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Part VI


Alex awoke to a deep seeded pulling sensation. As she came to her senses, she discovered Danielle was gently suckling her breast. She opened her eyes and watched as the young woman efforts became more concentrated. A spasm shot through her as Danielle gently nipped the hardened point, and she groaned in pleasure.

The young woman lifted her head and looked up innocently. "I didnít mean to wake you. I guess, I got carried away. I couldnít resist. You looked so luscious lying here." Surprised by the frankness of her own words, her face colored beautifully.

Alex smiled and caressed her cheek. "So do you."

Danielleís eyes blazed with desire as they ran the length of her loverís body, finally fixing on Alexís breasts. "Your nipples responded to my touch, even when you were sleeping." She said proudly, barely resisting the urge to casually swirl her tongue over the sensitive flesh already stiff with desire.

It was Alexís turn to blush. She didnít usually sleep so soundly. In fact, she was stunned that she hadnít been awakened by her loverís ministrations sooner. She could not remember the last time she had slept through the entire night, or felt so at peace. The edgy tension that was so much a part of her was gone.

"What a wonderful way to wake..." Her words were abruptly cut off as Danielle ran her finger lightly across Alexís sex and held the glistening digit up to the light, marveling at the sight. She slowly ran her tongue over her finger, sampling her loverís essence. The erotic act sent a shiver thorough Alex.

Danielle met her gaze and smiled playfully. "I want more."

Alex inhaled sharply as the implications of her words slammed home. Before she could recover, she felt Danielleís hair tickle her skin as her eager loverís tongue blazed a hot trail down her anxious body.

"I want to feel you climax... with my mouth."

Danielleís breath blew lightly against her sex. Alex eagerly lifted her hips. The first contact was a long gentle stroke, the full length of her sex. It was nearly Alexís undoing. Her body surged with desire, responding to her younger loverís caress.

Danielle was thorough in her exploration. Her lips gently encircled her swollen clit, eliciting a moan from her lover. She flicked her tongue over the tip in a teasingly slow rhythm that was as steady and persistent as her own heartbeat. Each stroke was timed so precisely that Alex knew it was coming an instant before the contact was made. Her inner muscles clenched each time in anticipation. Danielleís touch was maddeningly light. Alex tried to thrust her hips forward to force greater contact, but Danielleís left hand pressed down on her lower abdomen, commanding her to be still.

It was all Alex could do not to use her superior strength. The temptation to rock her hips into Danielleís touch was irresistible. "I need more."

Danielle lifted her head for but a moment. "I know." She smiled and lowered her mouth once again to the sensitive nub, teasing her mercilessly.

Alex exhaled a long anguished moan. The world drifted away until there was nothing but the persistent attentions of Danielleís tongue, the gentle impact of each touch. The pulsing between her legs was driving her wild and Alex trembled as she strained for release.

Suddenly, Danielleís fingertips brushed her thigh, adding a new sensation. The determined fingers traveled slowly up to her sex. Alex stiffened and groaned as her loverís tentative fingers pressed against her opening, seeking entrance. "Yesss!"

As Danielle pushed deep inside, Alexís restraint snapped. The feel of Danielle inside her sent currents of pleasure through her body. She grasped Danielleís head with both hands. The young woman yielded and slid her tongue back and forth with increasing pressure while pumping firmly inside her.

Her inner walls clutched at Danielleís fingers with each thrust. She sucked in a long, deep breath, and stiffened in climax. Her thighs shook and she pushed against Danielleís diligent tongue. She shuddered, her sex pulsing with sensation.

Danielle held her, stroking her hair. "I love you Alex."

Alex looked into the green eyes that gazed at her, brimming with adoration. "And I love you. You were wonderful."

Danielle sighed happily. "I was given excellent instruction."

"Apparently..." Alex smiled. "But I donít recall that particular lesson."

She kissed her lightly. Danielle was happy that she had pleased her, but she sensed that Alex had held back. The raw passion that burned inside her had not been released. She felt the power of the untapped energy within Alex so keenly that it crackled like static on the surface of her skin. She ran her fingers over the fine hair below Alexís navel, expecting it to cling to the tips of her fingers.

In time, her love would help Alex let go of the guilt and pain she carried. Only when Alex allowed herself to be vulnerable, allowed herself to trust, would she at last unleash her full capacity to be loved. With time, Danielle was determined to earn that trust and take her lover where only she could.

