What Are You Wearing by Shatterpath

Author: Shatterpath
Email: shatterpath@yahoo.com
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Sam/Janet
Category: First Time romance.
Date: 12-8-00.
Series: doubt it.
Notes: This was written in response to a story challenge on Alternate Reality. (#5 - Inspired by Foothold.  A vision of Sam in Leather.   "Maybe that should be another challenge, putting Sam in some sexy leather get up.  How *yummy*.   -Elyssa") I agree Elyssa. While I don't know anything about Foothold, the other half of the challenge got my attention. Due to a co-worker constantly obsessing over his sport of choice, I was inspired to write the following.
Misc. info: When a wave of Sam/Janet fanfics began appearing on some of my favorite web pages, I was too curious to resist reading a new genre. I was so fascinated by their interactions and the world around them that I have since become a rabid fan of the show. Many thanks to Amanda and Teryl for these wonderful, witty, intelligent characters they portray and the many fan fiction authors out there. Keep up the good work people! Oh, and if anyone catches the unintentional pun I made about Amanda's last name hidden below, I'll be ever so impressed.
Disclaimers: Hello. I've never been very good with these things, but I'll try to remember everything important. The characters and concept of Stargate SG1 belong to Showtime, MGM and Gekko entertainment. I'm just borrowing them and I promise to return them to the toy box when I'm through playing with them. No money has exchanged hands, nor will it. Fair enough?
WARNING! If you are offended by the idea of women being more than just friends, run away now. I'm happily gay and love watching chemistry simmer between two intriguing females. (Heck, that's the only thing that kept me watching Voyager for as long as I did.) Without further ado…
Summary: A surprise visitor brings out a side of Sam Carter that no one was expecting…

By Shatterpath


"What's keeping that girl?"

All the Stargate Command personnel carefully kept their grins to themselves. They very much doubted that Jacob Carter was aware he had mused out loud. As if conjured by his comment, there was a startled oath from the stairway and heavy footfalls rattled up the metal steps. A breathless Sam Carter practically tripped into the briefing room and everyone could only stare.

"Jeez Carter," Jack managed to say in a slightly strangled voice. "What the hell are you wearing?"

Like some pop-culture goddess she stood for a moment framed by the pale wall behind her. Inky black leather encased her lovingly from neck to feet and was ribbed like snake's belly scales at vulnerable points. The word 'Howling' was stitched in silver right into the leather down both sleeves and thighs. Half-scowling away O'Neill's remark, Sam's icy blue gaze settled on her father and her worry deepened.

"Dad? Is something wrong? Are you okay?"

A loving grin brought the tall woman over to be enfolded in a warm hug.

"I'm sorry Sam, I didn't mean for my message to worry you so badly. Your talented Doctor Fraiser seems to have figured out what was wrong."

Gently he held his daughter at arms length and gave her a long-suffering look.

"I thought you gave this up back in high school."

Various indiscriminate thoughts ran rampant through the thoughts of the uniformed soldiers in the room. They covered the gamut between shock, curiosity, admiration and a good healthy dose of raw lust. Jacob's remark only made them take in her appearance with even more attention. The heavy jumpsuit was not new and showed years of loving care and abuse. The smell of loose dirt and oiled leather permeated the room where the woman had dragged it in on her. With a black bandana keeping her hair pinned back Sam looked like some kind of science fiction Hell's Angel. It was a striking and erotic image. Suddenly self-conscious, Sam reached up to rub a heavily gloved hand across the back of her neck.

"Cory's been in town and dragged me out to play with his buddies. I'm being careful, I promise."

"Isn't he a little young for this?"

"He's nineteen dad, he can take care of himself."

Those unprofessional thoughts were sliding right down into the gutter. Even Daniel's eyes had grown round and he had never had mental wanderings like these about his teammate.

"I suppose, but you must be at least a little serious to have gone out and bought leathers."

When Sam shifted uncomfortably the midnight skin gave off that distinctive squeak and the silver trim sparkled enticingly.

"The woman who sold them to me made me an offer I couldn't refuse."

