactly how Willow wanted to dance with her, and it filled her with a strong yearning to get her love on the dance floor. Buffy's grin lit the whole club, as she grabbed Tony's hand and pulled him towards the dance floor.

Willow loved to watch her dance, knowing that she could feel her eyes upon her the whole time. Could feel the burning gaze to the bottom of her very soul. Buffy's eyes would find her, over and over again, as she moved touching upon the electrified connection they shared between them. She knew it wouldn't be long before Buffy would come to claim her.

Tony felt like an interloper on the moment, sensing the passion that both women held for each other, feeling the heat that was hot enough to burn if one got too close to the sizzling connection. He was actually glad when the song was over. "I think you should dance with your wife now." He said, feeling a little flustered as she turned passion glazed eyes his way, and knew she had practically forgotten he was even dancing with her.

Buffy had the good grace to blush when she noticed how flushed Tony was and knew that he had probably picked up on her desire. "Uh...yeah...I think you're right. Sorry."

"No need to apologize...I only hope I find someone I love as much as you two do some day."

Buffy grinned in agreement, then as a slow, sexy song started to play turned and focused on the woman that was waiting for her.

Just a touch of heaven....

She danced provocatively up to the table Willow was sitting at. "Dance with me." She said huskily, leaving no room for argument as she pulled her up from her chair and into her arms. Not that she would've gotten any with the way Willow was feeling at the moment.

You're eyes burn through me.
Oh like a raging fire.
I fall blissfully every time you say just one little word.
You know it makes me crazy.

Buffy led her to the dance floor then released her, dancing sinuously around her. Her hands never left Willow completely or for long, however, preferring to hover around her like a butterfly attracted to a sweet smelling flower...or a moth to a flame.

You ask way too much.
Oh when you say that I can look but do not touch.
I have never wanted any other girl.
the way I want you baby.

Willow reached out to touch her, but Buffy pulled out of reach, wagging her finger at her teasingly, while a smile ghosted over her face. Willow pouted and the smile grew broader, as the Slayer danced around her.

"Uh, uh, uh." Buffy murmured in the redhead's ear as she brushed up from behind her. "You don't want to make me all hot and horny, do you?" She nibbled on the nearby ear, hearing her love moan before she darted away, delighting in this sweet torture.

'Something tells me you're already there.' Willow thought desperately, as Buffy stoked the heat of desire within her own body.

I surrender to what I can't control
Drunk with desire I've opened up my soul.

She was surprised within the next moment to find Buffy kneeling before her, swaying with the sensuous tone of the music and kissing her tummy with soft fleeting kisses. She brushed the blonde hair out of her wife's eyes and was burned with the shear heat of her passion.

You know I would go around the world.
I'd take you anywhere.
Oh, baby anywhere
For a touch of heaven.
Tell me what you want
I'd give you anything.
Oh baby, everything.
For a touch of heaven.

Tony watched the couple dancing on the dance floor and hoped that he wasn't as transparent as he felt. They were the living embodiment of what wet dreams were made of and as he watched them he felt the temperature of the room...or was that his body...increase by a good ten or twenty degrees. They were in no uncertain terms very hot, and he dreaded the thought of having to go back to his hotel room alone after watching what was turning out to be an incredibly erotic floor show.

I have dreamed of this.
your body next to mine.
Drowning in every kiss.
I have longed to find that one and only girl.
And I found her in you baby.

Buffy danced up Willow's body slowly, making sure to touch every inch, before meeting the red head's lips in a kiss. Willow sank into the fire as she carresed her love's lips with her own, hearing her moan as she was pulled tighter into the embrace.

All I ever wanted is everything that you are.
Don't leave me longing.
Be tender with my heart.

They continued to dance slowly, ignoring the other people as they were lost to each other completely. Though if either of them were thinking rationally, they would admit that it was less of a dance and more of a make out session standing up.

You know I would go around the world.

I'd take you anywhere...oooh, baby anywhere

For a touch of heaven.
Tell me what you want
I'd give you anything.
Oh baby, everything.
For a touch of heaven.