She took a deep breath and rested her head on Alexís soft breast. "It feels like Iím awake in my dreams. Iím so happy."

Alex closed her arms around her beautiful lover and made a silent wish that she would never forget this moment.


The delicious scent of sex filled the room. Danielle was insatiable, proving the perfect match for her energetic lover. They made love all morning, napping until early afternoon, their bodies entwined.

When Alex awoke Danielle was asleep on her breast. The feeling engulfing her was foreign and powerful. She was happy. Alex wrapped her arm around her loverís waist, causing Danielle to stir.

"Been awake long?" Danielle asked dreamily.

"No." Alex replied kissing her lightly. Danielle looked at her wistfully.

"What are you thinking about?" Alex questioned.

"I was just thinking that I will never forget this room, this cabin, these woods." Danielle looked at Alex seriously. "We wonít be able to stay much longer, will we?"

"No, Iím sorry. Will you mind?"

Danielle shook her head. "As long as I have you, I can be happy anywhere." Alex held her close.

"Where will we go?"

"Where would you like to go?"

"Iíve always wanted to see Greece."

Alex smiled. She had similar dreams. "I think that can be arranged."

"Can we afford it?"

"Money isnít a problem. I..." Alex stopped talking as memories of her past sins surfaced. She looked at Danielle with deep regret.

"Iím truly sorry about the robbery. If I could get your uncleís things back I would. Theyíre gone." She took a deep breath and waited for Danielleís anger to arise.

"Itís only money Alex. My uncle has lots of it. It doesnít matter." She tried to reassure her, but felt Alex almost imperceptibly distance herself.

After several minutes Alex put her arms around Danielle and looked into her eyes.

"What... What is it?" Danielle asked.

"You are so quick to forgive." Danielle looked puzzled by Alexís remark.

"You know... the robbery, the journal... the deception." The words made Alex wince. She looked away, but not before Danielle saw the sadness in her eyes.

Danielle turned on her side to face Alex directly. "Well, you didnít know me, when you tied me up so I gave you some latitude on that one." She smiled lightly and shrugged. "As for the journal, I admit at first it felt like a terrible invasion, but..." She paused. "Alex why did you take my journal?"

"Iím not sure. There was something about the design on the front that attracted me. I didnít even know what it was."

"Well, then... not much to forgive there."

"Itís that easy, huh?"

"Well, no" Danielle said thoughtfully. "Iíve been thinking of ways for you to make up for those little indiscretions, believe me." She winked playfully.

Alex looked back seriously. "I intend to spend the rest of my life making things right."

Danielle smiled, refusing to let her lover lapse into guilt, "It shouldnít be such a difficult task. I can think of some very pleasurable ways for you to do that."

Alex looked off into the distance. Danielle waved her hand in front of her loverís face. "Hey, I was hoping that would make you happy."

Alex smiled for Danielleís benefit. The love she saw on the young womanís face was so genuine.

Danielle stroked her loverís cheek. "I can see the wheels turning. What are you thinking?"

Alex glanced away, unable to mask her feelings from this incredible woman. Danielle looked deep into her loversí eyes. "You know that I love you. Thereís nothing that can change that."

"I wish that were true." Alex replied doubtfully. Danielle opened her mouth to speak but Alex continued. "You donít really know me... at least you donít know who I used to be." Danielle remained quiet. " If you knew everything about me, you wouldnít be able to love me."

Danielle took Alexís hand and pressed it to her lips. "Alex I can tell you that nothing from your past will ever change the way I feel about you. But I canít prove it to you unless you take the first step and talk to me. I know itís scary, but youíre going to have to trust me."

Alex slid out of bed and put on her robe. "Let's get this over with, but not here." Alex couldnít bear to taint the memories of their incredible love making with the ugly tale she was about to tell. Danielle followed in silence out to the deck and pulled up a chair next to her. She watched as Alex poured a glass of scotch, then took her hand in support.

Alex took a sip. "I want to start at the beginning. I canít justify what I have done. But I need you to know it all. If you decide to leave me, Iíll understand." Danielle nodded and with a deep sigh, Alex began. "Power has always been a lure for me. Iím drawn to it, intrigued by it. All my life I was drawn to people who had it and intrigued by how they used it. At a young age I realized I could use sex to my advantage, to exert control. I used my body to get what I wanted. It was a powerful tool in those early days, an easy way to manipulate people." Her grip tightened and she raised her eyes to meet Danielleís. "It never meant anything to me... not until now... not until you."

