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Part V


Alex berated herself for her carelessness. She couldnít imagine why she hadnít gotten rid of the scarf and wondered if subconsciously she had wanted Danielle to find out all along. It had ended their friendship quickly and irrevocably. Something she did not have the will to do. She deeply regretted the pain she had caused Danielle, but it was out of her hands now. The important thing was that Danielle was safe. Somehow Alex had to move on.

Never one to indulge in self pity, she tried to convince herself this was for the best and struggled to keep sorrow from engulfing her. If she focused on what she had lost, the pain would paralyze her. She had to plan her next move. She couldnít afford to get sloppy. Her mother and brother would be in danger if she were arrested.

It was time to leave town. Her heart grew heavy as she thought of the numerous times had she packed up her few belongings and moved on. For the first time it felt like she was leaving home. Her pain deepened as she realized that Danielle was the reason for that.

Walking through the cabin, gathering up her scant possessions, proved to be tortuous. There were memories of Danielle everywhere. Her eyes fell on the champagne cork on the stand beside the bed. She flashed back to the surprised expression on Danielle face when the champagne had sprayed her. The memory of Danielle tore at her heart. Alex carefully set the cork down and hastily left the room.

She was almost out the door when her cell phone rang, startling her out of her thoughts. She hesitated answering it, then relented.


"Julian." She expelled a frustrated sigh. This was the last thing she needed.

"My sources tell me your in New York. I have a job for you to do."

"I was leaving today. Things are beginning to unravel here." She forced the emotion she felt from her voice.

"Iím sure you can handle it. What difference will a few days make?" She grimaced. The idea of remaining at the cabin with her memories was unbearable.

"What do you want?"

"A van Gogh from the MET."

"Alex laughed sarcastically. "Oh... is that all."

"You can consider it a personal favor." There was a hint of urgency in his voice.

Alex listened intently, wondering if she might at last have an out.

"Itís not like Iím asking you to break into Fort Knox. This shouldnít be much of a problem for you."

"Easy for you to say,"

He laughed. "Alex, youíre so resourceful. Iím sure you wonít let me down. Iíll contact you in a few days."

Unable to leave town and unwilling to return to the cabin, Alex set up camp in the surrounding woods. When her life was bleakest she found solace in the forest. The quiet darkness and star filled sky were usually a comfort to her, but not tonight. She was miserable. She sat by the fire staring at Danielleís journal. She couldnít summon the will to read it. Yet she found a curious comfort in holding it close.

If only she hadnít gotten involved in Danielleís life. But she had, and Danielle was suffering because of it. Had the young woman been serious about her journal being of no use to her? Did she mean she wouldnít write anymore? Alex pushed the thought from her mind. It was too painful. She ran her hands over the spiral design and summoned the courage to open it. Nervously she flipped to the last entry.


      In my mind, there is but one certainty. I want Alex: in my heart, in my life and in my bed. My attraction for her is utterly compelling. The desire I feel for her is overpowering. I long for her touch. I want to feel the heat of her skin beneath my fingers. I canít stop thinking of what it would be like to feel her body pressed to mine. I want to climb inside her, feel her arms around me. The thought that it might never be, leaves me aching, hungry. Traces of her scent linger in my mind. I dread the time we are apart. At last I know desire and my misery is exquisite.

      When I canít be with her, the night is my solace. In sleep I have Alex. My unconsciousness thoughts are more than fantasies. They have the feel of recollections, something between a dream and a memory. Her arms have never held me like a lover. Her lips have never kissed mine and yet I hunger for the sensations they would elicit. When we are together my eyes refuse to leave her. And when our eyes meet, even fleetingly, it is electric. I know those eyes. But only in my dreams do I see the need in them, their hunger for me.


Alex closed her eyes, her soul blanketed in a sorrow from which there was no escape.


The drive to the cabin seemed endless. Faced with the prospect of never seeing Alex again, the memories she had of their time together made her heart ache. Yet her mind refused to discard the vivid images. As painful as they were, they seemed essential to her very being.

It was inconceivable that only hours ago her life had been filled with promise and now things were desperately bleak. Danielle feared Alex was already gone. The thought that she might never see her again was terrifying. She prayed for a second chance, one more opportunity to speak with her.

Danielleís heart sank as she pulled into the driveway. Alexís car was gone. The cabin was dark. She tried the door. It was locked. She slipped her hand deep into the sleeve of Alexís leather jacket and broke the glass on the door. Reaching inside, she unlocked it and entered. The sight of the familiar room filled her with longing. She went to the bedroom. The closet doors were open and Alexís clothes were gone.