'This is becoming better than every male fantasy' Tony thought to himself, his eyes open wide as his mind was overtaxed by sensory images. He ignored the guilty wrong feelings that he really shouldn't be this turned on by this, and the nagging feeling that he knew what he was probably going to be dreaming about tonight, too content in the pleasurable haze the two sirens had brought over him.

"Fascinating couple, aren't they?" An extremely seductive, feminine voice asked him, and he looked over at an attractive mysterious female, who was watching the women with interest.

Every one says you've been leading me on.
Too late for warnings I'm already gone.

"Do you know them?" He asked, gulping as she turned violet colored eyes on him and smiled enticingly.

"Let's just say I've heard of them." The woman answered, delighting in the way the young man was looking at her, spell bound.

I surrender to what I can't control.
Drunk with desire I'm giving you my soul.

Buffy swam up from the depths of her desire to notice the song was ending, and that she and Willow were just standing there kissing while people were moving about around them. She broke the kiss and watched as hazed over green eyes cleared. Then watched as an interesting shade of pink took over her wife's cheeks as she realized that they had once again lost themselves in a dance.

She chuckled as Willow ducked her head against her shoulder, all at once conscious of the people milling around her. "Guess this was a bad idea. I get close to you and all I want to do is...maybe we should return to the hotel." Buffy said, trying to shake off the tendrils of desire that were still tugging at her body.

Willow nodded against her shoulder, knowing her body well enough to know that returning to the hotel was probably the best idea. "We'd better find Tony." She murmured, starting to look around. 'Where is he?' She thought, not able to find him at their table, and not seeing him in the gathered crowd on the dance floor.

Then she spotted him, heading out of the bronze with a dark clad female. Her eyebrows raised, as she felt Buffy tighten against her and knew that the Slayer had spotted them too. "Buffy..."

"I'll handle it." Buffy said, her voice suddenly cool and all business. "You wait here...have a seat at the table and don't go anywhere. I'll be right back." She said, before she headed for the door, wishing she'd had the foresight to bring a stake along.


Tony was starting to get scared. He had thought he would take this woman back to his hotel room and relieve some of the built up sexual tension that he had gathered from watching Buffy and Willow grooving on the dance floor. It was his last night in Sunnydale before the team left for Atlanta tomorrow, his last shot to get in a night of good loving before the coach cracked down on them for the last six months before the Summer Olympics. And with the way he had been feeling when he left the Bronze, he was due for some.

But the woman had tricked him into this alley, where she had promptly thrown him up against the wall, holding him in place by one taloned hand. He could feel the fingernails digging into his skin, little pinpricks of pain searing into his throat as he looked up into deep black eyes. "Wh-What are you doing? Why are you doing this?"

The woman smiled at him, no humor shining from the black pits that were her eyes. "Because I'm hungry." She said, looking at him like he was Happy Meal. "And you look tasty." She shifted into a demonic visage, showing him her razor sharp teeth as she smiled at him.

"Wh-what are you?" He asked, hearing his voice squeek with fear. He couldn't help it, he'd never seen anything so hideously ugly, yet so remarkably beautiful in all his life, and his brain couldn't quite deal with the difference in perception.

She didn't answer him, just continued smiling that lethal grin, while moving in on her intended target...his neck. He knew this was it...this was the end of his life..and the thought paralyzed him with fear. He had many regrets. Never completing his training. Never competing at the Olympics. Never finding as remarkable a love as he had seen with Buffy and Willow. But those regrets wouldn't do him any good now.

"Don't you think I'd make a more tasty snack?" He was hallucinating...he had to be, because he thought he had just heard Buffy's voice coming from in back of the monster that held him. He didn't have time to contemplate the thought however, because before he knew what was happening, he was being flung through the air towards where he had heard Buffy's voice coming from.

"Oomph." The person made a sound as he landed on them, but he didn't have long to rest before he was thrown a second time, although a little more gently into a pile of garbage. He couldn't see much, and he wasn't sure he wanted to, but he could clearly hear the sounds of a fight. It continued for long moments that seemed to go on forever, and then he heard as well as felt somebody hit the brick wall beside him. An echoing laugh carried down the alley, sending shivers down his spine. "I'll be seeing you again, Slayer."