Danielle squeezed her hand reassuringly.

The tender gesture filled Alex with such relief that she was tempted to stop and take the young woman in her arms. She forced herself to continue. "I grew up in a bad part of the city, a rough neighborhood. My father walked out on us when I was very young and mother had her hands full trying to care for the three of us. She seemed powerless and weak. Others controlled her. I was young and foolish then and had no idea of the inner strength she possessed. I only knew her life wasnít for me. In nature, the strong survived and I intended to be a survivor.

"I talked my younger brother into joining a gang with me, convincing him that it was the best way to protect what was ours. I had a knack for leading people and in no time I controlled the small group of street kids. They were fearless and had a ruthless reputation that was well-earned. Soon our small territory wasnít enough for me. I wanted more... more power, more control. And I got it. But for a terrible price, my brotherís life. He was stabbed during a skirmish with a rival gang and died instantly. He had been the calm voice of reason in my world. Without his steadying influence, I allowed rage to envelope me.

"It didnít take me long to track down the kid who killed him. I broke into his house and cornered him in his own bedroom. He was smaller than me and it was easy to grab him from behind. Without a second thought I slit his throat. His warm blood spilled from his body over my hands and it was done." She clasped her trembling fingers in her lap in an attempt to cover the blood only she could see there. "When I released him, he dropped to the floor, dead. I remember looking at his motionless body, amazed at how easily I had ended his life. I..." Her voice cracked with emotion as she replayed the memory. "I heard a noise and looked up. His kid brother, no more than 5 years old had witnessed the whole thing. He sat cowering in bed, whimpering helplessly. Iíll never forget the look on his face. I was his worst nightmare come to life, a monster. It was as if he had held a mirror to my face. For the first time I understood what I was all about. There was no going back. I knew my soul was lost."

Danielle saw the anguish on Alexís face and held her hands in an attempt to comfort her.

Alex looked right through her. Her eyes filled with regret. "There are some things that canít be atoned for." She freed her hands and took a long swallow of scotch. It didnít help. The entire bottle would not have been enough to dull her memory sufficiently. "My mother was heart broken by my brotherís death. I saw the scorn in her eyes whenever she looked at me. Both she and my elder brother blamed me. They understood the evil I was capable of even back then. They wanted to be free of me." She took a deep breath. "I canít blame them. I was responsible for his death as surly as if I had wielded the knife that killed him.

"I feared if I gave into my grief, I would not survive it. The gang was all I had to keep me going. I let my anger consume me. They respected strength and detested weakness. The course of my life was set. I allowed myself to be ruled by anger and pride. Those who knew me, feared me. This became one of my strongest weapons against my enemies. My reputation was becoming widespread. It wasnít long before the gang wasn't enough. Soon, I was recruited by a middleman for a large and powerful crime ring. In no time I had his job. The position was a stepping stone to the people who had real power.

"By now, I had proven myself sufficiently and had come to the attention of Julian Sezaree, a powerful crime boss. He was intelligent, charismatic and even more ambitious than I. In addition, he had the vision my youth lacked and showed me possibilities I had not even dreamed of. I was easily tempted by his promises of wealth and power." She shook her head and took another drink. "He had me figured me out from the beginning. I was eager to learn everything that he had to teach. I got into high end jewel and art crime, and even an occasional bank robbery. I was never so naive that I trusted him completely. But I was naive enough to think that I could keep one step ahead of him. I was young and stupid.

"I never worked with Julian directly back then. I was too green. In those early years, my work was sloppy and people died because of it. Although I always got the job done, Julian was often angered by my lack of planning. Eventually he set me up with partners who trained me in the areas I was weak. I was more than willing to do whatever it took to improve.

"I had learned well and went a number of years without a single kill. I meticulously planned every robbery. Soon, Julian was confident using me for the more important jobs. Things were going well, until I made a grave error. I trusted my partner and Julian. We were to steal a valuable collection of art work from a senatorís house. Julian put my partner in charge of the details. The job was poorly planned. The senator and his wife returned home before we were finished and in a rash move, I killed the senator. His wife watched in horror as his life blood bubbled from the open gash in his throat. I dropped him and went for her. She never moved. She looked right at me. Her eyes..."