Suddenly weak, she sat on the bed. She had never felt so alone in her life. She was ready to walk out of the room when something on the bedside table caught her eye. She picked up the champagne cork and rolled it in her hand, gently she closed her fingers around it. "Where are you Alex?"


Danielle walked out on the porch and looked out over the water. If Alex didnít want to be found it was unlikely that she would ever see her again. She walked toward the lake unsure of what to do next. The moon light sparkled off the surface of the water, but Danielle never noticed the beauty before her. She walked along the shore lost in her thoughts.

The medallion around her neck seemed to pulse against her skin, bringing her out of her contemplation. As she ran her fingers over the spiraled surface, her pain became more acute and her eyes filled with tears. When she tilted her head back to wipe them away, a flicker of light in the distant woods caught her attention. Mindlessly, she headed toward it. As she neared, she saw it was a campfire. Her heart began to race as she moved quietly toward it. She was about twenty feet away when she saw her, bathed in the glow of the fireís light, her head bowed down solemnly. Danielle came forward slowly. Her approach was nearly silent but Alex felt her presence long before she heard her. She turned to face Danielle. Her face mirrored the anguish she felt.

Even in the dim light Danielle could see her pain, She had never seen Alex so vulnerable. Danielle stilled, afraid her friend might bolt. Alex turned back to the fire, struggling to compose herself.

"Alex I need to talk to you..."

She kept her back to Danielle, knowing her face would betray her and reveal too much.

"Please, you owe me that much." Danielle watched Alexís shoulders stiffen at her words.

Alex did not respond. It was all she could do to keep her body from shaking.

"Did you read my journal?"

Alex looked deep into the fire, as if to draw strength from it. She nodded. "Iím so sorry. I never meant to hurt you."

"Were you going to leave without saying good-bye?"

"I thought you'd call the police" She swallowed her pain. "You should have."

Alexís words hurt. "I would never... What reason have I given you not to trust me? IÖ I lied to protect you. You... read my journal. You know everything... and I know nothing." Tears slid down her cheeks.

Alex lower her head in shame. "I donít deserve your trust."

"You saved my life. You... touched my heart. If you care even a little... youíll stay, give me time to understand... time to talk."

"I... Danielle please... you should leave."

"No, damn it! Tell me what you're thinking! Don't shut me out." Danielle was frustrated, desperate.

"I canít... Iím sorry... Please believe me... youíll be better off without me." Her voice was shaky but resolved, for once in her life she intended to do what was right.

Danielle closed the distance between them and grabbed her wrist, pulling the taller woman around to face her. "Iím not leaving until you talk to me."

"Please... let this go." Alex felt the skin of her wrist tingle from the young womanís touch. She avoided the hypnotic green eyes that sought her out, fearing she would lose what little control remained.

"No, you mean too much to me! I have to know the truth. I have to know how you feel."

Alex met her gaze for the first time, reaching deep inside for the strength to do what she knew was right. "It doesnít matter how I feel, Iíve done things... things you canít begin to imagine. Iíve made enemies. People who would get pleasure from hurting you. We canít be together. Iíve been fooling myself. I canít put you in that kind of danger." Her voice was firm, final.

Danielle released her wrist and looked down sadly. "Iím never going to see you again, am I?"

Alex felt the young womanís despair. The last thing she wanted was to cause her more pain. Her hand reached out to comfort her. "Iím sorry. Itís best this way." Her fingertips lightly brushed the smaller womanís arm.

The casual touch ignited a spark inside Danielle. Her body responded instantly and she knew she could not give Alex up without a fight. There had to be a way to convince her.

"Your leaving is not best for me!" Danielle clenched her hands in frustration. "You donít know what youíre throwing away, for both of us. I canít let you give up on us."

The young womanís words hurt so much that Alex didnít think she could endure it. She took a shaky step back.

"You donít understand. I have a darkness in me that..." She paused knowing it was impossible for Danielle to comprehend the extent of her sins. "Iím no better than the monster that tried to rape you. Iíve done so many things I..." Her voice cracked with emotion. "You have to forget me." She looked at her helplessly.

The pain Danielle saw broke her heart. She met Alexís eyes. "There is good in you, so much. I see it. I feel it." Her voice was gentle, but resolute. "Weíre meant to be together. I donít understand it, but I know in my heart itís true and I think you do, too."

