Upset, Upended, and Upgraded by Pink Rabbit Productions

Title: Upset, Upended, and Upgraded
Author: Pink Rabbit Productions
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Summary: With the Tok'ra armband in place, Carter's hungry for more than just sweets.
Spoilers: The Season 4 ep, Upgrades. Very mild domination elements.
Date: 23 October, 2000
Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine. I've accepted and dealt with this unfortunate reality. They do however belong to Showtime, MGM, Gekko, and Top Secret, and let's all thank 'em for coming up with 'em.
Author's Notes: Well folks, this is about as explicit and as kinky as I get (yes, I am a wimp).


"Bitch," Janet Fraiser hissed the single word as she slammed the door to her quarters shut in her wake, stripping off her labcoat and hurling it across the dark room in an effort to let off stress.


Janet started at the sound of her lover's voice and the rustle of her labcoat hitting something. The only illumination came from the small digital clock on her nightstand; just enough for her to make out the very female silhouette that stepped forward. "Sam?" she started to reach for the light switch, but a hand covered her own, stopping her.

"Don't," Sam Carter whispered, her voice low. She slipped her other hand around Janet's waist, pulling her close, the gauntlet wrapped around her forearm pressing into Fraiser's back and reminding her of the day's events. Sam felt her stiffen. "Let me guess," she drawled knowingly, "you're not happy with Anise."

Janet had to bite back on a curse as she envisioned the smirk undoubtedly curving her lover's mouth upward. Strength was only one of the side effects of the Tok'ra armbands. Another appeared to be a rather annoyingly condescending attitude. She braced a hand on Sam's chest, intending to push her back. "She keeps putting off showing me how to read those monitoring devices of hers." Which was less than half of the actual problem, but she didn't feel like mentioning the rest and seeing the wall go up as Sam blocked her out. The major was far too thrilled with her newfound abilities--and maybe more than a little intoxicated into the bargain--to be willing to listen to Janet's reservations about possible side-effects. She tensed as she realized the taller woman hadn't moved an inch. "Sam," she muttered in reproof and pushed more solidly. Her lover still didn't budge.

Carter laughed softly, sounding oddly giddy to Janet's ears. "Janet." Her tone was completely different from the one she'd adopted earlier while working at the computer...when Janet had tried to talk her into helping figure out how to remove the armbands. Even as upset as she was, the low drawl sent a shiver down Janet's spine, reminding her how long it had been since they'd had more than five minutes alone together. "I think maybe you're just a little jealous," the blond added after a beat, her tone a mix of teasing and serious.

Teeth grinding together, Janet bit out, "Of that peroxided...not even a little," though, if she was honest with herself, it probably was a component in the resentment she was feeling. The other woman had calmly stepped in, taking over her infirmary and her patients--including her lover--possibly putting them in real physical danger and flashing her technology with casual superiority. And all of it while being tall, blond, and gorgeous. Okay, so maybe she had some issues, but that didn't mean–

"I don't think it's peroxide...and I don't want her," Sam drawled, cutting off the thought and yanking Janet out of her brief musings by cutting straight to the chase. "The only one I want--or need--is you." She ducked her head, briefly tasting Janet's mouth, the feverish heat of her body branding Janet's lips as they touched.

"Sam," Janet said her lover's name sharply, trying to break through the loss of inhibitions that seemed to go with the use of the armbands, "I thought we agreed never to risk doing this here." She tried not to think about the way she could feel the hot press of every perfect curve, her body warmed by the increase in body temperature caused by the armband.

Sam chuckled again, spreading her hand against Janet's lower back. "I feel like taking a few risks," she breathed, ducking her head to nibble on a delicate ear. Keeping Janet pinned against the length of her torso with one hand, she began undoing the front of her blouse with the other, popping buttons open with little care. Her lover had other blouses and she was hungry for her body. Apparently sweets weren't the only craving the armbands caused.

Janet increased the pressure on Sam's chest. "I mean it, Sam."

The taller woman lifted her head, laughter threading through her voice, "So do I."

"Let go."

"That's my plan," Carter drawled and ducked her head to claim silky-soft lips, tasting, teasing, and pressing inside when Janet gasped softly. She ran her tongue everywhere, exploring her lover's mouth with absolute impunity, the sandpapery roughness of the caresses drawing low, aroused moans. "I want to let go of everything but you," she exhaled as she pulled back just enough to speak.