Not long after that, he felt an arm grab him and haul him up to his feet. Upon regaining his balance, he looked around disoriented until he encountered Buffy's frustrated face. "Come on. I need to collect Wills, and then we're leaving. You'll be safer back at the hotel."

"Wait a minute." He said, dragging his arm out Buffy's grasp. 'What's going on here? I just got attacked by some...thing...and she's standing there calm, cool and collected like nothing ever happened. What gives?' She had to be the one that had fought it, nobody but the two of them stood there in that alley. And what had that strange thing called her...Slayer?

Buffy crossed her arms over her chest and waited patiently.

"What the hell was that?! And what the hell is a Slayer?!" Tony asked, demanding an answer.

"That was a vampire." She answered quite simply.

"A vampire?" He asked, not knowing if he was the one that was going crazy, or she was.

"Yeah...you know...Bram Stoker? Dracula? Anne Rice?" She said sarcastically, hunting around for some reference that would make sense to him.

"Are you trying to tell me that...that...thing...is a vampire?" Tony asked, his eyes wide in disbelief.

'In a word.' "Yes." Buffy said, staring at him as if she expected him not to think she had just flipped her lid. "Now can we go? I don't like to leave Willow alone in the Bronze that long." You just never knew what could happen.

"No...wait a second. What's a Slayer...and why did she just call you that?"

Buffy sighed, and straightened as she looked at him. "A Slayer is somebody who kills...in my case vampires. A vampire Slayer...someone who hangs around in cemeteries."

Tony was having enough trouble wrapping his mind around the fact that vampires really existed, and now this strange woman was telling him that she actually went around killing the things? "Does Willow know?" He asked, wondering if she really did all that she said she did, or if she really was just plain crazy.

Buffy sighed, shaking her head. "Of course, Willow knows. She's my wife. She knows everything...even helps me once in a while." Buffy said glibly, enjoying watching his face turn white.

"But that's dangerous...she could get hurt...and she's pregnant. Just how did she get pregnant anyhow?"

"Now...you're getting personal." Buffy objected, taking him by the arm and leading him towards the Bronze. He was amazed to discover just how strong she really was. He had felt it a little when she had thrown him of course, but it hadn't really registered on him then. Now, as she dragged him to the club, it did.


"Ouch." Buffy winced as she took off her jacket, revealing the horrid bruise that colored her elbow yellow. Brick walls just weren't made to be bounced off of, at least not if you weren't a ball.

"Oooh. That looks nasty." Willow sympathized, as she entered the bedroom. She watched her partner toss the jacket onto the bed, then crept closer, wincing as she got a better look at her wife's damaged elbow. "I think a good long soak in the hot tub is in order." Willow said, hearing a low groan in agreement as she started to lead the unprotesting Slayer into the bathroom. Did you reach Giles?"

"Yeah, I gave him a heads up. He's doing the research thing, said he'd give us a call if he found anything, but he didn't sound overly optimistic. I wasn't exactly in the best position to be asking for names." Buffy said, looking frustrated. She absolutely detested it when she found herself on the wrong side of a losing battle. "Anyway, he basically said not to worry, to let him handle it, and to enjoy the rest of our honeymoon." She finished with a wryful grin. "There's really no hurry, since she probably will show up again anyway."

"Well, there's a cheerful thought." Willow grinned, half heartedly.

"Just another day in the life for Buffy: the Vampire Slayer." Buffy grinned, humorously. "Sorry. I know this was supposed to be a 'no Slayer' week."

"It's okay. I knew who I was marrying. And I'd rather have the Slayer, than no Buffy at all." Willow said sincerely, smiling at her flustered wife. "Now get in the tub."

Buffy suddenly found herself facing 'resolve face' and had no choice but to say, "Yes ma'am".

As Buffy shed her clothes, an incongruous thought appeared in the lovely red head's brain, bringing a mischievous grin to her face. "Uh, Buffy...not to bring up any bad memories or anything, but...was Faith right?" Willow asked, as she took in the completely revealed and utterly appealing form of her wife.