Danielle slipped the medallion from her neck. "Alex, this isnít a medallion. Itís a locket. It opens." She placed it in the womanís palm and gently curled Alexís fingerís around it.

"Think about leaving me for my own good. Think about a life without me." Alexís eyes welled with tears. She opened her hand quickly, startled by the medallionís change in temperature. She looked at the young woman, puzzled.

Danielleís took Alexís hand in her own and pressed her fingers closed on the medallion. She held Alexís fist in both of her hands. "Now, think of the time weíve spent together, the moments we shared. The time at the lake."

Alex inhaled as she felt an energy build within her, surging down her arm until it passed through her skin into Danielle. For an instant they were one, it was electric. Danielle released Alexís hand and stepped back, breathless. Alex stood motionless, trying to understand what had happened.

"Open your hand." Danielle watched as Alex raised her hand, the medallion in her outstretched palm. It popped open. Alex held it up in the firelight.

"Thatís my grandmother. And Iím willing to bet the other woman is your ancestor. The resemblance is amazing."

Alexís hand trembled as she gave the locket back to her. She knew she had experienced something miraculous, but it didnít change her situation or the danger she posed to Danielle.

"Danielle, I canít gamble with your life. I wonít."

"Tell me you donít feel anything for me and Iíll leave."

Alex looked away, summoning the courage to lie.

Before she could begin, Danielle interrupted her. "Alex, please donít do this."

"Iím sorry ... I canít. My past would haunt us, destroy any chance we might have of a life together."

"This is the biggest mistake of your life. Please give us more time!"

Alex looked away and stepped back, putting more space between them.

Danielle watched her retreat sadly. "Thereís nothing I can say to change your mind?"

Alex shook her head.

Danielle inhaled deeply. She had never known such despair. "Thatís it then?"

"Yes..." Alex responded weakly.

Tears overflowed Danielleís eyes and she turned to walk away. The medallion tingled in her grasp. She stopped and turned to face Alex. It was now or never. She could not leave without expressing what was in her heart. Danielle took a deep breath.

"Alex, I... I love you. You touched something deep inside me. From the first moment I saw you, I knew you were the only one for me." Alex remained silent.

"God I wish you could tell me how you feel. I know you care. Iíve seen it in your eyes... felt it in your touch."

"Danielle, Iím sorry...I donít... feel..." She quickly averted her eyes, unable to finish the lie.

"You donít feel what... The same? I donít believe you. Why were you following me the night I was attacked? Why did you return my journal and the medallion? Why have you stayed?" Danielle tired to make eye contact. "Alex, why did you save the champagne cork?"

She braced herself for Alexís denial. When it didnít come she continued. "Can you live the rest of your life wondering what we might have shared? I canít." She took a nervous breath. "IÖ Iím drawn to you. I have nearly driven myself crazy with fantasies of what it would be like to share my life with you... to be with you."

Danielle glanced away shyly. "I... I never felt desire until I met you... I canít live my life not knowing the feel your lips on mine. I... I want you to...."

She raised her eyes slowly to meet Alexís. "I need you to kiss me."

Danielleís heart hammered desperately, fearing both rejection and acceptance. "Please, one kiss and if you still want me to, Iíll leave... let you go."

Alex took a step toward Danielle. Her heart ached as she viewed the anguish and longing in the young womanís eyes. She wanted to take Danielle in her arms. Her need was so intense it seemed a physical pain. She reached her hand tentatively toward Danielleís face. Her fingers lightly brushing the young womanís trembling lips. Alex could not suppress the urgency pulsing through her. She wanted Danielle, desperately.

Danielle placed her right hand behind Alexís neck and sunk the fingers into the dark silky hair. Alexís body reacted before her mind could object. Her head bent forward, her lips only inches from the woman before her. Slowly, Danielle pulled her in. When their lips touched, Danielle moaned, her entire being tingled with sensation. Her mind and body reeled. Suspended out of time and space, there was only she and Alex.

She pressed into the kiss and shivered as Alexís tongue slipped past her lips. She felt Alex tremble as her body succumbed to her need. The powerful woman melted in her arms, all resistance gone. The moment was electric.

Alexís strong hands gripped Danielleís waist, pulling her in. Their bodies pressed together in a fevered union. The heat was searing, their kiss endless.