Even General Hammond was starting to wonder what the hell they were talking about. And he was a little disturbed at the directions his lizard brain was going. Both Janet and Jack looked like they were about to swallow their tongues and Daniel was ready to bolt. Two pairs of blue eyes swung around to pin the uniformed soldiers with a look that made them collectively flinch. Even Teal'c was vaguely uncomfortable from the undercurrents of emotion in the room. A low-cut white undershirt peeked out of the half-open jacket leaving Sam's bright blue eyes the only real color on her person. Janet opened her mouth to try to explain the situation but no sound emerged. What did that well-loved leather feel like where it hugged Sam's warm flesh so closely? Shocked by the thought, her expressive eyes rounded even further. Then Sam finally saw the hard burn of desire trying to hide underneath the shock. Now that she realized how she must look to them, she could understand the carnal speculation lingering in O'Neill's gaze. Even Daniel was gawking in unison with Teal'c's somber inquisitiveness. But they were boys and she was dressed like something out of an illicit Playboy fantasy. Abruptly Sam gestured down her body with one hand.

"I was dirt biking with my cousin from Georgia."

Blinking stupidly, they seemed to finally come back to themselves. While Jack and Daniel colored in shame and Janet cleared her throat, Teal'c asked the question Sam had been expecting.

"Dirt biking?"

"It's a sport with fast, light, two-wheeled vehicles that are driven where there are no roads. This outfit is to help protect me if I have an accident."

"I see. But having your head exposed seems to defeat the purpose."

"The helmet is with the bike upstairs. Though I suppose that would have helped explain."

Getting a rein on the meeting, General Hammond was abruptly all business.

"Well, since you're here Major, perhaps you could give Doctor Fraiser a second opinion on the little problem the Tok'ra have brought us."

"My pleasure, sir."

Flustered, Janet shoved her hands deep into her coat pockets and finally managed to look away. A speculative and almost teasing smile danced at the corners of Sam's mouth. When she shot the men a pointed glare they quickly diverted their stares.

My pleasure indeed, she chuckled to herself.

"Sam," Jacob asked as they made their way to the infirmary, "aren't you going to change?"

"Why? I'm still on vacation. I doubt either of us will be here long enough for our wardrobes to be a big deal."

Janet could not resist peaking over her shoulder as Sam tossed a sweeping gesture at the primitive cut of her father's To'kra tunic and pants. They laughed together and Janet felt a pang of… something that might have been envy. Sam's appearance had stunned her right down to her foundation but, her own response had shocked her even more. The raw, dangerous look of the outfit had completely altered Sam's familiar appearance and she was breathtaking. Burning, unexpected passion was threatening to send Janet screaming down the hallway in a panic. Even now that perverse little part of her brain obsessed over Sam's heavy footfalls and the jingle of the silver chain on her right boot. The steady creak of the inky leather was making her sweat and salivate. Sam laughed throatily and continued to speak to her father.

"Besides, the zipper's busted on this thing. It's going to take a pair of pliers and some serious elbow grease to get me out of these."

Desperate to escape the Carters and the conversation that her overheated brain insisted on misinterpreting, Janet fled for her office. Twin gazes followed her, one curious and the other predatory.

"Odd. From what I've seen, Doctor Fraiser is acting out of character."

Sam's grin answered Jacob's musing question. "How long did you keep her slaving away on whatever crisis brought you back to Earth? She's probably tired."

"Really, Sam, it was only a few hours."

"A few hours or a few ex-military-workaholic hours?"

"Point taken."