Alex paused and struggled to continue. "There was something about her eyes that made me think back to that first one... and that little boy. I donít know what came over me but I dropped the knife and pulled off my mask. Thatís all I remember. My partner said I froze and he had to finish the wife. He told me that I just stood there for nearly fifteen minutes. It would have ended there if he had left me, but he didnít. Later, I found out why."

"I knew I couldnít do it anymore and went to Julian. He laughed and said it was a little late in the game to be developing a conscience. He told me emotions made people weak, that I had a lifetime of money to make for him. It was far from over for me. I told him I was finished, knowing it might cost me my life and not caring. Thatís when he showed me the tape my partner had made of me killing the senator. That in itself wasnít enough to hold me and he knew it. He taunted me with my motherís life, said how easy it would be for she and my brother to have an accident. He owned me and he knew it.

"That was four years ago. He gets about 5 million a year from me and leaves my family alone." She paused. "Iíve done some terrible things. Things I canít change. But please believe me when I say that all I want now is to be out. I canít do it anymore."

"You donít have to. You can stop."

"Iím not sure I can. Iíve wanted to beforeÖ but Julianís too powerful."

"Before, you were alone. Now, you're not." Danielle spoke softly.

Alex searched her face for any hint of misgiving, afraid to believe Danielle would want to stay with her after everything she heard. "Are you saying... you still want to be with me?"

"Yes, nothing will ever change that." She took Alexís trembling hands in her own. "Iíll always be here for you." Danielleís love seemed unshakable.

Alex was deeply moved by her loyalty. "Why? After everything I..."

"Alex, the past is written. We canít change it. I still love you, I always will. But, I think you know that. What youíre reluctant to believe is that you deserve my love."

Danielle lovingly brushed her cheek. "You do. Iím not going anywhere. Together weíll find our path. Our life together starts here and now."

Alex would have no more lies or deceptions between them. She paused and took her hands. "Danielle, I only know of one way to get out from under Julianís control. As long as heís alive I can never be free. He will never let me go. The only way we can have a life together is if heís dead. Heís asked me to do a special job for him. Iím going to use it to lure him in and finish something I should have taken care of a long time ago. Iím going to kill him."

The disapproval in Danielleís eyes was plain.

Alex avoided her glance. "First, I have to get you out of town. Make sure your safe."

"Alex, Iím not leaving."

"Please Danielle, I need you to do this for me."

Danielle could not mask her frustration. "Alex, if you knew I was facing a danger from my past, would you leave me, to protect yourself? If I asked you to walk away, told you I needed for you to be safe would you go? Could you leave me?"

The answer was too obvious to verbalize. They both knew it.

"And why do you think it is any different for me?" She took Alex in her arms and kissed her tenderly, leaving no doubt about her complete devotion. She gently pulled back and held Alexís face lovingly in her hands.

"There is nothing anyone can do to make me leave you. Not even you. Whatever the consequences Iím willing to pay them, because the alternative is unthinkable."

Alex knew with certainty that her salvation lie with this young woman.

"You're not alone anymore. Together we're stronger than we could ever be apart. Thereís a way out of this and weíre going to find itÖ together."

Alex pulled Danielle to her, hugging her close.


She led Danielle into the bedroom and pushed the night stand aside, lifting several loose floor boards. A small safe was cemented into the floor. "Julian wasnít the only one to think of blackmail. I have enough documentation to send him to prison for life, but not without implicating myself."

"Thereís no chance you could get immunity for the information?" Danielle asked.

"Iíll never get immunity. Iíve done things that can't be forgiven. Itís not politically expedient to grant immunity to someone who has committed the crimes I have. No politician is going to take that kind of risk, not even to nail Julian. And if by some miracle they did, Julianís people would get to me. I wouldnít last a week."

"There must be a way."

"I think there is." Alex paused, knowing her lover would not approve. "He wants me to steal van Goghís 'Corridor in the Asylum' from the Museum of Modern Art."

"You arenít going to do it, are you?"

"I am. This will be the last."


"Tomorrow night. For some reason this is important to him, more than heís letting on. I think I can get him to deal with me directly, maybe even collect it from me personally. Iíll arrange a meeting with him after I have it." She hesitated before continuing. "I plan to kill him at the drop point."