Danielleís body came alive. She ground her hips sensually against Alex. The dark-haired woman moaned and broke the kiss, her eyes searching Danielleís. The love and need she saw there were dizzying. She closed her eyes, struggling to regain control. Her body thrummed with desire, making rational thought impossible. She didnít have the will to fight it. Nothing in her life had ever felt so right.

Danielle whispered breathlessly. "Donít stop, please... let it happen." Her eyes pleaded, but Alex never saw the urgency there. She was focused on Danielleís full lips. She had tasted their sweetness, and she was lost. Alex swept the young woman up in her arms and carried her to the fire, laying her gently on her sleeping bag. She knelt beside her.

A primal need reflected in Alexís eyes as she stared hungrily at the woman before her. Her feelings spilled from her in a heartfelt confession, her voice hoarse with passion. "Forgive me... I want you so much."

Danielle didnít hesitate, she took advantage of Alexís weakness and pulled her down, rolling on top of her. She bent down, her tongue seeking the sweet taste of Alexís mouth. Her thirst was insistent, driven by years of yearning. Every nerve in her body tingled. The thought that Alex might falter and pull back made her advances even more fervent. She had to have her, there was no turning back. "Alex I need you... I need you so."

"Yes... Oh yes."

Her words caused Danielleís passion to shift from a slow burn to a blaze that was totally consuming. Their lips met again and her body trembled with the contact. Danielleís heart felt like it would explode. All thought was gone. She was driven by instinct alone, euphoric as her body pressed against the length of Alex, claiming what she so desperately desired. She moaned and drank in her heat.

Slowly she pulled back, straddling Alex. Her face flush with excitement. Her lightweight skirt was pushed up tightly around her hips. Her breathing was heavy, fevered. A thin covering of moisture shone on her skin in her bodyís futile attempt to cool itself. She looked to Alex for the release only she could provide.

When their eyes met, Alex thought she might die for want of this woman. She reached up and slowly unbuttoned Danielleís shirt, sliding it off her shoulders. The sight of the young womanís breasts took her breath away. Her erect nipples strained forward, begging for attention.

Her hands roamed up Danielleís sides. She wanted to run her tongue over the eager flesh, to take each tenderly in her mouth. It was impossible to hold back. Her fingertips gripped the soft skin as her thumbs grazed the tip of each breast.

"Ohhh yes." Danielle moaned and her head fell back.

Alex pulled her down, capturing the young womanís mouth. The sweet taste of her was indescribable. She could not get enough. Effortlessly Alex rolled her over, gaining the top position. She sat back on her heels, breathless. Kneeling between Danielleís legs, she unfastened her skirt, tossing it aside.

Danielle reached up to unbutton Alexís top. Her fingers trembled with anticipation, making the task difficult. Desperately, she grabbed the edges of the material and forced them apart, releasing a shower of buttons.

Alex gasped in surprise. Danielle smiled, pleased by her reaction. The passion Alex saw in her young loverís eyes inflamed her. She claimed Danielleís mouth once more, groaning as their bare breasts touched. Her hands grasped Danielleís bottom, kneading the pliant flesh. She pulled her onto her lap.

Danielle wrapped her legs around Alexís waist, causing her to emit a low passionate groan. Alex had never felt such softness. Their bodies melded as if they were each part of the same being.

Danielle greedily captured her mouth. Alex breathlessly relented as her loverís inquisitive tongue pressed past her lips, exploring her with the ardor of a first love.

Throughout their kiss, Danielle pressed her sex firmly against Alex. The sensation of the wet cotton panties against her belly inflamed her. She slid a finger past the elastic waistband, desperate to rid Danielle of the garment without breaking the delicious contact.. She pulled back and looked into her loverís eyes while tugging gently at the thin material that separated her from what she needed more than air.

"Pleeease... do it!" Danielleís voice was hoarse, her eyes glazed with passion.

Alex recaptured her mouth and with two quick rips removed the unwanted clothing. With the last barrier gone, she felt Danielleís naked sex press against her and released a shuddering sigh. Danielle immediately spread her legs wider, increasing their contact. Alex moaned as she felt the evidence of Danielleís desire, wet and slippery, coat her skin. She pressed the young woman to her. Nearly lost in the rapture, she wanted to taste her, to thrust into her. Her fingers gently grasped the young womanís bottom and slowly lifted and lowered her in a sensual rhythm. The heat of Danielleís slick center gliding over her taut abdomen was delicious. Alex lightly caressed her loverís earlobe with her lips, then softly nipped her neck, breathing hotly against her skin.

