Sappho's Spell: Eavesdropping -- by Shyfox

Disclaimer: The characters of Buffy the vampire Slayer belong to Joss Whedon..and I guess UPN now...hail UPN, savior of Buffy...wheee.:-)

Anywho, this story involves a loving and um...ahem...well...let's just say that if you're opposed to love scenes between two women, this wont be your cup of tea.

This story follows some point after Thank you in the Sappho's spell series.

Oh, by the way, Buffy's reactions toward Brandon Fraser and The Mummy, in no way reflect my own. There...I think that's all....on with the story.


Buffy and Willow were out at a movie, Rupert was....well, he had been doing something for the past week, although he did say he wasn't at liberty to discuss it, which in Giles' world meant that it had something to do with the Watcher's council, that and he had received a call from them about a week ago, and wouldn't say what it had been about. Joyce told herself that it was none of her business, and the man really had the right to some privacy, even though if the Watcher's council was involved, and hence her daughter she thought she really should have some information about it...but Rupert was being close-mouthed for once, and she respected him enough to let him handle things. She supposed, that if it were about Buffy he would tell her...and Buffy about it eventually.

All of this added up though, to an evening at home alone, and she was enjoying it for all that she was worth, all snuggled up in her queen size bed, her comforter doing a great job of being comforting, with just a bowl of popcorn, a glass of wine, and a Marlon Brando movie for company. Not that she minded Buffy or Willow's company, she enjoyed both of her girls, relished in their presence, but once in a while, she did enjoy a nice relaxing evening by herself. It gave her time to unwind, and examine her very full and hectic life. With her job at the museum, her new relationship with Rupert, not to mention the new family Buffy had helped to create, she was finding her plate very full indeed.

Which is why this evening was very much needed. Licking her fingers clean from the buttery popcorn, she turned up the volume with her remote and leaned back against her pillows. 'Ah. This is the life.' She thought, a smile on her face, as complete and total relaxation came to greet her.


Marlon Brando, playing Stanley Kowalski in the movie 'Streetcar Named Desire' was just yelling out for his Stella, when Joyce heard the downstairs door opening, and Buffy and Willow's voices rising up to her.

'Uh oh...trouble in paradise?' Joyce wondered as she overheard them having a very involved conversation about the movie....

"So you're saying you didn't like the movie?" Willow asked, a tinge of upset in her tone.

"No, honey, that's not what I'm saying at all. I thought it was pretty good, and even exciting in places. And that guy playing the just don't think Brandon Frasier is a very good actor." Buffy explained, treading carefully on Willow's raging hormones.

"But what about that scene where he had to get Evelyn back from the Mummy! You didn't think it was all touching when he went to her rescue and saved her, killing the Mummy in the process?" Willow asked, her voice sounding kind of miffed.

"I just don't think it was very realistic." Buffy explained, knowing she was making her wife mad, but not knowing how to backpedal out of it without looking and feeling ridiculous. 'When that Lamaze lady said Will's hormones were going to go out of control, she wasn't kidding...yeesh.' Buffy thought to herself, biting her lip so she wouldn't start grinning like an idiot. She couldn't help it...there was a small part of her...miniscule really...that really, really liked arguing with her wife. It...well...she would never admit this to about a gazillion years...but it really turned her on.

Willow looked at her then, and Buffy could see the fire starting to build in those green eyes. 'Ooooh, on the fire.' Buffy thought to herself, rubbing her hands together mentally, while offering her best 'innocent' look to her wife.

"Are you saying that if I got kidnapped by an evil Mummy you wouldn't come rescue me?" Willow asked, seriously offended.

Buffy cringed initially at the imagery that swept through her head, but as she watched the hazel eyes glaring into her own, sparkling with their own fire and spirit and something very akin to desire, she felt that same desire start swimming excitedly through her own blood stream. She grinned, repentantly, as she answered. "Well you got me there, Will...I'd come in swinging...and then I'd kill the Mummy, but I'd rip his head off with my bare hands." She clenched her hands for emphasis, her eyes lighting with her pent up desire.

"You're so cute when you get worked up like that." Buffy teased, noticing the fire rekindle easily in those green eyes.

"I am not." Willow enunciated clearly, even though she felt the heat rushing to her cheeks.

"You're right...I take that back." Buffy said, nodding her head, while attempting to look serious. Before Willow could speak up, Buffy interjected. "You're beautiful." And seized the lips she'd been dying to kiss all night. Wasn't being married supposed to slow your sexual urges? Make them less potent? Less Frequent? Buffy found the opposite to be true, the longer she was with her, the more she wanted her.

Even now, when the pregnancy had progressed to a very active stage, Willow's body growing larger with child so that Buffy could barely bring her arms completely around her middle, she wanted her...and she had found very interesting ways to get what she wanted.