Danielle looked away.

Alex placed the floorboards back into position. "If I fail, if he kills me, I want you to get these documents to the police. It might save my mother and brother." Alex removed the silver bracelet from her wrist, pointing out the small key that opened the safe. She put the bracelet on Danielle wrist and tightened the clasp.

Alex made eye contact and held it to be sure Danielle understood. "Donít give the evidence to the police unless Iím dead."

Danielle nodded and held her tight. Alex put a lot of faith in her showing her this. She would not let her down. But somehow, she had to talk her out of killing Julian, there had to be another way to free her. She had to find an alternate plan.

Alex interrupted her concentration. "I have a number of details to see to before tomorrow night." She explained.

"Can I help?"

Alex was touched by her loverís devotion. "You already have. But this will be easier for me, if I do it alone." Danielle looked concerned.

She tried to console her. "I donít expect any trouble." She tucked a loose strand of blonde hair behind Danielleís ear. "Just knowing your safe and waiting for me, is help enough."

"Okay then, Iíll wait." Danielle was determined to be supportive. "When will I see you again?"

"It will be at least a couple of days. Iíll come to you as soon as I can." Danielle looked troubled.

"Iíll get this over with as soon as possible. You wonít even have time to miss me."

The young woman released a heavy breath. "I doubt that very much."

Alex smiled. "There is something you can do for me."

Danielle looked up hopefully. Alex took her hand lovingly and pulled her up onto the bed.


Alex pulled into the lot and looked up at Danielleís window. She could see her talking on the phone and smiled at her animated gestures. She was dressed in a green satin robe that Alex hadnít seen before. Danielle hung up and dug a spoon into a pint container of ice cream. Alex watched intently as the spoon slipped past her loverís lips.

She took a deep breath. The sight of her lover excited her. She picked up her cell phone and punched in Danielleís number. She felt a chill as she watched the young woman lick the spoon clean and pick up the receiver.


"Mmm, hi."

Danielle exhaled in relief. She had been nervously awaiting word from Alexís all evening. "Are you all right? Did everything go okay?"

"Just fine. Iím finished with my business and I thought maybe we could get together." She watched a beautiful smile spread across her loverís face.

"I would like that."

"You have a beautiful smile, by the way, and green is definitely your color."

"How do you..."

"I have my ways."

Danielle stepped up to the window and peered out. Alex was leaning on the car gazing up at her.

"How long have you been watching me?"

"Not nearly long enough." Alex winked. "Can I come up?"

Danielle paused and looked thoughtful. "Hmm Ö I donít know." She looked playfully at Alex.

"Please... let me in." Alex purred, going along with the game.

"And since when did a locked door ever stop you?"

"Ahh... That was the old Alex. Iíve found love and given up my wicked ways."

"I hope not all your wicked ways."

"Never." Alex smiled. "Iím coming up."

"WaitÖ tonight I call the shots." She smiled seductively, sending a chill down Alexís back. "Agreed?"

Alex froze momentarily, then nodded. Her legs felt rubbery as she climbed last of the stairs that separated them.

When she got to the top, Danielle was standing with the door open. She pulled Alex in and pushed her against the closed door, locking her mouth to Alexís. The kiss was slow and sensual, leaving the older woman breathless.

"I guess you really did miss me." Alex smiled.

Danielle nuzzled her lips against the hollow of her neck. "Terribly."

She touched her tongue against warm flesh and tasted her loverís skin. "Iíve wanted you all day."

"And now that you have me what do you intend to do with me?"

"Youíll know soon enough." Danielle promised.

She could see the dark outline of Alexís nipples through her light blouse. Her fingers worked methodically at the buttons until her loverís breasts were fully exposed. Alexís erect nipples betrayed her arousal. The points stood up, begging to be touched. Danielle slid the blouse over the swell of her muscled shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

Without hesitating, she dropped to her knees and slowly unzipped her pants. She could feel Alexís heat without touching her skin and smiled. Alex wasnít wearing underpants. Danielle kissed the dark patch of curly hair in appreciation. She watched as the muscles of Alexís abdomen contracted, releasing the delicious scent of her lover. Danielleís senses filled. Without hesitation the tip of her tongue darted between Alexís outer lips, sampling the wetness that coated her sex.

