Wear it For Me

Author: Shatterpath
Email: shatterpath@yahoo.com
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Sam/Janet
Disclaimers: Hello. I've never been very good with these things, but I'll try to remember everything important. The characters and concept of Stargate SG1 belong to Showtime, MGM and Gekko entertainment. I'm just borrowing them and I promise to return them to the toy box when I'm through playing with them. No money has exchanged hands, nor will it. Fair enough?
WARNING! If you are offended by the idea of women being more than just friends, run away now. I'm happily gay and love watching chemistry simmer between two intriguing females. (Heck, that's the only thing that kept me watching Voyager for as long as I did.) Without further adoÖ

The stuttered, hypnotic wail of the dirtbikeís engine had lulled Janet into a mental haze. So when Sam suddenly jerked to a halt in a familiar neighborhood, she was quite taken off guard.

"Why here?"

The question earned a loving grin from the blonde woman. "Youíre going to be camping out for almost three days. Go pack."

Of course, Janet realized with a start, thatís why they were at her house. Three days pinned to the now-idling bike and Samís lanky frame. Like her blood pressure wasnít high enoughÖ

"Iíll be quick," Janet told her companion breathlessly and peeled herself off the vinyl seat. When was the last time she had been so painfully horny? The way that thing vibratedÖ

"Take your time," Sam drawled and pulled off the helmet to fire Janet a smoldering look. It was becoming even more difficult to resist the womanís siren song. But, with a low groan, Janet forced herself to turn and march into the house. Samís sexy chuckle was like a caress across her hyper-sensitive skinÖ

Once inside her familiar sanctuary, Janet felt some measure of self-control return. Or was she just banking the fire? Shaking off the thought, she moved into the bedroom and began to throw a few things together. There were her warm, casual turtlenecks and heavy boots that rarely saw much use, but where had her sturdy jeans gone? At last Janetís memory led her to the drawers of her dresser to pull out the faded pants. Then she paused. The blaze of arousal flared up again as her eyes dropped, unbidden, to the drawer closest to the floor. Were they even still in there? Dare she wear them? Almost reluctantly, she grabbed the handle and forced herself to confront the contents within the drawer. It had been years since she had worn anything like this for somebody. Heck, she had never worn most of the pieces of scandalous attire. It was a harmless little fetish, these alluring and seductive things.

For a long moment, Janet was shocked and scared by the directions her thoughts had gone.

Wear these? ForÖ Sam?

Then that steady burn made her shaking fingers reach out and take the chance.


By the time Janet finally exited the house, Sam had pretty much answered the endless stream of questions posed to her by the neighborhood children. They were terribly impressed by the bike and the fact that the tall woman willingly allowed them to touch it and clamber over it. Then Doctor Fraser came out and they dispersed with various hellos and goodbyes. Sam was surprised to see that Janet had stripped off the black Ďhowlingí jacket and was now dressed in thick denim jacket lined in sheepskin and worn blue jeans.

"You look great," Sam stated before her brain could rail at her what a bad idea it was. The startled and pleased glance Janet flashed made Sam give her inner voice the raspberry.

"Flatterer. Sorry I took so long, but I wanted to fix your jacket."

Sure enough, the zipper moved smoothly and easily. Sam grinned in appreciation and quickly stripped off Danielís jacket to yank her own on. "Excellent. Now I feel fully dressed again. Pull the bomber over yours for additional protection. We need to get going or weíll never make it to the campsite before nightfall."


Despite the womenís efforts, it was near full dark by the time the bike reached the dirt road that would lead them to the campsite.

"Hang on," Sam called out and backed off the throttle. She didnít feel safe on the uneven terrain with Janetís additional weight on the back of the fickle machine. So far it had behaved, but why tempt fate? Fortunately, it was only a short way and a cheerful bonfire greeted the pair.

"Sam?" Coryís voice called out hesitantly as the bike buzzed up beside the scattered tents and trailers and gear.

"Cory?" Sam lilted playfully back and yanked off the helmet.

"Hey! You brought company. Cool."

"This is my friend, Janet. Janet, my cousin, Cory."

"Pleased to meet you," Janet said obediently as the lanky young man shook her outstretched hand. "Sam said a little about you."

That made him laugh. Cory was a handsome fellow with a shock of pale hair that was colorless in the flickering firelight. "If youíre the same Janet that Samís mentioned before, than I probably know more about you than vice-versa. No fear, youíre among friends here. Make yourselves at home."