* * * * * * *

Inside her office, Janet flopped down into her chair and rested her head in her hands. What was wrong with her? She had never felt this way before… had she? After long moments composing herself and subduing her animal brain, Janet removed something from a drawer and returned to the infirmary. Her calm was immediately spiderwebbed like shattered glass by the sight of Sam bent over a microscope. Every slender muscle across ass and thigh was tight against the smooth leather. There was not an eye in the place that was not at least giving her a casual look. After choking down her own reaction, Janet shooed the oglers away with a practiced glare. She was dimly aware of Jacob explaining the now-solved medical mystery to his daughter. It was a damn good thing they had already accomplished that fact or Janet very much doubted that she would be much good to the To'kra right now. Or anyone else for that matter. As her eyes wandered down Sam's svelte frame in so loving a wrapping, she was rapidly getting to the point where higher brain functions were becoming impossible. Sam straightened to spear Janet with that laser blue gaze and the small woman felt like a defenseless prey animal. Her fingers trembled as she held out a pair of pliers and almost melted under Sam's loving grin.

"Always prepared, eh, Janet?"

"No… not always."

Speculatively Jacob glanced from his grown child to the normally composed doctor. A mental smack in the head from Selmak distracted him from his trepidation of what he thought he was seeing. Oh, it was there all right, it was just that the man he once was really did not want to see it. But the magnetic pull between them was an almost physical thing like the moon on the tides. There was a sparkle in Sam's eyes he had never seen before. Humor and fondness and a lusty energy that made him faintly uncomfortable radiated off of her like heat. Her single-minded regard of the petite brunette made his own attention sharpen, determined to understand his daughter's fascination. The leather-clad hand rested lightly over Janet's fingers and trapped the pliers between them. Smoky brown eyes were riveted on Sam as though unable to look away. There was no doubt that there was a powerful bond there. When Jacob cleared his throat meaningfully, they both jumped as though goosed.

"So, as you can see, your famous Doctor Fraiser was every bit the miracle worker her reputation says she is."

A dull flush crept over Janet's fair skin as she ducked her eyes away.

Sam's fondness deepened and her words were soft and intimate. "She always is."

* * * * * * *

The base is going to be buzzing for weeks over this one, Sam mused to herself as she escorted her father back to the Gate room. Hardly a moment had passed since pulling the bike up to the guard shack without eyes resting on her startlingly clad form. There was something perversely titillating about the carnal attention being paid her. Even Jack had been uncharacteristically subdued, not a smart remark out of him yet. She was still completely covered in the protective leathers. As much fun as it might have been to get Janet to help pull the zipper down, she did not want to jeopardize their careers. Since the heavy gloves were trapped beneath the sleeves, she would just have to cope. Cory's girlfriend had knotted the bandana around her skull so efficiently that Sam was wondering if she would ever get it off. It had stayed on despite the helmet being removed and replaced several times and that had been the whole point. A subdued and jittery Janet followed the Carters and tried to keep her eyes to herself. Already the Stargate had nearly finished its laborious task of dialing out. After it exploded to life, Jacob gathered his youngest child up and squeezed her until she laughingly protested.

"Hey, leathers or no leathers I'm still only human here."

"I miss you, Sam. Take care of yourself."

"You too, dad."

For a long moment that heartened all observers, the small family clung to one another in the fluttery blue glow of the Stargate. Finally, Sam held her once-estranged and dying father at arm's length and smiled with all the love in her heart. "Both of you take care."

There was something otherworldly in Jacob's eyes for just a moment as Selmak accepted the sentiment. A warm grin was flashed at a startled Janet.

"See you around, Doctor. I look forward to seeing you again under better circumstances. Take care of my daughter."

"With pleasure, sir."

That deepened the smile and Jacob strode over to the shimmering event horizon. As he stepped through with one last loaded glance, Sam realized something with a bolt of shock.

He knows how I feel about her…

* * * * * * * *

Even as Jacob vanished into the Stargate, Janet backed out of the room and escaped to her quarters. Throwing herself onto the bunk, she buried her face in the pillow and tried to calm herself. In a glance her world had turned upside-down and showed no sign1s of righting itself any time soon. Friendship and a wonderful work partnership had suddenly shaded into something deep and unexpected. Her body cried out for indulgence and ached to explore the lanky body the bike leathers had brought into sharp relief. It was not as though she had no idea what Sam looked like under her clothes, but to have the whole package so teasing displayed… This was going to drive her mad. Minutes or hours could have slipped away while Janet struggled for composure.

Then a knock sounded on her door and she froze.

