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This page contains mature themes, and depictions of romantic relationships between women. Do not enter if you find this offensive, are underaged, or live in an area where it is illegal.



Hello All, 
this is your handy-dandy Webmaster speaking with a rather important announcement about the site,

(click here for updated contributor's guidelines)

After a great deal of thought and consideration, I've decided that Pink Rabbit will no longer be accepting Xena fanfic from new authors. The site will continue to accept Xena stories from folks who already have stories archived on the site, and non-Xena f/f fanfic is very definitely wanted from any and all. There are so many Xena fanfic sites out there for alternative stories that I don't feel like it's cutting off a much needed source, so it seems like a good time to make a change I've been considering for awhile. I've learned an amazing amount through the Xena fanfic and artwork, and will forever be grateful for all of the friendships and support that have come through it, but it's time for me to cut back a bit. I've evolved along with this site from its inception, and I personally see this as just another step on that path.

As for why, the sad truth is that I'm kind of burned out on Xena. The show has become something I rarely enjoy, while the characters have mutated into people I don't respect or even like very much. Frankly, I've found this disaffection leaking over into my enjoyment of much of the fanfic, and I think it would be best to cut back now so that I can best serve the authors and stories hosted by the site. With my personal interest in Xena waning and my free time limited, I don't feel I'm able to give new authors the kind of attention they deserve, not because of the stories, but because of my own feelings. In short, all too often of late, it just hasn't been fun, and I've always been firm on the point that this is a hobby. If it's not fun, don't do it.

For those authors who already have works hosted on the site, continued submission of Xena stories will be accepted, and I will endeavor to continue to live up to the trust you've placed in me. Truly, I am grateful for efforts and talents of the contributors to this site and would hate to let any of you down.

Stories already submitted for consideration will still be on the docket unless an author wishes to pull their story. The cutoff point is as of the time this is posted. New authors are welcome and in fact invited to submit stories from other fandoms. I'll consider anything from Voyager, to Stargate to The Practice or Law and Order, and anything else you can think of.

And the future? Well, I'm hoping to broaden Pink Rabbit's scope and make it more of a multi-media site as well as adding more information on web design and web art geared specifically for fan sites. Xena has brought fans of f/f romance and fanfic out of the closet (so to say), and I'm hoping to go on providing a broad array of choices as well as links and information. I'm also hoping to find a little bit of time to do more writing and artwork.

Sooo, that's the story. Questions and comments can be sent to

- PB - Rabbitworks Inc.
- The Pink Rabbit Consortium 

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