Danielle was delirious with pleasure. The sensation of her swollen clit rubbing against Alexís hot flesh caused her to moan unrestrained. The contact was intense, unrelenting. It was ecstasy. She felt an exquisite tension coiling inside her and knew instinctively that the rapture that she had yearned for her entire life was almost upon her. She was nearing orgasm, and she wanted it, more than she had ever wanted anything.

Her head fell back as she clung to the strong womanís shoulders. "Ohhh... Alex... "

"Let go, Iíve got you." Alex whispered softly.

Instantly it was upon her. Danielleís body went rigid and she cried out, gripping her loverís shoulders as spasm after spasm tore through her. Her body quivered as glorious sensations spiraled outward from her center. It seemed to go on and on as Alex maintained the steady rhythm, prolonging her pleasure.

Danielle took a long trembling breath and collapsed against her lover, her head cradled in the hollow of the older womanís shoulder. Nothing had prepared the young woman for the magnitude of her release. When her senses slowly returned, the raw intensity of her emotions overwhelmed her and she cried in her loverís embrace. Alex pulled the sleeping bag around them and held Danielle lovingly in her arms, rocking her gently.

Soon, Danielle calmed and looked deeply into her eyes. "Alex, I remember you. My body remembers you."

She softly kissed Alexís face, her lips lightly brushing her brows. She tenderly stroked her dark hair, afraid this was some wonderful dream that she would awaken from. Her fingers gently trace the fine features of Alexís face in an attempt to verify she was real.

Danielle searched Alexís eyes for a sign that her love was returned. The adoration she in her loverís eyes made her fears disappear.

"Iíve never been so happy. Please... give us a chance."

Tears rolled down Alexís cheeks as she hugged Danielle. She tried to imagine how she could go on without this woman in her life. Her carefully constructed walls were crumbling. Like it or not, her heart had opened to this remarkable young woman. She realized that regardless of her decision, she owed Danielle the truth about her feelings.

She pulled Danielle tightly to her and whispered. "No matter what happens... know that I love you... more than life."

Alexís words filled Danielle with joy, renewing her conviction. She would find a way to make Alex understand that they were stronger together than apart. She looked deep into her eyes, trying to express feelings there were no words for.

The sky opened, releasing a light rain. Alex tipped her head back and let the cool water splash her face. Danielle watched entranced, as water droplets sparkled on her loverís lashes. The woman before her was truly magnificent... and hers. Her mouth hungrily claimed Alexís and their passion flared, mindless of the persistent rain.


Back at the cabin, the two women sat naked in front of the fireplace holding hands. They stared into the glowing flames. Both needed to maintain physical contact, a link between them. Unfamiliar emotions left Alex confused and vulnerable, for the first time in her life she was truly afraid.

Danielle looked dreamily into the fire. She was caught in the wake of physical pleasure of an intensity she had never imagined. She didnít want it to end. Her body had felt nothing for so long, that now she allowed herself to reveal in the incredible sensations she had experienced. Alex loved her. There was nothing she could not face. Danielle would not back down. She had to have Alex in her life.

Finally, she drew in a long breath and summoned the courage to speak, praying she would be able to convince Alex of the miracle that she now wholeheartedly embraced: they were destined to be together.

"I want to express what you mean to me, but I donít have words to communicate the love I feel. I need to be with you." She took Alexís hand and press the long fingers to her lips.

"My entire life, I knew that something vital to my being was missing. At last I have found you. I feel whole." She paused and looked intently in her loverís eyes. Finding only love there, she continued. "Canít you feel it?"

Alex did, but couldnít reply. Her throat was tight with emotion. Her feelings were consuming her. It was too much. She gently squeezed Danielleís hand.

Danielle squeezed back comfortingly. "Alex I know I told you I would leave if thatís what you decided, but I... I donít think I can. Thereís no going back for me. I am so sure of us. I am willing to risk anything to be with you. Anything... Please donít send me away. Iím asking you to trust in our love."

She held Alexís face in her hands, desperate for her lover to understand.

A single tear slid down Alexís cheek. She rose and stood before the fire, staring into the hypnotic flames. The thought of something happening to Danielle terrified her. The young womanís safety was her main concern. Still, she couldnít dismiss the miracle of Danielleís love. She had no doubt that they were meant to be together. There was no denying that for some inexplicable reason their destinies were intertwined. She needed Danielle and believed in her heart that Danielle needed her. There were no easy solutions.