Oh, she knew who that must be tapping at the entrance to her sanctuary. The predatory way Sam's piercing gaze had followed her left no doubt in Janet's mind that this whole thing was mutual. That realization only made her burn hotter, knowing that she could have the lanky blonde if only she had the courage.


Even as her left-brain objected to this volatile game, Janet was on her feet and opening the door.

"Rumor has it," Sam intoned quietly, "that you've earned a three day weekend out of this latest crisis."

Once again trapped by the magnetism between them, neither woman could move for a long moment. The Sam made a strangled sound and nervously rubbed the back of her neck. "Would you like to join me? It's fun and I'd love to teach you."

That soft invitation went straight to Janet's libido at a speed that made Gate travel pale in comparison. There was hope and demand in those in the blue eyes. A goofy grin etched itself across Janet's face even as her left-brain continued to send up a clatter of objections. But it was all just trite background noise and she spoke despite it. "I'd love to."

Quickly a Kevlar helmet and padded fatigues were scared up and brought in by Daniel. With him came a battered man's bomber jacket Sam dimly remembered him wearing a few times.

"Um, I thought this would work as a riding jacket until you could get something better."

Sam gently teased Daniel about the large size of the jacket as Janet vanished behind an obstruction to hurriedly change. The two members of SG1 bantered back while they waited for her.

"Help me get this thing off, and I'll wear yours."

"I thought you said it was busted."

"It is. It'll have to come over my head, but the gloves are trapped underneath the sleeves. That's why I haven't taken those off either."

"Uhh, okay."

Janet yanked on her rarely used combat boots and came out to watch. Uncomfortable, but up for the game, Daniel had grabbed Sam's collar and sleeve while she tried to pull away. It quickly turned into a comical tug-of-war as the snug leather resisted their efforts. Humor calmed Janet's nerves despite the repeat performance of Sam's shapely backside tight against the pants.

"Is this really worth it?" As Daniel groused his question, the missing members of SG1 showed up.

"C'mon Daniel, Janet can't wear that jacket. It's too big."

"This is interesting," O'Neill drawled. "Never heard of a zipper, Carter?"

"It's busted. Make yourself useful and grab a glove before I suffocate."

Rolling his eyes, O'Neill did as ordered, waving Teal'c to the other hand. The three men pulled hard enough to unbalance Sam and the jacket began hiking up her slim frame. Janet leapt forward to grab the escaping edge of the undershirt and the high waistband of the pants. Pent up body heat was pouring off Sam like an open oven. Of course General Hammond chose that very moment to walk by and witness the scene with widened eyes. With a last round of grunts the jacket and gloves sloughed off like shed snakeskin. The men stumbled back to collapse into an ungraceful pile that Hammond only just managed to sidestep. Only Sam's quick reflexes kept the two women on their feet. When a glance reassured her no one was hurt, Sam burst out laughing. "I can imagine how silly we looked a moment ago."

Grumbling, her teammates reorganized themselves, each with an article of clothing in hand. Then abruptly Sam's appearance enraptured the group yet again. Her skin was flushed and damp, tightening into goose pimples in the cool air. The front of the shirt had hiked up to show a teasing band of pale flesh, but it was not just her exposed skin that had grown taut in the chill air. Obviously braless, overheated and rapidly cooling off, Sam was flashing her friends more information about her anatomy than perhaps any of them really needed to know. That the shirt was nearly transparent with dampness did not help any. O'Neill turned away with a strangled curse.

"These are the times that try men's souls. C'mon guys, we gotta go. Now. Have a fun weekend you two."

With one long last look from Teal'c, the men slunk away.

"Bye guys, see you Monday," Sam sing-songed after them. "Thanks for your help."

One day they would get revenge on her for laughing so hard at their expense. A sharp shiver running across Sam's body finally allowed Janet's doctor brain to drag the rest of her mind out of the gutter long enough to fuss.

"Cover up before you get a chill."

Nodding, Sam did as she was told and shrugged into Daniel's big jacket. As it covered her half-naked torso and sagged low across her hips, Janet was left with the memories in her mind's eye.