Alex nervously pulled Danielle to her feet.

"Now you." She tugged at the tie of her robe and watched hungrily as it fell open.

Alex slowly pulled the belt from the loops of the robe. She snapped the material and smiled wickedly.

"Once a thief, always a thief." She teased.

Alex draped the tie across Danielleís wrists and raised a questioning brow. Danielleís pulse quickened. The temptation to submit to her lover was strong, but she had different plans for Alex. This would have to wait for another night. Danielle freed her hands and shook her head. "Not this time." She winked showing her interest in the idea. "You promised I would be in control. Have you forgotten?"

Alexís mouth went dry.

Danielle stretched the tie in front of her, gauging her reaction. Alexís eyes darted anxiously, reminding her of a caged lioness. She dropped the tie. Alexís relief was apparent. Danielle guided the strong hands to her bare hips. The moment Alex came in contact with the young womanís flesh her body relaxed. She ran her fingers up Danielleís slides and quickly relieved her of her robe. "Come." Danielle whispered. She took Alexís hand in hers and led her into the bedroom.

Danielle immediately took control, directing her down onto the bed. She urged Alex to slide back until her lower back was leaning against the headboard. Danielle hands gently spread Alexís legs and she kneeled between them. "Do you trust me?" Danielle asked. Alex met her gaze and nodded. Danielle leaned in and breathed hotly against Alexís ear. "No more barriers between us."

Alexís chest tightened. She wanted to give Danielle her very soul, the young woman deserved nothing less, but she was afraid she couldnít. In the back of her mind there was Julian, taunting, a continual reminder of her murderous past and misplaced trust. She wasnít sure if she was capable of letting her guard down fully.

"Surrender to me." Danielle breathed.

She was asking her to relinquish control, to trust her completely. Alex couldnít speak, the words were trapped deep inside.

The young woman read the reluctance in her eyes. She held Alexís face in her hands. "You think he owns you, that you have to destroy him to be free. But youíre ruled by your heart, Alex and he doesnít own thatÖ I do. And tonight, Iím going to prove it. After tonight, you will always remember." She stared possessively into the vivid blue before her.

Alex feared her heart would burst from her chest. She could not stop her body from trembling. Just as she prepared to bolt, Danielle leaned in and lightly touched her lips. Alexís body slowly yielded to her own need. Her lips parted, allowing Danielleís tongue entrance, while her own tongue urgently sought out the heat of Danielleís mouth. The fevered coupling was sheer bliss.

The younger woman sat back leaving Alex breathless. Her eyes caressed Alex as she spoke. "I plan to go very slowly." The older womanís heart beat rapidly as Danielle guided Alexís legs closed. "No matter what I do, where I touch you, I want you to hold back." She put her lips against Alexís ear and straddled her legs. "Donít climax until I tell youÖ" A sensual smile spread across her lips. "Do you understand?"

Alex swallowed hard and nodded. In reward, Danielle ran her finger down the length of her torso stopping at the apex of her thighs.

Danielleís mouth followed at a slower pace, moving down her neck, shoulder, and arm until she reach the swell of Alexís breast. Her tongue circled the erect nipple several times before her mouth fell on it hungrily. She fed on Alexís nipple as if it were her body, and not her soul, that required nourishment. The insistent pulling flooded Alexís entire being with heat. She arched into the exquisite contact, her breathing hoarse and needy.

Once again Danielle pulled back. Alexís pleading expression revealed how desperately she wanted her young lover to continue. Danielle smiled and reached into the ice bucket on the night table, grasping a piece in her fingers. Alex watched it glisten in the dim light. She was transfixed. The slick cube lightly grazed her skin just below the hollow of her throat, causing Alex to tremble with excitement.

The young womanís tongue followed behind the cool ice, burning a trail. The contrasting temperatures brought every nerve in Alexís body to life. She moaned at the incredible sensation. Danielle took her time as promised, tracing the curves of her breasts, moving torturously slow down her torso.

Alex was keenly aware of the wetness building between her legs as Danielle neared the place she needed her most. As if in worship, Danielle kissed her loverís mound. Alex attempted to spread her legs in offering, but Danielleís knees proved to be an immovable barrier. A frustrated cry escaped Alexís lips.