"We can't," Janet gasped raggedly. Her body ached, but she was painfully aware of just how bad an idea this was. "Not here." She reached for the light switch again, but Sam was too quick for her, her grip too strong.

"I said, 'don't,'" Carter's voice rumbled softly as she pressed Janet's hand back down to her side. "I like looking at you in this light...I can see you perfectly...." She lifted her hand, tenderly stroking cupid's bow lips. "But you can't see me, can you?" There was something darkly feral in her soft voice; the hunter pursuing its prey and enjoying that little advantage.

"No," Janet admitted, her pulse accelerating as that gentle hand kept stroking her lips so softly. "This isn't safe, Sam... no." She used her lover's name and affected her best doctor's voice of authority. It had no effect whatsoever.

"Yes," Sam whispered, laughter threading its way through her voice. She felt invincible; too smart, too strong, and too fast for anyone to successfully deny her anything she wanted. And she wanted Janet.

Janet's breath caught. She didn't know her lover like this; couldn't read her emotions and the sudden disparity in physical strength was daunting. At the same time, there was something perversely appealing about the controlled strength and absolute confidence she could sense in the other woman. The fingers at her mouth dusted downward, stroking the graceful arch of her throat, toying with her body with every soft brush until they slipped under the open front of her blouse. Then those impossibly long fingers found the outer curve of her breast while her thumb ran concentric circles around the swollen tip, drawing closer to the center with each pass. Janet was still wearing an undershirt and bra, but the heat was pouring off her skin as though she was standing there naked, and her body was reacting to every touch as though nothing separated flesh from flesh. She shook herself sharply, trying to keep a cool head since it was obvious Sam wasn't going to. "You know why we can't do this here," she rasped, her voice a ragged shadow of itself. If the wrong person were to find out about them, it could mean an end to both of their careers. "You know the rules."

Sam tensed, lifting a hand to begin pulling the pins from her lover's hair. "I'm tired of their rules," she growled angrily, though her touch remained gentle, none of the rage directed at her lover even if she refused to see that the armband changed everything. Sam was no longer bound by anyone's rules as far as she was concerned. "Tired of pretending that I don't want you every time I look at you...." She kissed Janet, her mouth hungry, tongue pressing inside when her lover might have refused. Mouths still welded together, she tugged Janet's undershirt free of her skirt, sliding her hand underneath to stroke the warm skin of her belly before shifting it around to find the skirt's zipper at the small of her back. "And I am so goddamned tired of waiting for the right time every time I want to make love to you." She pushed the skirt down, casually ripping the back seam between inhumanly strong hands when it didn't go as quickly as she wanted. She drank from her lover's mouth again, running her fingers along her smooth jaw. "Tell me you aren't sick of playing by their rules and I'll stop," she commanded huskily. Sam could feel the physical strength from the armband flowing through her, but it was more than that. It was a kind of mental sharpness she'd never experienced before, a level of confidence that had her ready to take on the entire US Air Force if that was what it took.

"It's not that simple--"

"Yes, it is." She pushed her lover's blouse back off her shoulders, not caring where it landed. "It's exactly that simple." She laid her hand over Janet's chest. "I can hear your heart beating...see the hunger in your eyes...smell your scent...." She dropped her hand, feeling Janet rock on her feet as she cupped the warm flesh at the apex of her thighs, the only barrier the delicate fabric of her underwear. "Feel your heat."

A tiny whimper slipped from the smaller woman's lips as she was nearly brought to her knees by the sharp blaze of arousal that burned through oversensitive nerve endings.

"You want too, Janet." Sam's voice was low, seductive, her touch light, though Janet was very aware of the contained strength of those hands. "You want to throw caution to the want a lover who needs you more than they need this place...and you want someone who's willing to risk everything for you." She pressed a soft kiss to her temple, the gesture made up of equal parts lust and affection. "I'm ashamed to say that hasn't been me to date."

Janet swallowed hard, amazed by what a difficult proposition sanity was rapidly becoming. "We ... can't," she husked.