Willow, who was not expecting the kiss at all, had to grab onto Buffy's shoulders to keep herself from falling. Buffy remedied the situation by wrapping her arms tighter around her love's waist, pinning her to the wall by the stairs. "Mmm...Buffy..." Willow protested, half-heartedly, as she felt her temperature rising, induced by her wife's magic hands.

"Hmm?" Buffy purred, smiling as her hands traced their way up and down her love's body. She had no intention of letting Willow out of this very convenient spot. She had her right where she wanted her...for the moment anyway.

"We can't stay here!" Willow panted, gasping as a strong hand moved over her more sensitive areas, eliciting quivers of desire to run rampant through her body.

"Why not?" Buffy asked, her head quickly becoming clouded as she turned her total focus to making Willow shiver. She grinned as she nibbled on a very delectable earlobe, shivering in sympathy as she felt Willow shake from her attentions.

"Joyce might get know...for a midnight snack..." Willow said, between breaths and gasps of pleasure. "And...look..." Her eyes darted frantically to the clock on the living room wall. "It's almost midnight."

"Mmmhmm," Buffy agreed, still purring. "It's almost midnight." She said, her attention not diverted in the slightest from the deliciously soft skin between Willow's collar bone and chin.

"Buffy...please..." Willow recognized that she was pleading, but was too desperate to care. If they didn't move soon, she was afraid they'd end up making love right there on the living room floor. And that would be a truly embarrassing scene for Joyce to witness. Willow could feel her face reddening and her desire diminishing just thinking of her mother-in-law seeing them rolling around on the floor like a couple of dogs in heat. "Let's go upstairs."

Buffy realized that Willow had taken all the teasing and hints of public humiliation that she could stand, and not wanting to lose the moment, prepared to remedy the situation. "Your command." Buffy whispered as she bent to pick up her wife, not wanting to lose contact for a moment.

Willow, seeing what Buffy intended to do, grew suddenly very nervous, and not a little self-conscious about her growing weight. " can't." She started to protest. "I'm too heav....vy." Her eyes widened in surprise as the Slayer easily picked up her seventh month pregnant frame. "I...guess you can." Willow blinked, looking into Buffy's beaming face.

Buffy shifted Willow in her arms until the redhead no longer felt awkward, then grinned at her. "No problem. I'm stronger than the average bear."

Willow couldn't help the delighted laugh that leaked out at Buffy's Yogi impersonation. "Take me to bed, Yogi." She commanded, an impish grin lightening her features.

"As you wish, Boo boo." Buffy giggled, loving the fire that leaped back into her lover's eyes at the nickname. "Exit stage right." Willow would have mentioned the slip in character from Yogi to Snagglepuss, but her lips were otherwise engaged the second Buffy had finished the line, making the trip up the stairs an interesting affair.


'Oh dear...young love...' Joyce couldn't help smiling as her daughters' argument turned into a heated exchange of a different kind. She remembered how it used to be when she was Buffy's age...first married to Hank, when their love was young and new, and they hadn't been able to keep their hands off of each other. But then their relationship had 'changed'. She wasn't sure how, or why, couldn't remember whose fault it was, or the arguments over late night meetings, and inexplicable absences. It had just happened, they had fallen out of love somehow. And try as she might, she couldn't find a single person to blame. Sometimes these things just happened.

Shutting out the bad memories, her mind kicked in with her recent memories of her 'growing relationship' with Rupert. "Heck with young." She decided, closing the door firmly on her past with Hank. "Just love...ahh, love..." She let her mind wander, embracing the new and fragile feelings that Rupert was breathing into life again. Is it worth it? She wondered, thinking about the quiet man who had breezed into her life, without her even knowing about it at first, but making an unwavering claim on it just the same. And then upon hearing her daughter and her daughter's wife trying to sneak into their room, without much success as the frustrated cries of trying to find the door while they were still wrapped around each other drowned out the track of her movie momentarily.

'Yeah...absolutely.' She grinned, losing herself in the romance of Stanley and Stella once more.


"Quick, Buffy...hurry...hurry..." Willow said, impatiently, between kisses as Buffy fumbled for the door.

"I'm trying..." Buffy said, only to be cut off by more passionate kisses. For a moment, Buffy was tempted to take her right there on the door, using her Slayer strength to hold her lover up, but she knew she wouldn't be able to hide the mortification if her mother were to peek her head out at this very moment. Finally, palms sweating, she grasped the door handle and gave it a yank, almost falling in when the door creaked open. Momentarily losing her balance, she aimed for the bed, hoping the soft mattress would help break their fall.