She felt the warmth of Danielleís hand as it slid into her own and a calm enveloped her. The tension drained from her body. She sat down and parted her legs, gently seating Danielle between them. Alex eased her lover back against her bare chest, solving her need for contact, without revealing the emotions she was struggling with. She wrapped her arms tenderly around Danielle and gently rocked her back and forth, unsure if her actions were meant to comfort herself or her young lover. Danielle remained silent, relishing their closeness. She waited patiently, allowing Alex the time she needed.

Slowly Alex came to her decision. Closing her eyes, she allowed herself to feel the soothing presence of the young womanís sitting between her bent legs. The warmth of Danielle hips against her inner thighs, the softness of her hair against her breasts was heavenly. She was keenly aware of the heat that radiated from her body at each place their skin made contact. It amazed her how in such a very short time Danielle had come to mean everything to her.

She took a deep breath and whispered softly into her loverís ear. "Together then... for better or worse, weíll go through this together." Danielleís heart leapt. She tilted her face up and eased back against her loverís soft breasts.


Alex bent to capture the eager lips of her young lover. Her kiss sent streams of tingling pleasure to Danielleís core. A warm flush radiated through her body and she became acutely aware of Alexís erect nipples pressing against her back. She wanted to turn to face Alex but her body refused to break the warm embrace.

She struggled to speak. "Alex I want you, I want to make love to you. Show me how to please you."

Alex smiled and breathed hotly into her loverís ear. "Mmmm... yes, Iíll show you. Weíll practice... on you." The deep tone of Alexís voice made Danielleís pulse quicken, her body instantly responding to the idea.

"Iíll go very slowly, so youíll remember every kiss... every touch." She felt her young loverís body tremble. Danielle moaned, her passion heightened by her loverís words. Her head lolled back and rested on her partnerís strong shoulder. Alexís fingers moved across Danielleís torso with feathery light caresses. The teasing contact was delicious. Alex cupped her loverís breasts in her hands. Her thumbs circled Danielleís erect nipples.

"I love the way your body responds to me." She whispered sensually.

The warmth of her loverís breath and heat of her words eroded the last of Danielleís inhibitions. All traces of the reserved woman she had once been were gone. Unabashed, she arched into her loverís touch.

Alexís thumbs brushed the harden tips of her loverís breasts, flicking the sensitive points. Danielle moaned as she felt moisture trickle from her opening. Encouraged by her loverís reaction, Alex rolled the aching nipples between thumb and forefinger, pulling gently. Danielle groaned with pleasure. Alexís left hand continued to caress her loverís breasts while her right hand ventured lower. Her fingers at last reaching their destination, slowly sliding through the curly golden hair and across the moist outer lips. Danielle could not contain her excitement. She cried out.

"Do you need me to stop?"

"God no... please."

Alex smiled, pleased at the urgency in her voice. She used two fingers to spread her loverís lips and glided through the ample wetness, the inside of her fingers lightly stroking either side of the young womanís clitoris. Danielle felt herself climbing quickly. She was very close.

"Mmm, youíre so swollen, so ready." Alex smiled. "Do you now how desirable I find you, how much you please me?"

Danielleís breathing quickened.

"Youíre capable of such pleasure. This beautiful body was just waiting for me, for my touch." Alex purred.

"Yes... oh God I... I..." Danielle exclaimed. Her heart pounded as her body flooded with excitement.

"Youíre almost there again, arenít you?" She stopped the motion of her fingers and felt her loverís hips thrust toward them in an attempt to resume contact.

"Ohhh Alex... pleeease... "

"Oh no... not so quickly this time. You can sustain arousal for a long time. A very long time."

Danielle trembled. It was such exquisite torture. Her body writhed against Alex, begging for her touch. She wanted more.

Alex redirected Danielleís attention by lightly squeezing her nipple. At the same time, she ran the other hand along the inside of Danielleís thigh. "Iím going to enter you very slowly. Are you ready?"

Danielle couldnít form words, she nodded vigorously.

Alex poised one finger at the young womanís entrance and slid into her teasingly slow. She delighted as Danielleís muscles tightened around her, pulling her deeper, until at last she was all the way in. She remained motionless allowing the young womanís body to become acutely aware of her presence. Alex reveled in the warmth and softness surrounding her. It was heavenly.