Sam stood and brushed against the full length of Janetís all-too-aware body, making the smaller woman hiss in response. A quick movement locked the kickstand in place and they dismounted. So began a pleasant night of beer and conversation and flirting outrageously with one another. None of the 3 young couples seemed fazed by the older coupleís behavior. Especially since one of the couples were both men.

Pleasantly buzzed, Janet patted Tommy on the shoulder where he was curled up half in Robertís lap. It earned a sleepy grin and she continued over to where Sam was sprawled out on a lounge chair. And promptly tripped ungracefully over herself.

"Whoa!" Sam yelped as Janet tumbled onto her in a jumble of arms and legs. "I gotcha. You okay?"

Oh heaven, oh bliss. Without thinking, Janet snuggled down into Samís warmth and sighed happily. "Am nowÖ"

It wasnít Janetís clumsiness that had startled Sam, after all they had been drinking, it was the cuddling friendliness. Not that she was complaining or anything. She wove a gentle hand into Janetís hair to caress the warm curve of her skull. Thatís how they fell asleep, curled up together beneath the stars.


Someone had tossed a blanket over them, Janet noted idly as she woke. A hiss of pain escaped her as she peeled her skin away from where it had molded to the heavy zipper bisecting Samís chest. Oh, that was going to leave a nasty markÖ Gentle hands were suddenly cradling her outraged skin and Janet allowed the touch.

"That looks painful" Sam murmured softly and stroked Janetís cheek and chin. "Remind me to change clothes before you fall asleep on me again."

"Mmm, okay. Is it fading?"

"It will. Now comeíere."

It didnít take much effort to tug Janetís small frame fully onto her body so the unharmed cheek could rest against the leather. Still limp with sleep, the two women melted together for long moments. The tinny sounds of dirtbikes echoed through the thin morning sunlight.

"So those kids didnít disturb either of us? Weíve lost our highly trained military edge." Janet mused dryly.

"Speak for yourself Doc, Iíve been awake for some time."

Once again Janet propped herself up to fire Sam an accusing look. "Then why didnít you wake me up?"

"Because you were far to cute to wake?"

That smile was going to send her into nuclear meltdown. Drawn by the magnetism between them, Janet ducked her head down to press a soft kiss to the corner of Samís mouth. "Thank you."

"Any time. You ready to live dangerously?"

"Lead the way."


It was quite an experience, Janet had to admit, controlling the frisky bikes. Coryís girlfriend, Maria, had manhandled the small woman onto her smaller machine and shooed the cousins off. Without Samís suffocating distraction around, the lessons had quickly sunk in. And the looks on the others faces when she had roared past them had been priceless. Laughing until tears rolled down her face, Janet slumped over the gastank until the rush worked its way through her system.

"That was a riot," she gasped as Sam lurched to a halt beside her.

"Youíre a natural. Think you can keep up with me?"

"Right behind you."

Eventually, the day wound down into evening and the friends returned to the campsite. As Janet peeled off her now-filthy jacket, she was astonished by the sheer quantity of dirt that was spattered onto her. The others seemed unfazed by it, laughing and carrying on over beers and grilled steaks. But Janet gathered her bag up and crept off the public showers to clean up. Between the vibration of the bike and the uneven terrain tossing her about, she was sore and felt like a live wire. Clothes and boots were left in a heap in the small dressing alcove outside the shower stall next to her duffel bag. Water as hot as Janet could stand it pounded over her aching body until her muscles began to unkink. Then a blast of freezing water made her squeal and leap back into the wall. Cursing like a sailor, Janet flailed out of the stall and went for her towels.


Only barely back into her clothes, Janet froze at the sound of Samís voice. It took an effort to swallow her heart and answer. "Iím here. Whatís up?"

"Just heard you ranting and was worried."

"I hadnít been planning on a cold shower."

"Sorry, I think that might have been me. Thereís a big sink outside I was mopping off at."


That earned laughter and Janet jumped in shock when the dressing curtain was abruptly yanked back. There stood a glittering-eyed Sam, gold hair sticking wetly in all directions, jacket hanging open and undershirt damp and clinging. Janet felt like someone had left her internal thermometer on far to high. Blue eyes roved lingeringly over her delicate frame, so teasingly displayed in little more than scanty underthings.

"Sadist?" Sam questioned in a low, seductive tone and stepped in closer to crowd Janet back against the cold cement wall. Paralyzed with need and terror, Janet could only stare at the enticing vision before her. The ogling was entirely mutual. Somehow Sam had cleaned up the dirty leather and it sparkled dully in the dim florescent lighting. "I donít know if Iíd go that far."