"Yes...we can." Sam's fingers were moving almost imperceptibly, just barely massaging the silky flesh cupped in their protective embrace. "We can do any damn thing we want." She trailed her other hand to the front of Janet's regulation undershirt, easily rending the fabric down the center. "Anything." She pushed the soft fabric back off of slender shoulders, ignoring her lover's tiny sounds of protest in her quest to reveal more soft flesh to avidly watching eyes. Her voice dropped low -- the hunter's tone again -- the sound both seductive and a little frightening as she growled, "Any ... damn ... thing ... we ... want."

Janet could barely breathe as a band seemed to tighten around her chest, some part of her responding to the feral tone threaded through her lover's voice. "God ... Sam..." she croaked unevenly.

"And you want so badly, don't you, my love?" Sam slid to her knees, dragging her lips down the center of Janet's torso as she skimmed her hands down her waist and hips, stroking softly. She feathered delicate kisses over her lover's belly, spreading fire with knowing skill as she wrapped her arms tightly around narrow hips, then rose smoothly, easily lifting Janet, her small frame a scant weight for Sam's increased strength. Gasping sharply, Janet clung to hardened shoulders as she found herself lifted and borne to the bed, where Sam lowered her to the mattress, moving over her with easy grace. Pressing slender thighs apart, Carter knelt between them as she leaned down to claim the sweet softness of her lover's mouth while her hands stripped away the scant barricade of her bra.

Janet whimpered softly, blindly caressing hard shoulders and silky hair as Sam's hands ranged over her body, touching and stroking, fondling firm breasts, then sliding lower to rest at the vee of her thighs, flesh still separated from flesh by a final barrier. She stroked delicate underwear with a single finger, laughing softly at Janet's low, aroused moan. "Tell me," she commanded, her voice throbbing gently, "how much you want me." Unable to resist temptation, she ducked her head, mouthing a warm breast, eagerly tasting the unique flavor of her lover's skin.

Janet's fingers found thick blond hair, sifting through the silky strands and clinging tightly. She couldn't even begin to pretend she didn't want this to happen anymore. "More than anyone...or anything...enough to risk everything...."

Sam's tongue stroked puckered flesh, rewarding her lover's gasped confession, while her fingers spread possessively over her sex, moving just enough to promise the sweeter delights yet to come. "Enough to beg?" she demanded, the predator in her sensing her prey's total surrender. It occurred to a distant part of her brain that the alien armband was playing strange games with her thoughts and desires, but she was enjoying it far too much to resist the siren's song.

"Beg...borrow...steal..." Janet sobbed, her body almost painfully aroused, a little frightened by how drawn she was to this side of her lover...and disturbingly excited by her own fear.

"Enough to surrender completely ... submit...let your body belong totally to me?" Sam pushed up on one hand, staring possessively down at Janet's flushed features, studying every perfect rise and hollow and imprinting it on her memory. God, she loved her so much, wanted her so much. Even with the predatory need burning in her veins, it was only this woman that she wanted in her life

As if responding to Sam's thoughts as well as her touch, the smaller woman's body arched, instinctively seeking the increased contact that her lover easily denied her.

The blond dropped her head back to Janet's chest, her tongue delving into the valley between rounded breasts. "Are you mine?" she demanded between soft licks and small kisses while her fingers continued that slow, subtle kneading motion.

"Completely and totally...always and forever...." Janet barely managed to whisper. She had never played power games with any lover, never even been turned on by the concept, finding the entire idea of padded handcuffs, code words, and calling anyone 'Master' or 'Mistress' almost painfully laughable. Only this was no game. It was something far beyond that, and she was lost in an eroticism that was somehow both dangerous and safe at the same time.

Sam slid up, claiming sweet lips as her own, drawing Janet's tongue into her mouth and rasping her teeth across the warm, rough surface. At the same time, her hands slid under silky underwear, shaping to slender hips, her thumbs momentarily playing against the velvet soft skin at the apex of her hip bones before she applied just enough force to shred the delicate fabric. She tasted Janet's startled gasp, drinking in the tiny aroused moan that followed as she finally cupped bare flesh in the palm of her hand, her fingers combing through soft curls without pressing any deeper.

Janet wrapped her arms tightly around Sam's lean frame, fingers digging into taut back muscles through her thin cotton t-shirt, hips instinctively lifting in search of more contact; contact that Sam neatly controlled and refused to intensify, instead just continuing the gentle, rhythmic pressure. "Please," she begged.