Janet just barely had enough concentration to catch the black jacket tossed her way.

"It'll fit well enough to protect you."

Pretending to fiddle with the long gloves, Sam watched Janet out of the corner of her eye. The small woman was staring at the jacket and absently rubbing her thumbs overt the inky surface.

The cowhide was warm from Sam's body heat especially where it was padded across shoulders and ribs. A variety of tantalizing scents wafted up from the material to torment Janet.

"Put it on," Sam purred with seductive interest. This game was becoming far more interesting than she had thought it would be. Dry-mouthed and shell-shocked, Janet tried to struggle into the jacket, amazed at the unwieldy weight of it. Trapped within the darkness it created, she was lovingly assaulted by the smells of dirt and hide and… Sam. Strong hands brushed over her ribs to yank the jacket into place. Only inches apart the women stared into one another's eyes and felt the rest of the world fade away. Gently Sam's fingers brushed against Janet's hipbones where they remained curled around the bottom edge of the jacket.

"This is going to be fun," she breathed with a suggestion of a leer and watched the arousal in Janet's dark gaze deepen.

"Lead the way."

It took a concerted effort to pull apart and gather Janet's few things. In true gentlemanly fashion Sam took Janet's duffle bag and led the way out of the complex. They were silent but achingly aware of one another all the way to the surface. A scant meter from the top of the elevator shaft was the bike.

Sprawled inelegantly on its side, front tire in the air, the dirty machine looked like mechanical roadkill. It did not look substantial enough to support one person much less two.

"I was in a hurry," Sam explained sheepishly as she righted the dirt bike. Making no effort to hide her wariness, Janet retrieved the nearby helmet and moved closer. With a feline movement Sam straddled the narrow seat and settled herself.

"Is this safe?"

"If it's not a little dangerous, you're not having enough fun. Climb on. I'll take care of you, I promise."

The suggestiveness in Sam's voice nearly made Janet swoon. Temptation dragged her over by her libido and made her hand over the helmet before putting on her own. Standing up, Sam slammed her weight down on the starter peg and the bike roared to life. Even with her lanky body right up against the gas tank, there was a very narrow width of seat left. Upright and idling noisily the machine was far larger than Janet had first suspected. Her overactive imagination painted it lean and leggy like a mechanical cheetah.

"C'mon, Doc, quit being professional and get on."

A strong fist on the jacket yanked Janet close and she could see Sam's grin half-hidden by the helmet. Using the larger woman to balance herself, Janet managed to mount up and catch her breath. It was hard to tell which more titillating, Sam's body pressed so close or the steady vibration of the bike.

"Put your feet on those pegs there and hang on tight."

While the engine wailed in a broken staccato burst, Janet did as she was told. Like a freed greyhound the bike leapt away to fly over to the guard shack. Janet held on for dear life and hoped the guard thought nothing of her clinging so desperately to Sam as they halted next to him. He snapped to attention when Sam flipped open her visor.

"Major Carter and Captain Fraiser checking out for the weekend. We'll be returning Monday 0630 hours."

"Yes, ma'am."

"And thanks for letting me in with the bike, I appreciate it."

"I figured it had to be important to drag you in like this." After entering the information in his logs the young man grinned at the two women. "Have a great weekend."

"Oh, we will, Sergeant."

Janet could only smile unsteadily, terrified her fear and arousal would show if she tried to speak. Smacking the helmet visor shut, Sam gunned the bike under the rising security bar and down the road. Exhilaration mixed up with all of the other volatile emotions pounding through Janet and she cuddled trustingly into Sam's back. When the tall body shifted to control the bike her smaller frame automatically echoed every move. That made it easier for Sam to keep enough of her mind on her driving to keep them safe. This bike was not really meant for proper roads and she had been concerned about having a passenger on the finicky machine. Thankfully, Janet was a wonderfully responsive passenger and was making her job easy. The memory of the heat in the velvet brown eyes made Sam burn hotter as they zipped down the mountain. The next few days would certainly be interesting…


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