Blue eyes wandered over Janetís slender body and the sight threatened to short circuit the brain behind them. Like a second skin, the creamy French lace lay snug against flat muscle and sultry curves. It dove low between round breasts and arched high over narrow hips to emphasize every feminine slope and curve. The white, button-down shirt hung open and loose to frame the whole picture. As though drawn by an irresistible force, Sam leaned in until they were almost touching, their body heat mingling in the small space left between them.

"When was the last time anyone told you how beautiful you are?" Sam rasped hoarsely across Janetís trembling lips. Perhaps in a different context the statement would have been lame, but it worked this time. There was no answer except for the fire in those dark eyes and the language of their labored breathing. Neither was sure who moved first, their eyes closed against the roar of feeling between them. It was a tentative brush of mouths that quickly became torrid. The icy wall on her back was quickly forgotten as Janet wrapped herself around Samís strong frame. The press of warm curves and smooth, heavy hide drove her mad, causing Janet to moan eagerly into Samís kiss.

Baffled and uncaring as to how this had happened or where it was going, Sam pressed Janet heavily into the wall and ran fervent hands over the delectable body only half-dressed in her arms. Abruptly, some measure of sanity returned and Sam yanked her head back to stare into glazed brown eyes. Stunned and trembling with reaction, she twisted to sit heavily on the bench beside Janetís bag, but never released her possessive hold on the smaller woman. Shaking with cold and feeling, Janet snuggled in beneath the jacket as best she could and wrapped both legs and arms around Samís lanky frame.

"Iím glad you came in here to check on me," Janet breathed against Samís neck and sensed her smile. The loving embrace turned into a crushing bear hug that made her squeak in protest.

"Me too," Sam murmured and sought out Janetís mouth again. There was nothing but the two of them, the world around them utterly forgotten. Until Janet shivered again in the deepening cold. "Hey, we need to get you into something warm," Sam chuckled against Janetís swollen mouth. "Before you catch a chill. Some doctor you are."

"Cheeky. Iíll remember you said that next time you need an exam."

"Promises, promises."

If it had been difficult to peel herself off the bikeís seat after that initial ride, pulling away from Samís leather-clad hips was sheer torture. Enjoying this immensely, Sam leaned back to watch Janet hesitate before her.

"Are you just going to sit there?"

A wicked and seductive grin flashed as Sam nudged the duffel with her elbow. "Yes. I want to see you get dressed." She traced a teasing finger down Janetís flat tummy and relished the hiss of response. "Because later I fully intend to strip you out of them."

If she kept this up, Jane was going to become a firm believer in spontaneous human combustion. There was barely enough room to maneuver, but she managed to get into her pants and sweater. But with Sam taking up most of the bench, how was she supposed to get her shoes on? Then an idea occurred to her and Sam perked up at the wicked grin.

"Give a girl a hand?" Janet teased throatily and lifted a bare foot to press it against Samís abdomen. That certainly took her off guard. Pale eyes smoky with need, Sam fished around blindly in the bag until she came up with a pair of socks and slid the warm cotton over Janetís icy flesh.

"We need to get you warmed up," Sam mused and rubbed the delicate foot briskly between her hands to coax some warmth back. It felt heavenly and Janet purred in appreciation.

"MmmÖ youíre doing a fine job."

Sam yanked on the dirty boot and waited for the other foot to press against her. Janet did not disappoint, wanting the womanís body heat as much as the seduction. With the foot on the floor covered, Sam lingered this time, stroking the sensitive arch and toes until Janet quivered with need. Finally she yanked her foot away to brace it against the worn bench between Samís legs and leaned forward to kiss her. It was a rough, demanding kiss that left Sam panting, especially when that big toe arched up to playfully brush against her groin.

"As much fun as this is," Janet growled across Samís lips. "We need to get some rest. Iím still aching from riding all day and I canít stand up for much longer."

"How about a massage?"

Now that made Janet pause and look at her with true, unadulterated lust in her eyes. "God youíre a tease. Thereís no privacy here."

"Not true. The newbie always gets the trailer, thatís the custom. All you have to do is invite me in."


"Yes, really. Now let me see your foot again so we can get that damn shoe on and get you warmed up."

The trailer was Robert and Tommyís battered old camper that was barely bigger than the van pulling it. But they willingly wished the women a good night and understanding smiles when Sam claimed Janetís traditional right to it. The young adults had cranked up a boom box and were drinking and dancing beneath the moon. They would not disturb their companions, and after climbing into the trailer, Sam locked the door to be sure. It was little more than a tiny kitchen and bathroom in the back half with the rest being a claustrophobic walkway and a great big bed. Sam set the lantern down on the tiny counter and grabbed Janet.