"Right about what?" Buffy asked, as she stepped into the hot tub, her brow furrowed as she wondered what the psychotic killer could have ever been right about.

"Does slaying make you hungry and horny?" Buffy nearly slipped as the question registered on her exhausted brain. "Willow?!" She spluttered, carefully finding a seat amidst the bubbling water, before turning to stare amused at her grinning bride. "What is this about?"

"I'm curious." Willow shrugged, though her amusement was clear in the bright green eyes.

Buffy watched her for a moment, then tugged on the tie to her bathrobe, pulling her closer. "Curious, huh?" She asked with a grin, waiting until Willow was right beside the tub, before she reached out and encircled her waist. "I don't know what Faith's deal with Slaying was...I don't think I even want to know...but I can tell you, the only thing that consistently makes me hungry and horny is you." She tugged on the belt of the robe as she talked, delighting in slowly loosening the satin fabric. "Now why don't you get in here so I can prove it to you." She said with a seductive grin, removing the material from the pale shoulders and watching as it dropped to the floor, revealing every inch of her wife's body to her enraptured eyes.

"Oooh, yup. Works every time." Buffy said breathlessly, as she helped Willow into the hot tub. Willow blushed at the heat coming from her wife's stare, but melted at the longing in the intense blue eyes.

"I do love you." Willow murmured, kissing Buffy softly as they wrapped around each other, reveling in the warm heat of the hot tub, as well as the heat they produced together.

"I love you too." Buffy said softly, with just a hint of a groan in her voice as she felt Willow's softness merging with her own. She felt the heat they had shared in the Bronze returning, stronger than it had felt before. And if there was some small modicum of truth to the words Faith had said, well Buffy wasn't about to acknowledge it. So what if Slaying made her hungry and horny...only Willow could feed that beast. 'And she does it so well.' Buffy groaned as an afterthought, as she felt the sharp jolt of teeth nibbling over sensitive skin.

The effects of the heat caused her to feel light headed, and she rested her head back against the side of the hot tub, moaning as Willow kissed up the side of her neck and nibbled on her ear.

"Slacking?" Willow teased gently, loving that she made the all powerful Slayer feel weak as a kitten.

"Can't help it. You feel so good." Buffy said, trailing her hands over wet shoulders and back.

"No...you feel...sooo...good." Willow countered, both as a statement to the way Buffy was making her feel, and an acknowledgement that she was making her wife feel pretty darned good too.

"You don't know the half of it." Buffy laughed and groaned at the same time, feeling Willow's body pressing against hers.

"Don't count on it." Willow said with a smile, feeling the way her love's nipples hardened beneath her own, and the taut feel to her body.

"I could do this all night." Buffy cried out, reveling in the touches she was receiving.

"You won't hear any arguments from me." Willow replied, and in fact that was the last word either of them said for quite a while.


An hour later they had relocated to the bed, not wanting to get overly pruny, but the mood hadn't changed. They each took great delight in loving each other, until they could barely breathe, forcing them to rest until they could continue once more.

Finally, they lay huddled in a heap, neither one felt like they could move a muscle.

"This is the best Honeymoon I've ever had." Buffy said, sighing with satisfation, as she stroked Willow's hair.

"It's also the only Honeymoon you've ever had." Willow reminded, wryly.

"Yeah, I know...but still. Whenever I used to imagine what a Honeymoon would be like it was never this perfect." Seeing the rueful look in her wife's eyes, Buffy had to grin. "I know we've hit a few snags...it wouldn't be the Hellmouth without them." Buffy stroked Willow's cheek, turning thoughtful. "But as long as I've got you here...life will always be perfect to me."

Buffy smiled as she saw Willow's eyes turn watery. "Oh, Buff." Willow hugged her Slayer, loving how romantic she could sometimes be.

"Anyways, I've got three wonderful days and three glorious nights left to make this the most perfect Honeymoon experience ever...and I don't plan to waste a moment of it." Buffy kissed Willow's forehead then, brushing the hair away from her face, and promised in that moment to be the best person she could be...both for her and for their unborn daughter.

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