"Easy..." Danielle soothed, her fingers caressing the moist curly hairs.

Alex groaned and forced her legs to relax.

"We have allÖ night... long." Danielle whispered slowly. Alex inhaled sharply, not nearly as confident in her restraint as her young lover.

Danielle sat back on her heels and picked up another piece of ice. Alex watched mesmerized as the ice succumbed to her young loverís heated skin, droplets streamed down Danielleís fingers, dripping onto her stomach.

Alex felt a wave of dizziness as she realized that, like the ice, she too was melting under her loverís touch. Danielle slowly reached for the something on the night table. When her hand came back into view, she held a long thin needle. She searched her loverís eyes for her reaction, ready to abandon her plan at the slightest hesitation. Alex swallowed hard and nodded.

Danielle slowly circled her loverís erect nipple with the ice. Alexís shoulders snapped back, causing her breasts to jut forward, her nipples stood up provocatively. Danielle smiled and lovingly circled the hard point several times in succession. Alex shivered more from anticipation than cold. The knowledge of what her lover intended to do stimulated her beyond reason.

"Hold on to the headboard." Alex obeyed immediately, her arms stretched out low to either side.

Danielle, set the ice aside and cradled her lovers right breast in her hand. Slowly she tightened her grip. "Be very still."

With loving care and delicate precision, she passed the sharp needle through the numbed nipple. Alex was conscious only of her loverís warm hand and a dull pressure. The sight of the needle penetrating the her erect flesh caused her head to swim with excitement.

Danielle reached for the small gold loop on the night table. She removed the tiny bead, opening the ring. With loving care, she threaded it through her loverís nipple. She used a soft cloth to wipe away two of the three small drops of blood from Alexís breast. The last she collected on the end of her finger. Alex quivered with desire as she watched her lover slowly lick the droplet with the tip of her tongue.

Danielle re-attached the bead to the ring, pausing to admire her work. Her eyes sparkled with approval.

"So perfect." Danielle smiled.

She lifted Alexís breast, causing the ring to shift slightly. Alex bit back a moan. "YesÖ when it moves... when it tugs... when you feel your clothes rub against it, youíll think of me." She squeezed gently. "Youíre mine."

"Yes..." Alex hissed as her mouth closed hungrily on Danielleís. Her hands slid through Danielleís hair and pulled her in. The need in her kiss revealed her desperate hunger. Danielle gently pushed her back. Alex groaned.

"On your knees."

Alexís mind reeled as it processed the request. With little hesitation she complied, her body thrumming with anticipation as she turned and faced the wall.

"Place your hands on the headboard."

Alex reached forward with trembling fingers, grateful for something solid to hold on to. She tightly gripped the low brass headboard. The metal felt cool against her fevered skin.

"Thatís right... back up... just a little more... stretch your arms out... yes...thatís it.

The change in position caused the flow of blood to quickly circulate to her breasts, bringing a rush of warmth to the tender flesh. The cool numbing effect of the ice slowly faded and her nipple to began to throb with sensation, echoing the pulsing between her legs.

She kneeled, her arms outstretched, her nipples less than an inch from the bed. Each time she exhaled the small nipple ring brushed lightly against the sheets, sending a riot of sensation through her. She fought the urge to roll over and take control. With complete disregard for modesty, she rolled her hips in a silent plea to end her longing.

Danielle moved behind and slight to the left. She slowly ran her hand down Alexís straining torso, and over her firm bottom, stopping just short of her sex. Alex spread her legs and moaned as her sensitive nipple rubbed against the sheet. Danielle wrapped her right arm around Alexís waist holding her in place and playfully squeezed the neglected left nipple with her other hand.

Gradually Danielle released her and let the fingers seek out the source of Alexís heat. They slid teasingly across her opening, slowly circling her entrance. Alex cried out. She was wet, open and emptyÖ raw with need. The urge to rock her hips back was overwhelming, but the headboard anchored her in place. It was impossible to push back on her loverís questing fingers without letting go.

As if in answer to her silent prayer, Danielle pressed two fingers a scant few millimeters past her entrance and paused, watching Alex twitch with anticipation. She smiled and pushed in a little farther, then paused again. Alex shuddered. Her young lover had been paying attention. Danielle pushed just a bit deeper, wriggling her fingers.

"I want every inch of you." Danielle whispered hotly.