They landed in a heap, Buffy's head cushioned by Willow's very soft, and enlarged breasts. The pleasure of having her face buried between the soft masses warred with her concern over Willow's welfare. "Are you all right?" Buffy asked, concern in her voice as she hoped she hadn't hurt her wife with the fall. All she received for reply was soft lips surging on hers and strong hands in her hair, pulling her closer.

When the kiss ended, Buffy snuggled into her favorite position...nestled between Willow's now quite swollen breasts and started running lines over the silk covered chest, allowing her naughty hands to wander, playing with her favorite objects of obsession. She could hear Willow's breath hitching as she played, feeling her lover's fingers digging in to her scalp when her hands got too frisky. "I love this." Buffy whispered, entranced by her finger's motions.

"Love what?" Willow gasped, gulping down a wave of heat as a smile spread across her face. "Playing with my nipple?"

"You betcha!" Buffy smiled up at her wife's green, sparkling eyes, seeing the passion shining from them clearly. Buffy's smile widened as Willow gulped, she knew that she was in it for the long haul, that she was going to tease unmercifully, until she had her begging for mercy, and even past that, until Buffy had her fill.

Buffy watched Willow's face as her fingertips traced lazy, concentric circles slowly around her lover's breast, moving slowly inwards towards the center. She knew this drove her love crazy and that was why she loved doing it.

"I remember." Buffy murmured, watching the green eyes drift shut, pleasure spreading over the adored face.

"Huh..wha?" Willow gasped, the green eyes opening again, briefly, before drifting shut once more, not of their own accord. Conversation, right now, was not her forté, although she tried really hard to listen to what her Slayer was saying.

"I remember when I cared about 'pecs' but these.." She tweaked a nipple causing Willow's head to leap off the pillow for a second accompanied by her pleased squeak. "These are so much more lovely." Buffy was spell bound, captured by the pleasure on her lover's face.

'Wha..wha..why?' Willow panted. Talking time was almost over. She couldn't think coherently, much less get the words out.

"Because they're yours. And because it drives you crazy when I do this." Buffy answered, and ran her tongue over the silk that was the only barrier between her and her treasure.

"'s ..tongue..." Willow moaned, her hand clenched tightly in the Slayer's hair, her eyes shut tight.

"Oh, Yesss.' Buffy hissed, feeling pleasure ignite in her stomach at the image. "I'm the're the milk." She caught some of the material, and the flesh beneath, between her teeth.

"Oh!" Willow gave a short moan. "Goody," she breathed.

"Feed me." Willow groaned at the need in Buffy's voice and was lost in an instant.


Joyce let out a little frustrated sigh and clicked the volume control up another notch. It wasn't that her children were being loud... 'Then again, those sounds are pretty clear indications that they are not children,' she reminded herself, shaking her head. 'At least, not anymore.'

The noises...passions actually...were getting more and more...intense. She tried to forget that it was her 'daughter' making those sounds in the next room. Usually she could block out the sounds; she had gotten used to it, the occasional night broken by sounds of lovemaking. 'Well...' She reconsidered. 'Not so occasional. Very...frequently actually.' But what could she expect, they were newlyweds, newlyweds that had been forced to fight their way back to each other over some very trying circumstances. It was only natural that they would take every opportunity to be close.

A particularly vigorous thump echoed throughout the room and Joyce had to scramble across the bed to catch her cup before it was rattled off of her table. She just made it.

'Yup, it is natural,' she reminded herself, sighing as she slumped back against her pillows.

'At least they're healthy.' She decided, optimistically, turning her attention back to her television, hoping that Marlon Brando's special brand of magic could distract her for just a little while longer.

Then another thump, coupled with a short screech of pleasure, echoed loudly across the room and Joyce cringed, hoping it didn't wake the neighbors. "My god, Buffy...what are you doing to that poor girl?" She muttered, glancing at the actively shaking wall. She thought about what she had just said for a moment, then shook her head viciously. "I did not just think that." She muttered to herself, mortified. Obviously, the movie was not going to help. Getting up and shrugging into some clothes, she slipped out of her room and down the stairs, being careful not to step on any creaks, not wanting to alert them as she passed by their room, although she very much doubted they would hear anything at this point. 'Maybe K-Mart's having a sale.' She hoped, as she slipped out the door, leaving the house to the girls.


"Mmmm," Willow purred, contentedly, feeling warm and tingly all over. She knew there was a reason she loved Buffy Rosenberg-Summers as much as she did...well, one of the reasons at least. She looked down to meet the hungry blue eyes that rose up to greet her, then giggled as Buffy apparently not having had enough the first time, went back for seconds. "Greedy Slayer..." Willow murmured, sultrily, "Save some for the baby."