Sam laughed triumphantly, as excited by Janet's need as she was by her own. She eased her fingers deeper, sliding into sleek heat and caressing impossibly gently, every touch calculated to leave her lover wanting more. "You like that?" she breathed.

Janet lifted a hand to thick blond hand, working her fingers into the silky strands and tugging gently. "You know I do."

She couldn't see Sam's smile, but she could hear it in her voice as she murmured, "Yes...I do." A single finger swept round and round against Janet's most intimate flesh, teasing and promising more with every stroke. "I can feel it." She slid lower, running her tongue down the center of Janet's abdomen to catch a tiny pinch of skin between her teeth, just barely nipping before letting go and laving the area with her tongue. "You know what I want, don't you?" she whispered, working her way lower in a trail of butterfly kisses.

Janet didn't know what to say. Yes? No? Maybe? Sam's behavior was so unpredictable, this side of her so different from anything Janet had ever even glimpsed in her nature that she wasn't sure. She was still trying to formulate some kind of answer when a single finger slipped inside her body, pressing deep, gliding easily past muscles that clamped down in response to the tender invasion. Her body arched, shoulders pressing into the mattress, a low groan bubbling up from her chest. It turned to a tiny cry as agile fingers spread her softness and Sam's hot breath played over throbbing flesh.

"You know how much I've been craving sweets lately," Sam teased, her voice light with humor.

"Sam...." Janet's voice was little more than a pleading breath. She almost screamed a beat later as her lover's tongue washed over her most intimate flesh, circling, exploring, dipping just inside, then moving on.

"Mmm, better than candy," Sam sighed adding a second finger to the one exploring deep inside Janet's body, setting a slow rhythm that played out in counterpoint to the soft licks and delicate kisses that had her lover arching and pleading for more. Blue eyes lifted, drinking in every aroused response of the woman laid out before her. Her head was tipped back into the pillows, skin glossy with a thin sheen of perspiration, chest rising and falling rapidly with her ragged breathing, every muscle standing out in perfect relief. She was so beautiful, so perfect it made Sam's chest ache. "Mine," she whispered just loud enough to be heard and felt the ripple of awareness that slid through Janet's slender frame. She thrust more firmly with her fingers, dragging her tongue roughly across the center of her lover's arousal, feeling the tiny bundle of nerves quiver violently in response. "Tell me," she commanded between demanding caresses.

"Yours," Janet gasped as her fingers found impossibly soft blond hair, sifting through the cool strands and massaging her lover's temple. "All yours." And then she couldn't have said another coherent word if her life depended on it as Sam rewarded her by intensifying her lovemaking, driving her higher with every sweet stroke.

Drinking in the tastes and sensations of her lover's arousal, Sam gloried in her triumph, laying total claim over the woman who held her heart until she heard her soft cry and felt already taut muscles ripple and pulse as Janet's body bucked wildly.

With pleasure flashfiring through every nerve ending, Janet could only cling to her lover and try to survive the conflagration burning through her veins. She was caught and held by powerful hands as she writhed desperately in the grip of passion, tiny sounds erupting from her throat. "God...Sam...." she moaned when she finally collapsed into the mattress, completely limp in the aftermath. She felt the bed shift as Sam slid up the length of her body, leaving a trail of wet kisses along the way that ended in a meeting of their mouths. In moments, both lovers were breathless and clinging mindlessly.

After a long moment, Sam broke the kiss and pushed to her knees, bracing a hand at the small of Janet's back to draw her into a sitting position as she moved. The feral need to possess still wasn't satisfied, the emotions and hormones driving her still fully in charge. "We're not done yet," she growled and reclaimed sweet lips, her hands already moving and coaxing her lover's arousal back to life. She leaned close to a delicate ear. "Time to prove yourself." She caught a delicate hand in long fingers, tugging it to the bottom edge of her t-shirt. "Take my clothes off," she rasped even as Janet curled her fingers into the soft fabric and began to lift. Sam raised her arms, making it easier for her lover to strip away the black regulation t-shirt, then dropped them again when she felt cool air slide over her skin, resting one wrist lightly on Janet's shoulder as she worked her fingers into the soft curls at the back of her neck. "Keep going," she encouraged as graceful fingers found the front of her pants. "Because once that's done, the real fun begins...."


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