Alex groaned and threw her head back, teeth clenched. She managed to keep from crying out by expelling her breath in a deep hiss. The sharp exhale caused the nipple ring to graze the sheets, harder this time. She gasped as her aroused nipple tightened around the small ring. It sent a rush of heat to her very core.

Danielleís fingers continued their slow progression inside her, until at last she was completely filled. Alex moaned, her pleasure was so acute.

It was a wonderful sound, the purest reflection of the ecstasy she felt. Danielleís left hand pressed against Alexís lower abdomen, where she felt her own fingers moving inside her lover.

Slowly she brought them to a stop. Alexís eyes clouded in an erotic haze, her lips forming one word, 'please.'

Although Danielle had neither seen nor heard her plea, she was keenly aware of her loverís need and placed two fingers on Alexís swollen clit, gliding through her wetness. At the same time she began slowly pumping inside, taking nearly a full breath to push in completely then retreat. She massaged Alexís clit with a slow back and forth motion in perfect rhythm with her thrusts.

"Ohhh, god Danielle I...I canít..." Alex was on the brink of release.

"Just a little longerÖ for me."

Alex took long shuddering breath.

"Thatís it .... yes... hold back." Danielleís voice was like a tender caress and Alex strained to obey. She tried inching forward to escape the relentless fingers teasing her clit, but Danielle leaned in, never ceasing her gentle stroking.

Alexís breaths came in rapid pants. She was going to come.

Danielle sensed it and lifted her fingers from her throbbing clit, yet never ceased her rhythmic thrusts. They continued, relentlessly, penetrating Alexís very depths. Danielle leaned toward her loverís ear. Her breasts rubbing sensually against Alexís back. "You can sustain this arousal for a long time." She teased. Alexís hands nearly left the headboard as her own words returned to haunt her.

She tried to ignore the friction of her loverís fingers plunging inside her slow and steady. It was impossible. Her clit continued to pulse, as if reliving Danielleís gentle caress.

When again, Alex thought she could no longer hold back, Danielle changed her tactics, confusing her senses. Her fingers played with her left nipple, firmly pinching it againÖ and againÖ and again. Alexís moaned as she realized this action too, was meant to match her loverís thrusts.

She tried to concentrated on the short bursts of pain assaulting her nipple and the wonderful tingling sensation that radiated through her breast, but the movement of Danielleís fingers deep inside her refused to be ignored. The tips of her loverís fingers curled slightly, creating an exquisite new pressure.

Alex groaned as Danielleís hand moved from her breast. Now, her loverís mouth pressed against her neck adding a new torment. She began drawing hard against the tender skin there. Alexís arms shook and her shoulders strained as Danielle pressed her weight into her loverís back, leaning into her. Alexís body was awash with sensation. She couldnít escape it. Nothing could distract her from the release building inside her.

At that moment Danielle knew Alex was hers. She eased her weight back and ground her pelvis against Alexís bottom nudging her forward. This small concession freed Alexís hips to move back and forth, swallowing her loverís fingers. She groaned in gratitude.

The fingers of Danielleís left hand once again found Alexís clit and resumed their relentless stroking. Alexís entire body stiffened in a final attempt to hold back.

"Come for me." Danielle purred.

Alex nearly sobbed in relief. She groaned and pushed her hips back, forcing Danielleís fingers deep inside. Danielle met her thrust for thrust as her fingers massaged her swollen clit. With every movement, Alex felt Danielleís energy pass into her, accumulating in her core, until the pleasure overwhelmed her and she had to let go.

"Now." Danielle urged. "Let go!"

Alexís hips froze in ecstasy as she came in a series of jarring explosions. She shook helplessly as spasms racked her body and braced against her young lover as currents of pleasure coursed through her. Danielle never stopped. She drew out the climax with gentle caresses until Alex cried out, giving in to her lover completely. As the spasms subsided, Alex collapsed, weakened by the force of her climax.

Every few minutes her body would tremble, remembering release.

It was redemption. The power of Danielleís love, her utter devotion, mended her soul. Alex held her tightly as her breathing returned to normal. Her cheeks were wet with tears. "You... only youÖ" Alex promised. Encircled in the glow of Danielleís love she drifted, exhausted into slumber.

Danielle remained awake, formulating a desperate plan. No one would separate them ever again.

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