Buffy snorted into bare skin, relaxing for the moment. She hadn't...yet...but she was content just to hold her wife, feeling her relax after the thoroughly invigorating love making session they'd just experienced. She'd noticed Willow was more vocal than usual, actually the thought brought a smirk to her lips at just how loud Willow had gotten. She'd noticed that the television in her mother's room had gotten noticeably louder, and hoped against all possibility that her mother hadn't heard them, but she couldn't help wondering who 'Stanley' was.

"Just trying to help you practice," Buffy said, giggling as she ran her hand over her baby, feeling her kick in response. She was a lot more active these days, and Buffy imagined she was getting impatient being cooped up in there, just waiting to be born. "I think she likes it when I make you happy...she gets all active afterwards," she said, thinking out loud.

"Buffy..." Willow said, with a blush. "You don't think she feels you?"

"Well..." Buffy started, her voice thoughtful as she traced the tightened skin over her wife's abdomen. "I read somewhere...something about endo...endo..." She growled in frustration...somehow the word always reminded her of dolphins, but she couldn't think of it at the moment. "You know...those hormones that are released know...making love..."

"Endorphins." Willow responded with a smile, kissing the top of Buffy's head, as she saw where her love was going with this.

"Right...thanks Will...and how the baby responds to them." She couldn't remember exactly where she'd read it...probably in one of her classes. She kissed the skin she'd been tracing, grinning as she felt Willow shiver, while her baby moved against her lips. "I think it shows the baby that we love each other...and that we love her...even though she's still inside the womb."

"I think you're right." Willow said, mistily, smiling into her lover's face. Buffy could be so sentimental sometimes. "Speaking of endorphins..." Willow purred, realizing Buffy had yet to have her turn. "How about we raise yours?"

"Sounds good..." Buffy was cut off as she gasped. Willow's hands on her body were like fire trickling over her skin. " me." She finished on a moan, losing herself to her wife's knowledgeable touch.


Buffy woke to the smell of freshly brewed decaffeinated coffee wafting across her nose, followed by even more pleasant smells of cooking food. Buffy was still using her wife for a pillow, so she knew it wasn't Willow who was causing the delicious aroma...which only left one person...her mom. Glancing at the alarm clock, through the hazy morning light, she noticed it was only six in the morning. 'What's mom doing up so early?' she wondered, debating on whether she should get up and investigate or not. Her stomach was saying one thing, the rest of her body, that was quite happy where it was at, quite another.

"What's that I smell?" Willow was barely audible but it was enough to make Buffy jump. She'd thought the redhead was asleep.

"I think mom's cooking." Buffy replied, her eyes half shut, her hand wandering over silky skin, even as her stomach started rumbling in protest.

"At this hour?" Willow wondered, the delicious aroma's arousing her appetite.

Buffy shrugged. "Maybe she got hungry. I know I am...come on...let's go see." Buffy said, as she slipped out of bed, ignoring her body's protests, she figured they'd been sated enough, threw on her bathrobe, and started following the smells, intent to discover who was causing them.

When they reached the kitchen, they couldn't believe their eyes. The table was loaded with a smorgasbord of pancakes, eggs and bacon, sausage, home fries, waffles, toast, jam, butter, orange juice and several other food items. A pot of coffee was sitting in the percolator, and Joyce was in front of the stove, making still more pancakes.

"Mom...are we expecting an army or what?" Buffy asked, incredulously as she looked around at all the mouth watering food.

Joyce looked up from her fry pan, giving the two girls a warm look. "Good morning, Willow...Buffy, I thought you two might be hungry." The truth was...after she'd come back from the store, she'd felt the need for something to keep herself busy. So, she'd started baking at around three, there were at least three banana breads cooling on the window sill, if she knew how to pickle, she would have done that, but she'd seized on making breakfast, figuring that her two girls must have worked up quite an appetite.

Buffy and Willow exchanged amused, embarrassed looks. "Mom...we are hungry, but I don't think there's any way we're going to be able to eat all of this. How long have you been at it?" Buffy asked, noticing a curious redness come over her mother's face.

"Well, it doesn't matter...just eat what you can." Joyce said, in way of an answer. "Would you mind cleaning up after you're done?" She asked, while grabbing a plate of food, and starting to walk toward the stairs. "I'm going back to bed."

The two girls stared after her, wearing matching bemused stares. Then Willow turned to her wife, her face starting to pinken as she wondered..."Do you think she...?" She started to say, noticing Buffy's eyes widen at the prospect.

"Who wants pancakes?" Buffy brushed the question aside, making Willow a plate, hoping to keep her wife busy. But she had a sneaking suspicion they were both thinking the same thing. 'Really gotta be more quiet next time.'

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