"Alone at last," she growled and they kissed again. It never occurred to Janet to object as Sam yanked the sweater over her head before a quick shove sent her sprawling onto the bed. For a long moment, Janet stared up at Sam and enjoyed the Hellís Angel spectacle of her.

"Do have any idea how maddening you are prancing around in that outfit?" Janet heard herself whisper and Samís grin grew predatory. Then abruptly, she drew herself up into an exaggerated bodybuilderís stance and Janet laughed and laughed and laughed. Blue eyes glittering with lust and amusement, Sam climbed onto the bed and crouched possessively over the smaller woman.

"Oh yes," Sam purred softly and teased with fleeting kisses. One hand lingered over lace-covered curves. "This is beautifulÖ and it feels goodÖ you are so sexyÖ"

Sensitive hands slid under the jacket to learn Samís lanky frame. Oh, she had examined this body before, but had never touched for pleasure alone. It was a distinctly different to caress the flat muscle and subtle curves. When she ran flirtatious fingers around hard nipples, Sam growled in response.

"Now whoís the tease?" Janet smiled and continued to stroke Sam to distraction. Long fingers finally dug into her ribs and Janet squealed in tickled surprise. It turned into an impromptu wrestling match that Sam easily won, her greater mass besting her partner.

"Okay, youíve got me," Janet purred and pressed up into Sam. "Now what are you going to do with me?"

Those same fingers slid down Janetís tense body to roughly yank open the fly of her jeans. They slipped beneath the warm fabric until Janet made another sound that was half surprise and half arousal. Sensing the surrender, Sam tugged at the zipper and held Janetís smoky gaze.

"Roll over and make yourself comfy," she whispered and Janet obeyed with a moan. Scrambling from the bed, Sam yanked off the unlaced boots before grabbing the pant cuffs and pulling them off. She ran eager hands over the slim legs and relished Janetís soft little noises. "Relax and let me take care of you."

Soon, they were both lost in the give and take of their interaction. Those loving hands had worked their way up Janetís legs and over her back to stroke the tension from her shoulders. Weary from her efforts and restless with the energy inside her, Sam leaned over Janet until the cold edge of the zipper touched skin. That earned an annoyed noise and Janet twisted and grabbed the trailing edges of the jacket to yank Sam roughly down on top of her.

"Come keep me warm," she groaned against the other womanís mouth and they were lost again. But eventually Janetís teasing edge got the best of her and she removed her hands from under Samís shirt. Glassy-eyed, the blonde looked down at her in puzzlement. Thoughtfully, Janet ran a single fingertip over Samís soft mouth. "You know what Iíd really like? Hmmm? Iíd like to watch you peel out of this sexy outfitÖ nice and slow."

The hottest flames always burn blue, and Sam was no exception. Nervous and self-conscious, she nonetheless found herself pulling away from Janetís seductive warmth to stand on shaky legs. This was a pleasurable battle of wills as dark eyes followed every movement of Samís hands. They trailed over the thin t-shirt to hover over the zipper holding the abdominal muscles hostage. The rasp of the metal teeth was loud even over the dull noise from outside. Leaving a hint of pale cloth beneath showing to tease, Sam leaned up against the counter to pull off the heavy boots. They clattered to the deck to be quickly followed by the shirt. Janet could only stare at the perfect, slender build of this feline woman. Slowly, sensuously, the heavy leather was inched down Samís thighs until their own weight pulled them to the floor.

"Enough," Janet rasped and sat up to reach for her lover. But Sam stood her ground, arms crossed and expression no-nonsense.

"Now you."

It was a good thing the little lantern and their own eager bodies had warmed up the trailer as Janet swallowed hard and reached for the delicate ribbon lacing the lingerie closed. Loop by loop it was tugged away to reveal more pale flesh while Sam watched in enraptured silence. Generous curves at last spilled from the delicate lace and Sam pounced with a growl. Rough and tender, they danced to the music between them until at last the storm calmed.

A sharp shiver quaked through Janetís small frame as she calmed from their strenuous lovemaking. Whatever soreness Sam had gotten rid of earlier had returned, but far more pleasantly. A sinuous movement from Sam had them suddenly snuggled up beneath the nest of quilts and sheets to cuddle.



"Do we know what brought this on?"

A low chuckle was the only response for a long moment. Then she squeezed her delicate lover until it seemed they would meld into one. "Because I love you, of course?"

"Oh good. I was hoping youíd say something like that, because Iíve adored you for as long as I can remember."

"Just promise youíll still respect me in the morning."

"Hmmph, no fear of that."

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