"Oh, Alex.. I feel you ... so deep..." It was utter bliss for Danielle. Her emotions were raw. She felt so much. Alex sensed her surge of emotion and began to ease her finger out.

"Please..." Danielle grabbed her wrist, holding her firmly in place. "I... I feel you... your energy inside me. Itís... oh God. Pleeease... I need you."

Alex kissed her tenderly, then began a slow rhythmic thrusting, pushing deep inside then retreating to the edge of her entrance. She took her time, allowing the sensations to build inside the young woman. Danielle was climbing higher and higher, delirious with pleasure. Climax was nearly upon her, the steady pumping driving her wild. Poised at the brink of release, she held her breath. It was divine.

Then, without warning, Alex slowly extracted her finger. Danielle groaned, her inner muscles clutching at emptiness. The loss made her ache. Alex adjusted her position moving out from behind the young woman and lowered her to the floor, careful not to sever physical contact. The young womanís eyes locked with hers, desperate for an outlet for her mounting passion. She needed more and kissed Alex hungrily to express it.

Her tongue sought entrance to Alexís mouth and the stronger woman relented, thrilled by the intensity of her loverís desire. The kiss was more forceful and demanding than Alex had expected from the gentle woman, but she loved it and submitted completely to the aggressive exploration. Soon both women were lost in the heat of the kiss, equally matched in their passion.

Gradually their frenzied efforts eased. When Alex felt Danielleís body relax, she began to slowly rekindle the urgency. She lightly stroked her erect nipples, gently brushing her nails across the hardened nubs. Danielleís head fell back, and Alex gently pressed her knee between her loverís legs, reminding her of her need.

Danielle moaned and arched into her partnerís thigh. Alex teased, pulling back. She positioned her firm leg inches above Danielle pulsing sex, forcing the desperate young woman to lift into her again and again, for but the briefest contact, each touch leaving her wanting. Danielleís eyes were closed tight, fully concentrated on her effort. Her body unable to remain still.

Alex looked down at Danielleís tense expression and longed to see the desire cloaked by long lashes and silky lids. Slowly she lowered her leg, pressing firmly against her loverís wet center. Danielleís eyes opened, and Alex found herself looking into the depths of the young womanís being. A soul that sought its twin.

Alexís breath caught. The playfulness in her blue eyes, replaced by luminescent desire. Danielleís heart hammered and she opened her mouth to beg her lover to continue. But, the words evaporated as she watched Alexís head dip down and felt warm, wet lips closed on her nipple. Alexís teeth grazed the sensitive erection, pulling while her tongue licked the aching tip. Danielle moaned softly, and Alex began to suckle, with gentle but unrelenting pressure. Danielle squirmed under the tender assault, her mind adrift, swimming with pleasure. She was floating, lost in the sweet sensations.

Without warning, Alex entered her with two fingers, sliding deep inside. Danielle gasped. Alex caressed her tight walls, heightening her awareness, awakening every fiber of her being. Her suckling became more insistent. With each deep thrust, her mouth drew hard on the nipple, pulling sensations through the Danielleís body like an electric charge. Their combined energy was building inside her, intensifying with each thrust, every pull. It was too much, and not enough.

Danielle was straining, desperate for even the slightest pressure on her clit. Her hands clenched at her sides, entangled in the fluffy comforter. The temptation to use them was great, but she held back . Even at the height of her torment, she understood the perfection in her loverís attentions and wanted experience their full impact. Just one touch, and she would merge with this incredible woman, body and soul.

As if reading her mind, Alex circled the swollen nub with her thumb. It was divine torture. Danielle wanted desperately to shift her hips, force the contact. Her teeth clenched to keep from crying out, and she struggled to keep still. At last, her lips parted and she exhaled in a long groan. She could not hold back.

Alex felt Danielleís hips lift, her will broken, and let her thumb slowly glide over the swollen pulsing surface. That single stroke was all it took. The orgasm was upon her like a tidal wave. Danielle was helpless, plummeting over the edge. She cried out as currents of ecstasy raced through her, exploding in brilliant colors. She knew at once that the beautiful light that engulfed her was Alex.

As Danielle slept, Alex tried to imagine what she had done to deserve such a love. She would move heaven and earth to protect this woman. From this moment on, she would try be the person Danielle deserved.

To do that she had to free herself and that meant at least one more person had to die. And somehow she had to keep Danielle from being tainted by it.

Alex eventually drifted to sleep and dreamed of the beautiful woman she held in her arms.

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